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From the Shadows is a military/spy themed sandbox RP that focuses on the special operations and intelligence communities. Drawing thematic inspiration from real world sources and realistic military fiction (Tom Clancy, Dalton Fury, et al) it is designed to provide an immersive and authentic feeling world and story. Our goal is to be entertaining and engaging while still honoring and respecting the real-life operators and agents who inspire the story.

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Story Spotlight:

Urgent Mercy A coalition force of special operations comes into contact with the cartel and corrupt Argentine Special Forces while trying to rescue a downed friendly pilot.

This is not a complete list, nor should it be considered the only countries, branches, or units we accept. We accept civilians from any country, so long as they'd have a connection to the stories told (family, friends, et al of the operators for example). If you have questions, please don't hesistate to reach out.

For more complete listing of the world's special operations forces, click here.

Australian Army

  • Special Air Service Regiment (SASR)
  • 1st Commando Regiment
  • 2nd Command Regiment
  • Special Operations Engineer Regiment (SOER)

Royal Australian Navy

  • Combat Diving Teams

Royal Australian Air Force

  • No. 200 Flight

Canadian Armed Forces

  • Joint Task Force 2 (JTF2)
  • Canadian Special Operations Regiment (CSOR)
  • 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment
  • 427 Special Operations Aviation Squadron

Armée de Terre (Army)

  • 1st Marine Infantry Parachute Regiment (1er RPIMa)
  • 13th Parachute Dragoon Regiment (13e RDP)
  • 4th Special Forces Helicopter Regiment (4e RHFS)
  • Commando Parachute Group (Groupement des Commandos Parachutistes, GCP)
  • Commando Mountain Group (Groupement de commandos de montagne, GCM)

Marine Nationale (Navy)

  • Commando Hubert
  • Commando de Penfentenyo
  • Commando Jaubert
  • Commando de Montfort
  • Commando Trépel
  • Commando Kieffer
  • Commando Ponchardier

Armée de l'Air (Air Force)

  • Air Parachute Commando n° 10, CPA 10 (French: Commando parachutiste de l'air n° 10)
  • Division des Opérations Spéciales (DOS; "Special Operations Division")
  • Air Parachute Commando n° 20, CPA 20 (French: Commando parachutiste de l'air n° 20)
  • Air Parachute Commando n° 30, CPA 30 (French: Commando parachutiste de l'air n° 30)

Kommando Spezialkräfte

  • 1st Commando Company
  • 2nd Commando Company
  • 3rd Commando Company
  • 4th Commando Company

Kommando Spezialkräfte Marine

  • Commando Frogmen Company

Jednostka Wojskowa

  • Jednostka Wojskowa Agat
  • Jednostka Wojskowa Formoza
  • Jednostka Wojskowa Grom
  • Jednostka Wojskowa Komandosów
  • Jednostka Wojskowa Nil

Armed Forces of Russia

  • Special Operations Forces of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation (SSO VS RF)

Russian Ground Forces

  • 2nd Spetsnaz Brigade (obrSpN)
  • 16th Spetsnaz Brigade (obrSpN)
  • 10th Spetsnaz Brigade (obrSpN)
  • 22nd Guards Spetsnaz Brigade (obrSpN)
  • 346th Spetsnaz Brigade (obrSpN)
  • 25th Spetsnaz Regiment (opSpN)
  • 3rd Guards Spetsnaz Brigade (obrSpN)
  • 24th Spetsnaz Brigade (obrSpN)
  • 14th Spetsnaz Brigade (obrSpN)

Russian Airborne Troops

  • 45th Guards Spetsnaz Regiment (opSpN VDV)

Russian Navy

  • Russian Marine Commandos
  • 442nd Detached Naval Reconnaissance Spetsnaz Point
  • 420th Detached Naval Reconnaissance Spetsnaz Point
  • 431st Detached Naval Reconnaissance Spetsnaz Point
  • 561st Detached Naval Reconnaissance Spetsnaz Point

British Army

  • 22 Special Air Service (SAS)
  • Special Reconnaissance Regiment
  • 657 and 658 Squadrons (Army Air Corps)

British Navy

  • Special Boat Service

Royal Air Force

  • 7 Squadron
  • 47 Squadron Special Forces Flight

Intelligence Services

  • MI6


  • Combat Applications Group (1st SFOD-Delta, The Unit)
  • Intelligence Support Activity (The Activity)
  • 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment
  • Special Forces Groups 1, 3, 5, 7, and 10
  • 75th Ranger Regiment


  • SEAL Teams 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10
  • NAVSPECWAR Development Group/DEVGRU (SEAL Team 6)
  • Special Warfare Combat Craft Crewmen (SWCC)

Air Force

  • 1st Special Operations Wing
  • 24th Special Operations Wing
  • 27th Special Operations Wing
  • 352d and 353d Special Operations Wings

Note: This is not a comprehensive list. For more, click here.


  • Marine Raider Regiments
  • Marine Intelligence Battalion

Other Government Agencies

  • CIA Special Activies Division - Special Operations Group (SAD/SOG)
  • CIA Field Operations Agents
  • FBI Counterterror, Narco, and Trafficking

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