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Author Topic: Operation Iron Serpent - Phase I (Arrival & Briefing)  (Read 169 times)

Offline William Bishop

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Operation Iron Serpent - Phase I (Arrival & Briefing)
« on: June 14, 2017, 05:18:32 PM »
Air Force Base Makhado
Louis Trichardt, Limpopo Province, South Africa
April 2017

Colonel William Bishop was no stranger to Africa, he had been here countless times, starting with the UN peacekeeping mission in Somalia in '93. That was a disaster he was not keen on repeating, however. Never again, he had seen how those Rangers and Delta suffered, and how much it had cost the locals in blood.

He stepped down the ramp of the C-130 that had delivered him and his staff to this airbase, and waiting at the end of the ramp was a South African officer, also a Colonel, who saluted Bishop as soon as he was close enough. Bishop returned the salute and the two shook hands.

"I am Colonel Laurence Jordaan, South African Special Forces." The officer said.

"Colonel William Bishop. Someone seems to think I'm the right man to be the liaison for the South African military and the outside forces coming in." Bishop replied with a grin.

"We hope to not expand outside involvement, or our own, beyond what has occurred, but I am not as hopeful as the government is. Please, this way, I will fill you in on the situation." Colonel Jordaan said, leading the way.
Bishop, Jordaan, and their respective immediate staff were all gathered into a conference room, and Jordaan's aide-de-camp was going over maps and satellite images on the projector while Jordaan narrated the situation.

"So, this bridge, that's the only way in or out. Am I reading that right?" Bishop asked. Jordaan nodded.

"This is a fact that is not lost on the enemy either. We suspect they will attempt to sabotage it at their earliest convenience. But it is not impossible for infantry to cross the Limpopo River by boat, though to little gain as they would have a great deal of open ground to contend with." Jordaan replied.

"Yeah. If it were me, I'd have that bridge wired six ways to Tuesday and my artillery guns would have it zeroed in already. How bad was that skirmish y'all got into?" Bishop asked.

"On our side? Three dead, 25 wounded. Unsure about the losses they took. But they were seen in Zimbabwe Army uniforms and using their weapons. I admit that it would be very easy to fabricate such an attack, but unlikely." Jordaan replied, and photographs of the battlefield afterward were flashed up from the projector.

"We've got a long stretch of property to cover in theory, but only a fraction of that really matters. I've been reading over the intel documents, most everyone's calling for peace except Mozambique, and they stepped up patrols on both borders too. Any ideas on that one?" Bishop asked.

"It is not unusual, since Botswana and Zambia have done the same along their borders along Zimbabwe, but not with the borders we share with Botswana. Refugees are a very real issue if this gets out of hand. Are you suggesting that Mozambique may be a potential enemy?" Jordaan asked. Bishop shrugged.

"We might need to find out. But I know that's not top priority, so let's put a pin in that and move to our options. I've got a Marine AFO coming in shortly, plus the Brits and Aussies have their own shooters arriving this afternoon. I also have an EOD team that should be in before dinner, but not sure yet. The way I see it, we need to keep that bridge intact, we need to cut off any potential sneak attacks, and we need intel? So far so good?" Bishop asked.

"That assessment is correct, Colonel. We have limited assets at the moment, though more units are being mobilized as we speak." Jordaan replied, "Right now, I have a regiment of paras on the border, another in reserve to respond to attacks, plus a pathfinder platoon on patrols along the river. We have a regiment of Special Operations arriving in the area as we speak, but your forces will be quite welcome."

"Alright. Let's take some time here, hash out some ideas, so by the time our shooters show up, we can get their leads in here, brief 'em, and get 'em out into the field ASAP." Bishop said. Jordaan nodded to one of his officers to turn the lights in the room back on, and the senior staff teams started going over the maps and plans.

As each of the teams arrived at the airbase, their commanders were told to report to the base conference room to be briefed by Colonels Bishop and Jordaan.

Re: Operation Iron Serpent - Phase I (Arrival & Briefing)
« Reply #1 on: June 16, 2017, 04:24:47 PM »
Air Force Base Makhado
Louis Trichardt, Limpopo Province, South Africa
April 2017

Red tape and several hours of prior briefing had stood before their flight over to South Africa. It had been a lengthy process - choosing only the best to join them on this mission, low-key was how they wanted to play it. This was deemed the minimum and they could always send another patrol over if things began to show signs of stress.

Seb was no stranger to Africa, it had become his station ever since 2013 and to be deployed seemed like a fresh breath of air. He was being placed in a location in which he knew roughly the lay of the land - he wouldn't claim himself an expert.

Five others had followed him off the plane, all experienced members under his command. He squinted into the sunlight, putting his sunglasses onto his face, dressed in multicams rather than their usual camo. He was quickly greeted by a soldier, both saluting one another.

"Major Sebastian Barnett, SASR." He spoke clearly, taking the man's hand in a firm grasp as they shook.

It was then he was informed about the commanders having to report into the base conference room to be briefed.

"Alright, go get squared away." He said, a smile on his face as he passed a troop leader his Bergen before watching his patrol head off with another SA soldier.

Sebastian straightened himself up, as he neared the conference room, having been pointed kindly in the direction. He walked towards the door, knocking thrice and waited for the cue for entry.
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Offline John Gallagher

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Re: Operation Iron Serpent - Phase I (Arrival & Briefing)
« Reply #2 on: June 17, 2017, 10:53:24 AM »
Air Force Base Makhado
Louis Trichardt, Limpopo Province, South Africa
April 2017

Gallagher had sat in the cargo compartment of the Royal Air Force C-17 Globemaster for a fair amount of hours. They had refueled at RAF Ascension Island, giving him a little time to stretch his legs. Nonetheless, he felt stiff when they finally landed in South Africa.

The first thing he did when he got off the plane was to take a piss he had been holding it for the past several hours. Then he collected his gear. The Osprey Mk.4 body armour, his bergen that also carried his helmet among other things, and his L119A1 with the LLM and ELCAN Specter DR 1x/4x optical sights.

He, like the men in his troop, was pridefully wearing his sand-coloured beret with the downward pointing Excalibur wreathed in flames indicating he was a member of the Special Air Service. He also had the SAS-pattern jump wings on his right shoulder. Lastly, the three pips on his rank insignia on his chest indicated he was an officer.

Which was what drew a South African soldier to report to him. The man told him that he was to report to the base's conference room. Gallagher turned to Sergeant Hayes. "Alright Henno, they want us in the conference room." he told the Sergeant. "And you lot," he said, smiling. "Stow our stuff. And save some tea for us?" he added when he got their attention.

This got a few tired grins, but they picked up his and the Sergeant's kit despite that. Gallagher allowed himself to be lead to the conference room. He entered, and the two SAS men saluted the two Colonels in the usual crisp British fashion.

"Air Troop SAS is here, Sirs." he said, somewhat stating the obvious.

Offline Ed Connolly

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Re: Operation Iron Serpent - Phase I (Arrival & Briefing)
« Reply #3 on: June 17, 2017, 04:15:16 PM »
Air Force Base Makhado
Louis Trichardt, Limpopo Province, South Africa

"Alright, ladies, we're here. Grab your shit and let's go." Ed announced as the loading ramp to the second American C-130 on the base lowered. Unusually for a Marine unit, Ed and his team were in Multicam fatigues, but it was more to do with the desire to minimize identifying who was throwing in on this shindig.

Everyone and their uncle used C-130s, quite a few countries used C-17s, and anyone who wanted to look "tacti-cool" wore Multicam. Only the US Marines wore MARPAT, and that would tell anyone who was looking just about all they needed to know about the situation.

"Not bad weather, boss. I thought it'd be worse." Gunny commented.

"Yeah, me too." The Team's second in command, Guts, added.

"That's because neither of you jackasses bothered to glance at a weather report. Hell, it's the first app on my phone." Ed replied, glancing over his shoulder with a smirk.

"I'd have guessed another one, sir." The Team's newcomer, Cho, said. In response, he was smacked upside the head by the Corpsman.

"What the hell, Doc?" Cho demanded.

"Check that shit, rook." Doc replied.

"Go easy on him, would ya?" Ed said, and a South African soldier approached and snapped a salute, which Ed returned.

"Captain Mujari. I've been instructed to have all team leaders arriving report to the conference room. Colonel Bishop and Colonel Jordaan are waiting." The soldier replied.

"Alright. Could you please help my guys get squared away while I'm there?" He turned and handed his bags off to Guts.

"What the shit, sir? Am I your bellboy now?" Guts demanded.

"Well it sure as shit isn't the good Captain here. So put on your Cap'n Crunch hat and set up with Captain Mujari here." He turned back to Mujari, "Don't let these assholes give you any lip, Captain. We're all very grateful to be invited guests of the South African government and military."

Ed headed straight away towards the conference room, and found that two others had already beat him there.

"Sir. Major Ed Connolly, Marine Raiders, reporting as ordered." Ed said crisply.

"At ease. This isn't some cadet review, sit down." Bishop said, motioning to the open seats at the table.

"We've got at least one more arrival on his way now. While we're waiting, we might as well get to know each other. This is Colonel Laurence Jordaan, he's the eyes, ears and voice for the South African Special Forces." Bishop gestured to Colonel Jordaan, who nodded to everyone and began passing out folders to the team leads.

"Point blank, he's our word of God around here, because we are here as guests of South Africa. If this Task Force does not meet to the approval of the South African government, military, and people, this op is dead." Bishop said, "I am your immediate superior, however."

"We hope that this operation is merely a precaution, not a precursor." Jordaan added.

"A precursor to South Africa's own OIF. Which they do not want, nor do the people of Zimbabwe. Someone over the border has lost their shit, and we hope that they find it again before this all goes bad." Bishop said.

"Indeed, Colonel. Gentlemen, inside these folders, you will find updates to the current situation as Colonel Bishop was briefed on already.  You may take a moment to look them over while we wait for our final guests." Jordaan explained.

"Before we get this briefing underway, since we got a sec to kill, if you guys have any questions to ask, now is the time." Bishop said.

Ed glanced between the other two in the room, "Ah, if you gentlemen want to go first." He said.

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Re: Operation Iron Serpent - Phase I (Arrival & Briefing)
« Reply #4 on: June 18, 2017, 06:43:27 AM »
Pope Field/Fort Bragg,
North Carolina, USA
April 2017

Andrew adjusted the shoulder straps to his duffle bag, the thing was damn heavy, for a reason of course. He’d packed enough socks and underwear to last him at least three weeks without reusing a pair… It was excessive yes, but having clean chonies and socks was a luxury, one he could afford in the field.
Looking over his shoulder, Andrew watched as the four other members of his EOD response team, Team 28-13 known by their nickname and callsign ‘Checkmate’. Each soldier went about their last minute equipment checks and inventories. He watched each member of the team for a few seconds, studying them as they went about their preop rituals: Sergeant First Class Alex Reynolds, Staff Sergeant Cameron Lenz, Sergeant John Scarbro and Specialist Graham Terrell.
Sergeant First Class Sergeant Alex Reynolds, Alaskan born and raised he was the senior Tech of the team and the team leader. Also by and far one of the best Tech’s, not only in the 28th EOD Company, but the EOD community as a whole - despite his short time as a Tech. At least the Army side of the wheel house, he’d come up as a Combat Engineer and tabbed Sapper before getting bored and taking a demotion to enter the Ranger Regiment, after a number of tours with the Regiment he again opted for a second demotion to move to EOD. Reynolds holds the unofficial and non existent record for “Oldest Graduate” and “Highest Ranking Candidate” to graduate from the EOD pipeline. Reynolds would deploy with 759th Ordnance Company (EOD) before selection and acceptance to the 28th EOD as a Platoon/Section Sergeant. 
Staff Sergeant Cameron Lenz, born in Detroit, Michigan and somehow escaped to Phoenix, Arizona before tripping and ending up in the hell of South Central LA. Lenz attended UC Davis where he earned his pre-law degree before attended UC Berkeley for his JD. After graduating and a fruitless year of searching for a law job of any kind, Lenz enlisted and attended basic as a 25 year old Specialist - he had to pay off his $100,000+ of student loan debt, somehow. Lenz would end up as a Military Intelligence, Human Intelligence Collector aka “Interrogator”. Seeing two deployments and a training rotation at the US Army Intelligence Center of Excellence before he decided he needed a career change, fast forward to present day and he is a tenured member of the EOD community and the 28th EOD Company. Lenz is also a civilian registered EMT-P, which he obtained by taking night classes while stationed at Fort Huachuca, Arizona.
Sergeant John Scarbro, born in Houston, Texas - a true and diehard Texan, Scarbro could have gone to college on a full ride Football scholarship, instead he enlisted in the USMC out of high school. Scarbro did six years in the Corps (2 combat tours) as an 0317 before ETS-ing and going to school at Caltech (who knew he was that smart), leaving Caltech with two Bachelor’s degrees in Computer Science (Programming/Coding) and Information/Communication Technology.  He could have easily landed a cushy job at any number of tech companies in Silicon Valley, instead he re-enlisted, this time in the US Army. He missed the adrenaline rush - so he says.  His recruiters pushed for him to go Cyber or Signal Corps, he refused and pushed for EOD; with Sergeant’s stripes he attended EOD AIT and is the newest member of EOD Response Team 13 and most junior Tech of the team.
Specialist Graham Terrell, a transplant from Dublin, Ireland to the United States. He grew up in Dublin but after his parents split (Mother was an American, Dad was Irish) he moved to the states with his mother, residing in Tampa, Florida. He enlisted at 17 and claimed full American citizenship, discarding his dual citizenship and therefore any attachments to his father. Terrell was the only member of the team to have started in the EOD community from his enlistment. It started as a running joke during training that the only reason he was so proficient at disarming ordnance, was because he’d been putting IED’s together since birth. He was Irish after all. Second only to the team’s Senior Sergeant, Terrell has seen the most deployments out of his team. He is not only the resident know it all of useless facts and information for Team 13 he is also a respected, brass balled EOD tech and skilled warfighter despite his small stature and soft looks.
It wasn’t necessary, as they’d PCC’d and PCI’d all of it before they’d left Bragg at least three times. They didn’t know much, but what they did know about their comming hop across the pond into AFRICOM’s area of responsibility was that it wasn’t going to be a normal (not that there ever was) EOD response mission. They were hopping into South Africa, not the sandbox of the Middle East, so there wasn’t a humvee to carry their bot, suit and other specialized equipment. This time it was all what they could hump in and hump out, which was both a blessing and a curse. As South Africa which wasn’t a hot spot for land mines, but had been a large producer and exporter there of during the mid to late 20th century; but UXO and IED’s were to be expected especially if South Africa and Zimbabwe were ramping up for a fight of some kind. All indicators pointed in the direction of a really nasty one too.
This mission they were doing what the 28th EOD did best, support US and ally special operations forces with SOF capable EOD techs.
Satisfied, Andrew turned back to his own gear and for the sake of it and to kill a little more time he dropped his duffle bag to the tarmac and pulled the zipper tab. Inside was not only his excessive collection of underwear and socks, but the rest of his kit. His armor and load bearing equipment was a dark coyote brown while his uniform which was the standard SOF uniform (the now famous Crye combat uniform) but instead of Multicam it was the old school ERDL camo. They were requested by the South African National Defense Force, however the South Africans really didn’t want to advertise the fact that they were utilizing outside help. Particularly from the United States. So their uniforms were bare, where on his normal ‘duty’ uniform would be skill badges and tabs there was bare velcro. But that’s what sterile meant, no outwardly identifiable markers.
An Air Force Staff Sergeant jogged out of the hanger they were standing in front of, slowing before he reached Andrew the Staff Sergeant flashed the universal ‘5-minutes’ hand signal. “Sir your ride is 5 minutes out, I need you and your team, along with your gear.” He said motioning to a cluster of pallets that were going with them, destined for not only Checkmate’s use but also their SANDF allies.
“Got it, thank you Staff Sergeant.” Andrew replied before looking back to his team, each of them were now staring at the Air Force NCO and their Lieutenant, with a sideways jerk of his head, in a come here movement Andrew summoned his team.
They were about to begin the first 4,990 mile leg of their almost 10,000 mile jaunt.
Air Force Base Makhado
Louis Trichardt, Limpopo Province, South Africa

The USSOCOM C-27J Spartan set down hard on the runway at the SANDF Air Force Base Makhado, the crew chief was already standing at the ramp. Manipulating the controls to lower the cargo door, the dark cargo bay was cut in half by the bright noonday sunlight that knifed through the door. That light caught Andrew square in the face, eliciting a groan and a curse..
“Fuck!... I’m up, i’m up…” He grumbled to himself, rubbing the sleep from his eyes. He sat up groaning, the seats in the 27J were only slightly less worse than the old strap seats on the C-130’s - they didn’t exactly make for a comfortable sleep surface. Glancing around the cargo bay he watch his team ready themselves to disembark. The all swayed to one side as the C-27J turned quickly off the flight line and headed towards a line of other aircraft parked along the runway. Getting his thoughts together, he grabbed his duffle and a-bag pulling them towards him as the C-27J came to a halt.
The cargo door hit the tarmac and a team of US and SANDF troops swarmed into the bay, assisting the EOD team and aircrew with the palletized gear in the cargo bay. Andrew was singled out by a South African Flight Sergeant, who presented a quick salute. Returning the salute Andrew hefted his gear, “You won’t be needing those Sir, Colonel Bishop is waiting for you in the CP, I’ll have one of my men grab your gear! Follow me.”

Shrugging Andrew tossed his bags on top of one of the pallets and followed the Flight Sergeant into the CP, stepping into the room Andrew was clearly the last team leader to arrive. He found the Colonel and reporting in, “Sir, Lieutenant Cannon and EOD Response Team 28-13 reporting as ordered.”
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L. Andrew Cannon
Second Lieutenant, USAOC
Platoon Leader, 3rd Plt., 28th Ordnance Co. (EOD) (ABN)
EOD Response Team 28-13 "Checkmate"

Re: Operation Iron Serpent - Phase I (Arrival & Briefing)
« Reply #5 on: June 22, 2017, 03:53:37 PM »
Sebastian, once confirmed that they were allowed to take a seat, took his seat. As Bishop began to speak, introducing Colonel Jordaan, his eyes followed to the man that they were to become acquainted with over the course of the operation.

However long it may take.

The folders were passed out, he took his and opened it but turned back to tune into the briefing that was taking place; there were rules to be followed and standards to keep up to par. It was the reason for why it had taken so long to decide the team that was following him into South Africa, though it was at this point that anything could happen.

"Indeed, Colonel. Gentlemen, inside these folders, you will find updates to the current situation as Colonel Bishop was briefed on already.  You may take a moment to look them over while we wait for our final guests."

Sebastian turned his eyes from the men up front to the folder in front of him, resting against his lap as he took the time to read through.

"Before we get this briefing underway, since we got a sec to kill, if you guys have any questions to ask, now is the time."

He glanced upwards, brain ticking over momentarily. Though nothing came to mind, there was always the briefing. "No questions at the moment, colonel." Sebastian nodded, turning the question over to their British counter-parts.

Offline John Gallagher

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Re: Operation Iron Serpent - Phase I (Arrival & Briefing)
« Reply #6 on: June 23, 2017, 05:16:37 PM »
Gallagher watched the people come in, and listened to the Colonel's explanation. Then he skimmed through the folders he had been given. Nothing sprang to him at the moment. He glanced at the Sergeant, and he seemed to be in silent agreement.

Hayes had always been the silent type, but now it was even more evident than normal. He had never been comfortable around officers, especially not those of OF-3 and up. Now he was in a room filled with them. If he had anything to say, he'd do so after the briefing, with no-one but Gallagher present.

The Captain nodded, and spoke up. "No Sir, nowt from us." he said. He also noticed that he seemed to have been the only one to bring his 2IC to the meeting. So be it. He relied on Henno, and so he needed to make sure that he had exactly the same information he had.
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Offline William Bishop

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Re: Operation Iron Serpent - Phase I (Arrival & Briefing)
« Reply #7 on: June 24, 2017, 03:45:51 AM »
Air Force Base Makhado
Louis Trichardt, Limpopo Province, South Africa

"Alright then. Lieutenant, welcome, grab a seat. Let's get to the actual briefing."

The lights dimmed, and the projector was turned on, focusing on the area around the bridge that was the only major border crossing from South Africa to Zimbabwe, along the Limpopo River. It was being projected against a whiteboard.

"Alright, the legalese boils down to this. As of right now, your teams are now a part of Task Force 581. Colonel Jordaan is our representative of the South African military and I'm acting as your Commanding Officer. This operation is hereby designated Operation Iron Serpent by way of some random name generator or something, I don't know." Bishop said, standing up and heading to the front of the room, "That's just the required crap I have to tell you all."

"Now then, mission assignments." Picking up a black marker, Bishop circled an area along the western side of the bridge of the Limpopo River. He then picked up a red marker and circled an area on the eastern side of the bridge at roughly the same distance and side.

"Major Barnett, Captain Gallagher. Your teams are on counter-recon. Elements of the 44 Pathfinder Platoon have reported seeing possible infiltration efforts by the enemy since the South African paratroopers first deployed. Aussies take the western side, Brits have the eastern side. I'll leave the patrol distance to your discretion. ROE is that you are under no circumstance to cross the Limpopo River." Bishop explained, "Your main goal is to prevent any infiltration or recon effort, and if at all possible, capture an enemy combatant for interrogation. If you are engaged, you are clear to return fire, and if you catch them on the wrong side of the border, you have permission to open fire at your discretion."

"Lieutenant Cannon, your EOD team is going to be here." He picked up a blue marker and circled the bridge itself. "This bridge is quite literally the only point that anything more than infantry can cross, and it is no mystery to anyone involved. We have reason to suspect that this bridge has been wired to blow should the South African military roll anything on it. Your team will be responsible for disarming anything you can find. At the border post will be 1st Battalion of the 44th Parachute Regiment, so liaise with them if you need support."

Bishop then picked up a green marker and circled outside of Beitbridge, the border town inside Zimbabwe just north of the bridge. "Major Connolly, your Marines will cross the border and perform forward recon of the town of Beitbridge. If this goes hot, we expect the stiffest resistance to occur here. We need to know just what we're dealing with here."

"All of these ops will be done at night, since Lieutenant Cannon's EOD team would be sitting ducks in the open during the day, and the Pathfinders reported there possible infiltration contacts at night. Colonel Jordaan will fill you in on the OPFOR and our contingency plans." Bishop said, and stepped aside for the South African Colonel.

"The armed forces of Zimbabwe are not particularly well equipped. Most of what they have is severely dated from the Soviet Union, before they broke ties with Robert Mugabe. North Korea and China supplied them to a a degree back in the 80s, but nothing major. They also inherited some equipment from Rhodesia, but otherwise, they lack any modern equipment. But do not mistake antiquated equipment for a lack of will to fight." Colonel Jordaan explained.

"These men are likely of Zimbabwe's special forces, and they will be the most zealous of the current regime's soldiers. Once they see you, they will likely assume that the European and American imperialist powers have come to rob them of what little they have left. The regular soldiers are harder to gauge, particularly with the various issues that Zimbabwe faces, but expect them to also see you all as imperialists."

"We have no reason to not expect an attack at any time, except that we suspect they want us to make the first move, to turn international opinion against us. This is a reality we will deal with during this campaign. Please try to remember that at all times. That being said, we have plans on if they do attack."

"Both Australian and British teams will fall back to the border post with 1 Parachute Battalion and the Demolitions Team. However, if you spot large border crossing attempts along the river, since it is still possible for infantry to cross, hold your position and call for assistance. 3 Parachute Battalion will be diverted to reinforce you. 5th Special Operations Regiment will also attempt to render aid if required. The Marines will either attempt to withdraw back across the border, or remain in place to call in airstrikes."

"We have a full squadron of fighters available for tasking, should it be required, but the nearest ground forces are still undergoing mobilization. You and 44 Parachute are the only forces ready and in the theater. They have mortars for short range artillery support, but otherwise, we do not have any heavy artillery in play at the moment." Jordaan nodded to Bishop.

"If you hear the codeword Winter, that indicates that the border post is under attack by a large hostile force. Lieutenant Cannon, if you spot more than a couple platoons or you see any armor rolling on you, you have permission to call that in before 1st Battalion. Codeword Spring is for Major Barnett if there is a major crossing in his AO, Codeword Autumn is for Captain Gallagher for the same on his side. Codeword Summer is the only one that we do not move for, that's for if the Marines are blown and need firepower from the Paras and air support to get the hell out of town." Bishop said.

"And if all go off at once, then bend over and kiss our asses good bye?" Connolly asked.

"The Zimbabwean forces don't have the troops to do all at once, so we have that much. But we're at our weakest right now, so we have to plan on that." Bishop replied.

"Now that we've got that explained, do any of you have any questions now?" Bishop asked.


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