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Title: Coffin, Brian Andrew
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    Full Name : Brian Andrew Coffin

    Age/ Birthday: 32 - 09/20/1985

   Nationality :  American

    Rank, Title or Position :  Captain (USAF), Combat Rescue Officer- 58th Rescue Squadron, 563rd Rescue Group, 23rd Wing - Nellis AFB, Nevada

    Height: 6' 0"

   Build: Fit with some musclar tone

    Related Skills: HALO Parachuting, NREMT-P Rated, SERE, Combat Diving, Spanish (Fluent), Russian (Proficent)

   Unrelated Skills: Cooking, Contemporary Military History

   Credentials: USAF Combat Rescue Graduate, BS Health Sciences - Arizona State University


Brian keeps his brown hair close cut, and stands with a fairly average stature. His line of work has left him fit, but not overly muscular or lean.

When not on duty, Brian is laid back and easy going, always quick with a joke or sarcastic comment. He values his friends and will try to help them out whenever possible. He can be just as cold to those whom he doesn't like, though he can at least maintain his professionalism when required to work with them.

In the field, he embraces the creed of the Air Force's Pararescue, "These things I do so that others may live", putting the well-being of others ahead of his own. Though he wants to help save lives, he is a realist, he understands that to save a life, he may also have to take one. The lives of his men and those they've been sent to rescue are the mission to him, since the Air Force rarely deploys PJs and CROs on non-CSAR missions. That said, he will still tackle whatever is put before him.

Outside of work, he likes hanging out with his friends when possible. Otherwise, he can be found at home binge watching his favorite shows or gaming. When he does cook, he tends to experiment rather than follow conventional recepies, often citing that sometimes he just throws what sounds good together to see if it's any good or not.

 Field/Work Experience:

 Personal History:
Brian was born in Mesa, Arizona as an only child, as his parents divorced not long after he was born. Not long after his 10th birthday, he was left in the care of his paternal grandparents after his mother decided she wanted to run off to the other side of the country with a man, and his father was unwilling to return to Arizona. As a result, Brian's relationship with both of his parents is best described as distant, though he has no ties to his mother, harboring deep resentment of her abandonment of him.

It wasn't until joining his high school AFJROTC program that he started to get some idea of where he wanted to go in life, and was drawn to the Pararescue field in the Air Force. However, because of his academics, he was granted a full scholarship to Arizona State University, so he made use of that to instead get his education and join the Air Force as an officer.

Combat Rescue Officer training was nothing short of grueling, but Brian seemed to thrive on the challenges put on him, and with his drive and confidence, fell into the duties of coordinating rescue operations easily. He earned the respect of those under his command by remaining humble enough to ask questions and seek the advise of the enlisted PJs he served with while still striving to be a strong leader.

While stationed in the UK, Brian married a British nurse, who worked as a civilian at RAF Lakenheath and transferred to RAF Mildenhall with him when he moved squadrons. Unfortunately, Brian's hesitation on the matter of children caused a rift between them, since he was unsure as to how good of a father he could be when his own wanted little to do with him as a child. Their relationship grew icy and finally the two were divorced in 2014, prompting Brian to put in for a transfer to Nellis Air Force Base's squadron.

1LT Patrick Reid, USAF - Friend - Good Relationship
1LT Shane Soukup, USAF - Friend - Good Relationship
CAPT Brandon Davis, USAF - Friend - Good Relationship
SMSgt Shawn Williams, USAF - Friend/Mentor - Good Relationship
MSgt Russell Arus, USAF - Friend/Mentor - Good Relationship
Cathleen Lang - Ex-Wife - Poor Relationship (Harasses Brian on social media from time to time)
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