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Title: 27 Years on Fire - [Garrison Setting ODA 3333, 3rd SFG(A)]
Post by: Scott M. Powers on May 12, 2017, 05:09:09 AM
***This thread is for any garrison action of Special Forces Operational Detachment-Alpha (SFOD-A) 3333 from the 3rd Special Forces Group (Airborne) stationed at Fort Bragg, North Carolina.***
Title: Re: 27 Years on Fire - [Garrison Setting ODA 3333, 3rd SFG(A)]
Post by: Harrison Trevor-Jenkins on May 12, 2017, 10:45:04 PM
Harrison stretched, yawned and attempted to get a kink out of his neck, rubbing at the back of his neck with a free hand as his other had been preoccupied with carrying his flight helmet.

He had been working alongside the flight engineers to make sure that their bird was ready and operational for the next time they needed to take flight - however soon it may be.

It was a tiresome but important process, so they worked over the entire bird several times before deciding that they were happy with the lack of bullet holes or electrical/ engineering works that needed to be completed.

Food was next on his mind after placing away his kit and helmet in the gear room for when the alarm sounded. Harry then moved on into the kitchen, opening the fridge door and pulling out a bottle of water, leaning against the sink and allowing the liquid to run down his insides as he shut his eyes for a brief moment to allow himself to relax.
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Post by: Maric Talburn on May 13, 2017, 02:06:37 PM
<Team Room, ODA 3333 - 3rd Special Forces Group (Airborne) Headquarters, Fort Bragg>

Pushing open the indicated door, Scott stepped into what could have been a high school classroom at any high school across the United States - the only give away that it wasn't, was the fact that Scott knew where he was. Headquarters 3rd SFG(A), standing in the doorway Scott took in the room, the wall directly across from the door was covered in both old school cork boards with maps and intel from its last occupants as well as high def tv's for the new age materials. Directly to his right were lockers, large enough to hold the majority if not all of their personal TA-50 gear and then some, directly adjacent to the lockers on the wall at the front of the room were two doors. Shower room and on the opposite side, what would function as Scott's office and that of his team Warrant Officer and team Sergeant. The rest of the team would take a desk/table that filled the remaining space in the room.

Heading for his 'office' Scott stepped in and placed his bags on the ground next to the metal desk and settled into the ancient metal desk chair and broke out his tough book computer, he'd peruse the files of his team before they all arrived over the next couple of days.

Maric rubbed the back of his neck. He carried a duffle, housing his SFLCS and the according gear. His rig and carrier were both already set up from his previous dealings. Currently he wasn't aure of the ODA' s current SOP or of their TACSOP differed from the previous elements of 3rd group that he'd been with. Upon opening the door, Maric stepped in, clad in OCP's, baret folded and looped under his belt. He dropped the bag, spying some life in the room.

Considering where it was, the young Sergeant assumed it was either Top, a Chief, or their CO. So either way he had to be crisp. Upon reaching the officer he knocked on the door frame. "Sir?" He stood in the brace, waiting to gain the man's  attention before offering a Salute. "Sergeant Maric Talburn, sir. Assigned to ODA 3333...i'm I'm the correct place aren't I?"

There was no doubt in Maric's mind. He knew exactly where he was, but it always paid to be safe rather than sorry, he had learned that times over. And it would show, his sleeve was slick and lacked a deployment patch, but the assignment side houses a ranger tab and he had a number of qualification badges. If nothing else, the young man knew how to Army.

The sound of sure and confident footfalls made its way to Scott's ears, someone was crossing the team room towards the office. Slightly closing the lid on his tough book he looked towards the doorway as a young, almost baby faced Sergeant filled the open space. Pushing back his chair Scott stood and returned the salute, "You would be correct Sergeant Talburn." He replied, stepping around his desk and crossing the short distance to Talburn, extending his hand. "Captain Powers, team leader. Nice to meet you."

Maric nodded assuring as he took the man's hand to deliver a firm shake. "Awesome." He figured he could take the time to dive into a quick question. "I take it I'm the first in... I've got my gear with me to have it stored. Are there any differences to kit set up that I need to shake out now or is it shooters preference on this one?" He couldn't help but notice the Ranger Scroll on his right shoulder and grinned. That part was quite reassuring, though anything on the right shoulder was better than nothing at all.

"You'd be correct on that account as well, you are the first, the rest of the team should be in within the next 48 hours or so." He motioned back towards the main area of the team room, "Pick a locker and store your gear, as for set up, shooters preference on 90% of your set up, we'll standardize IFAC/CTTT locations as well as commo. Fair?"

"Completely, that's what I've  been used to so far sir." He made his way back into team room to grab his bag. He moved to a locker and unzipped it, pulling his chest rog out first and hanging it, followed by his plate carrier and propped it up at the back. Next came his OpsCore helmet and it's surefire suite which he mounted up in the locker as well. The rest was odds and ends, headlamp, kneepads, gloves, etc. "If you don't mind me asking sir, what are the operational teams like? Deployment side I mean."

"We'll be figuring that out together Sergeant, I've deployed with the regiment, never as a Green Beret. So it'll be a steep learning curve, but nothing we can't handle." Scott replied leaning up against the conference table in the room, watching as the Sergeant secured his gear, "Talburn, you were an 18X correct?"

No shit? Maric glanced back at the man once he had finished storing his trash. "Yeah roger sir. That rare case of coming off the street and actually getting selected after Q. It was crazy honestly, a buddy of mine tan through with me. They told him to go get a deployment and come back." Maric let out a low whistle. "I don't know what I did but here I am."

"Lucky you, I enlisted trying to get an X-ray, ended up an 11 Charlie and in the Regiment before I commissioned, ended up back there after I got my butter bar." Scott replied with a chuckle, part of him was worried, concerned even that Talburn hadn't seen an OCONUS operation or combat deployment. But if he managed to make it through Selection and Q-course as an X-Ray it meant he was something special, and that was enough for Scott - they'd just have to have his back when it came time to jump.

"Well sir, word is that Regiment time is priceless and highly valued across the army regardless of where you end up. It was really hard choosing between the 18X and option 40 contracts. I just figured I could do more in this place. I don't know, I'm still wet behind the ears so we'll see." He wasn't too worried about the learning curve. Most team guys he met were super squared away and quick to offer advice l, conduct hip-pocket training on the fly...basically doing their job. So Maric assumed he'd be in good company. "Plus, ones never done learning."

"You'd be correct on that account Talburn, never stop learning, the minute you do you're dead. And that is just plain unacceptable, and too much paperwork that I don't want to do." He chuckled, "So 18X, and now an 18B - what's your niche, long range, close in?"

"Damn right. And no one enjoys paperwork," he grinned. The Captains next question caused Magic to settle into his thoughts. "Honestly a bit of a Jack jack of all trades sir. I favor the SCAR-H as a battle rifle, but I've got SDM  and some advanced marksmanship courses. But I can rock a SAW or forry-mike like any grunt. I'm not the next Reaper or anything but I can sling some lead down range and hit the mark... I'm a Bravo sir, you just tell me what you need."

"Good that's what I wanted to hear," Looking over Talburn's shoulder he looked into the kids locker, "Grab your gear, we're gonna hit the range, let's see how good of a Bravo you are?"

"Damn, and here I thought you were going to bore me with some pep-speech."Maric grinned as he grabbed his plate carrier and sling it on. He fastened the the plate carrier to his body and picked up his helmet. "Now you're speaking my language."

"Wasn't how I was raised in the Regiment, nor was that the style I adopted when I commissioned. Maybe if I become a General officer, sure, but till then - I'll live by K.I.S.S. Sergeant." Pushing himself off the desk he'd been leaning against he moved towards his office to grab his own gear, "Sergeant, you've gotta remember I learned to speak grunt a long time ago!" He intoned over his shoulder.

"Yeah, yeah of course. But you know it's a perishable skill I  land nav or some shit." Maric made subtle adjustments to his kit to ensure it's for was how he liked it and stood by near the door. He was a partial case of why carry it when you can wear it that much easier.

Scott didn't respond, instead he cracked open his locker and quickly dropped his plate carrier over his head and wrapped his battle belt around his waist. Grabbing his Ops Core helmet he walked back into the team room proper, "What's our game today Sergeant, what's the drill, your call."

"Hop scotch sir. Classic stress shoot mixed in with buddy team IMT' s. Clear through the engagement and call the LOA. Then we can probably march it straight to one of the MOUT sites near AO  patriot. They've got a church building there, an old schoolhouse. And a four story complex. It's small but will still dust your ass if you don't handle it right. Thoughts?"

"Sounds like a plan to me, you bring your weapon or do we need to draw from the armory?" Scott inquired, rolling up the sleeves on his ACUs.

"I haven't drawn yet. Should probably go do that before we start making all of these plans. What's  the ammo situation like up here in the ODA world, gotta call FSC or do we have free reign?"

"As long as you're not gonna ask the S4 for any Whilly Pete, we'll be just peachy. Once the team's all here, we do have access to a small armory we can secure our weapons in, in the team AO." Scott added as he walked towards the stairs down towards the first floor. "I'll get with S1 and grab a G-ride while you coordinate weapons and class five."

"Damn, there goes all my fun. Guess i'll find another way to tac onto the already mandatory safety briefs." Maric couldn't help but roll his eyes. "Rog. Assuming I pick all the poison, what happens if you don't like my choice in jiggy-blasters?"

"Here I'll make it easy for you then Glock 19 and a Mk.18 CQBR, trust you can get that without too much hassle?"

"Hey I'm just making sure that you don't complain when I come out with Mk48's." Now of course he had to make this fun and talk shit. "Okay, small package for the old man, don't want you blowing out your knees. I know all those jumps were hard on your," Maric grinned almost devilishly as he locked into the game.

Scott face palmed and walked away, heading for the S1 offices, "Keep it up Cherry..." Pausing mid step he turned and looked at the Weapons Sergeant, "You know what, while I'm down with S1 I'm having them do an official name change."

"Woah...wait...Cherry? Are you serious?" Maric blinked, unsure of this was a bluff or not. "Like this is...for life. I mean, these are hard to know that right?"

"Yup. Uh huh, I know." Scott replied with a shark like grin, "Did it to yourself Sergeant Cherry!"

"Fuuuuuuck," he groaned and threw his head back. "This is some shit," he muttered as he went off to grab toys and get rounds organized and cleared. He wasn't sure who the RSO would be. Orif they'd have a safety. Hell Help this was a whole new world, an ODA was just different.


<IMT Range, Ft Bragg N. Carolina>

Scott tapped the loaded magazine against the palm of his hand, "Alright Cherry, walk me through your CONOP."

Maric let out a slow yet aggravated sigh. "Gooooood dammit." He groaned as he motioned to the dirt turnout from the hardball road leading into the range. "Starting points at the fence. Dead sprint until you hit the first come, twenty five burpies. Upon completion, I'm your feet sprint to the next cone, farmer carry those eighty pound ammo cans to the next come. From there fifty air squats. Upon completion you load your first magazine, target will appear down range and we go hot. You'll hit your first barricade, utilising a firing position that makes sense for your cover or concealment until you or I get into place. We'll start bounding, clear through the engagement. We'll do personal LACE, and then follow on mission. Jog down the firebreak about five hundred meters and into the mout site. Targets are already set. Conditions are...well a luxury. targets left standing and if we have to, we'll perform a spendex at the end of the exercise. Comments, questions, or concerns sir?" Maric visually inspected his twenty round 7.62 magazine before sliding it into one of his pouches.

"None, let's blow through this, you'd better beat me Cherry. Don't want to be a Cherry and shown up by an old man with bad knees. Right?" Scott chuckled and secured his helmet, clicking the chin strap together. "Go?"

Maric secured his dark lenses eye pro, and placed his helmet atop his head.  "Yeah you got jokes," he muttered as he secured his Mk17. Maric glanced down at his watch as they stood near the start point. "Ten seconds...Five, four, three, two, one...go." With that Maric broke into a sprint, the first come being two hundred meters at a straight shot.

Digging his feet in Scott pushed off, he wasn't a sprinter, he ran marathons for crying out loud. But he did his best to keep up with Talburn, which wasn't exactly an easy feat, the Sergeant was starting to his lead steps ahead of Scott. Hitting the cone, Scott dropped into the first of 25 burpies. He hated burpies, with a passion.

Talburn grunted as he knocked out his last five burpies. They were a pain in the ass even without all of the weight on, but this was suppose to be a smoke fest. Made him wonder if he should've up'ed the number. Then again the aim was only to elevate the heart rate, not make it explode so... After completing the last burpie Maric sprang up and ran for the next cone two hundred meters away. This was purely power and resistance, a light mixture of endurance but it was going. To suck either way by the time they reached the end.

Scott was 7 behind Talburn as the Sergeant sprinted off for the second cone 200 meters away, cursing himself he knocked out his final burpies - a pain in the ass all the way around, he wondered if it was payback for the nickname he'd just slapped him with. Oh well didn't matter at that point, he couldn't quit. Pushing himself up from his last one he sprinted off for Talburn's position, who was already hauling his ammo cans to the third cone. "Damn kids!" He shouted after Talburn.

"The fire of youth sir," Maric laughed as he trotted the next two hundred meters. Upon reaching the end he curled the cans into his chest and started his air squats. It didn't take long for that  familiar burn to settle into his thighs and his calves grow heavy. He let out a sharp breath, keeping his form as best he could while front squatting the ammo cans, kit, water weight, and weapons system. The young Sergeant had to take a breather once he hit thirty five, resting in the up position as he caught his breath for a moment.

(Joint post between Scott and Maric)
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Post by: Brian Coffin on May 15, 2017, 04:21:06 PM
<Team Room, ODA 3333 - 3rd Special Forces Group (Airborne) Headquarters, Fort Bragg>

After driving from Nevada to North Carolina, Brian spent the night in yet another motel before showing up on base. Any opportunity to spend more than an hour or so not behind the wheel of his car was better than nothing, so he took the furthest available parking space away from his destination so that he could walk more.

Though he was wearing Multicam fatigues similar to what others on the base were, the maroon colored beret on his head was not. He made his way with minimal trouble, finally reaching the Team Room. One of the soldiers coming from the kitchen looked at him and approached.

"Sir, can I help you?"

"Yeah, Captain Brian Coffin, on loan from the 58th Rescue Squadron. I'm looking for Captain Powers." Brian replied, looking around to take in his surroundings more than anything, his beret now in his left hand.

"Oh, ah, I think he took the new guy out to see what he could do. They should be back in a bit, sir."

"Good. I hope he doesn't want my ass running and gunning yet, I'm still unfolding from driving from Las Vegas. You mind if I get in on that coffee?" Brian nodded to the coffee pot in the kitchen area.

"Help yourself, sir."

Brian did just that, filling up a disposable cup with coffee loaded with sugar. He knew that it would have been physically better to go find Powers and get some running in, but he also told his medical opinion to shut the hell up. On the TV, those who were gathered were watching the news, which was the usual political nonsense and a sidebar about conflict zones.

"Wouldn't cartoons be more informative?" Brian asked out loud.

"Maybe, sir, but we don't get Boomerang, so we don't get the good stuff." Another soldier replied.

"Isn't that the truth..." Brian replied with a chuckle.
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Post by: Maric Talburn on May 24, 2017, 05:35:33 PM
<Team Room, ODA 3333 - 3rd Special Forces Group (Airborne) Headquarters, Fort Bragg>

Sergeant Talburn, effectionately dubbed 'Cherry' walked back into the team room, lot in his left hand, and helmet in his right. The young man was drenched in sweat. He looked around the rom, seeing a few newer bodies. Upon moving deeper into the room he returned his kit to the assigned locker. He made the command decision to hop in the shower and get clean.

The stress  shoot followed by the quick ruck-run to the mout sure. From there he and Captain Powers cleared a compound with three buildings, one of which was multi storied. The two man drills were a tad intense and Maric felt like all of the hydration had been sucked from his body given the session. But it was his run and he sure as hell made it a smoker. He wondered what the Captain wqs feelin, or would be feeling as he turned to see if the man followed him in.
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Post by: Harrison Trevor-Jenkins on May 29, 2017, 09:39:00 PM
<Team Room, ODA 3333 - 3rd Special Forces Group (Airborne) Headquarters, Fort Bragg>

It was not long until someone new had walked in, drenched in sweat and looked utterly beaten before he had turned for the locker rooms. Harry hadn't been much of a talker, not yet anyway until he managed to get a scope on the new situations.

The smell of coffee filled his area, and he took a deep inhalation of breath. It was more of a shame that some coffee types gave him the shakes, and that wouldn't do if he needed to fly at a moment's notice. Pushing himself off the kitchen sink, Harrison made the approach to the other soldiers with a slight grin on his face, who turned, looked and gave a nod of acknowledgement before turning their attention back onto the television.

"Murdock's hittin' the range and we're here watchin' the news. What's new with you, Captain Coffin?" Harrison said.
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<Team Room, ODA 3333 - 3rd Special Forces Group (Airborne) Headquarters, Fort Bragg>

"Alright Captain, just sign on the line and you're good to go. Also gonna need those keys Sir."

Scott scribbled his illegible autograph on the line and slide the keys to the 'g-ride' across the counter to the battalion's transpo Sergeant. Even as the lauded operators they were as Green Beret's, they still were not allowed to transport weapons in their POV's. So he'd requisitioned the government vehicle to transport Sergeant Maric "Cherry" Talburn and himself down to the IMT range.

"We're good, right Sergeant? Your not gonna send the MPs after me?"

"Nah Sir, you're squared away. Thanks for bringing it back in the condition you took it out in..."

"That really an issue around here?"

"No, no, not really Sir.... I felt like trying to make a James Bond reference."

"How'd that work out for you?"

"Not well Captain...."

"Yeah, I can tell. Thanks again Sergeant." Scott replied as he pushed away from the counter, reaching down Scott snagged the drag handle on his plate carrier and lifted it up over his shoulder and made for the door to the S-4 office.

The stairs weren't hard, but the burn from the lactic acid was annoying. A good annoying, however. Cresting the final set of steps, Scott turned towards his team's room and could see the door was open and a myriad of voices were coming from it.

Walking into the room, Scott took in the new additions - one he knew by sight, Captain Brian Coffin, Combat Rescue Office, USAF; the second he didn't not recognize but the name he did remember, it was the teams personal chauffeur, Major Harrison Trevor-Jenkins, USAF.

"Major Jenkins, good to finally meet you, your jacket is quite a riveting read." Scott said, as he tossed his plate carrier on a chair as he proceeded into the room. Looking over at Coffin he just grinned, "So the rumors of your demise were greatly exaggerated brother?"
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Post by: Brian Coffin on June 17, 2017, 03:04:43 AM
<Team Room, ODA 3333 - 3rd Special Forces Group (Airborne) Headquarters, Ft. Bragg>

"They roped your ass into this too?" Brian asked with a chuckle before taking another sip of coffee. "Not a whole lot on my end. Got to spend way too much time driving from Nellis to here, though. Some pencil pushing jackass screwed up my flight booking and then wouldn't fix it." Brian said with a scowl.

"I know we're Air Force and all, but to borrow a term from our esteemed colleagues here," He waved the mug around the room, "Fucking POGs."

Still, it if there was any certainty and one universal truth across the US Military, it was that that admin types seemed to always manage to screw over anyone and everyone.

By this point, Scott and one of his shooters had entered, and Brian raised his mug in a mock salute.

"No, but if there were reports of the admin section of Nellis being demolished, I can neither confirm nor deny my involvement at this time. Driving cross country because of their dumb asses, that's the shit we can't leave out of the recruitment ads." Brian replied with a smirk. "How're we doin', brother?"
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Post by: Maric Talburn on June 18, 2017, 07:37:02 PM
Maric grabbed stuff and left the men in peace. They seemed to be old friends, so he'd make it a point give them space and get himself clean. The Sergeant parted ways with the men in the team room. The trip o to the wash room wasn't too pain staking. He could feel thay subtle dull ache. He amd the Captain had a good work out and put a decent amount of rounds downrwnge. He felt good, and a good shower would put him at ease.

Within a matter of minutes he had finished up, changing back into an OCP uniform, adjusting his skill badges and placing his assignment patch and tabs in order before getting his top on. Maric yawned, rubbing his shoulders absently before making his way back into the team room, using a towel to dry his face and head in transit down the hall. Soon he had returned, moving to his locker and getting his kit situated once more.
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Post by: Harrison Trevor-Jenkins on June 20, 2017, 07:30:06 PM
The room was beginning to get filled, with familiar faces. This in turn had caused a smile to make itself known on his face as he stood up to greet the good Captain Powers. He listened to what Coffin had to say before giving slight agreement to what had been said.

"Not a whole lot on my end. Got to spend way too much time driving from Nellis to here, though. Some pencil pushing jackass screwed up my flight booking and then wouldn't fix it."

He couldn't help but release a chuckle when Coffin had used the term 'POGs'

"Amen to that."

"Major Jenkins, good to finally meet you, your jacket is quite a riveting read."

"Pleasure to meet you, Captain Powers. Thank you," Instead of sitting back down, feeling it would seem strange, Harry headed back over to get a refill of water. "Can I get anyone a drink?"

Would be rude not to offer. A smile was still on his face, having slipped into more of a lopsided grin as he listened to the conversation between the two captains.