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Historical Missions / Re: Port Stanley-Falkland Islands
« on: June 26, 2017, 05:16:48 PM »
<15,000 ft, turning for Intercept>

"This is RAF SAM battery control, callsign Whiskey Six. We are tracking the bogies, but they are only appearing intermittently, we are losing them in ground clutter. Be advised, we will not be able to accurately engage soon." The RAF SAM control station reported.

"Goddamnit. Drones. So what the hell are we about to mix it up with?" Jack asked with a scowl under his mask.

"Carnage 1-2, coming right, bearing two three eight. Raven, Hawk. I'm going to take 1-3 with me, drop to angels four and see if we can't give them something else to worry about." Jack said over the radio, "Carnage 1-3, form up on me, keep it tight."

Jack rolled his fighter and then angled downwards, approaching 4,000 feet before leveling off.

"Yeah, there they go. Tracking...oh yeah, we've got one-four bogies." Dave commented from the back seat.

"Closing fast." Jack clenched slightly, this was going to be dicey. "1-3, loosen up a little. We're going to blow through this formation and spook 'em, take anyone who breaks to engage."

"1-3, copy. On your six."

The miles were quickly eaten up by the speed, and just as Jack's RWR began beeping at him, there they were. And several were already breaking from the formation to engage. Four were F-16s, but two were twin tailed...

"Oh shit. We got ourselves a pair of Flankers." Jack said, as the F-16s raced past them to engage the rest of the formation.

"Carnage Flight, Python Flight, you've got fast movers, leakers, coming your way. Carnage 1-2, tally bandits." Jack said as his RWR got even more intense with beeping before letting out a solid tone.

"Carnage 1-2, I'm going evasive!" Jack snapped the nose upwards while Dave triggered the flare dispenser. White hot flares popped from the Hornet to divert the incoming missile. Jack rolled his fighter into an invert to better keep eyes on the inbound missile and Flanker, the former going after the flares. The Flanker's nose angled up as it started to move to intercept the Hornet. Jack pulled back on the throttle to tighten up his turn.

"Nice shot asshole, now it's my turn." Jack growled as he began to complete the loop to get on the Flanker's tail.

"Yeah, you got him, c'mon, let's reel him in." Dave said from the back seat.

"Watch out for his buddy, he might try to pounce us if he isn't tied up with 1-3." Jack said, completing the loop. Now he was squarely on the Flanker's tail and trying to get him lined up.

"We're clear, we're clear. Christ, he's a slippery bugger. Might have to go guns on him, yeah?" Dave asked.

"If you see his nose suddenly snap up, hold on. He'll try to do that tail stand trick and get on our six." Jack said. The Flanker was trying hard to weave out from under his gunsights. Jack was following him somewhat closely, fully expecting a proper counter to what was boiling down to a classic Scissors maneuver. The range was so close that Jack had already toggled from his ASRAAMs to guns, and was trying to bracket the Flanker in the gunsight.

But then the Flanker leveled out and his nose started to come up. Jack immediately pulled hard back on the throttle, almost about to stall out. It was well known that the Flanker could execute an aerobatics stunt known as the Cobra, where the pilot could almost instantly bleed off speed by snapping the nose almost completely backwards, and then back to the original position. In theory, the move would put the pursuing aircraft in front of the Flanker, turning the tables. But Jack also knew that, as he envied the Russians being able to pull it off. Even the Hornet, with its design, couldn't come close.

As the top of the Flanker became exposed to Jack, despite the audio blaring at him that his fighter was going to stall out, the gunsight pipper lined up, and he let loose a burst of 20mm fire before angling to the right and running the throttle back up.

"I...oh...yeah! He's trailing smoke...oh no wait...he's bailing. I've got...two. Two bailouts." Dave called out excitedly. Jack banked around to see the Flanker was in a slow roll now, and then its starboard wing sheared clear.

"Good cells. He's punched out. I'll call it in, get Nigel and his mates to pick those two up, get 'em a panadol and a mid-strength beer, let 'em sleep it off." Dave said before laughing a little.

"Carnage 1-2...splash one Flanker." Jack said over the radio, "Say again, splash one Flanker."

"Carnage 1-3, requesting assistance."

"Copy, 1-3. Coming in." Jack banked around to try and lock up the second Flanker.

Historical Missions / Re: Port Stanley-Falkland Islands
« on: June 24, 2017, 04:00:10 AM »
<15,000 ft, approaching WP Bravo>

"Carnage 1-1, that's an affirmative. Bogies are maintaining Angels Five, no change in speed or heading." Thunderhead reported.

"What do you think that's about?" Dave asked.

"No idea. Could be something not right about this to her." Jack replied.

"Carnage Flight, Python Flight. You are weapons free at this time. Say again, you are weapons free. Cleared to engage." Thunderhead reported, "Target data being sent by jackal. Engage at will."

"Carnage 1-2, copy. Engaging." Jack replied, and toggled over to one of his AIM-120s.

"Alright, I have him. Bearing zero one zero, angels five. Looks like he's not doin' anything more than three-five-zero knots. Slow mover." Dave commented.

"They have those dual prop jobs and A-4s, might be running slow to save on fuel, too." Jack replied. On his HUD, the targeting box appeared, and then one turned 90 degrees appeared over it. A tone that went from warbling to constant filled his headset, indicating that the missile was locked on.

"Locked on." Jack said.

"There's some minor interference, possible ECM. No change in direction." Dave replied.

"Probably can't see us. We might not pick them out if not for the AWACS." Jack said, his thumb over the firing stud on his joystick.

"...Carnage 1-2, Fox Three." Jack said and hit the button. His AMRAAM joined the others streaking of towards the coast of the Falklands where the radar contacts were.

Historical Missions / Re: Port Stanley-Falkland Islands
« on: June 15, 2017, 04:08:17 PM »
<15,000ft, Falklands Airspace>

"This is Thunderhead to Carnage and Python flights. Proceed to Waypoint Bravo, bearing zero-one-zero, maintain angels one-five. We are tracking a formation of bogies approaching from the north at angels five, closing fast. IFF squawk is negative, they will be Feet Dry in ten mikes." The AWACS controller said.

" goddamn 1982 all over again..." Jack muttered under his oxygen mask.

"You are cleared to fire once you reach Waypoint Bravo. Engage Fox Three, do not allow them to breach Port Stanley airspace. Friendly SAMs are tracking but are still out of range to engage." Thunderhead continued. Jack's eyes glanced over to the Master Arm toggle.

"Thunderhead, Carnage 1-2. Are we weapons free at this time?" Jack asked.

"Carnage 1-2, negative, current status is weapons tight until Waypoint Bravo. ETA is five mikes." Thunderhead replied.

"Carnage 1-2, copy." Jack said, and then reached over and flipped the toggle to ON. "Master arm is on, master arm is on."

"We're really doin' this, aren't we?" Dave asked.

"Yeah. Hopefully they turn back on the spikes before we just go straight to tossing AMRAAMs." Jack replied.

Historical Missions / Re: Port Stanley-Falkland Islands
« on: June 10, 2017, 04:52:21 PM »
<RAF Mt. Pleasant, Hangar>

"Not a thing, they just ran out of French Vanilla creamer in the mess." Jack replied, which was his usual answer when shrugging things off. It was just a habit of his sometimes to get mad about things out of his control, and it was conflicting with the inner mix of excitement and trepidation in his gut.

After Bobbie said her piece, Jack and Dave headed over to their Hornet, where his Crew Chief was waiting once more.

"She's all set, sir. Feel free to give 'em one for us down here." The older man said before snapping up a salute. Jack returned it and then shook his hand before clambering up the ladder and sitting down in the cockpit. Once Dave was in, the canopy lowered, and they secured themselves in. Jack then toggled on main power, and the two of them ran through the pre-flight checks.

"Alright, checking flaps and stabs, port side then starboard." Jack said, and started to test the control surfaces in sequence, first left, then right.

"Surfaces check good, Hawk." Dave replied, getting thumbs up from the ground crews.

"Alright, double check weapons, I'll run through final checks up here." Jack said, cycling through the status screens while Dave checked the Hornet's weapon and countermeasures systems.

"Gun spun good, IR seeker tracking, radar tracking good, countermeasures check good. All green back here." Dave said.

"Everything's in the green up here. We're good to go." Jack turned and gave a thumbs up to his Crew Chief, who gave one back and waved the ground crew away.

"Tower to Carnage Flight. You are clear to taxi to runway one-zero, hold on approach west alpha behind Python Flight." Tower reported. Jack glanced over to see the Typhoons and Raptors were launching first.

"Carnage 1-2 copies." Jack said.

"All aircraft, this is AWACS Thunderhead. We are tracking multiple bogies along multiple vectors. Hunter Flight, proceed on vector two-seven zero, angels one-five. Eagle Flight, proceed to vector three-one-five, angels one-seven. Additional assignments will follow once aircraft are airborne." The AWACS battlespace controller began handing out assignments already. Jack frowned, and decided to open his mouth anyways.

"Thunderhead, Carnage 1-2. Request bogey dope." Jack said.

"Carnage 1-2, stand by for orders after launch. Out." The controller replied curtly.

"...asshole." Jack muttered as the Australian Hornets all taxied out and lined up behind the pair of F-16s.

Historical Missions / Re: Port Stanley-Falkland Islands
« on: June 08, 2017, 03:38:46 PM »
<RAF Mt Pleasant, Pilot's Quarters>

Jack had finally managed to calm down enough to take a nap when the alert came over the PA. As soon as the scramble order came through, Jack reached over and shook his Weapons Systems Officer, David Lawton awake. Snorting mid-snore, the WSO's eyes shot open.

"Oi, the fuck is goin' on?" Dave demanded.

"Goddamn scramble, that's what. And if shit hit the fan this bad so far, sounds to me like this isn't a drill." Jack replied.

"Oh. OH! Well, shit, let's go then!" Dave stood up, pulling his boots back on. The two of them joined the crowd of pilots all rushing to their respective locker rooms, and were in front of their lockers as quickly as they could be to get their flight gear. Jack quickly pulled on his G-Suit, before then grabbing his helmet and joining his squadron mates at their hangar.

The ground crews were mostly, for obvious reasons, Australian, but some of the ordnance personnel were British, if only because they were the ones dragging the missiles up from the magazines. Each Hornet was being loaded with ASRAAMs on the wingtip and outboard wing pylons, while the remaining two wing stations and fuselage hardpoints were being loaded with AIM-120 AMRAAMs.

"What the shit, ASRAAMs? I hope we don't have to turn and burn with anything." Jack said. His crew chief turned to him and shrugged.

"It's not my call, sir." The older man commented.

"Again, I hope we don't have to tangle with anything up close. Please tell me we at least have our Vulcans." Jack replied.

"Yeah. No reason why not, sir."

Jack glanced over at the pilots and WSOs gathering around Bobbie. "Gotta run. I'll be back in a sec."

Jack jogged over, joining up with the other Aussies. He knew ASRAAMs were a bad idea, so did everyone who bailed on the project. But that was some pencil pushing Limey's call, probably. And it didnt help his scowl.

Historical Missions / Re: Port Stanley-Falkland Islands
« on: June 03, 2017, 01:40:37 PM »
<Officer's Canteen, RAF Mt. Pleasant>

"Kid, take it from me, you're better off wherever you are and out of the Raptor. Go ask those Raptor drivers about their breathing sometime." Jack said, when the noise got his attention outside. He got up and went over to the window with Bobbie before frowning.

"Well. Guess we'll find out soon enough..." Jack said, trailing off.

Historical Missions / Re: Port Stanley-Falkland Islands
« on: May 24, 2017, 08:37:51 AM »
<Officer's Canteen, RAF Mt Pleasant>

"I'm not really keen on asking her about her past, particularly since neither of us really know each other." Jack replied, though he really had to admit, as rumors went, it was far more interesting than the usual rumor mill. Maybe Adrianna would get a kick out of it...

"Eh, I try to avoid Sutcliffe as much as I possibly can. You know me, I'm pretty easy going, but Holy Hannah that woman...insufferable isn't even the half of it. And AJ almost punched her lights out, I guess they got into a rather heated discussion and yeah..." Jack chuckled before taking another bite. His wife really did not like people full of their own egos, and things only got worse once it got personal.

"I've only flown Hornets since I hit the Fleet, we've got nothing else for those of us in the Strike profession. Legacies and Supers, that's all I've done." Jack said, referring to the nickname given to the remaining Charlie and Delta Hornets left in service.

"Now my old man, different story. He started out in F-4 Phantoms with VF-31, the squadron with Felix the Cat on their unit patch. He missed Vietnam by about five years. Then he transitioned to F-14s before I was born, and then got bounced to VFA-151 when they converted to Hornets just in time to fly missions over Iraq during Desert Storm. Right after the USS Midway came home, he retired. Test flew the Super Hornets for Boeing once, he works at the Saint Louis plant." Jack said, "But he still maintains the Phantom was the greatest plane he ever flew."

"My sister's in the Air Force, though, got her wings two years ago. She's flying Strike Eagles out of North Carolina. I guess she was under a lot of pressure by Air Force brass to go for the F-22 or wait on the F-35. Pretty sure she got passed over for 1st Lieutenant because of her refusal to do so." Jack said, and then felt a slight knot in his stomach form, realizing that if things got worse, not only would AJ get deployed, it was highly likely so would Haley.

"If this goes south, this'll be the first time I've flown combat missions. Been in the Navy for eight years now, but never fired a weapon in anger. Dad said this was what the 80s were like, you'd hear about the guys that'd actually have gone into combat, like Libya, Lebanon or Iran, but most of the fleet never saw it. Bit of a generation gap, too, you'd have all the old guys that flew over Vietnam and the guys like my dad who came in afterwards." Jack said. "Now, I think, there's quite a bit of that. Folks like us, excluding one of us, who came in during the draw-downs, and those of us who did fly ops during OIF and OEF."

Historical Missions / Re: Port Stanley-Falkland Islands
« on: May 23, 2017, 05:51:14 AM »
<Officer's Canteen, RAF Mt. Pleasant>

"Ah yes, SERE training. AJ and I both did our rounds at the Marine Corps' Mountain Warfare school, up in BFE central Cali, and then again for a mandatory refresher in northern Okinawa." Jack said, "She got it worse, they had some Force Recon operators there at the same time, so someone ran the difficulty up to 11 on everyone there. Okinawa was a big bag of suck, and we also had some JGSDF instructors there too, made things interesting."

"But back up, how does she pull double duty as a spy and a pilot? That just sounds like an airport paperback novel character, so yeah, I'm going to raise up the bullshit flag on that one. Sounds like that'd be a serious conflict of interest, especially then sending her to the US, with all the nonsense about Russia going on right now to boot." Jack shrugged and grabbed one of the fries, dipping it in the pot roast sauce before eating it.

"But, eh, what the hell do I know? I just drive Hornets. I don't get into the intelligence side of things, all I want from them is an accurate read on enemy threats and where I can drop munitions on the bad guys." Jack concluded.

Historical Missions / Re: Port Stanley-Falkland Islands
« on: May 19, 2017, 07:15:12 AM »
<Officer's Canteen, RAF Mt. Pleasant>

Jack took a breath, trying to internalize his ponderings again. It was a bit of a problem he had, vocalizing his thought process to try and organize his thoughts, though he never did that in the air. "Butch" Bower back at Pensacola broke him of that habit.

"Nah, she's not insecure about that. I think the jealousy is more that I'll actually get to pull more flight ops than her." Jack replied, putting on a small grin. He then glanced at the two zoomies.

"Lieutenant Jack Pierce. And yeah, I am." His flight suit did bear mostly American identifiers on it, with only No. 1 Squadron's crest and patch differing. "Hopped over from Lemoore a couple years ago, I didn't know Squadron Leader MacGregor personally, but I thought she was in Alabama."

"But maybe you guys might know why a National Guard unit from Alabama is flying ops over Argentina, especially since the powers that be already have Raptors and Typhoons here, and we weren't too far off with our Hornets. The whole thing just kind of stinks a bit." Jack said. His phone buzzed again, and he glanced at it while waiting for a response.

What's going on over there? I thought this was supposed to be some support op because the Brits pulled the Commonwealth card to deploy you guys.

Jack let out an annoyed sigh, agreeing completely with his wife's observation half a world away.

itd have to be organized tobe a clusterfuck. no one knows whats going on, and her flight just asked me and bobbie if WE knew anything. might be seeing you sooner than i thought.

The response was almost instant.

Check six and keep the faith, Hawk.

"Oh yeah. She's pissed." Jack said to Bobbie, before glancing at Kyle and Trisha, "My wife, Marine back at Amberley. She might be joining us if this little party gets out of hand and Sydney decides to commit more forces."

Historical Missions / Re: Port Stanley-Falkland Islands
« on: May 18, 2017, 07:13:20 AM »
<Officer's Canteen, RAF Mt Pleasant>

"Yeah, and she's not happy. At all." Jack replied, "Did they break out Stingers already? If so, how'd anyone know we were already flying ops?"

Options were running through his head, he wasn't sure what types of SAMs were used in Argentina. Larger launchers were impractical in the middle of the jungle, but MANPADS like Stingers or Iglas...those were bad news. All they needed was one soldier and a few seconds and they could bring down an aircraft that wasn't paying attention. And unlike the larger launch platforms, you couldn't just tag it with a HARM like the good ol days where the Navy and Air Force punched Vietnamese SA-2s with Shrikes. But on the flip side, the ranges weren't great and flares typically worked well against MANPADS.

"I wonder if the Argies have anything to fly air ops with. Last I heard, when POTUS came down here, they had to fly F-16s for Air Force One the whole trip because they had nothing for air cover." Jack just started to muse aloud, not really sure what to expect. He wanted to get up there, but that wasn't his call to make. And it made it all the more frustrating.

Historical Missions / Re: Port Stanley-Falkland Islands
« on: May 10, 2017, 07:26:23 AM »
<Officer's Canteen, RAF Mt. Pleasant>

As Jack started to glance over his shoulder at what all the commotion was with the zoomies, his attention was turned back to the TV on the wall as one of the RAF personnel turned up the volume. And then the fork fell out of his hand as he saw why the TV was being turned up.

Plain as day, some assholes with some name that Jack figured was picked out of a hat for all the generic status it had were holding Cate MacGregor, the former executive officer of No. 1 Squadron. His expression went from playful with some concern on the situation to outright scowling.

"What. The. Fuck." Jack said out loud, "She was supposed to be in goddamn Alabama, how the blue hell is she now...there? When the hell did this happen?"

Jack immediately pulled his phone out of his pocket and turned it back on. As soon as it got a wi-fi signal, his instant messenger was blown up by AJ, with a link to YouTube and news articles related to Cate's capture. Her statements mirrored his own on the matter. He quickly typed in a reply.

idkwtf is going on. yet. will advise.

"...this is some bullshit with a capital B. They probably won't let us fly top cover for the CSAR, though, call it some emotional compromise or whatever, but they better get something going right goddamn now. Damn it." Jack's scowl only seemed to get deeper. He didn't really know Cate that well, but the principle of the matter was the same; she was a fellow fighter pilot in enemy hands.

Historical Missions / Re: Port Stanley-Falkland Islands
« on: May 05, 2017, 08:38:03 AM »
<Officer's Canteen, RAF Mt Pleasant>

"We're a competitive bunch, but that's just how it is. Cow goes moo, sheep goes bah, the US Military has a major inter-service rivalry." He shrugged, "Now carrier landings, yeah, that's always dicey. But we've been doing it for almost a hundred years now, so it's no big deal. Just pretend that instead of a runway sitting there with lots of space, you have none of the space, it's moving, and instead of coasting to a stop, you're snapped to a stop. Easy." That was followed up by a chuckle.

"Yeah, it was a legit crapper, they were going to toss it overboard and the plane captain kept it, had the AO guys fit fins and a fuze to it, as well as rigging it up to the pylon. Look up the A-1 Skyraider on Wikipedia, it's right there. Now for a port-a-crapper, you might need to load that into a bomber." Jack said and then took another bite. After he finished, he continued.

"Man, if I had one of those Su-34s, that Flanker that's like a love child between a Flanker and an Intruder or Aardvark, I'd be the guy that got an air-to-air kill after I purged that thing's septic tank on a bogey. I mean, they built a kitchen and toilet into it, you gotta figure there's a button somewhere to dump the poop tank. Now that's worthy of a recruitment poster." He concluded.

He took the offered plate, alternating between that and his own.

"It's not bad stuff. I don't know why people knock English food so much. The only thing that's overrated to me is sushi, and that was before I got to Japan. Everyone's all about that and I just can't stand it. I'm not a big fish guy to begin with, but people need to lay off the sushi." Jack commented between bites.

"AJ almost joined you both, had she not been blowing chunks after trying to take on Miles in shots. I told her it was a bad idea, but one thing about Marines is you can't talk 'em out of bad ideas." Jack replied when Bobbie brought up that night's activities. Though his wife had no problem getting hammered, she just could not do straight hard liquor. In fact, like him, she preferred drinks that went down good, not just some hard shot like it was JP aviation fuel.

"Someone across the crick is getting a little too big for their britches if we're throwing this much weight behind it. That or someone's decided excess is best. Either way, we're still here. I just wonder to what end, because this sky, aside from being awfully crap right now, is lookin' to get awfully full right quick." Jack replied.

Historical Missions / Re: Port Stanley-Falkland Islands
« on: May 04, 2017, 06:00:52 AM »
<Officer's Canteen, RAF Mt Pleasant>

Jack shook his head to the steward before glancing over where Bobbie had seen the "zoomies". He shook his head.

"I don't see Wings of Gold, they're not mine. And I heard the story too, lame. Come back to me when someone else drops a toilet. Everything else is just pretending to be as awesome as that." Jack said. Though many considered it a meme or fake, a Navy A-1 Skyraider had indeed dropped a toilet during Vietnam.

As he started to eat, he glanced up at Bobbie after she made her request for his next call home.

"Oh yeah, ookaay." He said, dragging out the okay, "You and I both know AJ has the most finely tuned bullshit radar ever, and that you don't keep me out of trouble, you aid and abet it. Or have we forgotten that place in Perth that we about got the entire RAAF banned from?" Jack concluded with a grin of his own. No one could claim innocence that night, and there had been a lot of ass chewings that Monday.

"I wonder how crowded this little island is about to be..." Jack mused aloud.

Historical Missions / Re: Port Stanley-Falkland Islands
« on: May 03, 2017, 03:42:49 PM »
<Officer's Canteen, RAF Mt. Pleasant>

Jack got right in line with Bobbie, shrugging at her comment.

"It's a talent I have, honed from years of being a smart ass." Jack said, finishing with a grin. He opted for the roast beef, though he didn't pile up his plate nearly as high.

"Word of advice for long trips, pack some snack bars in your pockets. Bouncing all around the Pacific taught me that, picked it up from my lead with VFA-94. Don't get granola bars though, then you get to clean that out under the watchful eye of a pissed off crew chief." Jack commented, "At least then you don't eat so much you'll get a stomach ache."

As the subject changed to his wife, he chuckled.

"She's fine, just not thrilled with the separation. Neither of us are, and I'm sure it doesn't help that we're a short hop away from a warzone. We both know the risks, but that doesn't mean we have to like them." Jack replied. He then glanced at the woman giving Bobbie a questioning look.

"Might want to do what the lady says, she might just start eating it right out of the tray if you keep holding out on her." Jack commented with a smirk.

Historical Missions / Re: Port Stanley-Falkland Islands
« on: May 02, 2017, 09:19:35 AM »
<Officer's Canteen, RAF Mt. Pleasant>

Jack had broken off from his squadronmates, in dire need of the bathroom, before heading to the Canteen. He reached into one of the pockets of his flight suit and pulled out his cell phone, starting it back up and connecting into the communal wi-fi network. Sure enough, Adrianna was waiting for him on Messenger, so he went to voice chat.

"Hey." Jack said.

"Hey, yourself. You just get in?" Adrianna asked.

"Yeah. After being bounced to just every airfield possible. I was sure we'd end up at Lemoore and Miramar at the rate we were going." Jack replied, walking down the halls.

"Sheesh. How's the weather?" Adrianna said, some clinking and clanging in the background.

"Awful. Under 50 with rain. What're you making?" Jack asked, passing a group of British junior officers.

"I'm not feeling too ambitious, so spaghetti. Oh! Your parts arrived, but the box looks a little worse for wear. You want me to take pictures and send them?" Adrianna asked. Jack frowned, he was not thrilled with the prospect of a set of headers that he had sent off to be machined coming back worse than they left. And they were already late as it was.

"No, because if they're trashed, I'll try to load up for a bombing run. Just leave them in the garage, I'll deal with it when I get back." Jack replied after a sigh.

"Roge. Alright, I better let you go, I invited over Kathy and she just got in. Stay safe out there, yeah?" Adrianna said, some concern in her voice. They both knew what the score was, but that didn't mean they didn't worry about each other.

"I will. I doubt we're going to go up in this weather. I love you." Jack said.

"I love you too. Talk to you later." Adrianna replied. Jack ended the call and turned off his cell phone as he entered the Canteen, right behind Robyn.

"Are you planning to just stand there and try to will the food to you, or you going to get in and get some?" Jack asked with an easy grin, "I don't think you're than strong in the Force for the first way, but that's just my observation."

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