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Africa / Re: Operation Iron Serpent - Phase I (Arrival & Briefing)
« on: June 17, 2017, 04:15:16 PM »
Air Force Base Makhado
Louis Trichardt, Limpopo Province, South Africa

"Alright, ladies, we're here. Grab your shit and let's go." Ed announced as the loading ramp to the second American C-130 on the base lowered. Unusually for a Marine unit, Ed and his team were in Multicam fatigues, but it was more to do with the desire to minimize identifying who was throwing in on this shindig.

Everyone and their uncle used C-130s, quite a few countries used C-17s, and anyone who wanted to look "tacti-cool" wore Multicam. Only the US Marines wore MARPAT, and that would tell anyone who was looking just about all they needed to know about the situation.

"Not bad weather, boss. I thought it'd be worse." Gunny commented.

"Yeah, me too." The Team's second in command, Guts, added.

"That's because neither of you jackasses bothered to glance at a weather report. Hell, it's the first app on my phone." Ed replied, glancing over his shoulder with a smirk.

"I'd have guessed another one, sir." The Team's newcomer, Cho, said. In response, he was smacked upside the head by the Corpsman.

"What the hell, Doc?" Cho demanded.

"Check that shit, rook." Doc replied.

"Go easy on him, would ya?" Ed said, and a South African soldier approached and snapped a salute, which Ed returned.

"Captain Mujari. I've been instructed to have all team leaders arriving report to the conference room. Colonel Bishop and Colonel Jordaan are waiting." The soldier replied.

"Alright. Could you please help my guys get squared away while I'm there?" He turned and handed his bags off to Guts.

"What the shit, sir? Am I your bellboy now?" Guts demanded.

"Well it sure as shit isn't the good Captain here. So put on your Cap'n Crunch hat and set up with Captain Mujari here." He turned back to Mujari, "Don't let these assholes give you any lip, Captain. We're all very grateful to be invited guests of the South African government and military."

Ed headed straight away towards the conference room, and found that two others had already beat him there.

"Sir. Major Ed Connolly, Marine Raiders, reporting as ordered." Ed said crisply.

"At ease. This isn't some cadet review, sit down." Bishop said, motioning to the open seats at the table.

"We've got at least one more arrival on his way now. While we're waiting, we might as well get to know each other. This is Colonel Laurence Jordaan, he's the eyes, ears and voice for the South African Special Forces." Bishop gestured to Colonel Jordaan, who nodded to everyone and began passing out folders to the team leads.

"Point blank, he's our word of God around here, because we are here as guests of South Africa. If this Task Force does not meet to the approval of the South African government, military, and people, this op is dead." Bishop said, "I am your immediate superior, however."

"We hope that this operation is merely a precaution, not a precursor." Jordaan added.

"A precursor to South Africa's own OIF. Which they do not want, nor do the people of Zimbabwe. Someone over the border has lost their shit, and we hope that they find it again before this all goes bad." Bishop said.

"Indeed, Colonel. Gentlemen, inside these folders, you will find updates to the current situation as Colonel Bishop was briefed on already.  You may take a moment to look them over while we wait for our final guests." Jordaan explained.

"Before we get this briefing underway, since we got a sec to kill, if you guys have any questions to ask, now is the time." Bishop said.

Ed glanced between the other two in the room, "Ah, if you gentlemen want to go first." He said.

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