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After Action Reports / 29 APR 2017 - Launch Plans and Goals
« on: April 29, 2017, 05:52:44 AM »
The board has officially launched! We have an active operation running, but we're not going to rest on our laurels, so here's our current goals:

1. Expand the site further - more units, more branches. Introduce civilians (spouses, family, etc).
2. Launch more phases and missions for our current Operation.
3. Recruiting and advertisement - get the word out folks! Help our board grow!
4. Keep kicking ass.

Thank you all so much for the very awesome dedication thus far. I can't wait to see what's next!

After Action Reports / Operations Sign-up: Operation Whirlwind Phase I
« on: April 27, 2017, 09:46:22 PM »

We are getting word now out of Argentina that a violent coup has taken place. Military vehicles have been seen in and around the presidential palace Casa Rosada where earlier gunfire was heard. 

This situation is developing, but our sources within the Department of Defense tell us that the President is considering military intervention.

April 2017

Three weeks ago, a coup took place in Argentina. The destabilization of the country led to a power vacuum that was filled by the Comando Vermelho, or Red Command, from neighboring Brazil. They have taken the president hostage and executed any military leaders that resisted.

The cartel had long been paying off Argentinian military leaders for border security and to protect assets in Argentina loyal to the Red Command. At this time, the Red Command has issued a manifesto, dictating that all Western forces and personnel be withdrawn from the country immediately.

They have already begun using their military connections to harass British, German, and American shipping in the area. At this juncture, the United States and her allies are considering all options, but the current proposal is for special operations units to infiltrate the country and begin building an insurgency to combat the Red Command in the preparation for a large-scale invasion.

To be clear, Argentina is now the world's first narcostate. The UK, backed by Australia, New Zealand, and with German support have been conducting bombing runs and ship interdictions to prevent Red Command from moving weapons, particularly missiles, out of the country.

Current Areas of Operation / Sub-Operations

Near San Vincente, Argentina/Brazil boarder
Click for Map: show

Urgent Mercy
     -Rescue of RAAF Flight Squadron Leader Cate MacGregor

To participate in the Operation, simply reply to this thread with the following:

Code: [Select]
[b]Characters Participating:[/b]

Setting and Rules Information / Active Mission Teams
« on: April 27, 2017, 05:14:39 PM »
This is the current list of active mission teams, Joint Task Forces, and groups on From the Shadows.

US Army Combat Applications Group (1st SFOD-D)

"C" Squadron - "A" Troop (Assault),  AFO Team "Crusader" - CA2

Team Leader - MSG James "Redneck" Hendricks - Radio Callsign: Crusader Actual
Assistant TL - SFC Paul "Voodoo" Harris - Radio Callsign: Crusader 2
Medical Specialist- SFC Elias "Mother" Caruso - Radio Callsign: Crusader 3  {NPC}
Weapon Specialist - SSG Hector "Speedy" Rodriguez - Radio Callsign: Crusader 4 {NPC}
Signals Specialist / JTAC - SSGT Ryan "Vegas" Brown - Radio Callsign: Crusader  {NPC}
Special Operations Engineer - SSGT Robert "Castle" Lincoln - Radio Callsign: Crusder 5 {NPC}

Note: Further members of the team may be added or removed as the operational needs dictate.

US Army 75th Ranger Regement - Reconnaissance Company(Recce)

RRC Team 3 "Assassin 3"

TL - 1LT. Peter "Miglo" Werner
Radio Callsign: Assassin 3-6
ATL - SFC. Matthew "Top" Stavro - Radio Callsign: Assassin 3-7
Senior Scout Observer - SSG. Dereck "Blue" Harvard - Radio Callsign: Assassin 3-1
Senior Scout Observer/SDM - Sgt. Jason "Ghost" Freese - Radio Callsign: Assassin 3-2
Scout Observer - Sgt. Carl "CJ" Johnson - Radio Callsign: Assassin 3-3
RTO - Sgt. Erik "Brick" Barker - Radio Callsign: Assassin 3-4

US Navy DevGru

Red Squadron, Fireteam Bravo, AFO "Barracuda"

Lieutenant, Team Leader - Jack "Dingo" Stephens - Radio Callsign: Foxtrot Bravo 1
SOC, Assistant Team Leader - Charles "Viper" Denehy - Radio Callsign: Foxtrot Bravo 2
SO1, Heavy Gunner - Daniel "Deuce" Foster - Radio Callsign: Foxtrot Bravo 3
SO2, Scout/Sniper - Michelle "Gambler" Hanley - Radio Callsign: Foxtrot Bravo 4
SO1, Assault Team - Buckley "Buck" Jamison - Radio Callsign: Foxtrot Bravo 5
SO1, Assault Team - William "Bull" McKenzie - Radio Callsign: Foxtrot Bravo 6

UK Special Boat Service

X Squadron - Troop Bravo - Patrol 1 - "Tango four two"

CO - Maj. Harrison "Harry" LaMont [NPC'd]
Team leader/ Scout - Alastair "Al" Lansbury - Radio Callsign: Tango 4-2-Actual
Lead/Signals - Franklin "Frankie" Harris - Radio Callsign: Tango 4
Demolitions/ 'Tailend Charlie' - Johnathan "Mac" MacDonald - Radio Callsign: Tango 4
Medic/ Linguist - Daniel "Danny" Hobbes - Radio Callsign: Tango 4

USAF 187th FW- Montgomery Air National Guard Base, Alabama.- 100th FS ANG

Delta Flight / Tactical Support/attack Sqn

Flight Leader/Sqn Leader RAAF - Catherine 'Cate' MacGregor - Radio Callsign: Cobra 1
Number two/Captain USAF - Kyle Lacosse - Radio Callsign: Cobra 2
Number three/Captain USANG - Robert 'Bob' Henschel - Radio Callsign: Cobra 3
Number four/1st Lieutenant USANG - Patricia 'Trish' Ramirez - Radio Callsign: Cobra 4


9D "Ninner-Delta" / Assassin 4

Team Lead - CPT. Damion "Odd" Kitsure - Radio Callsign: Assassin 4 - Actual
TL 2iC - WO. Dylan "Bull" Smith - Radio Callsign: Assassin 4 - 2
Medical Specialist - SGT. Michael "Mother Fuck'n" Taylor - Radio Callsign: Assassin 4 - 3
Communications Specialist - MCPL. Christian "Ginger" Maclntyre - Radio Callsign: Assassin 4 -4


Troop A / Bär Eins (Bear One)

Team Leader - Hauptbootsmann Nikolaus Heutz - Radio Callsign: Bear One Actual (Bär Eins Führer)
Demolitions - Oberbootsmann Lukas Schoenert - Radio Callsign: Bear One-Two
Communications - Maat Kai Auert - Radio Callsign: Bear One-Three
Medical - Obermaat Josef Bruecker - Radio Callsign: Bear One-Four


A Co, 3rd Btn, ODA 5310 - Female Engagement Team

Team Leader - SGT Aria "Shep" Shepherd - Radio Callsign: Lioness Actual
Team Member - SPC Claire Masters - Radio Callsign: Lioness 1
Team Member - SPC Alexandria Stephenson - Radio Callsign: Lioness 2
Team Member - PFC Katelyn Bauer - Radio Callsign: Lioness 3

UK Special Air Service

Air Troop, "A" Squadron, 22 SAS Regiment / Echo Two

Troop Commander - Captain John Gallagher- Radio Callsign: Echo-2-0-Alpha
Troop Sergeant - Sergeant Henry "Henno" Hayes- Radio Callsign: Echo-2-0-Bravo
1 Patrol IC - Corporal Alexander "Dotsy" Doheny- Radio Callsign: Echo-2-1-Charlie
2 Patrol IC - Corporal Mike Richards- Radio Callsign: Echo-2-2-Charlie
3 Patrol IC - Corporal Danny Black- Radio Callsign: Echo-2-3-Charlie

US Army 52nd Ordnance Group (EOD)

28th Ordnance Co. (EOD) (ABN), 192nd Ordnance Btn. (EOD) - EOD Response Team 28-13 "Checkmate"

Team OIC - 2nd Lieutenant (P) L. Andrew Cannon - Radio Callsign: Checkmate-Blue-Six
Team NCOIC/Lead Tech - Sergeant First Class Alex Reynolds - Radio Callsign: Checkmate-Blue-Seven
Team Member/"Medic" - Staff Sergeant Cameron Lenz - Radio Callsign: Checkmate-Blue-Three-One
Team Member/"Designated Marksmen" - Sergeant John Scarbro - Radio Callsign: Checkmate-Blue-Three-Two
Team Member/Secondary Tech - Specialist Graham Terrell - Radio Callsign: Checkmate-Blue-Three-Three

Royal Australian Air Force No. 1 Squadron

Carnage 1-X Flight

Flight Leader - FLTLT Robyn Hatfield - Radio Callsign: Carnage 1-1 / Raven
#2 Slot - LT Jack Pierce - Radio Callsign: Carnage 1-2 / Hawk
#3 Slot - CAPT Adrianna Pierce - Radio Callsign: Carnage 1-3 / AJ
#4 Slot - FLTLT Craig Miles (NPC) - Radio Callsign: Carnage 1-4 / Trigger
Attached AWACS (No. 2 Squadron) - Radio Callsign: AWACS AngelEye

Russian SVR/FSB Joint Operations Team

FSB Vympel AFO "Grach" & SVR Field Agents

SVR Agent - Captain Larissa Koralova - Radio Callsign: Voron
SVR Asset - Captain Tomas Martel - Radio Callsign: Sokol / Halcon
Team OIC - Major Mikhail Sokolov - Radio Callsign: Grach Lead
Team 2IC - Captain Viktor Pavlichenko - Radio Callsign: Grach Two (NPC)
Team Member - Senior Lieutenant Georgi Ershov - Radio Callsign: Grach Three (NPC)
Team Member - Senior Sergeant Valentin Lobanov - Radio Callsign: Grach Four (NPC)

US Marine Corps Raider Regiment

AFO "Grizzly"

Team OIC - Major Ed Connolly - Radio Callsign: Grizzly Actual
Team 2IC/Signals Specialist - Captain Carlos Gutierrez Jr. - Radio Callsign: Grizzly 2
Team NCOIC/Demolitions - Gunnery Sergeant Anthony O'Connell - Radio Callsign: Grizzly 3
Team Corpsman - Hospital Corpsman 2nd Class James Marshall - Radio Callsign: Grizzly 4
Team Marksman - Sergeant Daniel Cho - Radio Callsign: Grizzly 5

Want your team added? Please post the following template:

Code: [Select]
[size=12pt][b]NATION BRANCH UNIT[/b][/size]


POSITION/ROLE - NAME - Radio Callsign:
POSITION/ROLE - NAME - Radio Callsign:
POSITION/ROLE - NAME - Radio Callsign:
POSITION/ROLE - NAME - Radio Callsign:
POSITION/ROLE - NAME - Radio Callsign:



Register an OOC account. You may use whatever name you want, but it should be the one you use in the shoutbox. For each character, you must create a new account through the subaccount mod, with their full name in proper capitalization. If you do not know how to do this, there is a tutorial that can be found in the same board as these rules.


Post your character application in the appropriate thread. Use the template, do not modify the template at all, so that all the required information is there. Be sure to meet the requirement on the sheet, and to make a character that is balanced, rather than a Mary Sue/Gary Stu. Rewrite of real people with a different name will be asked to modify their sheet to make their character more unique. Work in progress (WIP) that are posted and left untouched for 10 days will be archived. Under no circumstances will there be a character under 18 years old.


Posting should be done in the third person, always. The post should aim for quality of language (grammar, syntax, lack of typo) and quantity of content for your partner to work with. It doesn't matter if you take 100 words or 1000 to express your ideas, as From the Shadows has no word count, but we will not tolerate one-liners. Time is linear here, but you can involve your characters in multiple threads at once, as long as they do not happen at the same time in the timeline. Be careful of Godmodding (moving someone else's character) of metagaming (Using knowledge acquired out of character while in character) and power playing (no one is unbreakable/unkillable). Mark the thread with the proper prefix if it contains Mature content.

The first post in any in-character post should be tagged as such:

Code: [Select]
If the day or time changes significantly, it would be good to tag again once that occurs, using the same formatting. No need to re-establish the location, unless that to, has changed.

Questions? Feel free to reach out to any board staff.

NOTE: Because of the nature of the game, if one member of a team or operation does not post when their turn comes in group threads, it stalls the RP for the ship as a whole. After a 10 day period, their turn is skipped. 1x1 threads do not apply.


Avatars are 150px by 200px. Signatures may not stretch the board, or be higher than 300px. Also, even though this is an adult board, please refrain from posting images that are pornographic in nature.

Final Word

The community is meant to be laid back and respectful. Should something arise, bring it up to any board staff in a PM.

Please note that if enough suspicion that you are not at least 18 years old arises, the admins reserve the right to question your age and possibly result in a ban.

Setting and Rules Information / The World - A Global War (Setting)
« on: April 27, 2017, 03:37:12 PM »
September 11th, 2001 changed much for the world of special operations. Although they had been active for some time, there was sudden high, public demand for their services. But that's not to say that they were inactive to that point. Globally, tier 1 and other special operations and intelligence had long been working and engaging in operations around the world.

The Global War on Terror, though, saw an increased level of cooperation, joint operations, and involvement of all nations.

From the Shadows aims to tell these and other stories from a respectful, authentic angle. We are an open sandbox world, where you can craft your own story as you play. From secret espionage missions to loud, explosive assaults on terrorist compounds. You want to write it, we can likely make it happen.

Our focus is, as stated, the special operations and intelligence communities. That means we do shy away from large scale, open warfare and more on direct action unconventional warfare.

We are set in the real world, with real locations. We do not incorporate any fictitious elements (for example movies like Rambo, Commando, and other "hyper action" movies) and instead focus on authentic realism.

Setting and Rules Information / The World - Current Events & Timeline
« on: April 27, 2017, 03:20:42 PM »
From the Shadows is firmly established in the real world. That being said, we do differ from the world in that we create and maintain our own missions, teams, and characters. We don't retell the real missions that have occurred, and as best we can, we attempt to avoid recreating or reliving events that occur in the real world.

Our timeline is held in linear, real time, and posts are made following current date, time, and year (give or take a few ours/days).  The current timeline / events list for the board is as follows:

Current year.

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