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From the Shadows is a military/spy themed sandbox RP that focuses on the special operations and intelligence communities. Drawing thematic inspiration from real world sources and realistic military fiction (Tom Clancy, Dalton Fury, et al) it is designed to provide an immersive and authentic feeling world and story. Our goal is to be entertaining and engaging while still honoring and respecting the real-life operators and agents who inspire the story.

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Urgent Mercy A coalition force of special operations comes into contact with the cartel and corrupt Argentine Special Forces while trying to rescue a downed friendly pilot.

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Historical Missions / An Apple a Day
« on: April 30, 2017, 07:26:56 PM »
January 2017, Ft. Bragg, North Carolina

Sully hated these days. Draw down and recuperation weeks seemed to drag on, and it was time for his annual medical and pysch eval. And since, to maintain a sense of transparency, the DoD required the team to see non-CAG medical and psych personnel. That meant going to the medical center, Womack, and a whole shit ton of paperwork.

He made his way from the kill house, where he and his team had been running the new operator, Vegas they called him, through some drills to get him up to full readiness. He fished his keys out of his pocket and found his truck in the parking lot. It was a beat up 4x4 Chevy, but it got him from point A to point B, and that's all that mattered to him. Starting up the engine he pulled out of the complex and out into main Bragg facility.

A short ride later, he was at the medical center. Soldiers and support staff filtered in and out, most with their families. He shut off the engine after parking the truck and exited the vehicle, walking towards the front entrance.

The waiting room for the Deployment Health department was busy. Bragg was about to deploy troops on a few major ops. Argentina was going to shit. Syria was still the wild west, and the DoD had committed two thousand more troops. Then you had the regular rattling of sabers from North Korea, Iran, and other wannabe world dictators.

He signed in, was handed a pen, stack of paperwork, and told to have a seat. Finding an empty chair, he piled into the paperwork. Most of the questions were standard, but he knew his answers would be scrutinized heavily by both the doctors at the center and the brass in the unit.

Sully finished the paperwork and handed it back to the nurse behind the desk, returning to his seat and pulling out his phone. He had been playing Tetris for about fifteen minutes when a male orderly opened the door leading to the exam rooms. "Sergeant Hendricks? We're ready for you."

Hendricks stood and followed the man back through the door and to an exam room. "Have a seat, the nurse will be right with you." The orderly instructed. Sully gave a nod and hopped up onto the exam table. His eyes looked around the room, everything was so bright and clinical. It was strange how he felt more uncomfortable here than he did in the depths of some foreign land.

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