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Historical Missions / Port Stanley-Falkland Islands
« on: May 01, 2017, 03:40:54 AM »
RAF Mount Pleasant, Port Stanley.

Located 30 Kilometers south of the port, RAF Mount Pleasant is home to:
    No. 1435 Flight 4 x Eurofighter Typhoons
    No. 1312 Flight 1 x Voyager KC2, 4 x Hercules C3
    No. 1310 Flight 2 x Chinooks

Now with the new threat coming from Argentina, these forces are being bolstered by the day. Another four flights of Typhoons are being landed within a day, five more Hercules and another eight Chinooks. This has been bolstered by four RAAF F/A18F's and six RCAF CF/18's, with two RAAF F/A18b's and elements from the USAF(F22 x 4) and USMC (AV8B x 8)

Tactical. RAAF 2 CJ-27 Spartan. 2 C17a Globemasters
            USAF 1 E3 Sentry
            USAF 2 KC-10 Extender
            USAF 5 C130J Hercules
            USMC 8 CH53E Super Stallion   


{Col Sam Cater USAF} NPC
{Captain USAF  Kyle Lacosse} NPC
{1st Lieutenant USANG Patricia 'Trish' Ramirez } NPC

<UK CO's Office RAF Mt Pleasant>

 Sam had been given the use of the 'Boss's' office almost as soon as her boots hit the linoleum floor leading into the not so large air base facility. It had in fact been even smaller than this not too long ago, with now several more extensions added since the heightened awareness coming out of Buenos Aires. Her eyes were hooded in concern when she saw her Cobra flight pilots walking sullenly, she knew too well how they felt.

 "Take a seat please all of you, this will be a short debrief. I don't have to ask what happened as I knew not five seconds after Cate went down. Our AWACS was at least on the ball." Even though Sam told them to sit, she remained standing.

 Kyle did as he was told, he preferred not to as he and indeed his teammates had been sitting for the better part of eight hours now. "Do we know why Colonel? As best as I can figure Cate somehow ran out fuel, or worse mech failure." The last two words were spat out, their ANG unit had been using twenty year old aircraft that were already well over used when issued to them.

 Looking over at Robert, Trish put a hand on his arm. "We will get her back, you know that. Just believe in it Rob." She was one of the few besides Cate who called him that, most of the men didn't.

 Looking down then up, Sam nodded. "That is what we suspect. I'm having the last service reports on 44-6 sent down to us now. We may find something in there. Oh and Captain Henschel, I've been in touch with your Highway Patrol Chief, he has granted you a months leave, Air Force will pick up the tab."

Mission Requests / Damsel in Distress
« on: April 27, 2017, 01:17:17 AM »
 Talking with EJ the other day about our first possible mission, so some feed back on this would be appreciated .

 Cate will be attached to a US fighter unit (187th FS) operating out of Bagram Airfield (she is an exchange pilot). On a fairly routine bombing mission over Tali territory high in the mountains her F16 experiences a severe flame out from which she cannot restart. She will be forced to either eject or hard land, either way she will be in enemy territory. The concept of this mission will be who gets to her first (Terry Tali will) and if she survives, who will rescue her.

 Thoughts?  :sam3 :sam2

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