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Europe / Exercise "Stanton"
« on: July 21, 2017, 10:42:52 PM »
Ex. Stanton
July 2017 - Clyde, Scotland
Day Zero

Exercises, maneuvers, yomps, kill-houses. Whatever it was, they all had to do it. It had been a couple of days warning when it had all been arrange for the SBS to meet up with the SAS boys to recap on their training.

Broderick, with his three patrols and his troop 2IC, had managed to get all 15 blokes loaded onto the trucks - plus Kale, his working K9, who would be accompanying patrol 2 during the exercise. They wiped their eyes of the sleep that they would not be seeing for a while as the banter begun, hoots of laughter as they tore along the empty roads before they had died down. He had sat on the end, looking at the passing scenery of the dark and of the other trucks that followed after them.

The sky was just less than dark, though without any hint of light as they traveled aside from the hi-beams, it was pitch black. It was soon that they had approached HMNB Clyde.

"...Almost like bein' home." Garner had commented as he hopped off the back of the truck, turning to help take off the kit.

"I'd say." Aiden Fullerton, Brody's 2IC, replied, his own Scottish accent cutting clear through the early morning air.

"Been back for what," Brody glanced at his watch dramatically. "Hardly five minutes."

"Feck off, ye Lanc!" Fullerton replied, a grin on his usually stoic face. "Yer ain't any better."

Broderick had shaken his head, a lopsided smile on his face as they proceeded to find their quarters.

Day One - 0530

They had headed down to the docks early after grabbing quick chow. Broderick and Fullerton, along with their troop had checked over the RHIBs that they were using - making sure each had a full tank. Some of the troopers had grumbled about the early hours but, Brody had quickly put them in place as they returned to the briefing room to wait for the SAS lads.

Current Operations / Operation Iron Serpent
« on: July 16, 2017, 09:30:40 PM »
May 2017

South Africa has put together a generous aid package, with help from the Commonwealth of Nations and United Nations, to help the failing Zimbabwe, with the hope that if it comes from South Africa, the powers that be in Hare will accept it. But the South African Parliament has tied a request; they want Zimbabwe to start taking steps to improving their human rights situation. They are not specifying how or when, just that something needs to go forward.

And the spark for the power keg is provided. Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe's dictator, has decried the terms as an effort by South Africa to impose the will of "imperialist powers" onto the people of Zimbabwe. As a good faith measure, South Africa authorized work on a railway line on the border to start improving the rails, footing the bill entirely. However, the work stopped within a few weeks, after armed personnel harassed work crews. There were disputes if they were armed militia or Zimbabwe military, but to be on the safe side, the South African Army was mobilized.

The 44th Parachute Regiment was moved to Musina, in the Musina Nature Reserve, but this only served to inflame issues. When work was resumed, the work crews were fired upon, with several civilians killed. 3rd Parachute Battalion scrambled troops to respond, and a skirmish broke out on the bridge spanning the Limpopo River. Unfortunately, this only served to muddle issues with the situation, with the Zimbabwean delegates going to the UN with reports of the South Africans starting the shooting.

However, while the media was tangled up with the blame game, especially with the issues facing President Jacob Zuma, a new angle appeared. A truck was stopped in a routine border check in Zambia, where it was found full of munitions bound for Zimbabwe. The driver committed suicide while in custody, but the weapons were seized regardless.

With this, President Zuma appealed to the Commonwealth of Nations for support to contain the situation. Military support has been considered, but conflicts in South America brewing, as well as several members being unwilling to resort to invasion. The South African delegation agreed to that much, but did accept that something had to be done, especially with growing concerns that the Zimbabwean government is not doing this on their own. Special Operations and Intelligence operations have been approved, and American involvement is being considered.

Current Areas of Operation / Sub-Operations

South Africa

Iron Serpent
     -Joint operation between a multinational task force to prevent further destabilization of the region and prevent all out war.
Attached Personnel: show

Team Name: USMC Marine Raider AFO "Grizzly"
Character List:
Team Leader: Major Edward Connolly (PC)
Team Member: Captain Carlos Gutierrez Jr. (NPC)
Team Member: Gunnery Sergeant Anthony O'Connell (NPC)
Team Member: Sergeant James Marshall (NPC)
Team Member: Sergeant Daniel Cho (NPC)

Additional Characters:
Colonel William Bishop (PC) - Command Staff, SOCAFRICA

Team Name Air Troop, "A" Squadron, 22 SAS Regiment
Character List:
Troop Commander - Captain John Gallagher
Troop Sergeant - Sergeant Henry "Henno" Hayes (NPC)
1 Patrol IC - Corporal Alexander "Dotsy" Doheny (NPC)
2 Patrol IC - Corporal Mike Richards (NPC)
3 Patrol IC - Corporal Danny Black (NPC)

Team Name: US Army 28th EOD Company (EOD)(ABN) - EOD Response Team 28-13
Character List:

OIC: 2nd Lieutenant L. Andrew Cannon (PC)
NCOIC/Primary Tech: Sergeant First Class Alex Reynolds (NPC)
Team Member/Medic: Staff Sergeant Cameron Lenz (NPC)
Team Member/DM: Sergeant John Scarbro (NPC)
Team Member/Secondary Tech: Specialist Graham Terrell (NPC)

Team Name: 1 Commando, 5th Special Forces Regiment- South African National Defence Force
Character List:
 Corporal Wihan Meinertzhagen- Detached for Ops (PC)
 NAME CLASSIFIED- Detached for Ops (NPC)
 NAME CLASSIFIED- Detached for Ops (NPC)
 NAME CLASSIFIED- Detached for Ops (NPC)

Team Name 1 Troop, 4 Squadron (SASR/ASIS)
Character List:
Team Leader: Major Sebastian Barnett(PC)
Team Member: Staff Sergeant Harry Eyres (NPC)
Team Member: Sergeant Wilkins Smith(NPC)
Team Member: Sergeant Percy Walker (NPC)
Team Member: Corporal James Kent (NPC)

After Action Reports / July roll-call!
« on: July 10, 2017, 04:30:19 PM »
We're planning a couple things behind the curtain and we wanted to know who's here before throwing the ideas out, to get the ball rolling again!

Please reply to this thread with your OOC name and the characters you play (in their respective units), also please note if you want to archive any.

Roll-call list

Spoiler: show

  • Alastair Lansbury (SBS)
  • Broderick Stone (SBS)
  • Lukas Schoenert (KSM)
  • Harrison Trevor-Jenkins (CSAR)
  • Paul Harris (SFOD-D)
  • Sebastian Barnett (SASR)

  • John Gallagher (SAS)
  • Robert Burgin (US Navy)

  • Michelle Hanley (USN DEVGRU)
  • Jack Pierce (USN, on-loan RAAF)
  • Larissa Koralova (SVR)
  • Mikhail Sokolov (FSB Vympel)
  • Ed Connolly (USMC Raiders)
  • William Bishop (SOCAFRICA)
  • Jennifer Masson (FBI)
  • Jason Hunter (FBI)
  • Brian Coffin (USAF CRO)

  • Scott Powers (USASF)
  • Andrew Cannon (USAOC)
  • Caleb T. Justice (SOG/USMS)

  • Ethan Majors (NCIS)
  • Alexandra Stephenson (Specialist)

  • Rob Henschel (USANG)
  • Drew Hastings (NCIS)

  • Catherine MacGregor (RAAF:exchange pilot, XO 100 FS 187th Wing USANG)
  • Robyn Hatfield (RAAF:XO 1 Sqdn RAAF )
  • Patricia Ramirez (USANG:100FS 187th Wing)
  • Francis McCarthy (USN)

Shadows Off Topic arena / LOA - June
« on: June 04, 2017, 10:06:47 PM »
Hey all,

Just a heads up, I'm going to be spotty for the most of this month as things come to a peak before summer. I'll be on as much as possible, thought a significant portion will be lurking on the mobile unfortunately until my schedule frees up.

I'll be making the operations my priority, but again, feel free to move my guys if you need to continue (so I don't hold anyone up) and I'll jump back in when I get around.

Apologies go out to everyone for this month :-\


Personnel Files / Barnett, Sebastian
« on: May 23, 2017, 10:24:42 PM »
Played By: Thaddeus



    Full Name: Sebastian Logan Barnett

    Age/ Birthday: 48 | 03. 11. 1969

   Nationality: Australian

    Rank, Title or Position: Major, 1 Troop, 4 Squadron (SASR/ASIS)

    Height: 6'1"

   Build: Muscular

    Related Skills:

  • Airborne qualified; HALO/HAHO
  • HUMINT gathering
  • SERE
  • Martial arts: MMA, BJJ
  • Languages spoken: English (fluent), French (fluent), Spanish (Proficient), Arabic (Proficient)
  • Weapon handling
  • CQB

   Unrelated Skills:

  • Cooking
  • Karoke singer
  • BJJ competitor


  • Commando Initial Employment Training
  • Top-level security clearance



Sebastian keeps himself in peak condition, or as close as he can being 47. He stands at 6'1", with a muscular frame. He wears his hair short, though grows his beard out slightly for when the mission requires it.
Dress-wise, Sebastian prides himself on keeping himself well-groomed (occasionally clean-shaven) and functionality of it; whether he can move and fight on moments notice in his articles of clothing; whether it be his fatigues, or his dress uniform or even in civilian clothing.


As a son, Sebastian cares deeply about his parents and has a strong bond with his father and slowly growing to care for his step-mother. They don't often exchange many bad words, but it is difficult for him to see his father with someone new.

As a military man, he is intense. He moves his care into the professional world - making sure to learn names and take interest in their well-being - however, this often is hidden through his gruffer nature of getting the task at hand done. He's down for a joke for every once in a while, but Sebastian knows when to focus. He has an inner drive that continues to propel him through his military career and has a sense of ingrained humor that often appears during times of stress.   

As a friend, Sebastian enjoys his personal space - no touching him until you and he get better acquainted. He's loyal to a fault, though at times, he can be seen as a bull in a china shop when angered but on the other hand, compassionate and a good listener; often suggesting solutions to a drama rather than emotional support.


  • Playing with his dog
  • Backpacking

 Field/Work Experience:   

  • 1987 - Joined Royal Australian Regiment
  • 1988 - Assigned to 2nd Battalion (2 RAR)
  • 1992 - Attempts selection for SASR training
  • (Late) 1992/3 - Completes training, starts reinforcement training
  • 1994 - Assigned to 1 Squadron
  • 1997 - Deployed to Malaysia
  • 1999-2000 - Deployed to East Timor
  • 2002 to 2005 - Afghanistan/ Iraq
  • 2006 - Deployed to Timor Leste
  • 2012 - Reassigned to 4 Squadron, begins working for ASIS - begins to regularly get deployed to Africa
  • 2013 - Stationed in S. Africa
  • 2017 - Present
 Personal History:
Sebastian's father and mother had brought him up on a cattle farm, often making him work early mornings alongside his old man. They were not exactly a poor family, nor were they a rich one. David Barnett had been ridiculed as a young man, before slowly being pushed away from the main family whom resided in Sydney as he moved out into the rural areas. He was always surrounded by a pet (or two), often collies of sorts.

At the age of 14, his mother had left his father after a long and arduous arguement of his education. But, upon turning 15, it seemed his father had already found another love interest - who eventually would become his step-mother at the age of 17. Sebastian couldn't get over the fact that his parents had divorced and only a year later had his father settled with someone else, hardly considering his son's well-being.

To escape this, Sebastian did the only thing he could have thought of and joined up to the Royal Australian Regiment as an Infantryman - putting all his energy into making something of himself and never looked back.


  • Father - David Barnett
  • Step-mother - Olivia Holmes
  • Aunt - Catherine Barnett
  • Uncle - Matthew Barenett
  • Australian Shepard - Bolo (3 years old)

Mission Requests / South Africa Op ideas
« on: May 14, 2017, 03:50:56 PM »
I'm typing from my phone, but wondering with the  new players - thought it would be cool to set up an operation set in South Africa and then working our way up into Central Africa. Probably small conflicts, allowing peeps to throw in a couple of characters that have not been able to hop on the bandwagon in Op Urgent Mercy :)

Personnel Files / Harris, Paul
« on: May 08, 2017, 06:21:14 PM »
Played By: Thaddeus



    Full Name: Paul Leslie 'Voodoo' Harris

    Age/ Birthday: 46 / 03. 04. 1971

   Nationality: American

    Rank, Title or Position: E7, Sergeant First Class (SFC), Assistant TL, US Army Combat Applications Group (1st SFOD-D)

    Height: 6'0"

   Build: Muscular

    Related Skills:

  • Airborne Tab
  • Ranger Tab
  • Pathfinder
  • Tradecraft
  • Combat diver
  • Jumpmaster
  • Military Freefall badged
  • SERE Graduate
  • Small arms qualifications
  • Languages: English (Fluent), Pashto (Proficient), Spanish (Proficient), Arabic (Limited), French (Poor)

   Unrelated Skills:

  • Drawing
  • Orienteering
  • Skydiving and parachuting in his free time
  • Dirt biking


  • Ranger Indoctrination Program (Pre-2010)
  • Pathfinder Instructor
  • Top Level Security Clearance


Ginger haired, blue eyed male standing at 6'0" with a muscular frame that has been balanced out with his height. Paul keeps his hair cut short and his beard even more so, though during operations, it's not unusual for him to grow it out. Being ginger, his skin has been weathered from the amount of times he had been sun-burnt. Most of the time, he holds an intimidating appearance, though, maybe it's just the grumpy man manifesting within him.

He is quite simplistic in his approach to clothing; anything that's comfortable or practical - be it a t-shirt and jeans or a shirt and dress trousers (if he must) and a simple waterproof black watch. He often feels uncomfortable and out of place in a suit or if he needs to scrub up well, but he would hardly comment on it.


Paul is a quiet individual. He's not shy, but if he does not have something worthwhile to say, he often does not say it as he knows it may not help the situation. Observant of his surroundings would be a distinguishing feature about him, always noticing things - whether it be a vase moved two inches to the left/ right or a trail where the dirt's been disturbed.

But, when Paul does have something worth his energy to discuss, or even, argue about - you better hold onto your horses because he's efficient and he goes from 0-100.

Jokes are harder to get past him, mainly because most of the time, he's preoccupied with the job at hand. He's part-adrenaline junkie and part-workaholic, neither tend to be a good combination but Paul manages to pull it off.

Don't try to tug on his strings as an instructor, as it won't bode well for anyone as he's capable of coming down upon people like a brick house.


  • Riding horses
  • Freefalling
  • Reading
  • Being active and being outdoors doing something interactive

 Field/Work Experience:   

Notable dates
  • 1989 - Graduated from HS, enlisted into the US Army - 101st Airborne
  • Late 1990 - Deployed to Iraq as a part of Operation Desert Shield/ Storm
  • 1993-1994 - Ranger Indoctrination Programme, accepted and transferred to 75th Ranger Regiment
  • 1996 - Graduates from United States Army Pathfinder School
  • 1998 - Attended and passed jumpmaster school
  • 2000-2002 - Assigned as part of the US Airborne school Cadre
  • 2003 - Requests entry into the SFQC and is accepted.
  • 2004 - Passes Assessment and Selection.
  • 2005 - Goes into 5th Special Forces Group
  • 2008 - Entry into the CAG course, passes and is then assigned to C squadron.
  • 2009 - Deployed to Somalia.
  • 2010-2011 - Deployed to Chechnya.
  • 2012 - Deployed to Libya.
  • 2016 - Deployed to Syria.
  • 2017 - Present.

  • 1x Iraq/ Kuwait
  • 3x Afghanistan
  • 1x Somalia
  • 1x Chechnya
  • 1 x Syria
  • -- x Training exercises
 Personal History:

Born in New York City to a large middle class family, Paul was the second out of five. He was a quiet child, except from the days when his parents were busy enough to have the oversight to feed him. His father had been a part of the 101st Airborne during his younger years before an IED had taken his right leg, gaining him an honorable discharge. His mother was a lawyer and his eldest sister had taken a medical degree by the time he was starting high school.

The siblings were made of three boys and two girls; Paul being the second adopted child. He had been adopted at an early age - he does not remember much about his biological family. But, the Harris family was his family for all he cared about. Paul liked the see the medals, seek them out when his father hid them in the attic and question him relentlessly (as any good five year old does) about his service. His father did not talk openly about it, but as he grew older, Paul understood why.

Paul did not enjoy school, but he still put in the effort, so that he did not disappoint his family. Though, ever present in the back of his mind was the army. Once he had graduated in 1989, he had gone for the 101st Airborne - following in his father's footsteps, though he took it steps further - wanting to challenge himself.

And, challenge himself he did.


  • James "Redneck" Hendricks, fellow CAG operator, TL (Alive - friend)
  • Elias "Doc" Caruso, fellow CAG operator (Alive - friend)
  • Hector "Speedy" Rodriquez, fellow CAG operator (Alive - friend)

Personnel Files / Trevor-Jenkins, Harrison
« on: May 05, 2017, 09:12:49 PM »
Played By: Thaddeus



    Full Name: Harrison Wesley Trevor-Jenkins

    Age/ Birthday: 35 / 17 Sep 1982

   Nationality: American/ Australian

    Rank, Title or Position: Major (USAF), pilot - 563rd Rescue Group, 23rd Wing

    Height: 5'10"

   Build: Stocky, well-proportioned

    Related Skills:

  • Advanced Training in Helicopters (Specialized Undergraduate Pilot Training)
  • Knowledge in the systems of TH-1H Huey, AT-38B Talon and the HH-60G Pave Hawk
  • Good hand-to-eye coordination
  • Quick reaction times
  • Languages spoken: English (Fluent), French (Fluent), Chinese (Limited to a couple of phrases)

   Unrelated Skills:

  • Avid gamer
  • Amateur hockey player
  • Monopoly champion (within his close family)


  • Introduction to Fighter Fundamentals (IFF) course
  • Knowledge of theory of flight, air navigation, meteorology, flying directives, aircraft operating procedures and mission tactics
  • Completion of a Single Scope Background Investigation (SSBI)
  • Knowledge of theory of flight, air navigation, meteorology, flying directives, aircraft operating procedures and mission tactics


Harrison stands at 5'10" with a stockier build, though well-proportioned, with broad shoulders and a rounded face. Though he loves having a beard, on operations, he makes sure to shave it so that it does not get caught on anything. His hair is often short back and sides as it gets hot under the helmet, and during his time off, will usually allow for it to grow a little longer than usual.

He has a single tattoo that runs along down his right forearm: 'Haec Ago Ut Alii Vivant.' The motto of the Rescue group.


He's a fun-loving individual who has a good sense of humor about him. Harrison is one for cracking a good pun or joke for when the time is right. He is often quite protective of his friends, and quick on the mark to pick up slight changes in emotions - he often claims its from his training as a pilot to observe and notice disruptions.

Though, when in the face of work, Harrison becomes slightly more serious - less likely to crack a joke as he knows that there are lives at stake whenever the alarm sounds. He keeps his cool under pressure and keeps a watch on everyone that is under his care as a pilot.


  • Orienteering
  • Rock climbing
  • Listening to jazz

 Field/Work Experience:   

  • Multiple deployments to Afghanistan
  • Multiple deployments on SAR/ CSAR ops
  • Multiple deployments on humanitarian ops
  • Multiple training exercises
 Personal History:
Ever since his father had brought home his first model helicopter at the age of five, Harrison's always had an intense fascination with them, but this was the starting spark. He was the only son in a family with three daughters, his mother was a paramedic whilst his father was a pilot - though for a fighter jet rather than a helicopter.

It was when his father retired (and with the chance to play 'dress-up' with his father's old uniform which at the time had been two sizes too big for him) that he began to explore his options more.

initially, he was heading into a bachelor's degree for Engineering and once he had come out, he attended Maxwell AFB AL training facility for 9.5 weeks, having attended basic training and being exposed to all sorts of craft that he could be a potential pilot of - but he had his sights set on piloting the HH-60 Pavehawk and working for CSAR. It was a dream come true once he had been placed in the 563rd Rescue Group.



  • Mother (Harriet Trevor-Jenkins - Alive)
  • Father (Lloyd Trevor-Jenkins - Alive)
  • Elder sister (Mia Trevor-Jenkins - Alive)
  • Middle sister (--- Trevor-Jenkins - Alive)
  • Youngest sister (Georgina Trevor-Jenkins - Alive)

Team/ friends

  • Captain H. M. "Howling Mad" Murdock (Co-pilot)

Historical Missions / Birthday for a princess
« on: May 04, 2017, 09:37:24 PM »
7 February 2017 (Ella's 6th birthday)

The jolting of the aircraft signaled for their descent into the Fatherland. Lukas woke up with a start, re-orientating himself before stealing a glance at his watch on his left hand.

His jaw tightened somewhat, it was an important date that he could not miss - though he was certain that due to him being overseas, the text he had only recently received would have gone unanswered. To the left of him, his team leader - Nikolaus Heutz - had glanced over and saw that his Engineer was tense, "Entspannen, Lukas. Was ist los?*"

"Es ist mein kleines Mädchen Geburtstag ...*"

"Sollte sie nicht glücklich sein?**"

Lukas shrugged. He was certainly happy about being able to see his little girl - ever since the separation, not convinced that the best place would be with her mother, for her work often kept her from home. He missed her dearly, for she was his flesh and blood - as well as the building guilt of being an absent father.

The aircraft touched back down, and the process of going through the airport had been swift - he had a purpose and a goal in his stride as he threw his gear into the back, the gift in the front passenger seat as he kicked the car into gear and set off towards home. Lukas spared another glance - still had time. He needed to change into something less...military. It was this that had driven him and his wife apart, though he could never quite wrap his head around her reasoning for such.


He had turned the radio up, hands drumming against the steering wheel as he was stuck at the lights. Lukas had changed into a simple white shirt and pair of jeans, going for a smart casual look. Internally, he was nervous. He was already a couple minutes late. Would Ella want to see him?

Would Lea?

But, Lukas needed to do this. This was about Ella - not about himself. Finally, the lights changed to green and he was almost at the house. Was Lea even at home? Would she be away visiting some foreign land?

He pulled up opposite the house, parked and cut the engine. Lukas took a deep inhalation of breath before grabbing the present from the passenger seat, locking the car and headed up to the front of the house. Lukas glanced up and down the street before ringing the door bell, taking a step back and waited.


Spoiler: show
*Relax, Lukas. What's the matter?
*It's my little girl's birthday...
**Shouldn't you be happy about this?

Mission Requests / Joint-op training
« on: May 02, 2017, 03:21:48 PM »
Alright, I can't think of anything witty to say. But I was going to start this thread so that the new arrivals to our board can jump on in if they have not been deployed on the Op already.

It's going to be happening at Fort Bragg.

Anyone got ideas?

I'm going to be throwing the Germans in on this one, haha!

Mission Requests / Voyage of the Damned
« on: April 30, 2017, 04:10:50 PM »
Calling all water-loving land lubbers, or just land-lubbers who want to get some action! Or anyone who wants to make a splashy entrance, really.

I had a couple ideas cooking in the oven over lunch time regarding some potential missions:

  • Hostage Rescue and Recovery (HRR) of those on a cruiseliner, which could be pretty interesting as it's large scale and would require the help of a couple units. The group could be a couple of pirates or mercenaries that are holding it for a larger group which then could expand the playing field?
  • Foreign Humanitarian Assistance (FHA) in a LDC, which is more probably a slow burner type of operation but still nonetheless important work.

Whichever one tickles your fancy, I'm down for discussing.


United Kingdom / [UK] Special Forces (UKSF)
« on: April 28, 2017, 11:36:22 PM »
    The United Kingdom Special Forces, often shortened to UKSF is compromised of SAS, SBS, SRR and other elite units.

Special Air Service (SAS) // Who dares Wins

  • Founded in 1941 - Regiment
  • Reconstituted as a corps in 1950


The 22nd Special Air Service regiment (22 SAS) comprises of 4 active 'sabre' squadrons : A, B, D, & G.  60 man squadrons are broken up into 4 troops. 21 and 23 SAS are the reserve branches.

Each troop has an area of expertise:

  • Air troop
  • Boat troop
  • Mobility troop
- Specialising in operations using a variety of vehicles.
  • Mountain troop
- Trained in arctic warfare and are expert mountaineers.

Special Boat Service (SBS) // By strength and guile

  • Founded in 1940 by Roger Courtney

There is less knowledge surrounding the UK's Naval counterpart to the SAS, with many of their members coming from the Royal Marines Commando.

The SBS has around 100-200 operators, who are divided into 4 squadrons: C,X M and Z

There is a joint UKSF selection for both SAS and the SBS with a reported pass rate of less than 10% and would take overall 6 months to complete. Each candidate has a maximum of two tries before being RTU'd.

Briefing courses [1 Wk]

SAS SFBC takes place eight times a year, with the SBS SFBC taking place five times a year.

Aptitude Phase (hill phase) [4 wks]

  • Location: Sennybridge Training Camp in Wales
  • Weather conditions: Demanding, unpredictable

This phase is designed to test candidates on suitability for SF training. Exercise High Walk will take place on Day 6 and takes the form of an escorted hill march over approximately 23 km and is important in determining candidates who are not adequately prepared. This phase accumulates into 'Test Week' on the fourth and final week, consisting of 5 timed marches between 23 and 28 km conducted on consecutive days followed by a final Endurance march of 64 km; this must be completed within 20 hours.

Jungle, TTP and SOP training [9 wks]

  • Intensive period of instruction and assessment of SF Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs), including SF weapons and SOPs (standard operating procedures).
  • Majority of time spent in jungle in Belize, used to determine the candidate's personality and characteristics.
  • Candidates in four-man patrols advised by Directing Staff (DS).

The final test encompasses all the skills taught over the nine weeks, and must be applied correctly in a tactical environment.

Employment training [14 wks]

  • Provides additional individuals with skills necessary for SF service
  • Candidates must pass the ACSIS (Army Combat Survival Instructor Course)
  • Consisting of: surveillance and reconnaissance training (2 weeks), army combat survival (2 weeks), SF parachute training (4 weeks), Counter terrorist course (3 weeks), signals training (1 week), patrol training and squadron induction training (2 weeks). There is also a 1 week officers week for potential officers.

SERE training [4 wks]

Requires candidates to undertake an evasion exercise, wearing greatcoats (restricting movement) as they operate in small groups. They are then 'hunted' by a Hunter Force from the Special Forces Support Group (SFSG).

  • Should they manage to go reaching their objective without capture, they will still be subjected to interrogation.
  • Resistance to interrogation training - 36 hours.

For those proceeding to an operational SBS Sabre, they will undergo extra boat and dive training in order to achieve 'Swimmer-Canoeist (SC)' qualification.

Only on completion of these various other phases of this section of Continuation Training will the candidate be posted to an operational Sabre Squadron or SBS Squadron.

Special Reconnaissance Regiment (SRR) // Unknown motto

  • Active since April 2005

Canada / [CAN] Abbrievations and slang
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Canada / [CAN] Armoury
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Canada / [CAN] Ranks
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