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Recruitment Drives (Want Ads) / Partner wanted
« on: May 04, 2017, 01:14:22 AM »
In search of someone who is willing to play Drew Hastings partner and friend Special Agent Ethan Majors

Personnel Files / Drew Hastings
« on: May 02, 2017, 10:52:18 PM »
Played By: Sorra



    Full Name: Drew Michelle Hastings

    Age/ Birthday:  28/ May 12, 1989

   Nationality: American

    Rank, Title or Position: computer specialist/NCIS

    Height:  5'4"

   Build: curvy

    Related Skills: marksman, martial arts, computer whiz(never seen without some sort of device)

   Unrelated Skills: 

   Credentials: BA in Programming language theory (PLT),  AI (artificial intelligence) and programming


 Appearance: Drew has soft dusty brown hair with red and blonde streaks through it.  It curls around her delicate face, coming to rest on her shoulders.   Her eyes are a brilliant green that seem to light up when she's either figured something out or is happy.   She prefers to wear jeans and long sleeve shirts, not really trying to draw any sort of attention  to herself.

 Personality: Drew is a conundrum.   She prefers to stay out of the spotlight, yet she can't seem to stop herself from correcting someone when they're wrong.   She is actally very sweet and a good friend to those she trusts.  Although she is also known to grow quiet and keep her emotions to herself.   Her brother always says he won't play poker with her cause he can never read her face.

 Hobbies/Interests: is a total book worm and secretly likes writing super hero stories.  Loves animals and being around them can also tear a car down and put it all back together

 Field/Work Experience:   

After graduating from Harvard, she was offered and took an internship with the FBI. Drew quickly rose through the ranks of her peers from a simple IT analyst to a fully fledged cyber detective spending two years of her career with them helping to track down everything from terrorism, money laundering, bikie gangs and drug cartels operating within the US.

 The last work of hers in helping bust a gang operating across the Canadian border by illegal Middle Eastern immigrants in which Drew was on site in Buffalo NY for the mass arrest of 56 men, brought her to the attention of the CIA. She was poached from the FBI to the other agency for a short 8 month stint until she enlisted in the Navy reserve then after her initial training on reaching the rank of Lieutenant JR, Drew was sent to the Navy's highly classified NCIS bureau where she is kept constantly busy hunting illegal activities within the Navy and Marines. Her latest mission which saw her rise to Lieutenant saw the arrest of thirty servicemen and women who had links to several bikie gangs and drug smuggling.
 Personal History:

Drew was born three years after her brother Grayson in Massachusetts.  Because of having an older brother she quickly fell in love with cars and super heros.  Their parents were both in different fields dealing with computer forensics.  Her father worked for a private security firm that protected high ranking officials while her mother was a computer specialist for a large software company.  It was only to be expected that their kids would follow in their footsteps. 

Drew graduated as valedictorian with math and science being her highest classes.  She received a full scholarship to Harvard where she chose to get her BA in Programming language theory (PLT),  AI (artificial intelligence) and programming.  After graduation she received an internship with the FBI where she met Ethan Majors for the first time.  The young man took her under his wing and they became the best of friends despite her brother giving him the "talk" about hurting his baby sister.

Drew was also able to help her father in his security firm from time to time which she loved.  Grayson had become a "computer hacker" for the government.


Special Agent Ethan Majors-best friend and partner
Grayson Hastings-31-brother-close relationship

Personnel Files / Robert Henschel
« on: April 28, 2017, 01:28:43 AM »
Played By: Sorra



    Full Name: Robert ‘Bob’ Earl Henschel

    Age/ Birthday: 34- 11th of August 1983

   Nationality:  American

    Rank, Title or Position:  Captain US ANG- Detective Sergeant Alabama Highway Patrol Serious Crash Investigation Unit

    Height: 6’1” – 1.9m

   Build: Solid

    Related Skills: Private pilot’s licence, Fast jet training ANG, Combat fighter pilot school, Police weapons training, photography, martial arts. Officer proficiency leadership,  University graduate visual arts, Chemistry

   Unrelated Skills: Fishing, horse riding, Bob makes his own leather whips

   Credentials: BA Visual Arts, BA Chemistry Tennessee State U.



Bob has stunning blue eyes that can look through a person.  His hair is a dusty brown with blonde highlights through it and he usually has a five o’clock shadow.  He is well muscled as he likes to work out.  It’s his one way to keep himself in check and calm down.  He is normally found in jeans and a longsleeve shirt with a ball cap on and hiker boots.  One wouldn’t know he came from money looking at his clothing.   


Bob can come across as cold as he doesn’t feel he deserves to find love or have friends.  He is a hard worker though and one you can count on through anything.  He’s loyal to a fault but hates if anyone brings up the fact he came from a poor background.  He works just as hard if not harder then anyone else, feeling he needs to prove himself.
Once you break through his shell Bob is a true friend.  He has a hard past and one that he’s never shared with anyone before.  It will take a lot to upset him, but be warned, if you do manage to find his breaking point you’ll probably walk away with a broken bone.


Horses are his first love, at times he felt they were his only one. Photography outside of his work, Bob loves going on long treks in the mountains or any wilderness really just him and his camera

Field/Work Experience:

    A graduate of Tennessee State University where Bob studied both chemistry and visual arts under a scholarship from the Defense Veteran’s repatriation scheme. At 18 years of age he enlisted in the US Air Force after gaining his private pilot’s licence at the tender age of just 16. He went through the standard recruit program but was quickly seen as someone who should have his wings, fast tracked to finish his high school diploma before his first year with the Air Force, Bob was then sent to the USAF Academy to finish his junior officer training. At the age of 22 he was finalising his fast jet training, at 23 he was doing his F16 conversion, by the time he was 26 he was almost burnt out from the pace as he flew mission after mission over Afghanistan and Iraq.
 Taking an early retirement, Robert entered Tennessee U almost as soon as his feet could touch the ground. His oldest brother Barry influenced him to aim for the Police force somewhere, in fact his second brother Ryan suggested moving to Alabama where the opportunities were very good for veterans. After three years under the Veteran’s scholarship, Bob was recruited for the Alabama State Highway patrol as a junior detective with the forensics section, he is now one of the senior detectives.

 He also reconnected with his flying by enlisting in the Air National Guard where he is a Captain with 100th FS.

Personal History:
 Robert was born in Memphis Tennessee, the youngest of four boys to Henry and Margaret Henschel. They were not well of folks, and so as with many from depressed areas, everyone worked towards getting at least one of the kids off to a good start, in most cases it was the youngest . His uncle helped him along his life schooling as well, where he pushed the young teen through to gain his love of flying via cattle drives in the vast areas of the state being down with light planes and helicopters. Bob qualified as a private pilot just after his 16th birthday.

 He was though a lonely kid, his three brothers all being much older than he, the nearest Ryan, being 5 years older. But his passion for horses and the outdoors outweighed almost the lack of friends, but as he grew into the man he would be, it gave him a hard edge that remains to this very day. He’s had few personal relationships until the day one special very loudmouthed woman walked into his life a year ago while he was serving weekend duty with his ANG unit.


Colonel Samantha Carter USAF ANG 187th CO


Squadron Leader (Major) RAAF Catherine MacGregeor
Captain USAF  Kyle Lacosse
1st Lieutenant USANG Patricia 'Trish' Ramirez

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