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Personnel Files / Masson, Jennifer Marie
« on: June 17, 2017, 05:41:50 AM »
Played By: Cipherhornet18



    Full Name: Jennifer Marie Masson

    Age/ Birthday: 34, 01/15/1983

   Nationality: American

    Rank, Title or Position: Special Agent, Federal Bureau of Investigations

    Height: 5' 9"

   Build: Fit

    Related Skills: Criminal Investigation, Urban Counter-Terrorism, Aggressive Driving

   Unrelated Skills: Amaturer painting, hiking, camping

   Credentials: BS Criminal Law, FBI training graduate (HRT/SWAT rated)


 Jennifer stands at average height and build, with shoulder length blonde hair and blue eyes. and tends to dress professionally when on the clock, but will adjust her attire as required.   

 Jennifer can be a very kind and caring person to her closest friends, being very pleasant and friendly. When on the job, her deterimination is very difficult to shake. She will do whatever it takes to bring in the bad guy, but she will not endanger the lives of innocents at any time. 

In her spare time, Jennifer is an amatuer painter, though she has not yet put anything she's done up for sale. She also enjoys going on hiking and camping trips, and otherwise spending time with her friends.

 Field/Work Experience:   
  • 2001 - Enrolled, University of Washington
  • 2005 - Graduated, University of Washington, BS Criminal Law
  • 2006 - Enlisted, Seattle Police Department. Assigned to Patrol Division.
  • 2009 - Transferred to Homicide Detective Unit
  • 2010 - Recruited, Federal Bureau of Investigations. Assigned to Criminal Investigative Division, Phoenix AZ Field Office.
  • 2012 - Accepted for FBI Hostage Rescue Training. Upon completion, returned to Phoenix Field Office as part of FBI SWAT team, but continues service with CID.
  • 2017 - Present.
 Personal History:
Jennifer Masson was born in Tacoma, Washington, the middle of three children. However, when she was 12, her family was shattered when her father was shot to death and her mother disappeared without a trace. She and her sibings were placed into custody of her maternal uncle and aunt. Pushing herself towards intellectual pursuits, Jennifer was rewarded for her efforts by earning a scholarship to University of Washington. She graduated with a degree in Criminal Law.

She joined the Seattle Police Department, and quickly advanced up the ranks to becoming a Homicide Detective. After her first year, she applied to join the FBI, and assigned to the Phoenix, Arizona field office as a part of the Criminal Investigative Division. There she dealt with the threat of drug cartels in Arizona. After a particularly difficult case, where she felt she had been a burden in a shootout, she applied for training with the FBI's Hostage Rescue Team. After completion of training, she was assigned to the Phoenix's Field Office SWAT unit, but with few operations running, she resumed work alongside her colleagues in the Criminal Investigative Division.   

Greg Masson - Brother - Good Relationship
Sean Masson - Brother - Good Relationship
Brett Carson - Uncle - Good Relationship
Andrea Carson - Aunt - Good Relationship

Personnel Files / Hunter, Jason Tyler
« on: June 17, 2017, 05:35:12 AM »
Played By: Cipherhornet18



    Full Name: Jason Tyler Hunter

    Age/ Birthday: 45, 07/07/1971

   Nationality: American

    Rank, Title or Position: Supervisory Special Agent, Counterterrorism Division, Federal Bureau of Investigation - On assignment to Phoenix Field Office

    Height: 6' 1"

   Build: Fit but aging

    Related Skills: Extremely proficent in firearms use, advanced close quarters combat, extensive criminal investigation skills, advanced aggressive driving skills

   Unrelated Skills: Drinking, golfing, fishing, womanizing

   Credentials: SEAL certified, NCIS certified, DEA training graduate (RET Capable), FBI training graduate (HRT/SWAT Capable)


Jason has greying brown hair, and tends to keep clean shaven. When not on the job, he has a penchant for wearing clothes better suited for Hawaii or Miami Beach, favoring loose fitting button up shirts in light colors and slacks.

Having been there, done that, and bought the t-shirt, Jason does have a high degree of arrogance and little patience for those who want to show him up. However, he is willing to offer his experience and expertice to those willing to listen to him (and put up with his more eccentric behaviors), and can be the best friend that anyone can have. He knows he's getting to old for this line of work, and is expecting that either he retires into a grave, or he gets to retire to Miami Beach, spending his days drinking and womanizing. And Jason isn't sure which he wants.   

Some days, all Jason wants is a good drink and beautiful company on a beach (or at least a bar on the beach). Other days, he would rather be golfing. The pattern that develops here is that after a lifetime of clandestine warfare, Jason prefers his off-duty time spent doing leisurely activities. But at the same time, he has said that he finds those activities "boring as all hell", and wants some excitement. Maybe one day, he figures, he'll just buy a boat to spice things up.

 Field/Work Experience:   
  • 1989 - Enlisted, United States Navy. Accepted into BUD/S after graduating basic training
  • 1990 - Graduated SEAL Training, Assigned to Team Five. Deployed as part of Operation Desert Shield
  • 1991 - Combat operations as part of Operation Desert Storm
  • 1992 - Deployed as part of Operation Restore Hope, Task Unit Tripoli
  • 1995 - Assigned as a BUD/S Instructor
  • 1996 - Returned to Team Five.
  • 1998 - Begins training for NCIS.
  • 1999 - Completes all training, certified as a Special Agent with NCIS. Assigned to NAS Oceania.
  • 2001 - Enrolled, University of Virginia Law.
  • 2005 - Graduated, University of Virginia Law, BS Criminal Law. Retired, US Navy.
  • 2006 - Accepted into the Drug Enforcement Agency, Assigned to Miami Division.
  • 2007 - Reassigned to Miami Division Regional Enforcement Team, DEA.
  • 2009 - Accepted transfer to FBI, completes basic training as well as HRT qualification course. Assigned to Dallas-Fort Worth Field Office.
  • 2011 - Reassigned to Phoenix Field Office. Placed on administrative leave later in the year.
  • 2012 - Returned to duty, assigned to HRT Training duties
  • 2015 - Transferred to Miami Field Office
  • 2017 - Present Day
 Personal History:
 Jason Hunter was born in Minnesota, his father was a car salesman and his mother stayed at home to raise him and his two brothers and two sisters. Growing up, Jason was a problem child and often was in trouble for causing all manner of chaos at school, and it put him at odds with his parents. Tired of them trying to tell him he was going to live a dead end life after his grades hit a point where it was clear college wasn't an option, Jason joined the Navy. He didn't take well to the regimented lifestyle at basic training, but a "blanket party" finally reinforced to him that his actions affected more than just himself.

He found he loved challenges, and was soon taking on the greatest challenge of his life, becoming a SEAL. After completing basic training, he went into BUD/S, which he succesfully completed and joined Team Five. As a SEAL, he served in Desert Storm and then in Somalia before his career started to slow down. He did a brief stint as an instructor at BUD/S and then decided to request a career change to the Naval Criminal Investigative Service. After completing his training, he was assigned to NAS Oceania and took the time to get his degree in criminal law. He began a relationship with a JAG lawyer and the two were married not long afterwards. However, Jason felt his time in the Navy was not going anywhere else, and his cocky attitude had ensured that he was not going to be slotted for Officer Candidate School. After graduating, Jason retired and joined the DEA.

For a time, Jason and his family were happy, he had a quiet but mentally stimulating job behind a desk at the DEA in Miami, Florida, but after his background as a SEAL came up, the DEA wanted him with their Regional Enforcement Team. Jason took the job, figuring it just meant a bump in pay and occasionally shouting at bad guys. However, 2008 was a red letter year for Jason Hunter, as his wife grew weary of his lazy attitude when off duty, so she divorced him and took their two kids to live in Virginia, and he lost a good friend of his during a raid that went badly. A friend of Jason's from his NCIS days helped him switch over to the FBI, but then Jason found himself in Dallas, Texas, up against the Mexican drug cartels.

After doing well for two years, Jason was moved to the Phoenix field office and in line to becoming a ranking agent there. However, that disappeared after Jason accidentally busted a ring of gun smugglers that the ATF had been monitoring, which only got worse as it was related to Operation Fast and Furious and Jason struck the senior ATF agent on the scene for ordering the release of the suspects and weapons. Jason was put on administrative leave for the rest of the year, and so he returned to Miami. In 2012, he was returned to duty, but only permitted to act as an instructor at the FBI's hostage rescue training facility for three years before the DEA requested that the FBI let him help them in Miami. 

LT Alison Jenson (ret.) - Ex-Wife - Distant but Work-in-Progress Relationship
Jeff Jenson - Son - Distant Relationship
Nicole Jenson - Daughter - Distant Relationship[/list]

Shadows Off Topic arena / Gaming!
« on: June 08, 2017, 06:10:53 AM »
Since we've already been talking TV, equipment, and music, let's also bring up gaming!

So, yeah, I'm a shooter player mainly, looking at the games stacked under my TV. Call of Duty, The Division, Ghost Recon Wildlands, Fallout 4, Mass Effect Andromeda, and Battlefront. I've got Payday 2, Far Cry 4, Star Trek Online, and MGS V either installed or available to install. And despite the fact I have very little interest in fantasy settings, Skyrim is the exception to that rule for some reason.

But I'm also a huge strategy game nut, even if I'm picky and I've only ever been sort of good with Command & Conquer titles. On my computer, I've got Hearts of Iron IV, Stellaris, Master of Orion (the new one), Galactic Civilization III, Command & Conquer Complete Collection, the Wargame trilogy (European Escalation, Air Land Battle, Red Dragon), and Steel Divisions '44.

If I had a better computer, I'd get in on Escape from Tarkov that's coming up, because it's this hybrid of ARMA (which I wanted to play but never could because my computers couldn't keep up) and STALKER (which is by far and away one of my favorite RPG/FPS hybrids). Past that, I can't wait for Ace Combat 7 on PS4, but I'm not boarding the hype train for Battlefront 2 or CoD WW2.

Personnel Files / Connolly, Ed Wallace
« on: May 21, 2017, 06:51:10 AM »
    Played By: Cipherhornet18



        Full Name: Edward Wallace Connolly

        Age/ Birthday: 36, 03/15/1981

       Nationality: American

        Rank, Title or Position: Major, Team Leader, Marine Raider AFO "Grizzly"

        Height: 6' 2"

       Build: Athletic build with some muscles

        Related Skills: Amphibious Warfare, Deep Battlespace Recon, Firearms Proficency, Free-Fall Parachute Training (HALO), Language Familiarity with Arabic, Fluent in Pashto

       Unrelated Skills: Some barbecuing skills, off-road driving

       Credentials: SOI Graduate, Force Recon School Graduate, Marine Raider Instructor Rated


    Ed Connolly has black hair that he often keeps at the very edge of being within regulation, and often will grow out facial hair as soon as he's able to, though he is fine with being clean shaven when he's supposed to. When off duty, he prefers to dress nicely, though sometimes with a "Western" flair due to his origins, but favors button up shirts, nice pants or jeans, and other items, being rarely seen in just a t-shirt and shorts or pants.   

    Ed works hard and plays hard. He doesn't like being idle if he doesn't have to be, and it can come off as mildly as being always restless or as severe as finding menial tasks for himself and others just to pass the time. But beyond that, he is fairly relaxed with those he works with, having little use for protocol in the field so he has a farily casual relationship with his immediate subordinates. Ed also has a dark sense of humor at times, something that some people have called cynical.   

    Ed enjoys taking camping trips with his family, and when not doing that, they tend to go on road trips around the immediate area that they live in at that time. At home, he has taken to keeping busy by working on modifying off-road vehicles, currently working on tuning what started life as a 1987 Chevrolet K1500 "square body" pickup, but has long since departed any semblence of that. He and his wife are also quite sociable, often inviting friends over for dinner or to watch football games, with both of them avid Denver Broncos fans.

     Field/Work Experience:   
    • 2003 - Graduated, University of Colorado (BS, Naval Sciences). Approved for Force Recon School after graduation
    • 2004 - Graduated, Force Recon School. Assigned, 2nd Force Recon Company, II MEF
    • 2005 - Deployed, Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF 04-06)
    • 2006 - Reassigned, 1st Marine Special Operations Battalion, Marine Raider Regiment
    • 2007 - 2012 - Combat Deployments to Afghanistan
    • 2012 - Training Instructor Role, Marine Special Operations School
    • 2014 - Assigned, 2nd Marine Special Operations Battalion, Marine Raider Regiment
    • 2014 - 2016 - Combat Deployments to Afghanistan
    • 2017 - Present
     Personal History:
    Born and raised in Denver, Colorado, Ed had a relatively stable childhood, spending numerous weekends hiking, camping, hunting and fishing in the Colorado and Wyoming wilderness with his father and younger sister. His father and mother pushed both of their children to do well in school so as to do better in life, and Ed decided he wanted to see more of the world, and with his work in school, he earned a Navy ROTC scholarship to the University of Colorado. His desire to push himself to his furthest led to him applying for Force Recon, and in 2004, he was assigned to 2nd Force Recon Company and deployed the following year to Iraq.

    With the restructuring of Marine Special Operations, Ed was reshuffled into the newly formed 1st Marine Special Operations Battalion of the Marine Raider Regiment. From there, he would deploy regularly to Afghanistan on combat deployments, though after suffering injuries from a helicopter crash in 2012, he was relegated to training duties while he recooperated. After two years, and despite numerous protests to not push himself so hard or he risked further injury and discharge, Ed recovered enough to be cleared by a medical inquiry board and reassigned to 2nd Marine Special Operations Battalion, continuing to deploy to Afghanistan.

    Rene Connolly - Wife - High School English Teacher - Great Relationship
    Sam Connolly - Son - Elementry School Student - Great Relationship
    Monica Connolly - Daughter - Elementry School Student - Great Relationship
    Gander - Black Newfoundland Dog - Family Pet
    Boomer - Chocolate Labrador Dog - Family Pet[/list]

    Personnel Files / Bishop, William Harold
    « on: May 21, 2017, 05:52:53 AM »
    Played By: Cipherhornet18



        Full Name: William Harold Bishop

        Age/ Birthday: 48, 04/04/1969

       Nationality: American

        Rank, Title or Position: Colonel, US Special Operations Command Africa, United States Africa Command (Special Operations Command Forward-Central)

        Height: 6' 0"

       Build: Fit, showing signs of aging

        Related Skills: Mountain Warfare, RSTA, Operational Command & Control (Small Scale Special Operations Units), Firearms Proficency, Language Familiarity with Arabic, Pashto, Swahili and French.

       Unrelated Skills: Military History, Barbeque Cooking

       Credentials: Cavalry Scout training graduate, Mountain Warfare School graduate, Special Forces School graduate, BS International Affairs (University of Utah)


    William Bishop is balding, with his black hair also greying, and what hair he has is kept very short. His blue eyes are hardened with determination and many say there's a fire behind them. Everything he does, even his movements, is with a purpose. The only taste for flair that he has is that he long ago purchased his own sidearm, a stainless steel 1911 handgun, and carries it almost everywhere. (When questioned, he once said, "Son, I've been in this little gun club long enough I think I can allow myself a little vanity.")

    Describing William Bishop depends largely on who is asked. To those who have crossed paths with him, he is characterized as a stubborn old man set in his ways and that it would take the force of a nuclear explosion to change his mind. They will say that he is very crass, not mincing words in any fashion, and has very little use for procedures and policies that get in his way. To those who have served alongside him and under him, Bishop is described as a man with fire in his belly and an unshakeable loyalty to those under his command. He hates the fact that he's behind a desk now, unable to take the risks along with his soldiers in the field. As long as those who he works with do their jobs to the best of their abilities, they say that Bishop will always go to bat for his soldiers, demanding the best and giving the best in return.

    And the truth is, both catagories are correct. He has little patience for those who question him for no reason, get in the way of the mission or endanger the lives of those under his command to sate their own egos. And when it comes to deciding between the mission and those under his command, he'll choose the latter every time. He detests being behind a desk because he grew up on a farm in rural Texas, where hard work was all that mattered.   

    When not at work, Bishop likes to study military history across time, wanting to understand what made great leaders and heroic soldiers out of what is the worst aspect of mankind. When he isn't studying, Bishop loves barbeque cooking, having recently purchased a high end smoker, with the hopes of one day being able to competitively cook (if only to sate his desire to prove himself against other cooks). It is not uncommon for those directly serving under Bishop to be at least invited once to his house to try out some new recipe he's come up with, since he long ago figured that grilled meats, cold beers, and good times help keep him in better touch with those he works with.

     Field/Work Experience:   
    • 1987 - Enlisted, United States Army
    • 1988 - Assigned, Troop A, 1st Squadron, 7th Cavalry Regiment, 1st Cavalry Division
    • 1991 - Deployed as part of Operation Desert Storm
    • 1992 - Accepted into Mountain Warfare School, later assigned to 1st Battalion, 32nd Infantry Regiment, 1st Infantry Brigade, 10th Mountain Division
    • 1993 - Deployed, UNITAF, Operation Restore Hope (Somalia Peacekeeping Mission)
    • 1994 - Deployed as part of Operation Uphold Democracy, Haiti
    • 1995 - Accepted into Officer Candidate School. Accepted into Special Forces School after graduating OCS.
    • 1997 - Graduated Special Forces School, Assigned to 3rd Special Forces Group
    • 1997 - 2000 - Participated in indiginous training operations in Africa
    • 2001 - Deployed as part of Operation Enduring Freedom
    • 2003 - Deployed as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom
    • 2004 - 2012 - Deployed on regular combat operations in Afghanistan and Iraq
    • 2012 - Reassigned, Command Staff, 19th Special Forces Group
    • 2016 - Assigned, SOCAFRICA - Central, AFRICOM
    • 2017 - Present

     Personal History:
    Born in Lubbock, Texas, William Bishop grew up on a farm with his family, putting more time and merit into working from dawn until dusk than school or anything else. However, after his family fell on hard times and his father became an abusive alchoholic, he soon tried to help provide for his mother, 3 brothers and 2 sisters. One night, his father physically assaulted both of his sisters and almost killed his mother after a drunken binge, which Will finally stopped after beating his father into unconsciousness. The police arrested both Will and his father, but let Will go after seeing how badly injured Mrs. Bishop and Will's sisters were. However, his father was released shortly thereafter and ran Will off with a shotgun. With nowhere to go and only the clothes on his back, William Bishop enlisted in the US Army.

    After completing training, he was assigned as a Cavalry Scout with 1st Cavalry Division, and would see his first taste of combat during Operation Desert Storm. Afterwards, due to conflicts with some of his superiors, he was permitted to retrain into Mountain Infantry and was reassigned to 1st Infantry Brigade, 10th Mountain Division. This came just in time for him to be deployed to Somalia with 10th Mountain Division, and was among the infantry sent in to Mogadishu during the disasterous raid by Task Force Ranger. Inspired by what he saw of those soldiers, but also irritated by the perception of a failure of leadership to prevent the disaster, William Bishop decided to pursue a new career in the Army.

    Demonstrating a high degree of leadership potential and personal initiative in Somalia and later in Haiti earned him a slot into Officer Candidate School, which was followed up by applying for Special Forces training after graduation. He was accepted and in 1997, he was assigned to 3rd Special Forces Group. Prior to 9/11, he was rotated around Africa, participating in training programs for local forces, but afterwards, he would spend from 2001 to 2012 deploying to Afghanistan and Iraq. After his last deployment in 2012, Bishop was reassigned to 19th Special Forces Group's command staff, which gave him an opportunity to pursue completing his degree in International Affairs. Following his graduation in 2016, Bishop was reassigned to the Special Operations Command staff within United States Africa Command.

    Grace Bishop - Wife - Good Relationship
    Daniel Hawkins - Step-son, High School Student - Good Relationship
    Fiona Hawkins - Step-daughter, High School Student - Good, somewhat, Relationship

    Recruitment Drives (Want Ads) / Cipher's Wanted Ads
    « on: May 21, 2017, 03:57:52 AM »
    Captain Tomas Martel

    Face Claim: Benicio Del Toro (from Sicario)

    About: A career soldier, Tomas Martel has risen up the ranks after enlisting at 17 to being a Captain in Venezuelan Special Forces (107th Special Operations Battalion). In 2010, he met Larissa Koralova, who was assigned to him as his handler. Tomas offered his services as an insider to the Venezuelan military in hopes of fostering future cooperation between Venezuela and Russia (plus the money he was being paid didn't hurt). He acted as a guide while working with her, and they developed a good working relationship. They lost contact after she got reassigned.

    However, as times changed, so did his motivations. As his country spiraled downward, he saw corrupt men profit and honest men turn to desperate measures.  Tomas cut a deal with the SVR to further his ties to them, requesting his family (wife, 2 daughters (10, 13)) be taken into protective custody and moved to Russia, and in return, he'd help deal with those in the Venezuelan military who were selling equipment and services (and to him, selling their honor and loyalty) to the highest bidder. He knows that he's committing treason, but he's doing it for a higher purpose, hoping that in doing so, he saves his countrymen from the fire. (Sort of a "I know I'm going to hell when I die, so better I do it saving others from having to do so" mentality). While he'll kill the corrupt men without batting an eye, he does sympathize with the honest men left with few options, and he's willing to extend those a second chance and an opportunity at redemption.

    Captain Adrianna "AJ" Pierce

    Face Claim: Alice Taglioni (from Sky Fighters, not so much worried about her wearing French Air Force patches, that's what photoshop is for :P)

    About: Jack Pierce's wife. She's a USMC Hornet pilot currently on exchange to No. 1 Squadrion, RAAF. Her past is pretty troubled though, she didn't get along with her family growing up (Family: Mother, Father, 2 older brothers, 1 younger sister). Born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah, her parents are devoutly religious, as is her oldest brother, which caused issues when her sister came out as a lesbian and they disowned her. Her second older brother was too passive and didn't stand up with Adrianna against them, despite agreeing with her. As such, Adrianna tried to juggle her time at Embry Riddle helping to support her sister and trying to get into the Marines (nearly failing at both at numerous times). Jack was one of her few friends, and though they had a friendly rivalry, being that Jack was Navy, he helped her a great deal. This later cemented the bond that brought them closer.

    After finally graduating, Adrianna's sister found someone to settle down with and moved to Washington State, leaving Adrianna able to focus on her own career. She was deployed to MCAS Iwakuni with VMFA(AW)-242, and reunited with Jack Pierce when he was stationed there with VFA-94. Along with the relationship that they developed, she also found herself finding a new family with her soon-to-be in-laws, who took an instant liking to their daughter/sister in-law to be. After they were married, Adrianna and Jack were rotated back to California, with Adrianna reassigned to VMFA-314 at MCAS Miramar.

    Despite her past troubles, Adrianna still manages to be an upbeat person with a sort of thrill-seeker edge. She loves flying and does not see herself giving that up any time soon. Adrianna and Jack are happily married with the only issue being that their respective branches keep them apart (hence why they both took the exchange program opportunity in Australia). She doesn't share her husband's love of cars, but supports his hobby. She likes spending time outdoors, though.

    Currently, Adrianna is with the rest of No. 1 Squadron at RAAF Base Amberley, waiting to see if she'll soon be reuinted with Jack at the Falklands or back in Australia.

    Shadows Off Topic arena / Playlists!
    « on: May 19, 2017, 05:20:16 AM »
    So, I'm kind of curious, if for no other reason than maybe we can share what we like to rock out to. What do you favor listening to, as far as music goes. Since I'm throwing up the thread, I'll start.

    I'm mainly rock and roll, but I'm also all over the damn place sometimes. Top of my list, though, is Sabaton. They're a Swedish metal band, but they favor doing their songs on historical battles, war heroes, that sort of thing. They cover the gambit of subjects and eras, though they largely hover around World War Two, and I tend to find I learn new things when I listen to them because I want to learn about what inspired a song if I don't pick up on it. I mean, I learned more about the rise and fall of the Swedish Empire during the Thirty Years War from their Carlous Rex album than I did in school. I'd totally recommend giving them a listen.

    Past that, it's all over. My Pandora feed is proof of that enough. Sabaton, AC/DC, Metallica, Theory of a Dead Man, Avenged Sevenfold, Icon For Hire, Digital Daggers, Rammstein, Eisbreicher, and the list goes on and all over. The radio stations up here are pretty limited, I stopped listening to Country back in the 90s so I don't do that, and I'm not a huge fan of stuff related to rap or pop (although I did listen to some Russian stuff that was from the GTA IV Eastern European station).

    Sometimes when I'm writing, I'll listen to soundtracks from certain games. Mainly the Command and Conquer series, as well as anything from Ace Combat 4, 5, 6, Zero and Assault Horizon (honestly, if you want to check it out, just pull Ace Combat Infinity's sound track, it's like a greatest hits, but so was that game). Sometimes I go to a couple of the Call of Duty games, Modern Warfare 2 and Black Ops 1&2 had good tracks, Splinter Cell Conviction, and I used to do the Half Life tracks.

    But anyways, that's what I listen to. Who's next?  :yes

    Mission Requests / Yemen Ideas
    « on: May 17, 2017, 07:50:26 AM »
    So, to start, this may not be 100% what we want, but I think it gives us more angles and can evolve into maybe an arc of a sort (since we are still writing stories and shotgunning ideas to the wall makes coordination tricky).

    Before I get into Yemen itself, I want to bring up a player. Im not in love with the name, but I want to preserve the concept.

    "Sons of the Sword" - Starting as an extremist organization after the Yom Kippur War, SotS soon found themselves competing against every other fringe group in the Middle East to no avail. A new generation took over after Desert Storm, and decided if you cant beat them, take their money to do their dirty work. They became, cynically, terrorists for hire, and without ideology, they bridge gaps not normally possible. For this situation, its the Cartel and IS, since the latter went on record as saying the former are evil and poisionious and the usual call to arms against them. But the Cartel has the income, IS has the means to smuggle weapons and an entire region to sack. SotS allows both to do business and to make more friends without acknowledging any connection. So other groups or even governments have an in without being seen.

    Now for ops.

    -Arms Bazar: I was thinking a cordoned off part of a city or town, through an arrangement between the local police and leaders and SotS, where SotS can do deals without catching a Hellfire or 50. Good for intel agents to do some field work to ID some conspirators. At some point, they can do a takedown of a buyer, seller or a local official on the cut. Or all of the above.

    -Arms Depot/Training Camp: Great Tier One OP, hits a major arms storage hub and can lead to an HVT capture.

    -Airfield/Comms Hub: More of a quiet op to bug traffic and unravel more of the mystery. Could go hot to do a major roll up on operations.

    So, thats what Ive got on Yemen.

    Operations Planning / Equipment Fact File - Argentina
    « on: May 08, 2017, 04:52:11 PM »
    ((Side Note: I tried to keep it short and sweet, I figure we all know how to look stuff up on the internet to get exact info, but this should at least help for a general idea. I stuck largely to what would be mainly relevant, the rest I figure could be looked up. - Cipher))

    Browning Hi-Power - Locally produced copies of this pre-WW2 9mm pistol are issued as the standard service pistol. 13 rounds, considered to be a refinement of the 1911 and well liked around the world.

    Glock 17 - Issued to some officers. 17 rounds of 9mm, well known around the world as being nearly indestructible.

    Heckler & Koch P9S - Issued to special forces teams. 9 rounds of 9mm, was once issued to SEALs, it is a small double-action pistol, though production was discontinued in the 1970s.

    Bersa Thunder 9 - Locally built and designed handgun, not often seen in use but some have made their way into the hands of officers. 9mm with 17 rounds, bears some external similarities to the Walther P88, but has more in common with the Beretta M1951.

    -Submachine Guns
    FMK-3 - Locally built and designed SMG. Like the Uzi, this weapon is a compact sub-machine gun with the magazine inserted into the grip. Chambered in 9mm, with 25, 32, and 40 round magazines available for use.

    Heckler & Koch MP5 - Well known 9mm SMG used by special forces units. (NOTE: Unable to determine which models are currently in use at this time).

    Colt 9mm SMG - A submachine gun related to the M16 rifle, issued to special forces units. A compact weapon that is considered to be very accurate while also retaining the familiarity of the AR-15 family. 20 and 32 round magazines available for use.

    Sterling - British made SMG from the Cold War, the standard Mk. 4 and the integrally suppressed L34A1 variants are in service with special forces units. A simple and straightforward weapon with few frills, it is chambered in 9mm and feeds from 34 round magazines.

    Ithaca 37 - American made shotgun, with a locally produced copy called the Bataan 71 also in service. 12 gauge pump action, the Ithaca 37 is unique in that it loads and ejects from the bottom of the reciever, but is otherwise a conventional shotgun.

    Remington 870 - American made 12 gauge pump action shotgun. Straightforward and simple, it is considered the gold standard by which all other shotguns are measured by. Only in use with special forces units.

    High Standard Model 10 - An American made bullpup semi-automatic shotgun, this design is considered unique but flawed, leading to the end of it's production in 1977. It has issues cycling, even with the correct shells, as well as an unpredictable trigger pull, the recoil damaging the integrated flashlight's batteries, and that it cannot be fired from the left shoulder due to the high force it ejected spent casings. Only in use with special forces units.

    FM FAL - Locally produced copy of the FAL battle rifle, serving as the standard issue rifle. Issued variants include the standard FAL, the short barrel/folding stock FAL Para, and a heavy barrel variant called the FAP. Only the FAP has been known to suffer feed issues, the other rifles maintain the FAL's reputation of being a well made battle rifle. Chambered in 7.62x51mm NATO, feeding from 20 round magazines, with 30 round magazines and 50 round drums available.

    Steyr AUG - Austrian-made 5.56 bullpup rifle, the current model in use is the AUG A1, which still uses the integrated optics. Issued to tank crews and special forces units. Uses 30 round magazines.

    Colt M16A2 - Previous issue American 5.56 assault rifles in use with special forces and mountain infantry. Considered to be very accurate but mixed on the subject of reliability, the A2 series replaced full-auto fire mode with 3-round burst. Uses 30 round magazines.

    Colt M4A1 - Carbine variant of the M16A2 with full-auto fire capability restored, issued to special forces. The shorter size accomodates use in close-quarters environments, such as urban and jungle terrain. Uses the same 30 round magazines as the M16.

    Remington M24 - Bolt-action 7.62 sniper rifle, based on the American Model 700 rifle. Standard issue to Army and Navy snipers. A straightforward but well liked rifle. Feeds from an internal 5 round magazine.

    Steyr SSG-69 - Austrian made bolt action 7.62 sniper rifle in use with special forces units. Considered extremely accurate and has been used in competitive shooting to great result. Feeds from a 5 round internal rotary magazine.

    Barrett M95 - US made bullpup anti-materiel rifle, chambered in .50 BMG. A relative of the famous M82, the M95 is issued to special forces units. Despite the smaller size, it still is just as capable as other anti-materiel rifles, but better suited for confining environments. Feeds from a 5 round magazine.

    Steyr HS.50 - An Austrian made .50 BMG anti-materiel rifle also issued to special operations units. It is a single shot bolt-action rifle, requiring that the rifle be reloaded after every shot.

    -Machine Guns
    FN MAG/M240 - Locally produced copies of a Belgian General Purpose Machine Gun that has been adopted all over the world. A very small number of American produced M240Bs were exported and in use with special forces teams, while the MAG is in widespread use, used by infantry, on vehicles and helicopters. Chambered in 7.62x51 NATO and feeds from disintegrating belt feeds.

    Rheinmetall MG3 - German-made GPMG mounted on tanks, this weapon is a direct decendant of the famous MG42 from WW2. Features an impressively high rate of fire. Uses belts of 7.62x51 NATO.

    MAS AA-52 - French-made GPMG mounted on armored vehicles. Does have a reputation of being on the edge of reliable since the action can shear casings in the chamber, and the solution is to grease the belt prior to use, attracting the possibility of fouling in return. Uses belts of 7.62x51 NATO.

    Browning M2QCB/HB - Famous American heavy machine gun chambered in .50 BMG, mounted on vehicles. The current variant is the M2QCB (Quick Change Barrel), but was being replaced in service with the M2HB (Heavy Barrel). Feeds from belts of .50 BMG.

    M203 - American-made single-shot pump-action grenade launcher, uses 40mm NATO grenade rounds. Mounted as an underbarrel attachment to FALs, M16s, and M4s.

    Mk. 19 - American-made automatic grenade launcher mounted on Humvees in service. Feeds from belts of 40mm NATO grenade rounds

    AT4 - Single shot rocket launcher produced by Sweden, currently in use with regular forces. Suitable for use against armored vehicles and fortifications, but does not have sufficent penetration to engage Main Battle Tanks.

    MARA - Locally built rocket launcher, similiar to the M72 LAW. Issued to augment the AT4, useful for destroying armored vehicles and fortifications, but falls short against Main Battle Tanks.

    Carl Gustav M3 - Swedish built 84mm Recoilless Rifle. Though long since considered ineffective against tanks, the M3 has since gained a reputation of being much better suited to destroying enemy fortifications instead.

    BGM-71 TOW - US-made wire-guided anti-tank missile launcher. Though cumbersome in an infantry role (requiring a dedicated tripod mount and crew), it is also used on vehicles and helicopters, and is considered to be quite effective.

    RBS-70 - Swedish made laser-guided surface-to-air missile launcher. Unlike other man-portable air defense systems, such as the Stinger or Igla, the RBS-70 does require a dedicated pedestal  mount to use properly, but the laser guidence system does help improve accuracy and work against countermeasures.

    -Armored Vehicles
    TAM (Tanque Argentino Mediano) - Argentina's main battle tank, the TAM was developed jointly between West Germany and Argentina to replace their aging fleet of WW2 vintage Shermans. Built on the hull of the Marder I infantry fighting vehicle and fitted with a modified turret from a Leopard 1, the TAM is a high speed, low profile tank. It's main armament is a locally produced copy of the Royal Ordanence L7 105mm rifled gun, and is fitted with 2 additional MAG 7.62 machine guns. The TAM serves as the basis for other vehicles, including the VCA 155 self propelled howitzer, the VCTP Infantry Fighting Vehicle (armed with a 20mm autocannon), VCTM Mortar Carrier (120mm Mortar), VCPC Command Carrier (MAG 7.62 MG), VCLC Mobile Rocket Launcher (160mm or 350mm Rockets), VCA Ambulance and VCRT recovery vehicle (MAG 7.62 MG). The TAM's speed and low profile give it good ambush opportunities, as well as being able to operate in some of the unforgiving terrain found around Argentina, while the main gun is still considered around the world to be suitable in tank engagements (with appropriate ammunition). However, in a one-on-one match, the TAM would not survive against a direct hit from any currently used Main Battle Tank.

    SK-105 Kurassier - An Austrian-made light tank, the SK-105 shares a good deal in common with the AMX-13, which still sees some use in Argentina as well. Both tanks use an oscillating turret, which allows the use for a semi-automatic revolving magazine autoloader. With the SK-105, this is a 105mm rifled gun, feeding from two magazines of 6 rounds, with a total of 42 rounds in storage. After the rounds are discharged, the crew has to replace the magazines. The SK-105 has good fire control and speed, but the armor is very thin, since the vehicle had to be light enough to air transport on C-130 cargo planes. The combination of speed and an autoloader gun means that the SK-105 has excellent ambush capabilities, able to dart out, fire on targets rapidly, and then withdraw swiftly, but the poor armor means that the SK-105 is vulnerable to most anti-tank weapons used to date.

    AMX-13 - A French-made light tank developed after World War Two, the AMX-13 uses an oscillating turret and an autoloading system, and was used mainly in the Middle East during the Cold War. The current model in Argentine service is the AMX-13/105 Modele 58, an upgrade to the base model by fitting a 105mm gun to replace the 75 and 90mm guns previously used in the AMX-13. The tank is known to be agile and versitile, with numerous variants built by France, but it is also known to be too thinly armored (the Israelis discovered this during the Six Day War, selling off their entire fleet afterwards). It is well suited to hit and run and ambush tactics, but considering the tank was considered under armored in 1967, that situation has only worsened, despite the sale of applique armor packages over the years.

    M113 - An armored personnel carrier originating from the United States, the M113 is an extremely simple but adaptable vehicle that has spawned a wide range of successful combat vehicles. Able to carry 11 troops into combat, it is armored against small arms fire but anything heavier stands a good chance of getting through the thin armor and knocking it out. Currently, the M113A2 APC, M548A1 cargo carrier, and M557A1 Command Vehicle variants are the only types in service with the Argentine Army. That being said, the M113's adaptability has, in the past, led it to being upgraded into an anti-aircraft platform, anti-tank missile carrier and mortar carrier. The base models are typically armed with either a 7.62 MG or .50cal HMG.

    AMX-13 VCPC - An armored personnel carrier based on the French AMX-13, the VCPC is capable of carrying 10 troops into combat. Like the M113, the VCPC is adaptable, but has only been observed to be in the APC role in the Argentine Army, and largely shares the same performance as the AMX-13 light tank it is based on.

    ZBL-08 VN-1 - A new family of 8x8 combat vehicles built by China, the ZBL-08 is similiar in many regards to other contemporary wheeled combat vehicles, such as the MOWAG Pirhana or American Stryker, being adaptable to a wide range of roles, though the Argentine Army was only interested in the export IFV model. It is armed with a 30mm autocannon in a turret, with provisions for mounting a 7.62mm MG and an updated Chinese copy of the Soviet 9M14/AT-3 anti-tank missile (though the Argentine Army does not use the missile). It is armored against small-arms fire, but without armor upgrade packages, cannot withstand fire from dedicated anti-tank weapons.

    Lockheed Martin A-4AR Fightinghawk - An American made ground attack fighter, the A-4AR is a modernization package to the A-4M Skyhawk, updating the aircraft's avionics with those found in the F-16 Falcon. The A-4 has been known as a sturdy and agile aircraft that was well loved by it's aircrews and maintenence teams around the world. Not only has it seen combat over Vietnam, Israel, and even the Falklands, but it was also used for aggressor training until 2003 and even by the Blue Angels until they converted to the F/A-18 Hornet. Due to political and economic issues, the Argentine Air Force's only hope for modernization was the A-4AR, though the modernization is quite extensive. Though the A-4 is nimble, it is not capable of supersonic speeds, and is still ideally suited for ground attack missions.

    FMA IA-58 Pucara - A locally designed and produced counter-insurgency aircraft, the Pucara is a twin-prop engine aircraft that is intended for ground attack missions. These aircraft served in the Falklands War, where they earned a reputation of being capable of withstanding a fair bit of ground fire, but being more or less helpless against enemy aircraft. For the role it was designed for, the Pucara is well suited for the task, being well armed and protected while having respectable speed and agility, but without proper coverage or when engaging prepared enemies, the Pucara falls short in the face of surface-to-air missiles and enemy air action.

    FAdeA IA-63 Pampa - A locally designed and produced training aircraft, the Pampa is much like other contemporary advanced trainers, such as the Hawk or Alpha Jet, where it can be put into action in a strike role if required. As it is a trainer, it is designed to be responsive but not overly fast, clocking in at Mach 0.81. It does have some combat capabilities, both for training new combat pilots with munitions, and for a limited strike capability, though it is well under what contemporary strike trainers can carry. (650kg vs 2500kg on the Alpha Jet). Noteworthy is that the Alpha Jet was a strong influence on the Pampa's design, though with some differences in wing design and only being single engine powered.

    Dassault Mirage 5/IAI Finger - The Mirage 5 is a French-made multi-role fighter, developed as part of their Mirage-series of delta-wing aircraft, while the IAI Finger is an Israeli made copy that was built in response to France's arms embargo on Israel. For the sake of brevity, both are grouped together since they're by and large the same aircraft. The Mirage 5 originally was intended as a simplified ground attack variant of the Mirage III at the request of the Israelis, but the design has evolved into a multi-role capacity. The Mirage 5 is a delta-wing aircraft with a respectable top speed and good weapons capability, making it suitable for either ground attack or air superiority missions.

    Dassault Mirage III - A French-design, the Mirage III is a very successful second generation fighter aircraft, proven numerous times in conflicts all over the world. A supersonic delta-wing fighter originally intended as an interceptor, the design evolved over the years, and the current version in Argentina is the multi-role Mirage IIIE. Overall, it has proven to be a fast and agile aircraft with a respectable payload, with very few drawbacks to the overall design, though the avionics are severely dated (the Mirage IIIE first appeared in 1964), blunting the performance in the face of more modern aircraft.

    Dassault Super Etendard - Developled by France to serve as a carrier based strike fighter, the Argentine Naval Air Force continues to operate this aircraft from land bases after the retirement of their aircraft carrier. The Super Etendard is a swept-wing subsonic aircraft intended to strike land and sea targets, though the payload capacity is severely limited (a Super Etendard can only carry one Exocet anti-ship missile at a time, for example). Overall, it is well suited to its role.

    Bell UH-1H Huey - An extremely prolific American helicopter, the Huey is well regarded and used the world over since first appearing in the 1960s. Though intended for the "utility" role, transporting cargo and personnel, there have been cases of the Huey converted into an ad-hoc gunship. This has not yet been documented in Argentine service, however, who have so far used them for transport and SAR roles.

    Personnel Files / Sokolov, Mikhail Andreivich
    « on: May 04, 2017, 05:14:04 PM »
    Played By: Cipherhornet18



        Full Name: Mikhail Andreivich Sokolov

        Age/ Birthday: 34 - 08/16/1983

       Nationality: Russian

        Rank, Title or Position: Major, "Grach" Team Lead, Vympel Group, Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation (Federal'naya sluzhba bezopasnosti Rossiyskoy Federatsii/FSB)

        Height: 6' 1"

       Build: Lean, Muscular

        Related Skills: Free-Fall Parachute (HALO), Intelligence Gathering/Recon, Clandestine Sabotage, Counter-Terrorism Tactics (Emphasis on nuclear safety enforcement), Underwater Combat Diving, Systema Martial Arts, Fluent in English, Spanish, Chechen

       Unrelated Skills: Amatuer Rock Climber, Fishing, Hunting

       Credentials: FSB Spetznaz Training Graduate, Russian Naval Infantry Training Graduate, St. Petersburg Naval Institute Naval Officer Program "Peter the Great Naval Corps" Graduate (BA - Military Science)


     Mikhail is fairly muscular and fit, and keeps his hair closely cropped. He does not sport any facial hair any longer than he has to, and has no major distinctive marks.   

     Mikhail believes in professionalism and commitment, he doesn't do anything halfway. He is very driven, which can put off those who want to err on the side of caution. He can show a sense of humor from time to time, but he consistently exudes an air of calm, seeing no point in getting worked up or panicking. 

    When not on duty, Mikhail likes to remain active, often traveling to Central Asia to go rock climbing or going on extending camping trips in the forests of Russia. When possible, he also enjoys fishing and hunting, living outdoors.

     Field/Work Experience:
    • 2002 - Enrolled, St. Petersburg Naval Institute (Peter the Great Naval Corps)
    • 2006 - Graduated, St. Petersburg Naval Institute. Comissioned, Junior Lieutenant, Russian Navy. Completes Naval Infantry Training. Assigned, 888th Reconnaissance Battalion, 810th Marine Regiment, Black Sea Fleet
    • 2008 - Deployed, Russo-Georgian War (888th Reconnaissance Battalion, 810th Marine Regiment, Black Sea Fleet)
    • 2015 - Deployed, Russian Intervention in Syria (888th Reconnaissance Battalion, 810th Marine Brigade, Black Sea Fleet)
    • 2016 - Recruited, FSB Vympel
    • 2017 - Present

     Personal History:
    Born in Moscow in the waning years of the Soviet Union, Mikhail had a difficult time growing up, trying to raise his younger siblings in spite of his dispondent mother and abusive father. One of his teachers, a retired naval officer, took notice and began to entice Mikhail with the prospect of a better life in the Russian Navy. With his siblings either turning to crime or running away, Mikhail applied himself to gaining a slot in the Naval Corps at the St. Petersburg Naval Institute. As soon as he was accepted, he broke all ties with his family.

    Mikhail became an officer within the Black Sea Fleet's Naval Infantry arm, serving with their reconnaissance battalion. Shortly after joining, he was deployed in Russia's conflict with Georgia, getting a small taste of combat. He opted not to volunteer for operations outside of guarding his home base during the Ukranian Civil War, but was deployed to Syria in 2015. His skill and courage under fire in various battles across Syria gained him the notice of the Federal Security Service's elite Vympel Group, gaining him an invitation to join their ranks. He accepted the opportunity and has since been activated as a commando in FSB.   

    "Grach" Team - Mikhail's Squad - Good Relationship
    Svetlana Sorkina - Ex-Girlfriend - Strained Relationship

    Personnel Files / Koralova, Larissa Fydorvena
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    Played By: Cipherhornet18



        Full Name: Larissa Fydorvena Koralova

        Age/ Birthday: 29 - 03/03/1988

       Nationality: Russian

        Rank, Title or Position: Captain, Directorate S, Foreign Intelligence Service of the Russian Federation (Sluzhba vneshney razvedki/SVR)

        Height: 5' 9"

       Build: Lean

        Related Skills: Human Intelligence (HUMINT) Gathering and Counter-Intelligence, Recruitment of foreign nationals, Deep-cover tactics, Terror and Sabotage, Urban Warfare, Assassination, SERE, Fluent in English (can adjust accent as needed), Spanish (no accent), Proficent in Arabic, Mandarin Chinese, Aggressive Driving, Systema Martial Arts (form does not have any stated "rank" structure)

       Unrelated Skills: Musician (Violin), Motorcycle Maintenence and Riding

       Credentials: SVR Field Operations Training, BA Psychology - Lomonosov Moscow State University (Education provided by SVR)


    Larissa's stature is often mistaken as being weak or mousey, but that is far from the case and is exactly part of how she wants to be seen. Her small and lean build belies her physical endurance and strength, while her brown hair and brown eyes makes her very difficult to pick out of a crowd. A habit of her attire, however, is that she tends to favor a black leather jacket whenever possible.

    In the field, Larissa's personality matches the role she needs to undertake, her deep cover training allowing her to act out her part with great accuracy. When not on operation, she keeps people at arm's length, remaining polite but not getting into much detail about herself. This is due in part to that the last time she formed an emotional attachment, it went over badly and she still feels the proverbial burn from it.

    In regards to her mentality, she is a patriot, but a realist. She believes in doing what she has to in order to keep Russia safe and strong, but feels that lingering Cold War mentality makes her job that much harder. In all honesty, she harbors no real hatred towards any nationality, though she does distrust the motiviations of other agents, military personnel, and nearly every politician, with only Vladimir Putin the exception to that rule.   

    As she has few friends, Larissa tends to pursue more intellectual hobbies and interests. One of her favorite parts about being a foreign agent is that when possible, she will try to take at least a day to find the local art museum and take in their works (despite the fact she admits to having to no artistic talent of her own). She is a fan of classical music, and does play the violin, while also taking the time to visit concert halls across the world. Past that, her other passion is motorcycles, with one of her few possessions in Moscow being a BMW street bike that was siezed.

     Field/Work Experience:   
    • 2006 - Recruited, SVR. Underwent field operations training and enrolled at State University of Moscow
    • 2010 - Graduated, State University of Moscow. Assigned, Directorate S, Latin America. Posted at Russian Embassy, Caracas, Venezeula
    • 2013 - Reassigned, Russian Embassy, Ottawa, Canada
    • 2014 - Reassigned, Russian Embassy, Havana, Cuba
    • 2017 - Present
     Personal History:
     Born in Leningrad (now St. Petersburg), Larissa was abandoned by her parents at only a year old. She was quickly taken in by a new family, her adoptive mother was a theater arts director at the local university and her adoptive father was a mid-level officer in the KGB who was later forced out after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Despite the hardship of growing up in Russia during the transition from the Soviet Union to the Russian Federation, Larissa's adoptive family did all they could for her. But it did create a strange situation where she was learning acting and cultural arts from her mother and picking up her father's still fanatical devotion to the state.

    Larissa soon began to seek out something to meet both of those needs, and her father's remaining contacts in the agencies that supersceded the KGB led her to the newly formed SVR. They soon found her to be an ideal candidate for being a field agent, training her and even sending her to the State University of Moscow for a degree in Psychology. After graduation, Larissa was assigned to operations in South America, mainly keeping tabs in Venezuela with recent deals made between Moscow and Caracas.

    After the death of Hugo Chavez and the downturn of Venezuela's economy, Larissa was recalled to Russia and reassigned to the Russian embassy in Canada. It was there she began a relationship with one of the press attaches, but broke it off after discovering he was a plant by Canadian intelligence. The feeling of betrayal by one of the few people she's had ties to emotionally has had last effects, and she quickly requested a change of posting, ending up in Cuba, where she's remained until recieving new orders.

    Colonel Sergei Yushenko, SVR - Mentor, Section Chief - Good Relationship
    Boris Lytanin - Adoptive Father - Good Relationship
    Lyudmilla Lytanina - Adoptive Mother - Good Relationship

    Greetings, Introductions, and Welcomes / Hello!
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    Figure I'll do this too. Some of you already know me, some don't.


    I'm Spencer, 28, living currently in Fallon, NV. Its a rural town that only exists because of NAS Fallon in northern Nevada, about 60mi east of Reno. I work some odd hours, so Im likely to be asleep when most of you are on. No kids, no gf.

    I've been reading Tom Clancy since I was 14, and I'm into quite a bit of sci-fi, but not fantasy, the closest I get is Skyrim. Past that, love history, guns, combat aircraft and been getting into tanks too.

    So, glad to be here.

    Mission Requests / The Venezuelan Connection
    « on: May 03, 2017, 03:16:09 AM »
    Doing this on my phone so brace yourselves.

    So, doing just a cursory glance at the Argentine military has revealed that they're in bad shape. Economic issues have shelved or delayed every project. Their current state is not unknown to the Cartel, they have no chance to stand against NATO, the absolute best is to draw the war out OIF style.

    But one of them got an idea to even the score, give them the means to really bleed the invasion until public opinion turns on it. Venezuela has been in economic free fall and that's given the Cartel a chance to buy up stocks of current generation Russian hardware, as well as the personnel who can use it or train others on it.

    The trouble is shipping. The US will interdict shipping coming into Argentine ports soon, and airlift is equally perilous. But, plata o pluma might buy land passage through Brazil.

    The CIA and MI6 are going to want agents in the field and SOF teams from the military to stop this from happening. However, Russia will also, separately, want to stop this, since the media fallout could harm Russia despite having no interest in backing the Cartel's adventure. So they're going to have a separate op to clean this mess up.

    This is a good avenue for more covert action, but shooters will still be needed, of course.

    So, who wants to see where this rabbit hole goes?

    Personnel Files / Coffin, Brian Andrew
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    Played By: Cipherhornet18



        Full Name : Brian Andrew Coffin

        Age/ Birthday: 32 - 09/20/1985

       Nationality :  American

        Rank, Title or Position :  Captain (USAF), Combat Rescue Officer- 58th Rescue Squadron, 563rd Rescue Group, 23rd Wing - Nellis AFB, Nevada

        Height: 6' 0"

       Build: Fit with some musclar tone

        Related Skills: HALO Parachuting, NREMT-P Rated, SERE, Combat Diving, Spanish (Fluent), Russian (Proficent)

       Unrelated Skills: Cooking, Contemporary Military History

       Credentials: USAF Combat Rescue Graduate, BS Health Sciences - Arizona State University


    Brian keeps his brown hair close cut, and stands with a fairly average stature. His line of work has left him fit, but not overly muscular or lean.

    When not on duty, Brian is laid back and easy going, always quick with a joke or sarcastic comment. He values his friends and will try to help them out whenever possible. He can be just as cold to those whom he doesn't like, though he can at least maintain his professionalism when required to work with them.

    In the field, he embraces the creed of the Air Force's Pararescue, "These things I do so that others may live", putting the well-being of others ahead of his own. Though he wants to help save lives, he is a realist, he understands that to save a life, he may also have to take one. The lives of his men and those they've been sent to rescue are the mission to him, since the Air Force rarely deploys PJs and CROs on non-CSAR missions. That said, he will still tackle whatever is put before him.

    Outside of work, he likes hanging out with his friends when possible. Otherwise, he can be found at home binge watching his favorite shows or gaming. When he does cook, he tends to experiment rather than follow conventional recepies, often citing that sometimes he just throws what sounds good together to see if it's any good or not.

     Field/Work Experience:
    • 2003 - Enrolled, Arizona State University (AFROTC Scholarship)
    • 2007 - Graduated, ASU. Commissioned, 2nd Lieutenant, United States Air Force. Begins Combat Rescue Officer training
    • 2008 - Graduated, USAF CRO Training. Assigned, 56th Rescue Squadron (RAF Lakenheath)
    • 2012 - Transferred, 321st Special Tactics Squadron (RAF Mildenhall)
    • 2015 - Transferred, 58th Rescue Squadron (Nellis AFB)
    • 2017 - Present

     Personal History:
    Brian was born in Mesa, Arizona as an only child, as his parents divorced not long after he was born. Not long after his 10th birthday, he was left in the care of his paternal grandparents after his mother decided she wanted to run off to the other side of the country with a man, and his father was unwilling to return to Arizona. As a result, Brian's relationship with both of his parents is best described as distant, though he has no ties to his mother, harboring deep resentment of her abandonment of him.

    It wasn't until joining his high school AFJROTC program that he started to get some idea of where he wanted to go in life, and was drawn to the Pararescue field in the Air Force. However, because of his academics, he was granted a full scholarship to Arizona State University, so he made use of that to instead get his education and join the Air Force as an officer.

    Combat Rescue Officer training was nothing short of grueling, but Brian seemed to thrive on the challenges put on him, and with his drive and confidence, fell into the duties of coordinating rescue operations easily. He earned the respect of those under his command by remaining humble enough to ask questions and seek the advise of the enlisted PJs he served with while still striving to be a strong leader.

    While stationed in the UK, Brian married a British nurse, who worked as a civilian at RAF Lakenheath and transferred to RAF Mildenhall with him when he moved squadrons. Unfortunately, Brian's hesitation on the matter of children caused a rift between them, since he was unsure as to how good of a father he could be when his own wanted little to do with him as a child. Their relationship grew icy and finally the two were divorced in 2014, prompting Brian to put in for a transfer to Nellis Air Force Base's squadron.

    1LT Patrick Reid, USAF - Friend - Good Relationship
    1LT Shane Soukup, USAF - Friend - Good Relationship
    CAPT Brandon Davis, USAF - Friend - Good Relationship
    SMSgt Shawn Williams, USAF - Friend/Mentor - Good Relationship
    MSgt Russell Arus, USAF - Friend/Mentor - Good Relationship
    Cathleen Lang - Ex-Wife - Poor Relationship (Harasses Brian on social media from time to time)

    Personnel Files / Pierce, John Benjamin
    « on: May 01, 2017, 11:42:24 AM »
    Played By: Cipherhornet18



        Full Name : John "Jack" Benjamin Pierce

        Age/ Birthday: 31 - 04/12/1986

       Nationality :  American

        Rank, Title or Position :  Lieutenant, United States Navy - On loan to Royal Australian Air Force, No. 1 Squadron

        Height: 5' 11"

       Build: Fit, not overly lean or muscular

        Related Skills: Rated in F/A-18C/D Hornet, F/A-18E/F Super Hornet & T-45A Goshawk, Small Arms proficent, Leadership Training, Familiarity with Japanese (Read/Speak)

       Unrelated Skills: Automotive Mechanic, Barbacuing, Amatuer SCUBA Diver

       Credentials: BA Aeronautical Science, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (Daytona Beach, FL Campus)


    Jack stands at average height and build, with his black hair kept just shy of being out of regulation. His brown eyes seem to be quite keen, and Jack is just as ready with a grin as he is a frown.

    Despite being a fighter pilot, Jack does not display the usual cocksure attitude found in most pilots, rather favoring a more laid back demeanor. He tends to say what is on his mind as soon as it hits him, which can get him into trouble, but when in the presence of superiors, he does try to filter himself. In the air, Jack tries to be a consumate professional, but his priority is ensuring everyone in his flight makes it back in one piece.

    Off-duty, Jack spends time with his wife, often times going out hiking or diving with her. Other times, he'll spend his time working on classic cars, his current project being a 1973 Ford XB GT Falcon Hardtop (the same style car used in the Mad Max series), which Jack hopes to import back to the United States at the conclusion of his time in Australia. He also enjoys spending time with his friends, overall enjoying a decent social life.

     Field/Work Experience:   
    • 2004 - Enrolled, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Daytona Beach, FL (NROTC Scholarship)
    • 2008 - Graduated, ERAU. Comissioned as an Ensign, US Navy. Begins USN Flight Training
    • 2010 - Graduated USN Flight Training. Assigned, Strike Fighter Squadron 122 (VFA-122, fleet replenishment squadron, NAS Lemoore, CA)
    • 2011 - Reassigned to Strike Fighter Squadron 94 (VFA-94, MCAS Iwakuni, Japan)
    • 2015 - Transferred to Strike Fighter Squadron 137 (VFA-137, NAS Lemoore, CA)
    • 2016 - Accepted for Officer Exchange Program, RAAF. Assigned, No. 1 Squadron (RAAF Base Amberley)
    • 2017 - Present.
     Personal History:
     Jack Pierce was born on base at Naval Air Station Cecil Field, in Jacksonville Florida. His father was a Naval Aviator, and his mother was a defense lawyer with the Navy Judge Advocate General. After his younger sister was born, Jack's father and mother retired from the Navy, with the family resettling in St. Louis, Missouri. Hoping to follow his father's footsteps, Jack pursued every opportunity to become a Naval Aviator himself, securing a Navy ROTC scholarship to Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. While attending school at Daytona Beach, Jack met his wife-to-be, a Marine cadet by the name of Adrianna Brach. Though the two of them had a rivalry, it was all friendly and they remained close friends until being separated by the military.

    During advanced training, Jack earned his callsign "Hawk" due to a birdstrike during a cross-country flight. He managed to safely land his T-45A trainer, and learned later that he had hit, to the chagrin of environmentalists, a hawk. Despite this incident, Jack passed his flight training and was assigned to a Pacific Fleet replenishment squadron, before finally being deployed to his first operational squadron. It was at Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni that Jack and Adrianna were reunited. They were married in 2013, though their respective duties kept them somewhat apart after returning to the United States, as Jack was assigned to Naval Air Station Lemoore, and Adrianna was assigned to a squadron at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar. With that, they took to a plan and both applied to an officer exchange program with the Royal Australian Air Force, and due to clerical oversight, were both granted a slot within No. 1 Squadron in 2016. Despite their superiors finding out afterwards, it was decided it was more work than it was worth to separate them.

    CMDR Andrew Pierce (ret.) - Father - Close Relationship
    LT Cassandra Pierce (ret.) - Mother - Close Relationship
    2LT Haley Pierce, USAF - Younger Sister - Close Relationship
    CAPT Adrianna "AJ" Pierce, USMC - Wife
    FLGOFF David Lawton, RAAF - Radar Intercept Officer - Good Working Relationship
    FLTLT Craig Miles, RAAF - Wingman, Friend - Good Relationship

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