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Personnel Files / Talburn, Maric
« on: May 03, 2017, 04:26:15 PM »
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    Full Name:Maric Talburn

    Age/ Birthday: 1991/09/09

   Nationality:Black American

    Rank, Title or Position:Sergeant, 18B Weapons Sergeant ODA 3333, Charlie Company (Crisis Response Force (CRF)), 3rd Battalion, 3rd Special Forces Group (Airborne), USASFC

    Height: 5'9

   Build:Lean runners build

    Related Skills:
Weapons proficiency (foreign and domestic  builds)
Land Nav, Fluent (enough) in  French

   Unrelated Skills:
Avid runner, bottomless pit (always hungry)

Air Assault
Ranger School


    Maric stands at 5'9, hair is faded on the sides while the top holds a close crop of 2 inch thick curled hair. He's muscular but not overly so. Being athletic and staying in shape,

  Easy company to keep around, great conversationist, and has a compelling charisma about him. Maric is what some could consider a highlight around his fellow Green Berets. While he can be cocky at times he’s a caring person, constantly putting those around him first. However when he’s switched on he’s a calculating machine, nothing but hard strategy and a mass of silver bullets for the poor dumb Bayard on the other end of his muzzle…or facing his anyone in his ODA for that matter.

To those outside of his circle Maric can be seen as just a fairly average guu while not as hostile as some could be toward other personnel, he understand that they’re all on the same side and nothing will come from him trying to pound the crap out of some retard who cant keep his mouth shut.

Collecting and building models, simply food...will travel for good. Readimg, because nothing beats a good book.

 Field/Work Experience:   
Marics experience is limited to the Army Schools he has attended. OSUT, Airborne, Air Assault, SFAS SOFAS and Q-Course. Which were quickly followed up by free fall. Once assigned to 3SFG Maric was pushed out on several field exercises, to include JOAX, COAX, amd multinational exercises from various platforms. Upon completion of Ranger School he was placed into a deployable ODA amd is on standby pending his first actionable assignment.
 Personal History:
    Maric was born in NYC New York, came from a long line of military men. His grandfather was a captain in fleet (ret.). His father was a LCpl in the Marine corps at the time of his birth. His mother was a house wife until Maric turned six. She went back to school, while working as a bookkeeper for a local law firm. That kept her away from her family quite often. And with Maric's father on extended assignments in Asia and god knows where at the time, he was forced to spend a lot of time with his grandfather while growing up. A lot of that time was filled with war stories and complaining about how kids were now days. Maric did enjoy his time with the old man quite a bit. However a stroke 4 years later cut that short.

By the age of thirteen Maric's initial family was moved to Australia. His uncle ran drills out of New Guinea as an instructor. Maric went to school and made a lot of friends. He was one of those types that were easy to approach and enjoyed good conversation. A trait he got from his grandfather, at least that's what his dad told him. High School came around quick. His sophomore year was in his opinion the best time of his life. It's when he met and started dating Jessica Annay. Beautiful, great athlete and a total math wiz. She was his tutor, which quickly changed. Thanks to his initiative.

The following year Maric's father was declared as MIA in the middle east given that it had been out of contact  for quite some time, Maric had already feared the man was dead, amd subconsciously had already convinced himself of that fact. To top it off his Uncle was rotated back into active duty under the 3rd Marines and sent out with several marines of his newly graduated class as their platoon sergeant. Maric spent a lot of time at home, mostly out of worry for his mother. His father was something he preferred to ignore. The guy wasn’t there, be he dead or missing, it was all the same. Maric was already preparing for his career in the US Military  and had enough to worry about at this point.

Senior year, at the age of seventeen. A bitter sweet moment for Maric. His father came home, however being stuck in a wheelchair and missing one leg. Sure Maric knew the risks but he couldn't believe what had happened. The following month Maric graduated, no real honors a fairly average student, but a great athlete. Within a week and having his parent's "grudging" approval Maric had plans to enlist. But first he owed them at least two years of college complete with an AS minimum. So the young man did just that, majoring in computer science. If Of course with this time came new interests and possibilities.

The would be Marine set his eyes on the 18X contract. He signed his name and never once looked back. OSUT was what he expected ot to be
 No real surprises in that pipeline. Fourteen weeks came and went. Airborne was simply cake, he still laughs to this day at those who fwll out of runs, or got terminated due to the APFT.

However SWC, and it's following SFAS was where the pressure was turned on. And in that environment is where Maric thrived. This was the challenge he had been craving, or so he thought.

Thebpresure only increased as he passed selection, moving onto tje Q-Course after being tossed into the Bravo program. The course was fun, it was a gentlemensgentlemen club of sorts, it was the army simply. However his trials showed to be the DLAB, where Maric was selected to speak French. He was lost in the sauce and almost failed.

But with a lot of peer, self, and professional tutoring Maric made it by the skin of teeth. He domed his green baret, and was pinned E-5 upon graduation amd sent to 3rd SFG.

Upon arrival it was apparent thay he needed to be trained up and wouldn't be deployable for a while. In fact Maric knew how rare his case was. Even if passing, most 18X guys get non select and told to pick up a deployment and return to SF. That was the general rule of thumb, but he was snapped right off the street amd thrown into play.

While hebdidnt get to deploy with  of the other ODA's he was placed on a supplementing team and put on training rotations and pushed thro u h schools. Maric bid his time, stacking his successes until his peers amd seniors would deem him worthy.

It wasn't until completing Ranger School, witch he had to recycle during  mountain phase due to injury, that  he was finally assigned and placed on ODA 3333. Officially the FNG

Victoria Talburn - Mother
Devon Talburn - Gather
Jessica Annay - Ex girlfriend  (mutual split)

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