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Personnel Files / Burgin, Robert
« on: June 17, 2017, 09:48:10 PM »
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    Full Name: Robert “Cowboy” Burgin
    Age/ Birthday: 34 / 15 November, 1982
   Nationality: American
    Rank, Title or Position: Lieutenant Commander USN
    Height: 6’1
   Build: Athletic
    Related Skills: Flight training; SERE; Qualified in all small arms; Paperwork; Some aircraft maintenance
   Unrelated Skills:
Certified lifeguard
   Credentials: Bachelor of Science
 Appearance: Robert is reasonably tall for a fighter pilot, coming in at six foot one. He has worn a moustache since 2011, and except for one occasion has always been the only person in the squadron to do so.
Like all the Burgin boys, Robert has brown hair, and green eyes. Had it not been for visible age differences, his parents frequently remarked that they would not have been able to distinguish the four of them.
Like many Naval Aviators, and specifically those flying fighters, Robert can be described as being a cocky sonofabitch. He also possesses just the right amount of craziness. In a way, you need to be to voluntarily trap aboard a carrier. He takes great pride in being part of the select group he is in, and will go to great lengths to let people know not to mess with him or his buddies.
He would do anything for most of the pilots in his squadron. He considers most of them to be family. And family is a large portion of his foundation.
Collecting and building model planes
Playing games
Doing ranch work
 Field/Work Experience:   
17/09/2000: Began at the US Naval Academy
20/06/2004: Graduated USNA; Commissioned as an Ensign
09/10/2005: Earned his wings; Assigned VFA-122
29/01/2006: Promoted to Lieutenant (Junior Grade) (O-2)
21/09/2006: Reassigned to VFA-103
xx/xx/2008: Deployed aboard USS George Washington to the Pacific Ocean
xx/xx/2008: Awarded Navy E ribbon; Awarded Navy Sea Service Deployment Ribbon
14/10/2008: Promoted to Lieutenant (O-3)
21/02/2009: Deployed aboard USS Dwight D. Eisenhower to the Persian Gulf to support OEF
19/05/2009: Awarded Air Medal with Combat V; Awarded Afghanistan Campaign Medal
31/07/2009: Reassigned to NAS Corpus Christi for instructor duties
15/01/2011: Reassigned to VFA-11
15/01/2011: Deployed aboard USS Enterprise to support EOF
06/14/2011: Awarded Navy and Marine Corps Overseas Service Ribbon
23/05/2011: Ejected over Afghanistan
28/05/2011: Successfully engaged Taliban patrol; Rescued by Marines
30/06/2011: Awarded Navy and Marine Corps Combat Action Ribbon; Awarded Purple Heart; Awarded Iraq Campaign Medal
11/02/2012: Cleared for flight duties
08/04/2013: Attended Strike Fighters Tactics Instructor course
25/11/2014: Awarded Bronze Star
27/08/2015: Promoted to Lieutenant Commander; Reassigned Executive Officer VFA-211
01/04/2017: Reassigned Executive Officer VFA-213
 Personal History:
Robert was born in a small town (relatively) close to Galveston, Texas. His family had owned a ranch for generations, going all the way back to when Texas was still part of Spanish Empire. His father often joked that he could ride a horse before he learned to walk.
He grew up learning the family business, but always looked to the sky when his father took out their plane. He dreamed of flying, and knew from an early age that he wanted to become a pilot. After all, as the youngest of six, he wasn’t that interested in taking over the family business, even though he did enjoy doing it.
School wasn’t really Robert’s forte. He preferred a practical, hands-on education over the one he did. He didn’t do well on a lot of tests initially, but would eventually learn that he actually had to study.
Shortly after turning fourteen, Robert‘s father let him take the stick of their plane for the first time. He had been flying along for a couple of years by now, but this was the first time he’d actually fly. 
He loved every second of it. He realised then and there that that was what he wanted to do with his life. He wanted to become a pilot.
In high school, after his realisation, Robert began getting better grades. In his free time, Robert played football. He also enjoyed horse riding. As soon as his favourite brother graduated, he joined the Army where he became a Blackhawk pilot. At first, he didn’t want him to leave, but after a while, he accepted it because it was his choice in the end.
After graduating High school, Robert was talked into joining the military like his brother had. It would be his best shot at becoming a pilot. Eventually he settled on the Navy. He wrote to his district’s representative seeking a nomination for admittance to the US Naval Academy, and was rejoiced to hear he received it.
He was accepted, and reported for training that same summer. The adjustment to military life was tough. While chatting with his brother had prepared him very slightly, it was still a big hit to take. Nonetheless, he adjusted.
Four years later, in 2004 he graduated from the Academy. He was selected for flight training.
After completing basic flight training half a year later, he then started Advanced flight training, and was selected for fighter aircraft training. He satisfactorily completed that as well, in June, 2005. In november that same year, Robert completed the Advanced Strike Training. After this, robert was assigned to VFA-122, the Pacific Fleet’s Fleet Replacement Squadron.
He spent approximate a year here. Then he was assigned to VFA-103 “Jolly Rogers”. He arrived just in time to enter in the first deployment of the F/A-18F --the plane he had been trained in. It was here that he received his current callsign. He made the mistake of letting someone see the hat his mother had sent him, thinking he’d need it. This, coupled with his Texas accent made it a done deal: from that moment onward he’d be known as “Cowboy”.
In 2008 he temporarily embark aboard USS George Washington which was replacing the Kitty Hawk.
Then in 2009 he embarked aboard USS Dwight D. Eisenhower for a 6 month deployment in the Persian gulf supporting Operation Enduring Freedom.
After returning to Naval Station Norfolk, Robert was transferred to NAS Corpus Christi for a two and a half year rotation as a flight instructor. While Robert did not particularly like this assignment, he soldiered on because he knew what importance his job had. He was directly contributing in the training of new pilots, and if he did his job well, they might do theirs too.
He returned to the fleet in January 2011, having been reassigned from instructor duties early. He transferred into VFA-11 “Red Rippers”, and immediately went aboard USS Enterprise for another  deployment supporting Operation Enduring Freedom.
About a month before they were scheduled to return home, Robert had to eject over Afghanistan after suffering simultaneous failure of both engines, and being unable to restart.
On the fifth day, he encountered a small Taliban patrol. He managed to escape, but not before taking a bullet to his shoulder. This got the attention of a nearby Marine patrol which subsequently rescued him.
He spent the next five months at the Naval Medical Center Portsmouth to recuperate. He made a full recovery, though, and was back in the flight seat by the end of February 2012.
In 2013, he received orders to report to NAS Fallon, Nevada. He was to participate in the year’s Strike Fighter Tactics Instructor Program. The nine week program was the toughest thing he’d ever done, but nine weeks later he was filled with pride when he completed it.
He returned to his Squadron, and took up duties as a Training Officer to teach the others what he’d been taught.
In 2015, Robert was promoted to Lieutenant Commander. He was reassigned to VFA-211 where he took up the post of Squadron Executive Officer.
In 2017, he was detached from his squadron for special duties.
Father: Luke Burgin
Mother: Claire Burgin
Brother: Jonathan Burgin
Brother: Michael Burgin
Brother: CW-3 Richard Burgin US Army
Sister: Danielle Burgin
Sister: Sally Burgin
Weapons Systems Officer: Lieutenant Jay “Pappy” Patrick

Personnel Files / Gallagher, John
« on: June 06, 2017, 08:38:19 PM »
Played By: Justin

    Full Name: John Patrick Gallagher
    Age/ Birthday: 27/6th June 1991
   Nationality: British
    Rank, Title or Position: Captain (OF-2)
    Height: 6’2
   Build: Lean/Athletic
    Related Skills: SERE training; Special Forces officer; 6 years in the Army
   Unrelated Skills: Years of experience playing unprofessional rugby
   Credentials: Bachelor's degree in History and Politics
 Appearance: John is a relatively tall individual. He has a lean to athletic build. His hair is a mix between what both his parents have -His father having brown hair, and his mother having orange hair- turning it into a mix of light brown and orange. Depending on the way the light is, it might appear as either.
He inherited his blue eyes from his father. Excepting the hair colour and style, John’s grandparents often describe him as almost a copy of his father when he was the same age.
   John is a compassionate guy. He cares deeply for his family, and would die before he sees them hurt. He is a social guy. When he comes across a person he knows, he always stops to have a talk with said person. He was always interested in his friends’ lives. John is a great shot. As a young boy, his father would often take him hunting, and this came in handy when he joined the Navy.
He is a sore loser, though. While he will always congratulate people that win from him, he does not do it happily. Additionally, he can come across as cocky despite not really being so. However, he hadn’t come where he was for no reason.
Lastly, John is an optimistic guy, and he will always try to see the best in everything. He has zero tolerance for fuck-ups, but knows that they occasionally happen. He never gives up, even if he’s wounded he will go on.
Spending time with his daughter, and his family.
Playing rugby.
 Field/Work Experience:   
23/07/2011: Started at Royal Military Academy Sandhurst
26/05/2012: Graduated RMAS
26/05/2012: Commissioned as a Second Lieutenant
30/05/2012: Assigned A Coy, The Black Watch, Third Battalion, Royal Regiment of Scotland
19/05/2014: Promoted to Lieutenant
15/02/2016: Deployed to Iraq as part of Operation Shader
30/07/2016: Awarded Military Cross
17/08/2016: Awarded Iraq Medal
04/09/2016: Started Special Air Service Selection
09/10/2016: Completed Special Air Service Selection
10/10/2016: Reassigned Air Troop, “A” Squadron, 22 Special Air Service Regiment
21/01/2017: Promoted to Captain
 Personal History:
John Patrick Gallagher comes from a long line of Scottish soldiers. He is the son of a grizzled Scottish veteran in the British Army. The man had joined the Army in late 1980 at the age of 19, and worked his way into the Parachute Regiment.
When in 1982 the Argentinians invaded the Falklands islands, his unit was part of the taskforce sent to liberate them. That had been the man’s first taste of war, and it made him stay in the Army.
Eventually he would be deployed in the gulf war, and a number of the countries in what was once Yugoslavia, among others.
In 1990, John was born. His father had just been posted to the middle east in preparation of what would become the Gulf War.
John often had to adhere to strict regulations his father as a senior Non-Commissioned Officer imposed on him. It was tough, but in his own way, John enjoyed it.
His time in primary school wasn’t very significant. He was an apt student, and was always eager to learn. After he completed Primary school, he attended the local secondary school. John was a good student with a keen interest in both physical activities, and history. After school, he would often be found at the local rugby club he was a member of. He graduated in 2008.
For most of his youth, John was part of the local Army Cadet Force. Before being phased out due to his age, John was a Cadet Regimental Sergeant Major, while his father was the Regimental Sergeant Major of the Parachute Regiment. People often joked about the two Gallaghers and their respective ranks.
After completing his A-levels, John attended the University of Cambridge, majoring in History and Politics. He paid for it using money he had saved up at work, in addition to some money his parents had saved, and Government financial aid.
After three years he graduated, though. With above average marks, he gained a bachelor’s degree in his chosen course.
After university, John applied to attend the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. He was put before the 4-day Army Officer Selection Board. It was deemed that he had the appropriate characteristics that would allow him to perform effectively as a junior officer in command of soldiers after training.
He then attended the Academy. Posted in Ypres Company, named after the many battles that took place around the Belgian town of Ypres during the First World War.
John excelled in the Academy. At the end of the 44-week course, he was awarded both the Sword of Honour for being the Cadet considered by the Commandant to be the best of the course, as well as the Queen’s Medal for being Cadet who achieved the highest scores in military, practical and academic studies.
He was then commissioned as a Second Lieutenant. His father, present at the ceremony, beamed with pride. Having listed his two preferred Regiments, John was thrilled to be posted in The Black Watch, Third Battalion Royal Regiment of Scotland --his first choice.
Two years later, he was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant. He kept his platoon command, and nothing changed except for the second pip on his insignia, and a slightly higher pay.
At around this time, John entered into a relationship with a woman he’d gone to school with. Within months, she got pregnant. Their daughter was born in November of 2015, and was given the name Kerry Ann Gallagher.
Not long after, John’s company was deployed to Iraq as part of Operation Shader. He spent seven months in country before he was rotated home. He was awarded the Military Cross, and the Iraq Medal while he was there.
Home was different, however. Fights between him and Christina got more and more frequent, eventually leading to them ending the relationship.
He began investing every moment of his time, excepting what little time he got with his daughter, in his work.
Eventually, he applied for SAS selection. Not long later, he attended the 1-week Special Forces Briefing Course. Here he was briefed in detail on Special Forces employment and on the activities during selection. He also underwent a number of tests.
Three months later, John attended the 5-week endurance race. At the end, from the 200 candidates of his selection, only 23 made it to the end. He was one of the few to be awarded a transfer to an operation squadron, taking command of “A” Squadron’s Air Troop.
In January of 2017, John was promoted to the rank of Captain.
Paternal Grandfather: Sergeant Francis Gallagher, BA RM Retired
Paternal Grandmother: Jacqueline Gallagher
Maternal Grandfather: James MacGregor
Maternal Grandmother: Caroline MacGregor
Father: Warrant Officer Class One Jack Gallagher, CGC, MC, BA
Regimental Sergeant Major, The Rifles
Mother: Catherine Gallagher
Sister: Mary Patricia Gallagher
Daughter: Kerry Ann Gallagher

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