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After Action Reports / Re: Urgent Mercy (Operation Whirlwind Phase I)
« on: June 13, 2017, 01:30:24 AM »
<Bunker-women's bathroom>

 Having received the items she needed, namely a role of duck tape and several lengths of copper wire, Cate left the men hidden securely beneath the women's washroom in the cistern. Perhaps for them it wasn't the most ideal hidey hole but it was better than nothing plus it was located in such a ideal locations that from where they were it was possible to leave the women to take care of both the lab and coms center, then for them to do the rest. What was required though was for a little distraction from within to get all, or at least most of the Cartel men in one place. That was Cate's plan.

 It had been worked out between the girls for the times they would eat since the men left were all now either the foreign fighters of those converted, it was quite easy for them to be on their own. The males not wanting to dine with the women, it was the same with prayer time and other occasions, the girls were left to roam with the men thinking they were of now tactical value. Their mistake. At a given signal Cate was led to the kitchens in full view, although what the men didn't see was the little extras she carried in the loose fitting clothes supplied to her. Once in the mess she and Luciana got to work with a 15 liter plastic drum of ammonia they used for cleaning, with a small 500 ml bottle of chlorine. Cate wrapped the copper wire around the chlorine, securing it with the duck tape while she ran the ends of the wire back to a light fittings they had switched off, over one of the servery counters, fitting one end to the positive, the other to the negative poles. They spent the usual fifteen minutes in there before leaving, as they did on a prearranged time, one of the other women switched off the power to the mess from the meter room; Cate turned the light switch back on over the servery before leaving.

 As per the usual routine before Cate was to be returned to her room, they would visit the bathroom once again. This time was different though, some decent clothes in the form of her flight suit, the girls were now armed having pilfered the armory while they could, giving Cate an old M16 and Browning .45 side arm. When they left the armory, a grenade was attached to the door on a piece of wire as Cate had shown them how to do, then three of the women were assembled back in the bathroom, one was left in the meter room. The cover was lifted from the Cistern, with Cate leaning back down once again. "Party time boys, time to rock and roll." In two minutes Sophia would turn the power back on in the kitchen, the following explosion though not large, would be big enough to have the men come running.


After Action Reports / Re: Urgent Mercy (Operation Whirlwind Phase I)
« on: June 07, 2017, 01:23:52 AM »

<To Bunker Cistern>>

 With everything finally set in place, Luciana led the men back up the almost vertical trail seemingly away from the bunker main entrance, she was veering slightly east with each several meters they climbed. Finally after a hard ten minutes she brought them to a ledge that was covered with overhanging vegetation with the only thing that made it stand out was the water flow that could be seen beneath, now barely a trickle yet one could quite readily see that heavier flows poured from it on a regular basis.

 She took them in, passed a rusted out steel grill then into the tunnels. Although primarily for allowing water to be dispersed from the bunker system, much of this was even older, having been built on top of an ancient Spanish fort that was built in the 1500's at a time the natives had the upper hand. There were side tunnels going off in several directions, many ended in collapses, but not all. Luciana led them straight though, upwards then back west until finally they were in a space that measured roughly five by five meters and about a meter and a half high. They had to keep their heads down. Directly above them, light could be seen from the bathroom through the grill. "Wait here senors and please be quiet." She told them as she gently pushed the iron cover away after checking first naturally. Sophia was there, as arranged she or one of the others were to come back every fifteen minutes.

 "All is well?" She asked.

"Si." Sophia nodded. "Caterine is back in her cell, but none of the pigs are aware. They think her sleeping and will not disturb her until prior to the next transmission. Right now they are curious as to why it has gone quiet outside with many of them laughing thinking the hombres have given up and left."

 "That is what she predicted they would do. Run, if it is safe bring her back here." While the younger woman went to fetch Cate, Luciana guarded the door after picking up her side arm that had been left for her. Several minutes later Cate was back, seemingly guarded by all the women, two stayed by the now closed door.

 Kneeling down beside the open grill, Cate peered in. "Took your time didn't you guys?" You'd never think she had been beaten, forced to endure the shame of that video, or even the shame of being captured in the first place.


                                                    ~Time Jump local area 3+ hours~

<Deep underground high in the mountains 1000>

Something was definitely a little off here. On the one hand the young woman was pleading for help, then on the other once they were in the other room (obviously some kind of kitchen) one of the three accompanying girls shut the door, then more or less took up a position as if guarding it. That gave rise to Cate’s curiosities which showed plainly the way she wrinkled her nose. So when she felt it was safe enough after being guided to a chair, she spoke to the young woman who first came to her.

“Do you speak English.” She asked as she sat down lightly. Her rear end was still quite sore from her rather spectacular landing.

“Si. I am Luciana, these two are my younger sisters Mariana and Delores, the girl by the door is Sophia.” As she spoke, Delores handed her a small first aid kit, brand spanking new with US DoD markers still on it.

“So, these men you speak of, I take it from Khalid being here that not all of them are Argentine?” Cate knew she had to get straight to the point, there was no way of knowing how much time she had. By this time Luciana was wiping away excess blood from Cate’s cuts and scratches; nothing too serious thankfully.

The girl nodded. Cate noticed she wasn’t more than eighteen, the sisters younger and Sophia possibly about twenty at best. “Si, there are fourteen men here including that English pig. Eight are local, the rest from different parts of the Middle East except for one we call the ‘Butcher’, he is from Pakistan. All our men from this region have ‘converted’.” She used the term loosely. “As in fact most of us were forced to, but for us…” Her hand indicated her companions. “…we do not accept it. We wear the mask of deceit to stay alive.”

That was perfectly understandable, though Cate knew there was far more to the story yet. She probed further. “I am going to assume by what you said earlier and knowing the mind state of Islamists, you are ‘property’ to be done with whatever they wish. Is that correct?”

“We are nothing but their personal whores!” Mariana spat hatefully. “And if we refuse, we die. Originally there were seven of us, somewhere out there…” She pointed in a random direction. “…the bodies of our sisters lay unburied, cast off like garbage.”

This wasn’t good, not good at all and right she couldn’t think of a worse position for these girls to be in. Still, Cate never was one to give up easily. She felt for these kids, she knew from their faces this wasn’t a ruse, there was deep sincerity in their eyes. “Other than the front door and I presume a back door, are there other ways in and out of this place?” A pause in thought. “How many guard that winding pathway that leads in here, did you include those?”

Luciana shook her head, obviously she was stressed. “No, I am sorry I did not. There are two at each turn, they have rifles but not much more except the last turn, there they have a heavy machine gun.” Again she shook her head. “I….”

The other girl against the door walked over, bending close to Cate. “In the bathroom we use, there is a grill that empties excess water. It goes into a waste pit, then angles down towards the river, a person can climb through that.”

“Well then,  I guess that none of you have done that because of retaliation? Your families are threatened?” She was reaching, but she knew the answer.

All of them nodded. “Although, I think…” Sophia was going over something in her mind. “Your soldiers are looking for you, one of us would not be missed for an hour or so, especially now as those within go to their prayer meeting.”
Now she had something to work with. An hour, not much but just maybe. The thought of Cate escaping herself wasn’t even in question, for the moment she was missed these kids would be dead. She knew that.
{Luciana Abaroa} NPC

Not far above the US and British team, a young woman appeared with her hands held up, she carried nothing, except the face of fear. In clear English she said. “Don’t shoot, I come from Catherine.”

<Deep underground high in the mountains 1000>

 Another hour had passed by all too slowly for Cate. She had been returned to her 8x12 cell immediately after the video was taken with Khalid going through the motions of making sure she watched as he uploaded it onto the web. That was galling for her considering the work she had done with the French all those years ago in getting him locked away. From what she had gleaned in the last few hours there was a lot of money behind this operation and for her the math was simple, big money meant graft, someone was the beneficiary of that wealth which in turn meant there was some stinking corruption in high circles as usual. It never got old.

 For the time being all she could do was wait, wait and hope something would come her way because she knew that any attempt at some kind of rescue from the outside was going to be either very slim or non existent. The powers that be would she expect regard her as expendable and once they knew this location they'd just level it. She understood and accepted it. What she needed was a plan, an opportunity.

 At some point she supposed someone would be along to start the questioning process, which generally read as torture. With a guy like Khalid obviously leading this part of the Cartel, or indeed maybe the Cartel itself, she knew him well enough to know that he could inflict some serious pain with very little effort given his skills; Cate was expecting that to. So all she could do was lay back on the stinking mattress and think, which she did by focusing on the dimensions of the small room. The only light was through the square hole in the door measuring about 8 inches at about eye level. Enough light to see the cell had only the mattress and nothing else.

  For a while Cate was beginning to think that they’d simply leave her there until either the twenty four hours was up, or they’d come along at any minute to kill her anyway, while maintaining the ruse she was still alive. After perhaps another twenty minutes someone was at the door, a female, ordering her to stand against the far wall with her hands flat against the wall. She did this knowing the futility of resisting at this early stage without having any knowledge of her surroundings, who was holding her besides Khalid, or even where they were. The one thing about her was that she was patient, she had after all been in a very similar situation not too many years ago and she escaped from that one as well. The sound of the cell door opening, the women’s voice speaking  again to someone outside then Cate heard the soft sound of boots entering the cell. “-Voy a cuidar tus heridas, así como alimentarte.” A very young voice told her. Then that same voice lowered to a barely audible whisper. "Por favor, debes ayudarme, estos hombres son cerdos y monstruos, tengo tanto miedo ... No soy una puta ... No soy un esclavo ..."

"... ayúdanos."

 Cate understood clearly, she Could tell by the horror in the girl’s voice she was sincere, that was no act. But to be sure she merely nodded that she understood. Gently then her hands were taken to be placed behind her back with the coldness of handcuffs following shortly after, then a single ‘click’. There it was, something was about to go down and she knew it, there wasn’t the normal ratchet sound of the cuffs being fully locked. It could well be they were setting her up, an attempted escape and she gets shot. Or the girl was sincere. She was turned around to be led out by the speaker who was wearing the hijab over her black BDU’s; as they left the cell, two others fell in behind them as Cate was taken to another room much further down the hallway; she counted the paces with her head down. This room was larger, it smelt of women, that much she could tell.

<Deep underground high in the mountains 0900>

 The young woman was dressed in orange coveralls, the expression she wore said it all at a glance, she was set to kill someone. With a defiance that would suit an innocent soul heading to the gallows she reluctantly let her captors sit her in a chair behind a non descript plain table, a camera was on the other side opposite her. There were two figures behind her to either side dressed entirely in black with their faces typically covered, dark glasses obscuring the eyes; one of them was female quite obviously. A third figure dressed identically stood at her side, all three carried older M16 assault rifles except the third wore two side arms as if trying to portray some kind of rank.

With a non to delicate tug of her hair, the man beside Cate pulled her head up to face the front. “We shall begin.” He nodded to someone who may have been operating the camera.

“We are the United Argentine Front Resistance. We are declaring our sovereignty against the oppressors of true freedom. I am addressing the leaders of the Imperialist invaders, you know this woman..” His hand casually hovered over Cate’s head. “If you wish to see her returned to you unharmed, safe and well you will accede to our wishes. You have twenty four hours to remove all of your fascists’ troops and soldiers from our land, end the blockade of our nation and free the one hundred and five political prisoners from Guantanamo Bay. Failure to comply and this woman will be tried and shot as a spy at the expiration of that time. “

 Cate’s head whipped around toward him, her expression changed from defiance to anger, she looked back at the camera unspoken words said as much. “I’m not worth it. Don’t listen to him.”

The recording was finished then posted on Youtube and other websites within minutes.

<April 25th Argentine-Brazilian Border-0815>

 By the time Cate finally opened her eyes she found herself bound hand and foot to a chair, a steel one at that which was apparently bolted somehow to the cold concrete floor beneath her now bare feet. She blearily looked around, happy at least she was still clothed in her T and pants, but her belt was gone, she felt her ear studs were missing as well as the tips of her lobes were sore. Eighteen carat gold, a gift from Rob and she would kill someone to get those back.

 She was cold as well, cold and damp. Instinctively she knew she was underground, possibly deep underground as she was well aware of the bunker systems the cartels had built in this area over the last few decades from her former occupation; at least when it was fulltime. Voices hushed made her look up to see a man and a woman dressed in black BDU's apparently exchanging a few choice words, in English. The woman left in huff leaving the man who turned to Cate. Her face drained of all blood when she saw his face.

 "Hello Catherine, my what a strange place we meet again don't you think? Forgive the circumstances but you do have a habit of being in places you're not welcome don't you?" A perfectly cultured Oxford English accent, coming from a man she thought she had helped put away several years ago. Khalid Bin Salim, a former London plastic surgeon who moonlighted for Al-Queda in his spare time, organising and carrying out total identity exchanges on hunted terrorists, then becoming one of them when he murdered two right wing activists in Paris. Cate and another agent from the French DGSI. Last she knew he had been sentenced to life.

 "Khalid, you have a habit of being a pain in my arse."
She said which brought a swift back hand. She spat blood. "I imagine the ransom demand is going to be quite hefty?"

 The big plumpish man smiled almost kindly. "First of all its Raul Estivez, secondly darling you have that estimation correct. We shall be setting up our first video for your, your audition shall we say very shortly."

Australia / Re: [AUS] Abbrievations and slang
« on: May 04, 2017, 02:33:54 AM »
Sad-on    To be unhappy. "What's up mate? You've had a sad-on all day."
Sads    To whinge, as in "crack the sads."
Sally Man    Salvation Army Officer. A term of endearment.
SAS    Special Air Service or when used to describe Army Reservists means 'Saturdays and Sundays'.
Scablifter    Medic.
SCRAN    Refers to food - "Sultanas, Currants, Raisins and Nuts" and "Sh-t Cooked by the Royal Australian Navy".
Scran-bag    Lost clothing bag. Also used metaphorically to describe a slovenly, disorganised or incompetent sailor: "I don't want 'X' on my watch, he/she's a complete scranbag."
Seventy-Seven Set    AN/PRC-77 manpack radio.
Sig    Private in the Royal Australian Signals corps. Abbreviation for Signalman.
Skippy Badge    Hat or beret badge insignia for the Royal Australian Regiment (Regular Army Infantry organisation) called Skippy for the kangaroo in the centre of it.
Slouchie or
Slouch Hat    Unique form of wide brimmed khaki/light brown coloured fur-felt hat worn by Australian Soldiers with the left brim turned up for ceremonial occasions. A KFF
S.L.U.G.    Slow, lethargic, uncoordinated. Often used for those who are physically challenged or endemically hopeless.
Snake    Used to refer to Sergeants.
Snake Pit    Used to refer to the Sergeants Mess. Also shortened to "the pit".
Space Cadet    Staff Cadet (Officer in training) with rank abbreviated as SCDT.
Spanner    Member of the corps of Royal Australian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (RAEME).
Sparky    Electrician or electronics tech of the RAEME.
Spook    RAAF Intelligence Officers.
Subbie    Officer of subaltern rank, i.e. Army Lieutenants, Air Force Pilot/Flying Officers, and Navy Sub-Lieutenants.
S.W.A.T    Reserves. Abbreviation for Some Weekends And Tuesdays
 Tail-end Charlie    Soldier who is bring-up or protecting the rear of a platoon, or formation.
Tailor mades    Mass-produced, purchased cigarettes as opposed to rolling your own ('rollies').
 Tanker/Tanky    Member of the Armoured Corps.
Target    Naval surface vessel according to submariners and aircrew.
Tea and Sticky Buns    One-way conversation during which a wayward member (usually an officer) is reminded of his or her short comings by a senior commander.
TIC    Troops In Contact
Tillie    M548A1 Tracked Load carrier - member of the M113 family used for cargo / resupply duties.
TOC    Canteen services at the Australian Defence Force Academy
Tooth Fairy    Member of the Royal Australian Army Dental Corps.
Tubbin    Thumb Up Bum Brain In Neutral.
Trash haulers    Transport aircrew. Often shortened to 'trashies'.
Trucky    Soldiers of The Royal Australian Corps Of Transport.
Turps    Any form of alcoholic beverage drank to excess.
Turret-head    Member of the Armoured Corps.
Two-dads    Someone with a hyphenated surname (ie. John Smith-Jones)
Two-way rifle range    Battlefield.
Up there Cazaly    battle cry used by infantrymen in North Africa in WWII. Cazaly was an Australian rules football player famous for his high marks and ruck work which caused fans to yell "Up there Cazaly".
UXO    Unexploded Ordinance. This either has not been fired, or failed to detonate or explode when it was fired.
Webbing    A system of pouches worn by a soldier as his or her basic belt kit carrying water, ammunition and sometimes food.
WOMBAT    Waste Of Military Budget And Time
Wombat gun    M79 grenade launcher. More common now is the GLA (Grenade Launcher Attachment) for the in service F88 AUSTEYR.
Yowie suit    Heavily camouflaged garments worn by snipers, resembling a mythical creature of the bush. Australian term for a Ghillie suit.
Zoom bag    Flying suit.

Australia / Re: [AUS] Abbrievations and slang
« on: May 04, 2017, 02:32:57 AM »
Off Cut    Nickname for an Officer Cadet, derived from the abbreviation OFFCDT.
Oci Dot    Nickname for an Officer Cadet, derived from the abbreviation OCDT.
O Group    Meeting conducted by a commander where orders are distributed. The shortened form is an 'Owey'.
OP    Shorthand for an "Operation".
One-ers    Naval term for making tea or coffee solely for oneself, without offering to make a cuppa for your mates.
Oxygen thief    Person who is so useless that their existence deprives the rest of the human race of oxygen.
Pam    Military doctrine manual
Packed lunch commando    Member of the CMF or Army Reserve.
Pies and Beers    Play on the term Ginger Beers. Refers to Pioneer specialists from the Royal Australian Infantry Corps who carry out less technically demanding engineering tasks than Royal Australian Engineers Corps personnel.
Pig    F-111 aircraft. Also an Australian RAAF nickname given to SAAF's Piaggio "Albatross" aircraft.
Pig Pen    Officer's mess.
Pineapple    Used to describe an odious task or command, delivered by a Sergeant or above. Akin to having a pineapple jammed up one's arse.
Pusser    Sailor, also used in the Royal Navy; derivative of 'purser'. Originally used to describe just the supply branch. ( Pussers rum was issued to the British Navy. )
Quarmbie    Used by the Army, it refers to a highly uncoordinated person lacking in motor skills. Usually in relation to drill or weapon handling.
Q    Quartermaster. Officer who has the enviable job of making sure that the Q-store is always full of every kind of stuff ever invented.
Q-blokes /
Q-waller / Quey    People who work in the Q-store.
Q-store    Quartermaster's Store. Large building full of stacks of every kind of stuff you could ever want or need.
Rabbit    RAN term for a job done for a mate as a favour or himself, by a trade specialist in that area such as a technician fixing a mate's stereo or repairing a car. Usually in work time using RAN facilities and tools. "Hey Dave, could you do a rabbit on my car tomorrow?"
Racing Spoon    Plastic spoon that now accompanies the one man ration pack. So named because it allows a soldier to eat as though in a race
Raffie    Used by the Army and RAN to identify Royal Australian Air Force personnel
Ration Assassin    Army cook.
Rat-Catcher    Common and affectionate term for Royal Australian Air Force's Environmental Health members or hygienists.
Rat Pack    Nickname for the 24-hour Combat Ration Pack (CRP).
Redders    Tomato sauce. A tomato sauce stain on one's uniform is a 'redders medal'.
Red Tabs    Senior Officers in the Army: Colonel and above. They are distinguished by the red tabs worn on their collars.
Resup    Resupply, usually in the field of water, food and ammunition.
Retread    Soldier that is changing trades. Used while they on course to distinguish them from IET's
Reg    Regular full-time soldier.
Rock show    Used to describe a poorly planned or managed activity..."That exercise was a complete Rock show" or "This is fast turning into a Rock show"
ROP    Restriction Of Privileges. A type of punishment handed to a person who has been found guilty of a military offence (a defaulter).
R.H.I.P    Stands for "Rank Has Its Privileges", sometimes quoted as "Rank Hath Its Privileges".
Rupert    Army Officer (from British Army - newly commissioned officer and therefore very inexperienced).

Australia / Re: [AUS] Abbrievations and slang
« on: May 04, 2017, 02:32:01 AM »
– H  I  J  K  L  M  N –
Handbag    Signals operator. The term is derived from the satchel used carry a VHF dipole antenna known as an Antenna Lightweight for either a 'Seventy Seven Set' or its modern equivalents. Particularly applicable to Royal Australian Signals Corps personnel as their corps badge resembles the Interflora symbol. Also used to be used to describe medics whose medical kits looked like handbags and were often carried like a lady carries a handbag.
Harden Up    Standard response to whinging or complaining, telling a person to shut up and get on with the job. Often provided in imaginary consumable form, e.g. here's a harden-up pill or have a can of harden-up.
Head Shed    Headquarters at any unit level.
Helo    Army / Navy term for helicopter (pronounced HEEL-o).
Ho Chi Min Shuffle    Slow run designed to conserve energy over long distances. The feet are not lifted very high.
Hoochie    individual plastic sheeting used for shelter in the field (probably from hooch, a Vietnamese rural dwelling)
Hook in    To perform a task aggressively or with gusto. "Hook in, get your work done and we'll have an early knock off".
House on back    To put on ones pack; because soldiers in the field are required to live out of their pack.
Hot Box    Large plastic containers which bring fresh rations to Diggers in a field environment, which contains inadequately small portions of cooked vegetables and a small helping of whatever yesterdays leftovers were from the base mess packed into tinfoil trays.
Jack Rations    Civilian food taken to the field to liven up the issue rations.
Jellybean-dispenser    F1 sub-machine gun. Derived from the jelly-bean like appearance of low velocity bullets that may be observed leaving the barrel.
Jube    New or inexperienced soldier, thought to be because they are soft and sugar-coated. Also JOOB - Just Out Of Basic
Juvie juice    Fruit flavoured cordial.
KFF    Khaki Fur Felt (hat). More official term for the Slouch Hat.
KFS    Knife Fork Spoon. A piece of equipment which hosts all three cutlery items.
Kip    Short sleep or nap.
Koala Bear    Someone who is generally considered a protected species and useless in the greater scheme of things. Usually accompanied by the phrase "Not to be exported or shot at" was used to refer to Armoured Corps.
Lance Jack    Used in place of the rank Lance Corporal. E.g. We have 3 Corporals and 2 Lance Jacks in this unit. The slang comes from a VC winner. Also used in the British Armed Forces.
Light Colonel,
Half Colonel    Lieutenant Colonel
Limers    Navy term for cordial fruit drink.
Lobster    Physical Training Instructor, usually meaning "Hard on the outside and head full of sh-t". Also refers to their bright red training uniform.
Maggoty    Short for "maggot bag", meaning a meat pie.
Maggoted    Drunk.
Makers    Naval euphemism for an early stand-down from work. Derived from the naval custom of 'make and mend', whereby sailors were allocated 'free' time to repair personal clothing and equipment.
Mango    Army Reservist. Green on the outside, yellow on the inside and too many of them give you the sh-ts.
Mog    ADF medium transport truck the Mercedes Unimog.
Morale Vampire    Officer who is highly focussed on his own goals and needs, showing little or no care for the welfare or needs of the soldiers under his command.
Mordor    Canberra, the Australian National Capital and location of Army Headquarters.
Motorbike licence    Ruse to get diggers to volunteer for something. Example .. Sgt: Has anybody here got a motorbike licence? (2 or 3 new diggers jump to their feet) "I have Sergeant!" Sgt: Good. Grab these shovels and go dig a latrine. Diggers: What about the motorbike? Sgt: GRAB THOSE SHOVELS AND START DIGGING!
Nard roll    Toilet paper
Numpty    Individual who just doesn't get it, for example This numpty recruit forgot his boots. Also used in the British Armed Forces.
NVG    Night Vision Goggles

Australia / Re: [AUS] Abbrievations and slang
« on: May 04, 2017, 02:31:08 AM »
Dargon    Senior Non-Commissioned Officer or Warrant Officer in the Army.
Digger    Soldier in the Australian Army, for example Look after your diggers, Lieutenant. Term comes from the Anzacs.
Dirt Dart    Soldier undertaking Army parachuting.
Dixies    Small aluminium cooking and eating pans used by individuals in the bush.
Dixie-bashing    Washing up.
Door kicker    Member of the SAS who is trained in gaining entry by force.
DPCU    Disruptive Pattern Camouflage Uniform. See 'Cams'.
Drabs    Air Force Tropical Dress which replaces Service Dress (see Blues) in tropical areas
Drop shorts    Artillery soldier
Eating irons    Cutlery (mainly known in the army as KFS - knife, fork and spoon).
Elephant gun    L1A1 SLR Self Loading Rifle (not used while the SLR was the main rifle).
Emu Bob or
Emu Parade    line of soldiers walking almost shoulder to shoulder, bobbing up and down picking up litter
EX    Shorthand for an "Exercise" or training mission/deployment.
Face ripping    One-way discussion, usually between a soldier and a subordinate, where the "face ripper" gets so close that subordinate can see the pores on his forehead. This usually occurs on the drill square or in the CSM's office.
Fang Farrier    Army dentist.
Farter    Bed or sleeping bag. Normally refers to going to bed. For example "Hit the Farter".
Fatcans or Fat shop    Australian Defence Force Canteens. For example "I'm going to get some food from Fatcans".
Fat pills    Chocolate and lollies (sweets/candy).
Fish head    Maritime patrol aircrew.
Fitter and turner    Army cook. It means "to fit good food into a pot and turn it into sh-t".
Flight Lewie    Nickname for Flight Lieutenant, Air Force Junior Officer rank.
Flogg Off    Spoken abbreviation for Flying Officer (FLGOFF), Air Force Junior Officer rank.
 F.R.E.D    Small device which is a combination of a can opener, a bottle opener and a spoon. Officially named a "Field Ration Eating Device", but more popularly known as a "F--king Ridiculous/Retarded Eating Device". In the Air Force this acronym can also denote a 'F--king Ridiculous Electronic Device'.
Free Balling /
Free Snaking    Going without underwear. Often done in the field for hygiene and comfort reasons. Known also as "going commando".
Fruit salad    Medal ribbons.
Full-track    Used in place of the rank Corporal.
Gammas    Go get some sunlight on the upper decks.
Gaz    Used to describe someone of unparalleled skill. Also used to describe SAS troops.
Gedunk Machine    Soft drink / candy bar dispensing machine.
Ginger Beers    Member of the Royal Australian Engineers Corps or RAAF flight engineers.
Go fast    Unit or other baseball cap worn by RAAF members
God Botherer    Padre or anybody remotely religious. (sometimes called "sky pilots").
Goffer / Goffa    Soft drink. Slang thought to come from name of the drink manufacturer Goffe & Sons
Goffa    Used by Royal Australian Navy to describe a salute
Gomper / Gumpy Bar    Chocolate bar like a Mars bar or Picnic. "Have a goffer and a gomper mate."
Gong(s)    Medal(s).
Gonk    To sleep. Also Gonking, the act of having a sleep.
Grunt(s)    Acronym meaning the same in Australia as it does everywhere else, a negative name for an infantry soldier. Often adopted with pride by the Grunts themselves. (Government Reject Unfit for Normal Training)
Gucci    Piece of kit that is really good or expensive.
Gun Bunny    Artillery soldier, for example Bloody Gun Bunnies can't do anything right.
Gunny/Gunnie    Air Force term for an armaments fitter. No relation to the US Marine Corps rank of Gunnery Sergeant.
Gun Plumber    Fitter/armourer, usually those attached to artillery units.

Australia / Re: [AUS] Abbrievations and slang
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Angry Chook    Army Chinook heavy lift helicopter
AO    Area of Operations.
APC    Armoured Personnel Carrier
APC    Type of bath taken in the bush with limited water: Armpits and Crotch
AusCam    Standard camouflage pattern on Australian Military equipment. Derived from 'AUStralian CAMouflage'.
Back-ups    Seconds (when having a meal).
Bagger    Air Force term for a married member living off-base. Refers to 'brown-bagging' meals from home instead of eating in the Mess.
Bang Seat    Ejection seat
Bang Stick    Rifle
Banjo    Bacon and Egg breakfast roll wrapped in tin foil and delivered in Hot Boxes typically to troops staying overnight at the range.
Battle Tranny    Portable device used to access FM/AM radio stations.
Bean Counter    Anyone that knows the cost of everything and the value of nothing.
Bird Bath    Soldier attempting to wash their body in the field utilising any available resource such as baby wipes or a small basin of water. It replaces the normal daily showering or bathing at home. Also refers to the airfield spray system used to wash salt residue from maritime patrol aircraft.
Bird Gunner    Air Defence Regiment (Surface-Air Missiles) member, division of the Royal Australian Artillery.
Black Hat    Refers to either Armoured Corps personnel (Black Berets) or to non-SAS personnel (who wear very dark blue berets that look black) posted to the SAS regiment.
Black plastic fantastic    M16 when the SLR and M16 were the common service rifles.
Boffin    Army electronics/communications technician.
Bog roll or Date roll    Toilet paper.
Boggy    Short for bograt, the slang term for a Pilot Officer (the most junior commissioned Air Force Officer rank).
BOHICA    Bend Over, Here It Comes Again. Often heard when one is about to be 'shafted' with an unpleasant task.
Boots    A suck up. Refers to somebody who is so far up somebody else's backside that all that you can see is his/her boots.
Brass up    To fire a lot of rounds at something.
Bug Out    Leave an area.
Bush Hat    Floppy hat worn by soldiers in the field or in non-barracks training.
Canteen Medals    Beer or food stains on the breast of a shirt or jacket.
Cams    Disruptive Pattern Combat Uniform (DPCU), working dress for Army and Air Force and worn on exercises / deployment. Also used in the British Armed Forces.
Cent    Centurion Armoured Fighting Vehicle.
Chicken Strangler    SAS soldier; refers to their ability to live off the land.
Chook    Signals operator. The term comes from the days of Morse Code communications, where an operator transmitting a message resembled a chook (chicken) pecking the ground. 108th Signals Squadron has the famous cartoon chook Foghorn Leghorn as their unit mascot.
Clacker    Hand-held firing device for a 'Claymore' anti-personnel weapon.
Cloud Puncher    Air defence branch of Artillery.
Cockroach    Ordnance Corps (Supply) person, also referred to as a 'ROACH'.
Comms    Short for communications.
Craftie    Private in the corps of Royal Australian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (RAEME) - short for "Craftsman". The word "corps" is pronounced "core".
CRP    Combat Ration Pack. See Rat Pack
Crump in    To have a relatively bad landing when parachuting.

After Action Reports / Re: Port Stanley-Falkland Islands
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<UK CO's Office RAF Mt Pleasant>

"Every available asset that can be deployed has been, but with the current situation that may not be enough. Our forces are massing for an offensive effort against the Cartel and Cate's rescue may see some of those rescue elements redirected elsewhere." Sam had to say it as it was, there was no choice. "Kyle and Trish, you will remain with my flight, Robert, I wouldn't normally suggest something like this, but given your fulltime employment I couldn't think of anyone else representing us. I'd like to call for volunteers on this base, in fact notice has already been sent out to that point." Now the hard part for him. "Do you think you can keep your emotions in check to be a part of that; I know damned well its a hard call, so I am not making it an order."

 Both Kyle and Trish looked across to their teammate, they knew exactly what would be going through his mind. "If it were me buddy, wild equines couldn't stop me." Kyle said flatly, given the opportunity he'd be going himself.

 "Yeah, what he said Rob. You got the skills man, they could use you." Same with Trish. They were all deeply fond of Cate, she had made friends with them and it was a friendship not easily broken.

<April 25th Argentine-Brazilian Border-0655>

 For twenty minutes Cate slugged it out through the thick terrain, yet since it was all down hill in many parts it was slide, walk, slide. Finally she reached the river bank at a small sandy beach where there was a pool isolated under some low hanging trees; she found it strange that there were few sounds of nature, as if the wildlife had fled. As that thought passed through her head she realized the reason why. Far off in the distance somewhere to the west she thought, she could faintly hear the sound of a firefight which meant that hopefully allied forces were sticking it up to the Cartel and that is the direction she knew she had to head for.

 Following the river bank Cate was tempted several times where shallow waters could be found to cross over, yet knowing the 'other' side was Brazil and that standing orders forbid her from doing so, she moved on. Another ten minutes further on, closer to the sounds of gunfire she was alerted to a quick moving sound slightly above her, to her left. Her weapon came around quickly, the safety off as she tried to peer into the gloom of the trees; she could see nothing. But the next sound chilled her to the bone.

 "Deja caer tu arma, señora. Cualquier movimiento repentino y te dispararemos. ¡Apóyate en el suelo con las manos extendidas! ¡Ahora!"

Spoiler: show
Drop your weapon lady. Any sudden movements and we will shoot you. Lay flat on the ground with your hands outstretched! Now!

"I don't speak Spanish!" She lied trying to buy some time. All that achieved was a bullet fired at her hitting the sand not two feet from her. That was enough, Cate knew when to call it quits and when to survive so that she could figure her way out of this; she was a smart cookie, knowing these people were nowhere near as bad as the North Koreans. After all she had escaped from them hadn't she?

 Complying with the order, Cate went to ground with her arms out wide, the sand smelled of mud and 'other' things. Her M4 she flung out of reach and within less than a minute rough hands were picking her up, stuffing a stinking gag in her mouth. Not content with that, whoever her captors were had another trick up their sleeve when a sharp needle went into her neck and that oppressive odor of some kind of anesthetic filled her senses. The world went black after that.

<April 25th Argentine-Brazilian Border-0635>

 Getting out of her bird wasn't the easiest thing in the world to do, for as soon as Cate even moved a groaning sliding sound came from beneath the fuselage. At this hour and at this latitude it was still quite dark on the ground, the sun though had just peeked his nose up on the eastern horizon, so at least there was some light for her to see her predicament and a predicament it was. Peering over the side without moving too much, Cate saw that the nose of the F16 was pointed downward towards a ravine and a fast flowing river perhaps two or three hundred feet below her; on either side of her were trees, millions of them. She knew instinctively what would happen if she simply climbed out, the change in weight and angle would send her careening over the edge.

 For a long five minutes she had no idea what to do, the only thing in her mind was she wasn't about to end up some lifeless skeleton to be found in thirty years time buried in the jungles of South America as nature gobbled her up. Gently she removed her helmet, then unscrewed the visor from it so that turning it around she had a mirror of sorts. Cate held it up so she could see behind either side, that was when she was uplifted looking on the port side. All it took was a shift of about ten degrees and the tail would be wedged firmly between a giant Beech tree and a huge felled trunk. How to do that was the question. Then it hit her.

 Unfastening anything and everything that would impede her exit should the F16 let loose, Cate leaned hard back in her seat, then with a sudden movement of her body she shoved all her weight into the left. Nothing happened, a long silence then suddenly the sound of groaning metal. Cate was ready to leap, where she had no idea. The F16 moved half a meter then stopped as if some giant had grabbed the tail. Leaning out again she looked back. Bingo! That giant was the Beech tree.

 Not wanting to risk fate, Cate then got out as quickly as possible. She slid over the side landing in a very soft slightly muddy ground. The first thing she had to do was retrieve her pack from the plane's locker which was located behind a drop down panel on the lower fuselage. A specially shaped key unlocked it, which she had in her utility pocket. Dropping the panel she pulled out her pack then unsecured her M4 from its locker in back; from there she stripped off her chute, G suit and helmet, dumping all of that in the cockpit.

 Now dressed simply in her Aussie 'forest' camo pants, a buff colored Tee shirt, her boots, side arm and the pack on her back, she set off around the rear of the F16 to find some kind of animal trail. She soon found one leading downwards, though she stopped before getting completely out of site of her ship. "Thanks for watching over me Grandads, both of you. I just realized its Anazac day, how bloody appropriate. Lest We Forget." She saluted to the west, then trudged on.

After Action Reports / Port Stanley-Falkland Islands
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RAF Mount Pleasant, Port Stanley.

Located 30 Kilometers south of the port, RAF Mount Pleasant is home to:
    No. 1435 Flight – 4 x Eurofighter Typhoons
    No. 1312 Flight – 1 x Voyager KC2, 4 x Hercules C3
    No. 1310 Flight – 2 x Chinooks

Now with the new threat coming from Argentina, these forces are being bolstered by the day. Another four flights of Typhoons are being landed within a day, five more Hercules and another eight Chinooks. This has been bolstered by four RAAF F/A18F's and six RCAF CF/18's, with two RAAF F/A18b's and elements from the USAF(F22 x 4) and USMC (AV8B x 8)

Tactical. RAAF 2 CJ-27 Spartan. 2 C17a Globemasters
            USAF 1 E3 Sentry
            USAF 2 KC-10 Extender
            USAF 5 C130J Hercules
            USMC 8 CH53E Super Stallion   


{Col Sam Cater USAF} NPC
{Captain USAF  Kyle Lacosse} NPC
{1st Lieutenant USANG Patricia 'Trish' Ramirez } NPC

<UK CO's Office RAF Mt Pleasant>

 Sam had been given the use of the 'Boss's' office almost as soon as her boots hit the linoleum floor leading into the not so large air base facility. It had in fact been even smaller than this not too long ago, with now several more extensions added since the heightened awareness coming out of Buenos Aires. Her eyes were hooded in concern when she saw her Cobra flight pilots walking sullenly, she knew too well how they felt.

 "Take a seat please all of you, this will be a short debrief. I don't have to ask what happened as I knew not five seconds after Cate went down. Our AWACS was at least on the ball." Even though Sam told them to sit, she remained standing.

 Kyle did as he was told, he preferred not to as he and indeed his teammates had been sitting for the better part of eight hours now. "Do we know why Colonel? As best as I can figure Cate somehow ran out fuel, or worse mech failure." The last two words were spat out, their ANG unit had been using twenty year old aircraft that were already well over used when issued to them.

 Looking over at Robert, Trish put a hand on his arm. "We will get her back, you know that. Just believe in it Rob." She was one of the few besides Cate who called him that, most of the men didn't.

 Looking down then up, Sam nodded. "That is what we suspect. I'm having the last service reports on 44-6 sent down to us now. We may find something in there. Oh and Captain Henschel, I've been in touch with your Highway Patrol Chief, he has granted you a months leave, Air Force will pick up the tab."

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