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Character Template and Guidelines / Re: Signature requests
« on: April 28, 2017, 10:22:01 PM »
 Some help would be good. Post some photo examples of your guys, I'd be grateful to ya all.  :sam2

Character Template and Guidelines / Re: Signature requests
« on: April 28, 2017, 09:58:34 PM »
*speaking for Mim*  :{=

Won't have time this weekend, but I will get onto them first up on Monday. :)

Historical Missions / Re: Urgent Mercy (Operation Whirlwind Phase I)
« on: April 28, 2017, 08:49:46 PM »
<12,000 feet Argentine/Brazilian border 0500>

{Captain USAF  Kyle Lacosse} NPC
{1st Lieutenant USANG Patricia 'Trish' Ramirez } NPC

 For thirty minutes the remainder of Cobra flight loitered in the area, each pilot frantically checking their radars and other sensor suites. There was no sign of a bail, the energy shock from Cate's ejection would have registered on their infra red radar, nor was there any radio from her, it was as if she simply fell out of the sky. Finally with great sadness Kyle had to make that call no pilot ever wanted to. "That's it, we've done what we could. We have enough juice to make the tanker then the Falklands. Break, break break."

 Trisha wanted to bury her head, she was the newb on the team. Her hands were shaking as she replied choking back tears. "Understood Cobra two. Bob, we'll find her I promise you that." A hollow promise perhaps yet one that gave hope.

 The three F16's headed for the Atlantic and their rendezvous with 'Mother Goose'. Before Sam's flight escorting the Hercs were within an hour of their drop she knew about it. There was no way they could continue now so the supply drop was cancelled for the time being, they to altered course for the Falklands knowing the enemies awareness would be trebled as of 0500.


 At somewhere around 5,000 feet Cate realized today was the day she was going to die. It was as simple as that. No prayers, no words could speak of the mountain of regret she was feeling right now. Her bird was in free fall, the controls frozen and not even the ejector mechanism was working, although she had screamed at the sky Gods a moment ago "Who the f*ck built this piece of shit!"

 But as fortune would have it, all was not a total loss even as she said above her head "It was a sweet year Robert, maybe we'll catch up in that big rodeo in the heavens sometime." The entire she was dropping Cate hadn't let up in trying to restart, so much so her finger was hurting from the constant jabbing of the button. When she had resigned herself to whatever fate was about to dish out, the EPU suddenly burst into life. It wouldn't restart the main engine naturally as there appeared there the main fault lie, but she had minimal power for however long and she used it wisely. Again she tried to eject with the only result the canopy being popped off, there was no power to the ejection cartridge. Next best recourse, drop the gear and lower her flaps for at worst if she lost power again she could still manage to wrestle the stick.

"Cobra one, dead stick. No power.." Then it went off again. Two minutes later with the F16 cruising in at around 170 knots, the wings were torn off as she swept through tall trees. The remaining fuselage came to a sliding skidding halt in the early morning darkness after doing two 360 degree stomach churning turns to stop in a downward pointing attitude. At least she was alive. "Welcome to South America." Cate said sarcastically as she undid her harness.

Historical Missions / Re: Urgent Mercy (Operation Whirlwind Phase I)
« on: April 28, 2017, 04:14:25 AM »
APRIL 2017, Operation Day minus 1 / Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport, Puerto Rico, / 2230 LOCAL

 Four heavily loaded F16/D's from the Alabama ANG sat on the hardstand under the blazing lights in the sectioned of area of the Puerto Rico Air National Guard their engines slowly idling as ground crew made the final adjustments to the aircraft's ordnance loads.

 As they worked the four pilots stood beneath what in the day time would have been a protective shelter from the sun just fifty feet away from the 'birds, their Wing CO Colonel Samantha Carter going through the last minute details making sure the flight leader, an Aussie on exchange, Squadron Leader (Major to the US forces) Cate MacGregor, knew exactly with the greatest of detail what they were doing.

{Col Sam Cater USAF} NPC
{Captain USAF  Kyle Lacosse} NPC
{1st Lieutenant USANG Patricia 'Trish' Ramirez } NPC

 "Make sure you understand Cate our primary objective are the four SAM sites, secondary targets will be as requested. We have a C130 supply flight of four at zero five hundred, one of those is carrying essential medical supplies for the locals, its imperative they get through unharmed, I will be leading the escort mission in myself and know how I'd hate to be shot down." The look on the blonde Colonel's face was priceless, Cate loved working with her, they were much the same in the humor department.

 Before she could reply, the young 'baby' of the Flight Trisha spoke up, her dark face even darker in the semi light of the covered shelter. "Colonel ma'am, do we have any other assets in the region?"

 Well at least Catherine knew that much, Sam nodded to her, so she could make the response. "We have an AWACS coordinating for us Lieutenant, plus we have a KC10 refueling us in and out. Our return base will be the RAF base in the Falklands." She looked at her team, especially Bob Henschel, they had been talking about the future for them both right up until an hour ago. Right here and now though they were teammates, nothing more and protocol dictated it remained so. Her eyes then fell back to Sam. "No, that'd be the last thing we'd want Colonel, besides you owe me fifty bucks."

 They all laughed at that until Sam grinned back at her new found Aussie friend. "Right then, you leave in ten minutes, good luck and god speed." She saluted them all, with all of them smartly returning to her. Sam turned away slowly, then went straight to her car before driving off.

 With one hand on her hip, the other holding her helmet, Cate waited a moment. "Right kids, we have a long flight, if you need to pee you had better do it now."

  <Six hours into the flight, 0430 local time>

 "Bombs gone!" Cate reported through her headset, as flight leader she was the last to drop her load, making sure that each member of the flight had hit their targets with the laser guided ordnance being the most accurate there was, even in the darkness with their infra red cameras and sensors. The hits were recorded, there was no opposition at all, the rebels had no idea what hit them. "Turning for home." Not exactly, there was an over sea flight to the Falklands and one more refuel. Besides her arse was killing her and she was hungry enough to empty the first MacDonalds they came across.

 As the F16's banked away from the target zone, all ears were listening for any requests of secondary targets, they had their guns if necessary, but that meant getting down low and dirty. At 10,000 feet they felt safe.

 "Keep it tight guys." Kyle encouraged them as they headed east. His eyes though were drawn to Cate's rear end, of her bird of course. He could see clearly the glow of her exhaust fluttering. "Cate check your fuel." He said worryingly.

"Got it." Cate replied, checking every gauge on her panel, she had more than enough to make the rendezvous with the tanker. Then everything went dark. Her engine stopped dead, the instrument panel shut down and the nose of the F16 dipped as the HOTAS went rigid in her hand. "Shit!" She said, but even her radio was dead, a complete power failure. That meant she'd have to bail, there was no choice.

 "Cate!" Trisha yelled as suddenly their leaders aircraft disappeared, she still had it on radar but it was falling away quickly.

Mission Requests / Re: Damsel in Distress
« on: April 27, 2017, 10:43:18 PM »
 I agree :D  :sam2 :CH :thb

Mission Requests / Re: Damsel in Distress
« on: April 27, 2017, 06:42:03 AM »
 That's great, we could get this rolling in the next day or so. It will look better for advertising to if it looks like we've made the effort to get started  :sam2

Mission Requests / Damsel in Distress
« on: April 27, 2017, 01:17:17 AM »
 Talking with EJ the other day about our first possible mission, so some feed back on this would be appreciated .

 Cate will be attached to a US fighter unit (187th FS) operating out of Bagram Airfield (she is an exchange pilot). On a fairly routine bombing mission over Tali territory high in the mountains her F16 experiences a severe flame out from which she cannot restart. She will be forced to either eject or hard land, either way she will be in enemy territory. The concept of this mission will be who gets to her first (Terry Tali will) and if she survives, who will rescue her.

 Thoughts?  :sam3 :sam2

Personnel Files / Catherine Anne MacGregor
« on: April 26, 2017, 04:26:27 AM »
Played By: Mim



    Full Name: Catherine Anne MacGregor

    Age/ Birthday: 32- 4th of March 1985

   Nationality:  Australian

    Rank, Title or Position:  Squadron Leader RAAF

    Height: 5’11” – 1.8m

   Build: Slim

    Related Skills: Fast jet training, Combat fighter pilot, weapons handling, computer programming and hacking, martial arts. Officer proficiency leadership, joint forces staff course. University graduate. Pilatus PC-9, BAE Hawk II, F/A18c, F/A18F, F16D, F15E. F111 Aadvark 'Pig'. Cate speaks fluently the following languages other than English:


She has a reasonable grasp of Italian, German and Korean.

   Unrelated Skills: Writing, sewing for pleasure, cake and pastry cooking, singing (badly).

   Credentials: PhD Applied Physics, PhD Electrical Engineering, BA Chemical Engineering-University of NSW ADFA



Cate is tall, but not ungainly, her natural hair colour is Sandy Blonde, although few of late has seen that. She will be a red head one time you see her and the next Brunette. In her past she often used disguises often and uses that skill well, often wearing the local clothing of whatever area she is working in, but on base or on ‘official’ duty she will wear the dress of the day. On her left arm, running from shoulder to wrist is a black and red tattoo of a dragon, a souvenir from a time she had been working in the Hong Kong region. Cate has blue/green eyes. She wears scars across her back from her time held captive in North Korea.


At times belligerent, abrasive. Uses course language frequently. Can be friendly once she knows people. She is extremely motivated and loyal, being able to fit in with almost any group or circle she finds herself in. That might seem a little contradictory to her mean streak, but she saves that and her sarcastic whit for those who rub her the wrong way. Essentially Cate does not suffer fools easily, she will go out of her way to be kind and courteous, but the rough side of her personality, at times will show through, even among those she is working with and it has to a degree made her a subject of disciplinary action from her commanding officers on a number of occasions. In the main, it is enemy combatants that will feel the brunt of her demeanour when the wrong buttons are pressed. She is also not the most passionate of women, having this extremely hard edge to her that turns potential lovers off, they see a beautiful woman, until she speaks, then it all goes south.



Music, mostly of the Country genre-she plays guitar: enjoys fishing and reading long novels. Cate loves to delve into history, she regards that as a hobby and takes it to another degree by seeking out archaeology sites whenever she can. She is passionate to almost being OCD about horses, she will if she can, talk endlessly about them. Back home in Australia she has five, all Show jumpers.

Field/Work Experience:

    She graduated from ADFA in 2005 (Australian Defence Force Academy)with a BA in Physics and a PhD in Electrical Engineering having written a paper on Thermal Dynamics, after which Cate then went immediately to fast jet training with RAAF. On completing her initial training she qualified on the F/A18c and with exchange postings with both the USAF and RAF she completed further training on the BAE Hawk, Boeing F/A18D and F and the GD F16D. Eighteen months into her Air Force career, after two months in Afghanistan, she was sought out by ASIS recruitment; the Australian version of the CIA as was their regular method of sourcing the appropriate candidates. Cate was only one of eight candidates at the time.

    Her first mission was deep inside North Korea to locate and retrieve stolen military software; she was captured after being betrayed by a double agent and held for 3 months, Cate’s handler being safely tucked away in Hong Kong. No one expected her to return at that time and in her captivity she endured physical torture and as a result she bears the scars of repeated whippings across her back. Through cunning and resourcefulness, she managed to escape, a lazy guard thought she was subdued enough to enter her cell, it was a fatal mistake on his part. Eventually making it back home via Seoul and the Australian Embassy, the double agent was never found and the case unceremoniously closed. In 2011 Cate returned to full time active duty with the Air Force, although she still does ‘contract’ work for both ASIS and the CIA with her superiors knowledge.

 Currently Cate is serving a two year tour as an exchange pilot with the 187th US Air National Guard Wing, as the 100th FS Squadron leader. She is in command of Cobra flight. The 187th is located at Montgomery Air National Guard Base, Alabama. The 100th is the famed 'Tuskegee Airmen' unit of WW2, in her capacity Cate had to learn quite quickly how to fly 'old school' as she was the designated driver of the Squadron's P51D Mustang during open days at the base. Elements of the 187th FW were recently stationed at Bagram Air Base Afghanistan, which includes twelve F16 block D fighter/bombers from the 100th, for Operation Enduring Freedom. They returned to Alabama for some down time, with a new mission slotted in for them somewhere is South America, currently classified.

 Cate has previously been XO of 77 Sqn RAAF, F/A18c's at Williamstown NSW and XO of 1 Sqn RAAF F/A18F. Earlier in her career she served two rotations as co-pilot on the venerable F111. She served six months with the Roulettes Flying team on the PC-9

Personal History:
 Cate grew up in suburban Sydney, with her twin brother Ben, to Anne and William MacGregor. She lived her whole life around Navy bases, both her parents serving with the RAN, William is now an Admiral and her mother a Captain surgeon. Cate had a fairly nondescript life until she graduated from High School then as she said much later all hell broke loose. She graduated with the highest marks achieved in subjects such as science, math and high school engineering Because she was already in her schools Air Force Cadets and she graduated with high marks, she was asked to apply for,  to enlist and serve with the Officer Graduation Candidate Academy. Her going to the Air Force was much to her parent’s dismay, but she argued that it was there she would serve her country best. Her brother Ben, is currently serving with the SAS.

 Despite her 'difficult' personality Cate has made some good friends over the years but sadly never anything even near meaningful in the guise of what could be called a relationship. That was until the day she walked into  Montgomery Air base. After settling in she went as most do to the officer's mess where the first person she saw was this man in jeans and cowboy boots smelling distinctly of horses. He was Captain Robert Henschel of the ANG, normally a cop (that didn't put her off) they were in conversation from the start, they've been inseparable for a year.


Colonel Samantha Carter USAF ANG 187th CO


Captain USAF  Kyle Lacosse
Captain USANG  Robert 'Bob' Henschel
1st Lieutenant USANG Patricia 'Trish' Ramirez

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