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Historical Missions / Re: Urgent Mercy (Operation Whirlwind Phase I)
« on: June 30, 2017, 12:45:26 AM »
Top gave pause to the Brits suggestion about hitting the riverside base. "Its a stronghold with hardened defenses and mounted guns. Not to mention several technicals. I can't help but feel like you may be a little under equipped."

"Assassin Actual, this is Assassin Three."

"Go Three."

"Be advised we've got movement coming ib from the route of the river. Looks like they're pushing out to investigate our earlier engagement."

"Rog, continue to-" Top was cut off by the deep thud and subtle shaking under his feet. "Exploaion..." He muttered a bit as he charged the bolt of his M4 and moved bqck to his position. "Assassin Actual to all Assassin elements standby for contact, I say again prep for imminent engagement."


Elsewhere Ghost glanced over at CJ. The two bidding towards eachother as they gained so distance between eachother. The hornets nest had been stirred ans they were about to start slinging lead with these guys.

"Contact four o-clock, two hundred meters." Ghost shoulder his SPR, lining up his reticle with an approaching truck as it came up the road. He quickly pulled the trigger. The muzzle coughed twice, sending two rounds of 5.56 barreling towards the driver side wind shield. The first round hit glance and deflected, tearing out at an odd angle amd missing. The second found purchase, pushing through the glass amd finding its mark as it impacted the man's chest.

The enemy technical came to a skidding stop, turning to it's side.

"Game on," CJ muttered as he adjusted his position to get a clear line of fire. His suppressed M4A1 was brought to his shoulder. He fired three rounds towards the vehicle from his concealed location.

Historical Missions / Re: Urgent Mercy (Operation Whirlwind Phase I)
« on: June 19, 2017, 02:48:41 PM »
Top used a reflective panel to flag down the QRF, he moved up to a knee, ghillie suit and gathered foliage wrapped around his shroudedform. They wouldn't be able to find him or his team otherwise.

As the Brits closed in Top went to his comes, pressing the PTT and speaking into rhe mic of his Peltors. "Assassin three, Assassin three actual, be advise friendly QRF is on plot, break. Stand by for follow on." He released thr PTT before giving his attention Stone.

"No, don't much mind. I just hope all of this was worth it because we lost a lot of assets on this one. We've got one US Special Missions Unit, and a gaggle pf your boys inside to extract the pilot. We're out here thinning the heard and calling out the trouble spots. There are several outposts, camps amd a larger coastal command observation post by rhe river. Luckily none of thay hit you I the way in. Secondly we,'ve got enemy SOF inside and enemy armor on our target. I'm unaware of whqy kind of support we have, as our own organic units for got pulled off."

The Sergeant First Class was hoping for some form of rectifying answer, because things were bad before, however there was no change to those bad things for better or worse. They jad hard targets all over the place and fighting out of the AO was going to be hell.

"What's the extraction plan for you guys?"

Historical Missions / Re: Urgent Mercy (Operation Whirlwind Phase I)
« on: June 04, 2017, 02:19:20 PM »
"Copy all Kermit, 2-7-5, tailwind.  Assassin out." He got up from his position and scanned the hide. "Top," Brick made his way over to the acting team three leader, taking a knee near him. "Kermit came in. Their less than three hours out with a tailwind. Last known from Main is that they're on the deck of the CSG standing by. Got some squids spinning up though so they may not get the chance to get their rocks off. Also, Chileans had to RTB."

"Yeah, I got it. I don't like this."

"Neither do I boss. There are too many blind spots for this one."

Top stood up partially, motioning Ghost over.

The Sergeant quickly glided through the woods, turning towards Top so the older man could access his ruck. He pulled out a dispo'd molle pouch, housing their saftied demo charges. "Alright Ghost, drop ruck and go kill the CiC."

"Rog." He turned, tacking the pack before returning to his apex to leave the ruck behind. Ghost removed his boonie, storing it in his pocket before placing his helmet back on and securing his SPR Mk12. He quickly sunk into the jungle, making his way towards the tower.

Historical Missions / Re: Urgent Mercy (Operation Whirlwind Phase I)
« on: June 01, 2017, 10:04:48 PM »
Ghost emerged from the brush first, CJ close behind.

Top held a finger up to halt the Sergeant's words since he knew what was coming. “Still on mission, we just have to push to the right a little.”


“Hey secret squirrel boys. We’re taking your LAWs. You won't be using them inside.” He motioned to Ghost who detached both from the  SMU team’s rucks.

Ghost held out one of the rockets, holding it out for Brick once he and Blue entered the Hide.

“I want off this crazy ride boss.”

“No joy  Brick. We’re stuck on this one.”

“Damn, let's  just get this over with. We’ve lost too much momentum already. They know we’re in the area already.”

“Good, makes our job easy and fun.” Top tried to rationalize it, but there truly was no way. He scanned the. Faces of his men, noting Ghost watching him from the corner of his eye. Too could only give a nod of reassurance, we'll aware of what he was thinking.

Ghost let out a slow sigh, his ghastly visage looking toward the woman for a brief moment. “I'll get the grids down for where we’re setting cordon.” Rangers weren't the best at playing well with others, let alone being nice. “Really missing Spade right about now.”

“Joys of having a family.”

“Yeah...right. I'm Oscar Mike.” Ghost continued I'm, heading back out to the readjusted OP1 with CJ in tow.

So that's how it was going to be huh? Top gave a low growl in his throat, the old and disgruntled Ranger rolled his eyes before Assassin-6 came online. “Go for three.”

“we’re being rerouted to the Falklands. Between main and our fuel situation, it's the best move we can make.”

“Rog. Are we off target?”

“Negative, you're being retasked to assist in that as your primary with your previous mission set as a secondary.”

Top didn't need to answer, the man in the other end knew the Sergeant First Class well enough.

“Get it done Top, we'll be here ready to spin up if needed.”

“Rog, what about our Aerial and local assets?”

“They've been postponed or pulled time now.”


“Play the game Assassin. Task Force Fury will be standing by. The rest of us are setting up for the next job. You got this right?”

“Always do. Three-Actual out.” He sighed, glancing around at the CAG and SBS personnel in his Hide. “The way things are unfolding have forced us to gamble a little bit.” His attention shifting to his comms as he pushed the PTT. “Ghost, Blue, tighten it up.” Four squelches came back to him which caused Top to run his gloved fingers through his hair. “I'll tell you this much woman. You screw us and you'll find the cartel ain't the worse thing out here.”

"Assassin four, this is Three actual. Standby for a FRAGO."

<The Jungle Highlands, Near the Mountain Complex, Argentina>

Top was a little more than taken back by the situation at hand and how it was playing out. "You have got to be kidding me. We are on mission, right now. We have assets in the move and here...right the fuck now. And you want up to five hours?" He scoffed and turned away to face the others in passing. "Guess its good we're not assaulting," he muttered as he held his hand to the radio and spoke into the peltor's mic. "Team one, team two. Sitrep, over."


Ghost and CJ settled into their last OP, spotting targets by precedence and coordinating with HQ and their assets. "Top, Ghost. We're almost done here. Break. What's the situation with that leaker?"

"She's here. Questionable Intel and begging for time we dont have."

"Is it a problem?"

"Not yet."


"Task force is inbound, the clock is ticking but we may have to wave off."

At this time Brick came in over the comm. "Top, Brick. We're finished over here and falling back to our FFP."

"Rog, standby to pack up. This situation is getting a little out of hand."



Ghost shifted uncomfortably as he pulled his rifle close in to his body and got up with CJ in trail.

"Last i checked the unknown was deadly right?"

"Very much so."

"How do we know she's not running for sicarios or who knows what else, hell  how did she even find us? No one finds us."

"Yeah...I know."

"You gonna smokecheck her Ghost?"

"If i have to. Yes." Ghost quickly fell back into their hide, taking up his position and providing security as CJ broke out the hardcase laptop once more, quietly typing as his eyes scanned.

<The Jungles Near the Border of Argentina/Brazil, 1015 LOCAL>

Back at the Hide site, Top had remained back with the CAG team and the brits, showing them the sector sketches they out together and using his hard case laptop to show them the over head to plan a route. His two recon team's were deep in the bush doing their job and sending info back to actual and main respectively.

Once the questionbnwas posed, Top secured his suppressed M4A1 and walked over. His boone tipped back as he joined the two other team leaders. "Well simply, we've got eyes on a number of outposts in the area, various local enemy assets. We've  also got a lot of hard targets in place."

Top looked over to Hendricks and pointed to one of his boys. "May need one of your LAWs." He glanced back towards the objective, viable through a clearing of treetops, eyes scanning the adjacent ridgelines. "We're going to light these targets up with guided assets amd draw in as many I'm asshole as we can. Hopefully catch them in a cross. We'll keep them away from the Hide here. Hopefully, while this is going down you all can make your move on to the objective and get out pilot out."

Top fell silent to listen in on some Radio traffic between Ghost and Blue respectively as they confirmed grids for targets and calling out what they saw. "Once we initiate contact we'll call in EVAC, and QRF. There wont be. Time to get locked into a firefight. We'll funnel friendlies back into the jide and springboard out to an eey command post. Which by the time we roll out should be smoldering ashes and bodies. The real problem is going to be on your end. We don't know what all is in there or the state of the current objectice. I advise having a stretcher at thw ready. Speed is security so do your thing. We'll be out here doing what Rangers do. Questions?"

Top held the computer open to show them where his men were on the bluefor-tracker. It was an overhead provides by their assets, showing the interdiction being done. As targets were being called out, enemy assets And positions were being marked on the screen, to include roaming patrols as well. It was command showing that they had an idea of the situation. A simple send and receive until they kicked the blocks off the tires for this thing. "It's going to get chaotic gentlemen."

"Assassin-four, Assassin-three, status report, over."

Ghost and CJ had set up three different OP's by this time. Taking enough time to settle, spot targets, and then move into the next oupost or little camp site. They had to fet small before crossing and LDA once the APC showed up. Ghost rose a brow at tthe sight. His skill printed mask adorned face glanced over to CJ who simply shrugged before turning to pull security while Ghost fixed a target of opportunity. He gathered the range, coordinates, and drew up the collateral plan to semd back to Top.

Brick and Blue were in the same boat, moving from OP to OP, getting their targets fixed. Priority went to fixed stations. SAM sites, big guns. Secondary were any armor or technical pieces. The footmobiles weren't the biggest concern, but rhe command outpost's main building was deffinately a priority. They'd have to silence the massive radome housed atop the building. Again coordinates and calls went out to paint a picture for command and their team.

<The Jungles Near the Border of Argentina/Brazil>

Ghost had parted ways with Assassin Four. They followed the trail and he went to Rally Point Three to set amd springboard in on their first target. He found somw concealment in a low laying tree and got aetroes, sinking back into thw brush and waiting patently.

The subtle but of the. Occasional voice through his headset or tthw sounds of the jungle had his senses on pins and needles. His Mk12 was propped up subtly, OD cloth wraps helped concealed the weapon, and light netting drapes draped over Ghost's head helped conceal him.

He heard the traffic chime in over Assassin's channel, probably a subtle echo from someone close to Top. Most likely Brick.


"Assassin Three, Assassin Four. Read your last, out." The Rangers had split from their Delta counterparts. Word had ot that thwuu should link up with the brits near the crash site.

The group took a quick security halt so that Top could Inform Assassin of the changes to the situation, relating the information to Assassin elements, from Assassin Main. "Okay, here's the score. We're expecting to receive a lost of demands, or confirmation of the pilots status shortly. I doubt the cartel would just ait on this, and our superiors think the same."

"So scorched earth policy?"

"It's a possibility. Everyone has their limits and apparently this rabbit hole got deeper. She's also agency."

"You have got to be fucking kidding me. She's a walking security risk."

"Well someone thought tlit was a good idea to let her fly. Not thw point. We may need to guide a strike right onto of her, or simply ensure clandestine integrity. If she's compromised or at any point a liability, we do what we gotta do."

CJ shrugged a bit. Fucked up but i won't cry over it."

"Yeah well Assassin 4 is poised on plot. I doubt we'll get QRF or a sizable force in here without them knowing. They'll kill her or make her ambulatory at best of they catch wind of it. Not to mention there is a standing military here. SAM sites being knocked out or not...theres bound to be more."

"And air," Top added. "Can't drop a sizable force from multiple aircraft at high altitude l, at least not the. Numbers we need. We would have to invade."

"Which means our little group down here needs to be. On the way out with the package...fuck."

"Assume we're on our own. Nothing new."

Brick couldn't help but grin. "You think they'd authorize a MOAB?"

"We wouldn't get far away enough even if we turned around right now amd hauled ass. Plus it's to close to the boarder."

"Justt an entertaining thought."

"Top motioned them up, signaling a wedge amd got the team moving again. They reached RP-3 in about fifteen minutea, taking up sectors.

"Eagle, eagle, eagle." Blue called as they entered.

Ghost keyed is PTT briefly to create a split second. Of squelch before emerging drom his concealment and regrouping with the team.

"Alright Ghost, CJ, push out to our Hide... Skip RP-2. Blue on me and Brick for RP-1. Once the. Main hide is built, we'll push out into our O-P's. I'D hard targets aand stand by for the. Burn orders from Assassin."

Blue dropped his ruck, grabbing one of the two XM25's and packing it into Ghost's fuck. "CJ's got the Jav,  you fot the burst. I've got the other, Top has the .50, Brick's bitch  ass just has the radio."

This gained a bit of laughter from all of them.

"I bring with me thw wrath of gods."

"Borderline pog," Blue added.

"Assassin Main, Assassin-3 Actual. Be advised we've made RPat this time, break, moving to hotel sierra. How copy?"

"Good copy.  You've reached RP, and proceeding to Hotel Sierra. Break. Assets prepped and standing by. Good hunting."

"Three-Actual out." Top rolled hia shoulders, looking around at his men. "Let's get to work." The five men split into their two teams, one moving North West and and the other East.

<The Jungles Near the Border of Argentina/Brazil, Crash Site>

Ghost glanced back towards his Canadian counterparts. Their ability to keep up was less than impressive, it wasn't his reason for saying what he did. Given his level of experience he could only be responsible for squaring himself out and choosing his own engagements as well as set up his own playing field. He wasn't as experienced as he wanted to let other people stick their hands in his cookie jar. But cool, they wanted to compare dicks he was okay with that.

Ghost pulled security as Damien went to check on the craft. A slight cut to his gaze when he returned to them. Before they started moving, he fished a thermite  from the webbing of his plate carrier's molle, removed the safties and lobbed the grenade into the cockpit which quickly caught flame and started to burn out.

As the Canadian made the call Ghost pushed out into the woods, tracking locked in as he noticed the tell-tell signs. Footprints, the obvious staccato of two people moving, one against her will. It hasn't been all that long, unless the enemy had a vehicle. That would also suggest that their pilot wasn't taken far if she  was moved on foot. Highlands, along the border... It was the obvious possibility.

Despite this though Assassin 3's mission remained until stated otherwise. Here they had a poasible reroute, and the more time they wasted the higher the chance of mission failure rose.

Ghost pulled the charging handle of his SPR  back slightly, just enough to see brass before slowly placing it back against the upper. He closed the dust cover and moved out into the brush. "I'm moving out towards the first rally point."

His hand moved up to the PTT. "Top,  Ghost I'm pushing R-P-3. Signs indicate the path pushes to the highlands."


<The Jungles Near the Border of Argentina/Brazil>

Blue glanced over to Top as the Delta guys went about their thing. "We pushing to R-P-3 or no?"

"Wait one." Top pinched the bridge of his nose. "My element still has targets to hit, we cant afford to lose the initiative. Speed is security and we're red-lined as it is. Gotta move now or get reinforced."

Top gave a subtle shrug as his words hung in the air. "My chain of command hasn't said a damn so I continue on mission for the time being. Securing backdoors and footholds for what's to come ultimately is more important."

"Roving patrols doesn't take a hell of a lot to ground our evac or close off QRF optins...clocks ticking." CJ added, while adjusting his M4A1. "We're not even on objective yet."

"That settles it then." Brick chimed in as he motioned out to their North. A different angle from the crash site,  heading away from it. "RP3 boss."

"Yeah, rog." Top shifted his attention to the voice coming through his Peltors. "Read you Lima Charlie, break. Assassin-3 is en-route at this time. Out.

CJ glanced over his shoulder, noticing the CAG guys were approaching the apex and ready to step out. "Moving...finally." He returned to watching his sector. He offered a quick glance, noticing that Ghost didn't seem to give it the slightest thought, he was dialed in as usual

Top motioned for Assassin 4 to take the right flank of Assassin's wedge formation,  while Blue and Brick took the left. The fell in and followed the CAG guys out of the apex being held by his two shooters. Her glanced over at rhe kneeling GGhost, giving his shoulder a pat on passing as he was the last man.

Ghost and CJ picked up quickly, falling in behind the formation. Once the halt was given Assassin element picked up sectors, with the CAG guys in contact. Ghost however shifted his position, getting just off to the left of Top's shoulder.

MK 12SPR came up quickly, snapped firmly into place before two coughs escaped the suppressed muzzle in quick succession. The 5.56 rounds ripping into the boy, the first round struck center mass right in the sternum, while the second rose several inches to catch him in the throat.

The grenade was left to roll idly just a few inches from the boy before exploding, sending his body flailing in different directions.

Blue grit his teeth from the concussive force being closer than he liked for the sake of comfort level. They were outside of grenade range so nothing to really sorry about but that was a close call. The CAG guys appeared to be just shy of the thirty was a risky move for Ghost to play.

Top glanced over at his sniper briefly, eyes glazed over somewhat before he changed his focus. "Sir." Top looked over to the Canadians. "I'm calling an audible, and sending Ghost to investigate that disturbance from earlier. You're welcome to tag along with them or keep rolling with us. That call is yours."

He turned away, motioning to Ghost. CJ and  Brick tightened up the formation to make-up for the shift in man power.

"Yeah dont bother, I move faster on my own...that includes getting out of crappy spots. But if you're so inclined then keep up." Ghost fell out, taking a moment to check his remaining ammo. "Top, I'm green all," he gave his own LACE in passing as he stepped off. "RP3?"

"Rog, don't  take too long." The Recce team leader looked towards the Delta guys, before taking in the expression of his team. The hints were subtle and easy for the untrained eye to miss, but they were indeed there. "We can't afford to stay here any longer, the clock is ticking against us here, and were moving at a snail's pace."

Luckily Assassin main had set up shop AT the local JOC in theater. Top gave a subtle grunt toward the developing situation. RRC or not, they had all started out in the regiments assault teams. The boys loved a firefight. "Yeah, Rog...Brick on me."

On a matter of seconds the Sergeant passed by Top as the man signalled towards Vegas. Brick took a knee near the other RTO and whipped his radio around. "You ready for input? Assassin main is as follows...021.03, emergency JOC, 30.25. Link to tasking 25.02."

Top brought his hand up to his PTT, speaking into the I tegrated Mic of his headset. "Ghost,'s it look?"

Ghost chimed in first. "I got our route."

"We're going to roll out."

"Towards the gunfire...rog."

"Traveling overwatch. CAG will recon by fire."

"Fuck me right?"

"Yeah. Once we pass your opengate go ahead and collapse. Be advised, one leaker, possible technical, unknown just that he's moving."

"Rog, standing by...Also, I'll smokecheck this asshole if I see him."

Top returned his attention to Sully. We've got an exit pushing us in that direction. "My SO's can spring board us out and collapse on the formation once we start moving."

Blue gave their Canadian counterparts a nudge and motioned to Collapse on Top as they prepped to move. The Recon team fell into a tight wedge on Top and waited for the go order.

Top gave a nod in regards to Castle. "Yeah that's fine. Our firepower is well distributed. My SO's are well armed as well and good in a fight. Hopefully you don't get rolled on."

Top gave his chin a slight rub. Glancing back at his multicam clad Rangers before going back on comms. "Assassin main, Assassin 3-Actual. Be advised moving to assist TIC at this time over."

A long silence had Top raising a brow as he waited for confirmation. No doubt things were being mauled over and someone big was in the JOC. Soon the reply came back. "Good copy on all. Advise if mission integrity is compromised. Over."

"Wilco, out." Top gave Sully a nod, He knocked his fiat against his helmet twice, rotating his index finger in the air. And pointed to an outcropping which quickly came up on. Thick brush to mark CP 1, as well as showing everyone where their exit route started. His shooters were holding there as well.

Historical Missions / Re: Urgent Mercy (Operation Whirlwind Phase I)
« on: April 29, 2017, 05:32:27 PM »
Assassin 3 Actual copies your last. Out." Top shifted inward towards his men. Friendlies coming in, DZ is clear."

CJ and Brick simply shifted their sectors of fire accordingly as the CAG guys came in.

Ghost and Blue came up from behind Vegas, dropping the medium rucks and started distributing gear. CJ took the Javelin and strapped it to his back. Blue, grabbed the Barrett, locking it into the rifle bag and slinging it over his own shoulders. The man then went about plassing a PAS-13 into Ghost's ruck next to the SOFLAM.

Ghost hedged the weight a bit. adjusting the straps until he felt comfortable before returning his hands to his weapon. The five Rangers remained in their position, pushing out into a wider perimeter for the time being. Top remained near Vegas and James to see what the call was. "Assassin 3-Actual to main, be advised NATO-SOF is TIC at this time. Out." He spoke calmly into the mic of his peltors before his eyes slowly shifted over the landscape.

Historical Missions / Re: Urgent Mercy (Operation Whirlwind Phase I)
« on: April 29, 2017, 12:54:33 AM »
- Concon, Chile 0400 Local

Top gave a heavy sigh as he looked around the table to the faces of the Rangers and their Canadian attache who had gathered. "Going to have to cut out piece of the training exercises out. 3rd bat can handle this on their own I think."

"Whats the play boss?"

Giving a nod to CJ the senior sergeant continued. We had a firebird over Argentina. Needless to say that plass has been a hot bed for the past couple of months. Someone up there in their infinate wisdom cleared air assets for strikes."

"So the bird was shot down or...?" Ghost smirked as he sat on one of their crates."

"Actually no, word is this thug is all tech going bad. Flameout was last night 2230. The flight remained on station until fuel simply wouldn't allow it anymore. The pilot is on loan from the RAAF, so the America's need to take care of its guests."

Blue rubbed his shoulder before chiming in. "CSAR isn't are thing, we're not PJ's."

"True but we're just a hop away, besides we have an SMU in country already... Which brings me to our role."

"Here we go."

"Top's fingers lightly drummed at the map. Listen up we're going to get the ping. CAG is rolling out the red carpet and were going to tac-on to increase our footprint. Our job is to guide strike packages, and heavy slots from the ground. This is out AOR. DZ, route along here...CJ, Ghost."



"We have a bit of a walk ahead of us after the jump. We'll set up a hasty LP-LP, make our calls move out build our hide. Then it's time to do our recon thing. Roll soft, ID targets, find out pilot." Too passed around a file containing a trimmed down profile of the Major.

"She's hot."

"Down Blue, besides she's probably married and way too smart for you."

"Damn boss, way to sting."

"Shut up," he chuckled. "Anyway, once our hide is up and we start our recon we'll ID out target and control as many of the main AOP's as possible, providing overwatch for the assault teams. We'll also coordinate the evac of firebird...or at least her body or some semblance thereof."

The three men nodded.

"I'll load the bundle."

"I do love a tailgate party."

"So let's talk kit." Ghost scratched the back of his head, half of his face hidden by a styalized halfmask showing the visage of a lower skull over his face. "We need to be able to cross load, and we'll have a lot of background."


"Yeah, 5.56... I'll pack an SPR, hey CJ, store the one-oh seven with the javelin's bundle."

"Rog, I'm on it...Damn almost thought I had to jump it."

"Yeah stop your bitching and gear up. Let's go." Blue pushed his imposing frame up from his seat and walked further back into the team's ready room.

-Near San Pedro, Argentina, 0600 LOCAL

From sixteen thousand feet most of the Major retain features could be seen. Blueforce had their ping and the Reece team had their DZ thanks to the SMU on the ground playing Pathfinders.

"Five minutes."

The crew chief called. The four operators responded by passing the hand signal back.

"Wind speed." He held up one finger followed by four and blew into the palm of his hand...fourteen knots.

Top stood up. "First pass personnel on the bounce. Prep bundle."

CJ and Blue hooked the bundle up, attaching two chems and a strobe and insuring its line was good to go for the drop.

"Check equipment."

Following the call the four Rangers checked themselves and each other, until Ghost held out his hand in front of Top. "All okay beast master."

"Fuckig-A right." He slapped the man's hand before guiding him forward as the ramp lowered. Standby!"

He gave the hand signal as he and Ghost got ready to push the bundle.

"Greenlight. Go!" Top and Ghost gave a grunt of varying strain as the slip loops erruptes from the bundle and the dragchute deployed. They used the leverage to force the mass of equipment out thebdpor and followed it out the aircraft.

CJ, Blue, and finally Brock followed. Their formation tight as Top and Ghost kept hands on the bundle.

At fifteen hundred they team disperesed midair, popping the chute on the bundle first before creating more relastate and deploying their own main MC7 parachutes.

The five Rangers descended, landing on respective PLF's and releasing their canopies.

Top got his M4A1 in working order, adjusting the specter DR as he took a knee and waited while establishing the Alpha Alpha. "Assasin 3 to any station this net, requesting radio check. Over." Top was hoping to catch their allies in the AO on the radio before th movement started.

The four Rangers collapsed on top, pulling a security halt , weapons fanning into a 360. Brick was on his radio making a call to their CaC. "Assassin main Assassin main, this is Assassin 3. Break. Be advised five eagles on the ground, break.  Attempting to establish contact, break. Proceeding on mission."

"Assassin main to 3 element. Copy all, I read you lima charlie."

"Roger, Assassin-3 out."

Top signaled, pushing Ghost and Blue out to the bundle and leaving the rest to pull security.

Ghost leveled his Mk12, scanning his sector as he moved with blue. As they came up to the bundle he pulled security, allowing the ATL to destribute and load his empty packnwoth gear to take back to their LP-LP.

"You think she's dead don't you?"

"I don't think anything least not until it's confirmed."

"Smart man. You're loaded, let's head back."

"Rog, on you."

Personnel Files / Re: Freese, Jason
« on: April 27, 2017, 05:17:14 PM »
Yeah I tried to fast track him. GB gives out automatic E5 upon completion of A course then a fast track to E6 a few years later. He went regiment to JSOC so I tried to get away with it ^^;

Honestly I was just goog to put field work and experiences in like bullet points.

As for the claim, I just did that so I wouldn't forget how to spell the dudes name honestly. Kind of a halfassed placeholder for my own brain

Personnel Files / Freese, Jason
« on: April 27, 2017, 03:23:58 AM »
Played By: Ghost0109



    Full Name :Freese, Jason

    Age/ Birthday: 1991/08/06

   Nationality : US Citizen

  Rank, Title or Position : E-5 Sergeant

    Height: 5'10

   Build: Lean build, toned

    Related Skills: Long range interdiction, reconnaissance, SERE capability, LRRP sustainability, TC3 (casualty care proficient) Airborne/Freefall qualified

   Unrelated Skills: Cooking

   Credentials: Infantry School, Airborne School, RASP-1, BLS, Sniper School, SERE, RSLC, Freefall School



Despite his apperance and attitude, Jason isn't as ruggid as many would believe. His features while masculine are still quite soft in some respects. He stands at five foot eleven, toned lean build, tuned to his role as a warfighter. His hat his short shorn, with the occasional growth at the top. His skin is a tapastry of Maori art and personal flare. His left arm is home to a fa'avetellu Sun warrior sleeve, while his right arm is a mixture of skulls, traditional tribal markings, a warriors cross, names, and more intimately a "Mors Ab Alto tattoo. While his apperance can be intimidating, it should be noted that he's Harper on for being a bit of a pretty boy. Often being called "Recon's poster boy" a running gag from his initial entry to RRC.

   Jason isn't known for his ability to easily connect with Civilians. An obvious disconnect can be observed when he’s out in public, aware from loved ones or brothers and sisters in arms. He feels as though he’s being appraised and has nothing in common with those around him.

 It can be noted that Jason can come off as "Salty" and rough around the edges. He has a twisted sense of humor and a sour yet quick tongue, which has lead to both good and bad experiences as a result. Once his trust is earned one has it for life.

[ b]Hobbies/Interests:[/b] Shooting sports, gym-rat, working on cars, extreme sports on occasion. BJJ competitions, unhealthy amount of video games. Traveling for food, cooking.

 Field/Work Experience:   
1x deployment to Afghanistan
1x deployment to Iraq
1x deployment to Yemen
1x deployment to Africa
Multiple training rotations
 Personal History:

Jason was born into a comfortable life in California. His father actually being a government official for the US government. He was more of an aid more or less, and had run for government office a few times himself. But after losing so many times he figured he could help change things from the inside, swallowing his pride and taking back seat. His mother is a retired scientist, working largely on agricultural studies. She’s currently a professor at UCLA teaching Biology.

To say he spent his life in luxury was a bit of an overstatement. His parents worked for what they had, and so did he. However being a fresh faced ten year old when the tragic 9/11 event occurred did something to Jason. Unlike most other children his age he wasn't concerned with the norm, and grew up with a sense of knowing. Understanding sadness from an early age, learning that he had lost family members that day in New York city.

His father fought tooth and nail to keep him out of trouble, but it was difficult. Jason had been a bit of a problem child growing up. While he was generally calm and well behaved around his mother, Jason felt some form of animosity toward his old man for seemingly no reason. But it was later discovered that Jason was aware of his father’s drinking habits and simply abhorred it. Even confronting his old man on the issue at the age of fifteen. Despite the discussion and what many outsiders would feel was a hostile situation Jason’s father listened, understanding that his son did care about him and was worried, however he was also an angry and fairly emotional young man. That said he didn't know how to properly express himself which lead to him acting out.

These family problems worked out they all grew closer. With Jason eventually shaping up. While he never truly slouched in school. In fact he took courses at a College near the city of Brea while still attending High School. Though despite his bright future it seemed Jason had another calling. The Army recruiters seemed to really hook him. And when he graduated at the age of seventeen. He begged his parents to let him enlist.

His mother was obviously against the idea. She was never one to support war. And had often spoken out against it. However his father respected the idea. It was Jason’s first choice as a man. The first “real” choice he would make that would affect him for the rest of his life. So Jerrid told Jason to think about what it was he was planning to do. To really research it and make sure he wanted to go through with it.

A week later Jason had made his decision, sticking with his choice. His father agreed, and grudgingly his mother gave him her blessing as well. So his father drove him to the nearest recruiting station and he processed in under an Option 40. taking the physical and passing, and shipping out for OSUT some two months later. While in training he racked up points on the range, and in CQC courses and exercises. Having the talents of a Marksmen combined with great reflexes and hand to eye coordination pointed to a bright military future of Jason. Many said so to get him pumped up, but that usually resulted in a smoke session for him as a result. So much to the point where he started to dread standing out at times. Though he didn't slack as a result.

Upon completion of Basic, Jason was elevated to AIT. Spending a lot of time out in the constructed field where the instructors broke the would be soldiers repeatedly. Getting them used to certain environments while having them practically camp out and live off the land for almost a week. Jason would admit he had fun, though the ambushes weren't exactly fun. And an incident that resulted in a fight lead to Jason losing his position as platoon leader and he was forced to spend several days in “the hole”. But he felt that it was all worth it to feel that guy's jaw snap under the pressure of his knuckles.

Upon his release he rejoined his unit, finishing training and graduating with the Rank of Private First Class. Less than four months after completing airborne school and RASP-1, Jason was shipped out with 3rd BN 75th Ranger Regiment. to the middle east. While stationed at Firebase Bravo Jason would occasionally accompany the usual relief convoy or just do combat patrols, at this time he was assigned to a weapons squad as a Mk48 Gunner. There was a local little valley that they always had to pass through which almost always got them ambushed. Though the skirmishes were never really serious.

One mission saw Jason's Platoon escorting supplies along a route that took them through the coastal city of Basra. However he was unable to really enjoy the view. The hood of the lead HMMWV was blown clean off by an RPG, luckily the crew was unharmed and the vehicle was luckily still intact. At which point the convoy started to speed down the streets, however repeated fire coming from the city left the soldiers in a tough spot, it was difficult to get a clean shot. And with people running all over the place the convoy was forced to slow. Resulting in another rocket hitting one of the trucks housing some supplies, a mix of ammunition and other tools bound for fire base Bravo.

It created quite a fire show, the Strykers in the convoy were finally cleared along with the rest of the troopers. They sprang into action, returning fire and setting up a perimeter while the soldiers were recovered from the flaming vehicle. One suffering burns while the driver was IA. Medics moved quickly, securing the injured Joe while Jason moved behind the open door of their HMMWV and provided cover, using his ACOG scope to select his targets carefully, observing the overhead windows and placing his controlled bursts. Downing two shooters. One on a third floor complex, the second in the next building over on the second floor. His last kill was an insurgent with an RPG on the roof, who's AK armed partner broke out into a hasty retrea.

Getting his Corporal's attention the squad put high volumes of fire toward the duo. Putting them down quickly and getting back into their vehicles. After mounting up and salvaging what they could... especially the dead trooper. They secured him in another vehicle and sped off. Returning to Firebase Bravo with a little over half of their supplies. Surprisingly not coming under fire through the valley.

Upon his return Jason felt a little jaded and cold. It was his first real experience with death. The fact that he was so close to it was a wake up call, he couldn't treat war like a game. As time passed he found it weighed heavy when someone died. He wasn't entirely sure how to take it and held mixed reservations on that note. The rest of his tour was a mixed slushy of action, some engagements just being potshots, while otherwise were fully dug in. fire and maneuver. It was odd having to switch back and forth, but he learned how to adapt in urban and open areas between Macca, Kandahar and the Yemini sands to name a few locations. Fighting so many different kinds of enemies only further instilled the Ranger doctrine of being highly adaptable, and hard as nails.

Once he rotated back to the states, Jason was promoted to a Specialists. He was able to spend a month with his family and was selected for the Ranger’s sniper course at Fort Benning, a slight spin on the already daunting sniper school of the same station. He learned how to virtually become a Ghost on the field, gaining the abilities to greatly adapt to his surroundings, observe and report was only half of it however. The second part was shooting which he had alway been fairly good at, regardless of the weapon system

His skills as a marksmen were in the low 90's on the range. Graduating a little over a month later and being returned to his unit. He was tasked as an optional fire team leader, also doubling as one of the squad's designated marksman when he wasn't on mission as a sniper. He was equipped with the M14EBR-RI, an SPR Mk12, or an M110 which quickly became his signature weapons on the range and during FTX. After sniper School he went on to Freefall school, which was a hell of a lot more eventful than Airborne School, definitely more exciting, that was for damn sure.

Later on, following a slightly slower and less eventful deployment Jason took his skill set and applied it to the Regimental Reconnaissance Company, after completing their rather challenging pipeline. His previous skill set made his joining this group sensible. Following his next rotation Jason was scouted and put up for selection within the Airborne’s Special Forces drafting. Having the choice to leave the Ranger’s and try for an SMU. Always being one of the fast movers and enjoyed working with tight small groups. Not to say he couldn't handle being in a large scale maneuver, but he liked his autonomy, and variability of being a fast mover.

He humped through the Preparation, Assessment and Selection, then finally Q-Course, only to end up being qualified but being Non-Select which was a total pain in the ass all things considered. Still Jason swallowed that and rejoined the regiment, only this time looking for a new spin on things. He took to an Advanced Sniper Leader’s course. Operating with larger sniper teams, and learning each role in said team on an SF level. It solidified what he knew, and taught him so much more about sniping as a skill set.

Jason, now a Sergeant would later deploy to Africa with RRC Team 3, and a J-SOC component making up TF-Lucky. Which later on would prove to be a running gag for said members. While there they did everything from the usual hearts and minds to recon, to raids and hostage rescue. All of course under the radar since their involvement in the country wasn't supposed to be so well known. That said Jason was witness to some fairly gruesome and horrific crimes. It did something to Jason, added a new level of stress, made him…more susceptible to making rash decisions.

This of course eventually got Jason into trouble. So much so that he damn near got Court Martialed, but someone decided the court time wasn't worth it and just got an Art15 on his head and record. Instead of hitting E-6 like he would've Jason was notched down to a Corporal instead. Despite this he remained in the Army, having the option to do so. However the Army was starting to downsize, its new "three strikes and you’re out" policy weighed heavy on him. Frankly Jason knew nothing else…not anymore, a soldier was simply who he was. It was all he wanted to be. So he looked for a change in scenery, and many of his friends in the Special Operations community had his back, getting his name out there for a billet to be absorbed as an instructor. He spent about a year as an RI before being allowed to deploy again, getting his stripes back in the process.

He still has ambitions of trying out for CAG again at some point, but Regiment has a tight hold on him, he loves the community.

 "Family doesn't have to be blood"

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