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Historical Missions / Re: Port Stanley-Falkland Islands
« on: May 01, 2017, 05:58:05 PM »
RAF Mount Pleasant, Port Stanley.

Robert was shaking a bit as he walked with the others.   He wanted to turn and go back after Cate, but he knew he couldnít.   Not without backup.  He glanced up at the sky, praying that Cate was safe.  He didn't know what he would do otherwise.

Robert gave Sam a slight nod as he slid into a chair, his legs feeling weak and barely holding his weight.  "I refuse to believe otherwise.  I can't think otherwise. "  He didnít know if he lover her, but he wanted to.

He looked up quickly as Sam spoke.   Someone could have caused Cate's bird to malfunction?  That couldnít be right.  "Thank you ma'am.  I appreciate it."  He did miss the guys but he could never do them justice til Cate was back and safe.

Mission Requests / Re: Voyage of the Damned
« on: April 30, 2017, 11:49:29 PM »
What if one of the crew they thought was a good guy was working with the ones who take over the ship?  Yeah I would agree they would probably only be after one or two people

Mission Requests / Re: Voyage of the Damned
« on: April 30, 2017, 10:58:54 PM »
The cruise liner sounds fun

Historical Missions / Re: Urgent Mercy (Operation Whirlwind Phase I)
« on: April 29, 2017, 12:48:41 AM »
<12,000 feet Argentine/Brazilian border 0500>

Robert frantically kept looking for any signs of life.  He couldnít lose her.  Not when he had finally met someone who might actually be his other half.  He wanted to go down there himself and start looking.   He refused to believe Cate washe gone.  Ms he couldnít be.  "No!  Don't you dare do this to me, Cate!  You hear me!  You're the first and only one who understands me!" He shouted to the wind, not caring if his team heard him.

Robert's heart nearly stopped at Kyle's words.  They couldn't just leave.  If she was still alive no she was still alive then she was now in hostile territory.  He couldnít leave her.  Checking his gauges though showed he didnít have much of a choice.  He didn't have enough fuel to stay here any longer.  "I will be back, Cate.  Don't you dare die on me, cowgirl.  I will find you."

Robert turned to follow the others, his heart breaking.  Somehow he would find a way to get back here.  He would not leave Cate.

The two hour flight back to the Falklands was torture.  They had to take time for one quick fuel up before reaching their destination .  Robert was chomping at the bit.  He just wanted to land and get get back out again but there was still protocol to follow.

"Stanley Tower this is Cobra 2 requesting permission  to land," Kyle said.

"Permission granted, Cobra 2.  Proceed."

The three birds landed a few seconds later.  Robert was out of the little craft in a split second and heading toward the British ready room.  Trish and Kyle had to jog to catch up with the cowboy's long stride.

"Bob," Trish said.  "Come on slow down. "

"You know I didn't have any choice, man.  It killed me to leave her behind, " Kyle tried.

Robert shook his head.  "I've got to get back out there.  She's still alive.  I just know it."  Robert just wasn't sure how he was going to get permission to go back out if he was honest.

Character Template and Guidelines / Re: Signature requests
« on: April 28, 2017, 12:41:41 PM »
Gorgeous as always Mim.  I shall wait patiently for mine as I know you are busy  :yes

Historical Missions / Re: Urgent Mercy (Operation Whirlwind Phase I)
« on: April 28, 2017, 12:40:33 PM »
Robert or Bob has most called him, despite the fact his mother would have their heads, stood quietly by.  She always said that if she wanted him to be called Bob she would have named him Bob.  Rob was the closest she would stand for.  He smirked to himself as he thought about that before turning his attention back to the group.  This was a dangerous mission they were getting themselves into and there was no way to know if they would all return or not.  He shared a brief glance with Cate, knowing their conversation from just a few minutes ago would have to wait until this was all over.  He just prayed they would have a chance to speak more.

<Six hours into the flight, 0430 local time>

Robert glanced out his window before looking back at his screen.  It seemed the bomb had hit right where he had been aiming.  So far there hadn't been any real issues which he was grateful for.  He glanced back to catch sight of Cate's craft, knowing once she dropped her bomb they were set to hightail it out of there as quickly and quietly as possible.  No casualties would be a blessing.

Robert was just about to call them all home free when he caught Kyle's warning and saw the exhaust fumes. "Dang it, Cate!" he cried through the radio.  'What the heck is going on?"  He was worried sick about her and wanted to be there to help, but there was nothing he could do while in his own bird.

His blue eyes widened in alarm as Cate's bird took a sudden nose dive. "No!  Cate!"  Dear God this couldn't be happening.  Robert dialed up his radio.  "Mayday, mayday.  Pilot down.  I repeat pilot down!"  He quickly rattled off their last known coordinates, his heart in his throat.  He couldn't lose her now.  Not when they were just starting to get to know each other.  He gripped his controls, wanting to head down after her.  He couldn't just sit here and do nothing.

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