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Historical Missions / Re: An Apple a Day
« on: April 30, 2017, 10:00:25 PM »
It took all the self control she had not to laugh. She heard that shift in his tone. After all, she knew him better than most people - even after so long apart. It was a note jealousy and it didn't suite him one bit. Ellie listened to him breath for a moment, shaking her head.

"Henri is a cat. Don't go all jealous caveman on me over a cat." Now, she didn't hold back the laughter and it trickled out in a soft giggle.

She went back to the file, jotted down some numbers and returned to his side to take his wrist. She flipped his hand over, setting it on his thigh before looking at her watch to get his pulse rate.

"Besides," she added, her hand relaxing on his arm after she got the numbers she needed. "I'm a workaholic now. It's sorta my new thing. No man in his right mind would want to try to date me."

Historical Missions / Re: An Apple a Day
« on: April 30, 2017, 09:00:49 PM »
She scribbled something in the file before grabbing the blood pressure cuff and moving towards him. Ellie didn't attempt to make eye contact as he spoke, it was just far too awkward. "It's fine." Was all she offered on the topic. Truth be told, she was still trying to be okay with the whole thing. Their falling out had been hard and she'd be lying if she said she didn't miss the man she'd fallen in love with. She always said that the Army stole him and laughed, but it wasn't really all that funny.

Ellie situated the cuff up his arm, not surprised that it barely fit over his upper arm. The man had always been built out of nothing but muscle. It had always made her feel soft and she'd loved it. A slight blush took over her cheeks and chest as more intimate thoughts came to mind.

"I'm good. Henri keeps me in check and Lainey keeps my head on straight." Her best friend and co-worker had been her rock. The other woman had adored James once but had been perfectly willing to hate him for Ellie's sake.

The cuff inflated and the reading was perfect, as expected. She removed it quickly, before grabbing her stethoscope. "It'll be cold." She warned him before slipping it under the back of his shirt to listen to his lungs.

Historical Missions / Re: An Apple a Day
« on: April 30, 2017, 08:24:47 PM »
Just hearing his voice sent goosebumps over her skin. She hated this. Even after all this time, he still had an effect on her and while he cursed aloud, Ellie kept her own silent. At first glance, he hadn't changed at all. Still rough around the edges with that beard she had never complained about when the Army let him grow it.

She shook her head. "No, I'm not. I just have to get your vitals and some medical history information." Which would involve touching him, and talking to him. Her stomach rolled and she let out a long breath as she turned back to the file, flipping through the pages with a pen in hand.

Ellie glanced over at him when he spoke again, trying her hardest not to smile at him. No way in hell was she going to give that to him.

"You're not looking so bad yourself." She replied. What she was really thinking was far less acceptable to say aloud and in a professional setting. "Two years now." Ellie looked down at the papers. "I had to get out of the NICU." Her voice had gone soft, almost sad and completely defeated.

Historical Missions / Re: An Apple a Day
« on: April 30, 2017, 07:48:39 PM »
Elizabeth was only a couple hours into her shift when a no-show left her taking in patients. Medical exams were boring, but processing people was what they got paid for. Soldier after soldier, each one irritated over the wait time and pissed off because "this shit is pointless" rotated through the exam rooms. If she had to flag anyone else for bad dental records she was going scream. After awhile, being told that your entire life works is an inconvenience to everyone sucks away the fact that somehow, you're helping people. In the end, Ellie would go home still loving her job.

She grabbed the next file, while chatting with Lainey at the nurse's station. The name glared up at her and the expression on her face had to have been a dead give away.

"Clark. You look like someone killed your dog." She glanced up to see Lieutenant Colonel Blair standing across the counter with a coffee in hand. He was the Chief of Nursing on base and her boss.

Lainey stood and glanced at the file. "Want me to take it?"

Ellie shook her head. "No, I'm a big girl. Not like we haven't been in closed spaces before." She turned, tapping the file on her palm and made her towards Exam Room #4.

"What was that about?" Blair asked Lainey when she'd disappeared around the corner.

"It's her ex-husband."


Lainey nodded, her lips set in a firm line as she pondered where to take Ellie to blow off steam after work.


She stood in front of the door for longer than necessary as she made a futile attempt to prepare herself. She hadn't seen him or heard from in over a year. This was bound to happen though and she was mentally kicking herself in the ass for not realizing it sooner.

Finally, with a deep intake of breath, she knocked lightly on the door before entering. She was looking down at the open file in her hands, trying not to look up.

"Good afternoon, Sergeant Hendricks." She said, setting the file on the countertop opposite the exam table where he sat. Her gaze caught sight of his boots first and her voice caught in her throat. Tucking her red hair behind her ear, she looked up as she adjusted her black frame glasses. "Jamie."

Ellie stood there, completely forgetting that she was there to do a job and not ogle her ex-husband. Her hands fiddled with the stethoscope around her neck and she shifted from foot to foot, in while Converse shoes and scrubs like always - which probably made up ninety-nine percent of her wardrobe these days.

Personnel Files / Clark, Elizabeth
« on: April 30, 2017, 06:06:21 PM »
Played By: Wren



    Full Name : Carter, Elizabeth "Ellie" Marie

    Age/ Birthday: 38 / 28 May 1978

   Nationality : American

    Rank, Title or Position : Registered Nurse - BSN

    Height: 5'5"

   Build: Curves for Miles

    Education & Employment:

      ◄1995►Graduated from Hazard High School, Honors
      ◄2000-2004►Fayetteville State University, Nursing
      ◄2004-2010►Cape Fear Valley Medical Center, RN, ER
      ◄2010-2013►CFV Medical Center, RN, NICU Nurse
      ◄2015-2017►Womack Army Medical Center, Sr RN


      ►CPR Certified
      ►Charge Nurse
      ►Obstetrics Experience
      ►Emergency & Trauma Level Experience
      ►Surgical Nurse
      ►Deployment Health


 Ellie has never been the skinny girl, but she owns what she has and has learned to love herself no matter. She's always been the curvy girl and in high school it got her a lot of unwanted attention. The fiery red hair and bright eyes didn't help much either. But, she was every bit her mother's daughter and now is proud of it.

Of average height, with curves for miles, Ellie took her families Irish heritage and ran with it. Pale toned skin and the tendency to burn within minutes, she puts taking care of herself as a high priority. This doesn't mean she is high maintenance, but she enjoys nice clothes and looking pretty.

 There is no denying that Elizabeth has a big personality. She's outgoing, fun and has a silly side. Ellie can talk your ear off and the southern charm just adds to the experience. She doesn't take shit from anyone and under it all, she's a sweetheart who would drop everything if a friend needed help.

She took her role as an Army wife seriously and living on base afforded her the access to help the other spouses and their families. Quick to make friends and a tendency to take up the leadership position in group settings, it was only natural that she ended up leading her husband's unit Enlisted Spouses Club.

With an active and demanding professional life, as well as social life, Ellie has a habit of over doing it. She stretches herself too thin and wants to do everything all at once and on her own. When she finds herself stressed out and over-worked, she has a tendency to bottle it all up until it explodes - and her ex-husband would find the brunt of it whenever he returned home.

 She enjoys reading a good book and drinking an entire bottle of wine in one sitting. She makes an attempt to go to the gym, but usually never makes it there. Ellie likes shopping, spending her hard earned money and sharing her time with her best friend, Lainey. Her job keeps her busier than she would like, but she's content with that for now.

 Personal History:
 Ellie was born to middle-class parents in Hazard, Kentucky. Her father was a police officer and her mother a high school teacher. Her older brother was both a source of conflict and adoration all through her childhood and now the two are very close. Life was simple, but she always dreamed of leaving the moment she could. It would be her adult years that would put Elizabeth through hard times.

Marrying her high school sweetheart, James Hendricks, was both the best and the worst idea she ever had. But, young love can't be reckoned with and she followed him to Fort Bragg, NC after he graduated from boot camp. She became the perfect little Army wife and was horribly bored with her life. In her spontaneous way, she registered for college while James trotted off to Ranger School. She got her BSN after four years and was soon employed with the nearby civilian hospital as a Nurse. Finally, Ellie found herself occupied while James came and went.

They did that for almost ten years - each leading completely different lives. Along with advancements in her job position and her role as Key Spouse for the ESC on base, Ellie's world revolved around taking care of everyone but herself. James' constant need to do more and be more left her feeling unimportant and often, unwanted.

In 2010, while James was deployed once again, Elizabeth took a position in the NICU. While she loved what she did, she quickly learned the difference between caring for adults and caring for sick, often dying, infants. Now, more than ever, she needed her husband for the emotional support he wasn't offering. Going home alone became overwhelming. When he returned from Chechnya, Ellie told him she wanted a baby. And they tried. Although she was never sure if it was what he really wanted. In the end, it never took and James was gone once again.

Between the failure to get pregnant, the stress of her job, her husband's absence and the knowledge of what he did - Ellie broke. She filed for divorce 2013 and moved out. She also left her job and took a few months to figure things out. In the spring of 2015 she accepted a position with the Womack Army Medical Center. She never could bring herself to leave Fayetteville. Her entire life was there and while she made certain to visit her parents often, Fayetteville was home - with or without James.

♂Thomas Ryan Clark, father, living - close relationship
 ♀Eleanor Marie Clark, mother, living - close relationship
♂Ryan Joseph Clark, brother, living - close relationship
♂James Sullivan Hendricks, ex-husband, living - strained but civil relationship
♀Lainey Ann Whitmore, best friend & co-worker, living - close relationship

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