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Shadows Off Topic arena / Re: The hardware, all the stuff we use
« on: May 27, 2017, 03:38:07 PM »
If we're going famous here...hmm.

Agent 47's AMT Hardballers would be top of my list. I really want to get my hands on a pair of stainless 1911s and modify them to be firing replicas of his infamous "Silverballers" (since AMT went out of buisness ages ago and so their guns are pretty pricey nowadays). Agent 47 is, for those of you who don't know, the main character of the "Hitman" series, though the two movies do no justice to the way he's shown in the games.

Basically everything John Wick rocked in both of the John Wick movies. Too many to list, just go see both of them if you haven't already.

And I think next on my list would be the customized Five-Seven that Sam Fisher uses in the last two Splinter Cell games.

Personnel Files / Re: Connolly, Ed Wallace
« on: May 22, 2017, 03:02:34 AM »

Personnel Files / Connolly, Ed Wallace
« on: May 21, 2017, 06:51:10 AM »
    Played By: Cipherhornet18



        Full Name: Edward Wallace Connolly

        Age/ Birthday: 36, 03/15/1981

       Nationality: American

        Rank, Title or Position: Major, Team Leader, Marine Raider AFO "Grizzly"

        Height: 6' 2"

       Build: Athletic build with some muscles

        Related Skills: Amphibious Warfare, Deep Battlespace Recon, Firearms Proficency, Free-Fall Parachute Training (HALO), Language Familiarity with Arabic, Fluent in Pashto

       Unrelated Skills: Some barbecuing skills, off-road driving

       Credentials: SOI Graduate, Force Recon School Graduate, Marine Raider Instructor Rated


    Ed Connolly has black hair that he often keeps at the very edge of being within regulation, and often will grow out facial hair as soon as he's able to, though he is fine with being clean shaven when he's supposed to. When off duty, he prefers to dress nicely, though sometimes with a "Western" flair due to his origins, but favors button up shirts, nice pants or jeans, and other items, being rarely seen in just a t-shirt and shorts or pants.   

    Ed works hard and plays hard. He doesn't like being idle if he doesn't have to be, and it can come off as mildly as being always restless or as severe as finding menial tasks for himself and others just to pass the time. But beyond that, he is fairly relaxed with those he works with, having little use for protocol in the field so he has a farily casual relationship with his immediate subordinates. Ed also has a dark sense of humor at times, something that some people have called cynical.   

    Ed enjoys taking camping trips with his family, and when not doing that, they tend to go on road trips around the immediate area that they live in at that time. At home, he has taken to keeping busy by working on modifying off-road vehicles, currently working on tuning what started life as a 1987 Chevrolet K1500 "square body" pickup, but has long since departed any semblence of that. He and his wife are also quite sociable, often inviting friends over for dinner or to watch football games, with both of them avid Denver Broncos fans.

     Field/Work Experience:   
    • 2003 - Graduated, University of Colorado (BS, Naval Sciences). Approved for Force Recon School after graduation
    • 2004 - Graduated, Force Recon School. Assigned, 2nd Force Recon Company, II MEF
    • 2005 - Deployed, Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF 04-06)
    • 2006 - Reassigned, 1st Marine Special Operations Battalion, Marine Raider Regiment
    • 2007 - 2012 - Combat Deployments to Afghanistan
    • 2012 - Training Instructor Role, Marine Special Operations School
    • 2014 - Assigned, 2nd Marine Special Operations Battalion, Marine Raider Regiment
    • 2014 - 2016 - Combat Deployments to Afghanistan
    • 2017 - Present
     Personal History:
    Born and raised in Denver, Colorado, Ed had a relatively stable childhood, spending numerous weekends hiking, camping, hunting and fishing in the Colorado and Wyoming wilderness with his father and younger sister. His father and mother pushed both of their children to do well in school so as to do better in life, and Ed decided he wanted to see more of the world, and with his work in school, he earned a Navy ROTC scholarship to the University of Colorado. His desire to push himself to his furthest led to him applying for Force Recon, and in 2004, he was assigned to 2nd Force Recon Company and deployed the following year to Iraq.

    With the restructuring of Marine Special Operations, Ed was reshuffled into the newly formed 1st Marine Special Operations Battalion of the Marine Raider Regiment. From there, he would deploy regularly to Afghanistan on combat deployments, though after suffering injuries from a helicopter crash in 2012, he was relegated to training duties while he recooperated. After two years, and despite numerous protests to not push himself so hard or he risked further injury and discharge, Ed recovered enough to be cleared by a medical inquiry board and reassigned to 2nd Marine Special Operations Battalion, continuing to deploy to Afghanistan.

    Rene Connolly - Wife - High School English Teacher - Great Relationship
    Sam Connolly - Son - Elementry School Student - Great Relationship
    Monica Connolly - Daughter - Elementry School Student - Great Relationship
    Gander - Black Newfoundland Dog - Family Pet
    Boomer - Chocolate Labrador Dog - Family Pet[/list]

    Personnel Files / Bishop, William Harold
    « on: May 21, 2017, 05:52:53 AM »
    Played By: Cipherhornet18



        Full Name: William Harold Bishop

        Age/ Birthday: 48, 04/04/1969

       Nationality: American

        Rank, Title or Position: Colonel, US Special Operations Command Africa, United States Africa Command (Special Operations Command Forward-Central)

        Height: 6' 0"

       Build: Fit, showing signs of aging

        Related Skills: Mountain Warfare, RSTA, Operational Command & Control (Small Scale Special Operations Units), Firearms Proficency, Language Familiarity with Arabic, Pashto, Swahili and French.

       Unrelated Skills: Military History, Barbeque Cooking

       Credentials: Cavalry Scout training graduate, Mountain Warfare School graduate, Special Forces School graduate, BS International Affairs (University of Utah)


    William Bishop is balding, with his black hair also greying, and what hair he has is kept very short. His blue eyes are hardened with determination and many say there's a fire behind them. Everything he does, even his movements, is with a purpose. The only taste for flair that he has is that he long ago purchased his own sidearm, a stainless steel 1911 handgun, and carries it almost everywhere. (When questioned, he once said, "Son, I've been in this little gun club long enough I think I can allow myself a little vanity.")

    Describing William Bishop depends largely on who is asked. To those who have crossed paths with him, he is characterized as a stubborn old man set in his ways and that it would take the force of a nuclear explosion to change his mind. They will say that he is very crass, not mincing words in any fashion, and has very little use for procedures and policies that get in his way. To those who have served alongside him and under him, Bishop is described as a man with fire in his belly and an unshakeable loyalty to those under his command. He hates the fact that he's behind a desk now, unable to take the risks along with his soldiers in the field. As long as those who he works with do their jobs to the best of their abilities, they say that Bishop will always go to bat for his soldiers, demanding the best and giving the best in return.

    And the truth is, both catagories are correct. He has little patience for those who question him for no reason, get in the way of the mission or endanger the lives of those under his command to sate their own egos. And when it comes to deciding between the mission and those under his command, he'll choose the latter every time. He detests being behind a desk because he grew up on a farm in rural Texas, where hard work was all that mattered.   

    When not at work, Bishop likes to study military history across time, wanting to understand what made great leaders and heroic soldiers out of what is the worst aspect of mankind. When he isn't studying, Bishop loves barbeque cooking, having recently purchased a high end smoker, with the hopes of one day being able to competitively cook (if only to sate his desire to prove himself against other cooks). It is not uncommon for those directly serving under Bishop to be at least invited once to his house to try out some new recipe he's come up with, since he long ago figured that grilled meats, cold beers, and good times help keep him in better touch with those he works with.

     Field/Work Experience:   
    • 1987 - Enlisted, United States Army
    • 1988 - Assigned, Troop A, 1st Squadron, 7th Cavalry Regiment, 1st Cavalry Division
    • 1991 - Deployed as part of Operation Desert Storm
    • 1992 - Accepted into Mountain Warfare School, later assigned to 1st Battalion, 32nd Infantry Regiment, 1st Infantry Brigade, 10th Mountain Division
    • 1993 - Deployed, UNITAF, Operation Restore Hope (Somalia Peacekeeping Mission)
    • 1994 - Deployed as part of Operation Uphold Democracy, Haiti
    • 1995 - Accepted into Officer Candidate School. Accepted into Special Forces School after graduating OCS.
    • 1997 - Graduated Special Forces School, Assigned to 3rd Special Forces Group
    • 1997 - 2000 - Participated in indiginous training operations in Africa
    • 2001 - Deployed as part of Operation Enduring Freedom
    • 2003 - Deployed as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom
    • 2004 - 2012 - Deployed on regular combat operations in Afghanistan and Iraq
    • 2012 - Reassigned, Command Staff, 19th Special Forces Group
    • 2016 - Assigned, SOCAFRICA - Central, AFRICOM
    • 2017 - Present

     Personal History:
    Born in Lubbock, Texas, William Bishop grew up on a farm with his family, putting more time and merit into working from dawn until dusk than school or anything else. However, after his family fell on hard times and his father became an abusive alchoholic, he soon tried to help provide for his mother, 3 brothers and 2 sisters. One night, his father physically assaulted both of his sisters and almost killed his mother after a drunken binge, which Will finally stopped after beating his father into unconsciousness. The police arrested both Will and his father, but let Will go after seeing how badly injured Mrs. Bishop and Will's sisters were. However, his father was released shortly thereafter and ran Will off with a shotgun. With nowhere to go and only the clothes on his back, William Bishop enlisted in the US Army.

    After completing training, he was assigned as a Cavalry Scout with 1st Cavalry Division, and would see his first taste of combat during Operation Desert Storm. Afterwards, due to conflicts with some of his superiors, he was permitted to retrain into Mountain Infantry and was reassigned to 1st Infantry Brigade, 10th Mountain Division. This came just in time for him to be deployed to Somalia with 10th Mountain Division, and was among the infantry sent in to Mogadishu during the disasterous raid by Task Force Ranger. Inspired by what he saw of those soldiers, but also irritated by the perception of a failure of leadership to prevent the disaster, William Bishop decided to pursue a new career in the Army.

    Demonstrating a high degree of leadership potential and personal initiative in Somalia and later in Haiti earned him a slot into Officer Candidate School, which was followed up by applying for Special Forces training after graduation. He was accepted and in 1997, he was assigned to 3rd Special Forces Group. Prior to 9/11, he was rotated around Africa, participating in training programs for local forces, but afterwards, he would spend from 2001 to 2012 deploying to Afghanistan and Iraq. After his last deployment in 2012, Bishop was reassigned to 19th Special Forces Group's command staff, which gave him an opportunity to pursue completing his degree in International Affairs. Following his graduation in 2016, Bishop was reassigned to the Special Operations Command staff within United States Africa Command.

    Grace Bishop - Wife - Good Relationship
    Daniel Hawkins - Step-son, High School Student - Good Relationship
    Fiona Hawkins - Step-daughter, High School Student - Good, somewhat, Relationship

    Recruitment Drives (Want Ads) / Cipher's Wanted Ads
    « on: May 21, 2017, 03:57:52 AM »
    Captain Tomas Martel

    Face Claim: Benicio Del Toro (from Sicario)

    About: A career soldier, Tomas Martel has risen up the ranks after enlisting at 17 to being a Captain in Venezuelan Special Forces (107th Special Operations Battalion). In 2010, he met Larissa Koralova, who was assigned to him as his handler. Tomas offered his services as an insider to the Venezuelan military in hopes of fostering future cooperation between Venezuela and Russia (plus the money he was being paid didn't hurt). He acted as a guide while working with her, and they developed a good working relationship. They lost contact after she got reassigned.

    However, as times changed, so did his motivations. As his country spiraled downward, he saw corrupt men profit and honest men turn to desperate measures.  Tomas cut a deal with the SVR to further his ties to them, requesting his family (wife, 2 daughters (10, 13)) be taken into protective custody and moved to Russia, and in return, he'd help deal with those in the Venezuelan military who were selling equipment and services (and to him, selling their honor and loyalty) to the highest bidder. He knows that he's committing treason, but he's doing it for a higher purpose, hoping that in doing so, he saves his countrymen from the fire. (Sort of a "I know I'm going to hell when I die, so better I do it saving others from having to do so" mentality). While he'll kill the corrupt men without batting an eye, he does sympathize with the honest men left with few options, and he's willing to extend those a second chance and an opportunity at redemption.

    Captain Adrianna "AJ" Pierce

    Face Claim: Alice Taglioni (from Sky Fighters, not so much worried about her wearing French Air Force patches, that's what photoshop is for :P)

    About: Jack Pierce's wife. She's a USMC Hornet pilot currently on exchange to No. 1 Squadrion, RAAF. Her past is pretty troubled though, she didn't get along with her family growing up (Family: Mother, Father, 2 older brothers, 1 younger sister). Born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah, her parents are devoutly religious, as is her oldest brother, which caused issues when her sister came out as a lesbian and they disowned her. Her second older brother was too passive and didn't stand up with Adrianna against them, despite agreeing with her. As such, Adrianna tried to juggle her time at Embry Riddle helping to support her sister and trying to get into the Marines (nearly failing at both at numerous times). Jack was one of her few friends, and though they had a friendly rivalry, being that Jack was Navy, he helped her a great deal. This later cemented the bond that brought them closer.

    After finally graduating, Adrianna's sister found someone to settle down with and moved to Washington State, leaving Adrianna able to focus on her own career. She was deployed to MCAS Iwakuni with VMFA(AW)-242, and reunited with Jack Pierce when he was stationed there with VFA-94. Along with the relationship that they developed, she also found herself finding a new family with her soon-to-be in-laws, who took an instant liking to their daughter/sister in-law to be. After they were married, Adrianna and Jack were rotated back to California, with Adrianna reassigned to VMFA-314 at MCAS Miramar.

    Despite her past troubles, Adrianna still manages to be an upbeat person with a sort of thrill-seeker edge. She loves flying and does not see herself giving that up any time soon. Adrianna and Jack are happily married with the only issue being that their respective branches keep them apart (hence why they both took the exchange program opportunity in Australia). She doesn't share her husband's love of cars, but supports his hobby. She likes spending time outdoors, though.

    Currently, Adrianna is with the rest of No. 1 Squadron at RAAF Base Amberley, waiting to see if she'll soon be reuinted with Jack at the Falklands or back in Australia.

    Mission Requests / Re: South Africa Op ideas
    « on: May 20, 2017, 09:17:52 AM »
    That is true, and other Africa Union forces, but again, the idea here is to not just make another scenario where we just steamroll the OPFOR because we can.

    Shadows Off Topic arena / Playlists!
    « on: May 19, 2017, 05:20:16 AM »
    So, I'm kind of curious, if for no other reason than maybe we can share what we like to rock out to. What do you favor listening to, as far as music goes. Since I'm throwing up the thread, I'll start.

    I'm mainly rock and roll, but I'm also all over the damn place sometimes. Top of my list, though, is Sabaton. They're a Swedish metal band, but they favor doing their songs on historical battles, war heroes, that sort of thing. They cover the gambit of subjects and eras, though they largely hover around World War Two, and I tend to find I learn new things when I listen to them because I want to learn about what inspired a song if I don't pick up on it. I mean, I learned more about the rise and fall of the Swedish Empire during the Thirty Years War from their Carlous Rex album than I did in school. I'd totally recommend giving them a listen.

    Past that, it's all over. My Pandora feed is proof of that enough. Sabaton, AC/DC, Metallica, Theory of a Dead Man, Avenged Sevenfold, Icon For Hire, Digital Daggers, Rammstein, Eisbreicher, and the list goes on and all over. The radio stations up here are pretty limited, I stopped listening to Country back in the 90s so I don't do that, and I'm not a huge fan of stuff related to rap or pop (although I did listen to some Russian stuff that was from the GTA IV Eastern European station).

    Sometimes when I'm writing, I'll listen to soundtracks from certain games. Mainly the Command and Conquer series, as well as anything from Ace Combat 4, 5, 6, Zero and Assault Horizon (honestly, if you want to check it out, just pull Ace Combat Infinity's sound track, it's like a greatest hits, but so was that game). Sometimes I go to a couple of the Call of Duty games, Modern Warfare 2 and Black Ops 1&2 had good tracks, Splinter Cell Conviction, and I used to do the Half Life tracks.

    But anyways, that's what I listen to. Who's next?  :yes

    Mission Requests / Re: Yemen Ideas
    « on: May 19, 2017, 03:34:08 AM »
    Well, the majority of air units, I imagine, are going to be busy in South America.

    But I was looking more at getting back towards SOF and Intelligence ops for the moment outside of South America, since we can't deploy large forces everywhere at once.

    Code: [Select]
    [b]Operation Name:[/b] Rapid Justice
    [b]Characters Participating:[/b]
    [list][li]Captain Larissa Koralova, SVR (Foreign Intelligence Service of Russia) - Field Agent
    [li]Captain Tomas Martel, Venezuelan Special Forces (SVR Recruited Asset)[/li][/li]
    [li]Major Mikhail Sokolov, FSB - Team Leader, Vympel Group AFO [i]"Grach"[/i]
    [li]Captain Viktor Pavlichenko, FSB - NPC[/li]
    [li]Senior Lieutenant Georgi Ershov, FSB - NPC[/li]
    [li]Senior Sergeant Valentin Lobanov, FSB - NPC[/li][/li][/list]

    Mission Requests / Yemen Ideas
    « on: May 17, 2017, 07:50:26 AM »
    So, to start, this may not be 100% what we want, but I think it gives us more angles and can evolve into maybe an arc of a sort (since we are still writing stories and shotgunning ideas to the wall makes coordination tricky).

    Before I get into Yemen itself, I want to bring up a player. Im not in love with the name, but I want to preserve the concept.

    "Sons of the Sword" - Starting as an extremist organization after the Yom Kippur War, SotS soon found themselves competing against every other fringe group in the Middle East to no avail. A new generation took over after Desert Storm, and decided if you cant beat them, take their money to do their dirty work. They became, cynically, terrorists for hire, and without ideology, they bridge gaps not normally possible. For this situation, its the Cartel and IS, since the latter went on record as saying the former are evil and poisionious and the usual call to arms against them. But the Cartel has the income, IS has the means to smuggle weapons and an entire region to sack. SotS allows both to do business and to make more friends without acknowledging any connection. So other groups or even governments have an in without being seen.

    Now for ops.

    -Arms Bazar: I was thinking a cordoned off part of a city or town, through an arrangement between the local police and leaders and SotS, where SotS can do deals without catching a Hellfire or 50. Good for intel agents to do some field work to ID some conspirators. At some point, they can do a takedown of a buyer, seller or a local official on the cut. Or all of the above.

    -Arms Depot/Training Camp: Great Tier One OP, hits a major arms storage hub and can lead to an HVT capture.

    -Airfield/Comms Hub: More of a quiet op to bug traffic and unravel more of the mystery. Could go hot to do a major roll up on operations.

    So, thats what Ive got on Yemen.

    Why not have the incoming SBS aid exfil, since it seems way overkill to commit going on 6 AFOs for one pilot.

    We should hold off on sending DEVGRU only because dumping units in Urgent Mercy sort of oversaturates the op, and not everyone is a fit for that.

    Shadows Off Topic arena / Re: The hardware, all the stuff we use
    « on: May 16, 2017, 05:14:43 AM »
    I could say the same, but...Smith & Wesson M&P. I like my 9mm with the night sights and threaded barrel (for cleaning devices, obviously. OBVIOUSLY!) and my dad has the M&P 40 Shield Performance Center model (daytime glow sights and ported). I'm not a huge fan of .40 S&W, and a gun that small would be brutal to use in .45 ACP, but if I had one in 9mm to go with my full sized as a regular carry piece, I'd get one in a heartbeat.

    But in all honesty, I've shot my friend's Glock 17L, 19, and 42, and it's all just down to personal taste, because if I hadn't have gotten my M&P first, I'd have had a Glock by now.

    As a fun fact, the M&P's first appearance in video games was in the game Alpha Protocol, Obsidian's attempt to make a spy thriller RPG in the same style as Mass Effect 1 (which unfortunately had too many glaring issues that saw it get some bad reviews, though many agree that the story was not one of the weaknesses.)

    Mission Requests / Re: South Africa Op ideas
    « on: May 15, 2017, 03:19:04 AM »
    Yeah, that's what I was going with at the end there, to try to cut things back so we're not basically "rofflestomping" everywhere we go.

    Mission Requests / Re: South Africa Op ideas
    « on: May 14, 2017, 05:02:10 PM »
    So, as far as South Africa goes, I have something. It's from a scenario set around 03 from the game The Operational Art of War (good game, nice way to see how battles on every level works, it's SUPER simple).

    At any rate, Zimbabwe is in the worst possible way right now, their own finance minister just went on record as saying they have literally nothing. South Africa, ever since Nelson Mandela's administration, has tried to help them.  They have mediated numerous disputes for them, so it makes sense that with South Africa's growing economy, they would want to share the wealth.

    So, the background here would be that South Africa has put together a generous aid package, with help from the Commonwealth of Nations and United Nations, to help the failing Zimbabwe, with the hope that if it comes from South Africa, the powers that be in Hare will accept it. But the South African Parliament has tied a request; they want Zimbabwe to start taking steps to improving their human rights situation. They are not specifying how or when, just that something needs to go forward.

    And the spark for the power keg is provided. Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe's dictator, has decried the terms as an effort by South Africa to impose the will of "imperialist powers" onto the people of Zimbabwe. As a good faith measure, South Africa authorized work on a railway line on the border to start improving the rails, footing the bill entirely. However, the work stopped within a few weeks, after armed personnel harassed work crews. There were disputes if they were armed militia or Zimbabwe military, but to be on the safe side, the South African Army was mobilized.

    The 44th Parachute Regiment was moved to Musina, in the Musina Nature Reserve, but this only served to inflame issues. When work was resumed, the work crews were fired upon, with several civilians killed. 3rd Parachute Battalion scrambled troops to respond, and a skirmish broke out on the bridge spanning the Limpopo River. Unfortunately, this only served to muddle issues with the situation, with the Zimbabwean delegates going to the UN with reports of the South Africans starting the shooting.

    However, while the media was tangled up with the blame game, especially with the issues facing President Jacob Zuma, a new angle appeared. A truck was stopped in a routine border check in Zambia, where it was found full of munitions bound for Zimbabwe. The driver committed suicide while in custody, but the weapons were seized regardless.

    With this, President Zuma appealed to the Commonwealth of Nations for support to contain the situation. Military support has been considered, but conflicts in South America brewing, as well as several members being unwilling to resort to invasion. The South African delegation agreed to that much, but did accept that something had to be done, especially with growing concerns that the Zimbabwean government is not doing this on their own. Special Operations and Intelligence operations have been approved, and American involvement is being considered.
    Alright, so...this was lengthy, so. Thoughts?

    Shadows Off Topic arena / Re: The hardware, all the stuff we use
    « on: May 12, 2017, 10:47:49 AM »
    Oh yeah, the F111 is awesome.

    As far as planes go, obviously the Hornet, then the F15E Strike Eagle, MiG29, Su37, Rafale, F4 Phantom, F8 Crusader, and then the T50 PAK FA.

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