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Mission Requests / Re: The Venezuelan Connection
« on: May 03, 2017, 03:50:39 PM »
So a couple of angles I thought of at work.

1 - The source: While there are plenty of soldiers and airmen in the Venezuelan Military simply looking to take bribes to feed their families or move them out of the country, the bigger issue is the top brass who simply want to live the good life. Some may genuinely care about their troops, reluctantly taking the Cartel's money because with plata o pluma, the only other option is that the Cartel slaughters their family, slowly. But others, the Cartel's money spends as good as anyone else's, and they'll keep every penny for themselves to prop up living the good life while their countrymen starve. Both are a threat. For the reluctant ones, threats won't work, so finding out a way to spare them the Cartel's wrath while keeping their equipment in Venezuela will be a challenge. The latter ones, stopping them and ensuring the deal never goes through is more direct.

2 - The border: Obviously, the Brazilian government isn't going to just open their borders. They're already on edge for militant factions or refugees daring to make the attempt to cross over from Venezuela. But the Cartel is willing to grease the wheels in the government and border guards to ensure that their merchandise makes it in and out of the country without NATO interference. Corruption will play a part, as will those intimidated into playing along.

Mission Requests / Re: The Venezuelan Connection
« on: May 03, 2017, 07:13:20 AM »
I'll take on an SVR agent and Vympel Group AFO. "Nobody But Us."  :D Always open to others to join in.

I think this can have multiple angles, just like things in Argentina are now.

Mission Requests / Re: The Venezuelan Connection
« on: May 03, 2017, 03:24:36 AM »
Just to give an idea of what would be on their shopping list...

Su-30 Flanker
Mi-35 Hind
S-300 SAM
Buk-M1 SAM
....and more!

Mission Requests / The Venezuelan Connection
« on: May 03, 2017, 03:16:09 AM »
Doing this on my phone so brace yourselves.

So, doing just a cursory glance at the Argentine military has revealed that they're in bad shape. Economic issues have shelved or delayed every project. Their current state is not unknown to the Cartel, they have no chance to stand against NATO, the absolute best is to draw the war out OIF style.

But one of them got an idea to even the score, give them the means to really bleed the invasion until public opinion turns on it. Venezuela has been in economic free fall and that's given the Cartel a chance to buy up stocks of current generation Russian hardware, as well as the personnel who can use it or train others on it.

The trouble is shipping. The US will interdict shipping coming into Argentine ports soon, and airlift is equally perilous. But, plata o pluma might buy land passage through Brazil.

The CIA and MI6 are going to want agents in the field and SOF teams from the military to stop this from happening. However, Russia will also, separately, want to stop this, since the media fallout could harm Russia despite having no interest in backing the Cartel's adventure. So they're going to have a separate op to clean this mess up.

This is a good avenue for more covert action, but shooters will still be needed, of course.

So, who wants to see where this rabbit hole goes?

Personnel Files / Coffin, Brian Andrew
« on: May 02, 2017, 04:14:53 PM »
Played By: Cipherhornet18



    Full Name : Brian Andrew Coffin

    Age/ Birthday: 32 - 09/20/1985

   Nationality :  American

    Rank, Title or Position :  Captain (USAF), Combat Rescue Officer- 58th Rescue Squadron, 563rd Rescue Group, 23rd Wing - Nellis AFB, Nevada

    Height: 6' 0"

   Build: Fit with some musclar tone

    Related Skills: HALO Parachuting, NREMT-P Rated, SERE, Combat Diving, Spanish (Fluent), Russian (Proficent)

   Unrelated Skills: Cooking, Contemporary Military History

   Credentials: USAF Combat Rescue Graduate, BS Health Sciences - Arizona State University


Brian keeps his brown hair close cut, and stands with a fairly average stature. His line of work has left him fit, but not overly muscular or lean.

When not on duty, Brian is laid back and easy going, always quick with a joke or sarcastic comment. He values his friends and will try to help them out whenever possible. He can be just as cold to those whom he doesn't like, though he can at least maintain his professionalism when required to work with them.

In the field, he embraces the creed of the Air Force's Pararescue, "These things I do so that others may live", putting the well-being of others ahead of his own. Though he wants to help save lives, he is a realist, he understands that to save a life, he may also have to take one. The lives of his men and those they've been sent to rescue are the mission to him, since the Air Force rarely deploys PJs and CROs on non-CSAR missions. That said, he will still tackle whatever is put before him.

Outside of work, he likes hanging out with his friends when possible. Otherwise, he can be found at home binge watching his favorite shows or gaming. When he does cook, he tends to experiment rather than follow conventional recepies, often citing that sometimes he just throws what sounds good together to see if it's any good or not.

 Field/Work Experience:
  • 2003 - Enrolled, Arizona State University (AFROTC Scholarship)
  • 2007 - Graduated, ASU. Commissioned, 2nd Lieutenant, United States Air Force. Begins Combat Rescue Officer training
  • 2008 - Graduated, USAF CRO Training. Assigned, 56th Rescue Squadron (RAF Lakenheath)
  • 2012 - Transferred, 321st Special Tactics Squadron (RAF Mildenhall)
  • 2015 - Transferred, 58th Rescue Squadron (Nellis AFB)
  • 2017 - Present

 Personal History:
Brian was born in Mesa, Arizona as an only child, as his parents divorced not long after he was born. Not long after his 10th birthday, he was left in the care of his paternal grandparents after his mother decided she wanted to run off to the other side of the country with a man, and his father was unwilling to return to Arizona. As a result, Brian's relationship with both of his parents is best described as distant, though he has no ties to his mother, harboring deep resentment of her abandonment of him.

It wasn't until joining his high school AFJROTC program that he started to get some idea of where he wanted to go in life, and was drawn to the Pararescue field in the Air Force. However, because of his academics, he was granted a full scholarship to Arizona State University, so he made use of that to instead get his education and join the Air Force as an officer.

Combat Rescue Officer training was nothing short of grueling, but Brian seemed to thrive on the challenges put on him, and with his drive and confidence, fell into the duties of coordinating rescue operations easily. He earned the respect of those under his command by remaining humble enough to ask questions and seek the advise of the enlisted PJs he served with while still striving to be a strong leader.

While stationed in the UK, Brian married a British nurse, who worked as a civilian at RAF Lakenheath and transferred to RAF Mildenhall with him when he moved squadrons. Unfortunately, Brian's hesitation on the matter of children caused a rift between them, since he was unsure as to how good of a father he could be when his own wanted little to do with him as a child. Their relationship grew icy and finally the two were divorced in 2014, prompting Brian to put in for a transfer to Nellis Air Force Base's squadron.

1LT Patrick Reid, USAF - Friend - Good Relationship
1LT Shane Soukup, USAF - Friend - Good Relationship
CAPT Brandon Davis, USAF - Friend - Good Relationship
SMSgt Shawn Williams, USAF - Friend/Mentor - Good Relationship
MSgt Russell Arus, USAF - Friend/Mentor - Good Relationship
Cathleen Lang - Ex-Wife - Poor Relationship (Harasses Brian on social media from time to time)

News / Re: Cast your vote for From the Shadows
« on: May 02, 2017, 03:05:14 PM »
I did the thing!

After Action Reports / Re: Operation Volunteer-Falklands
« on: May 02, 2017, 04:00:37 AM »
The Pampas were last listed as being pending delivered, that's why I didn't note them. The project drug on for almost a decade because Argentina couldn't manage paying for them. But if the Cartel somehow funneled the funds to get them paid off, that could work.

After Action Reports / Re: Operation Volunteer-Falklands
« on: May 02, 2017, 03:44:03 AM »
Have the powers that be in Argentina imported in any fighters? Because as of right now, the closest they have in their current Air Force arsenal are some A-4 Skyhawks with an updated avionics package that came out of the F-16, plus the prop driven Pucaras that weren't that effective back in 1982.

A possibility would be, given Venezuela's situation, they've managed to get their hands on some of the hardware Hugo Chavez was buying from Russia before his ticket was punched. That would get them access to Su-30s, F-16s, and Hind gunships, since the Argentine Air Force's current inventory is pretty lacking, and the cartel forces are using their money to shore up where the government fell short. Past that, only Chile has anything of note, Uruguay and Paraguay operate some prop trainers from Brazil.

I wouldn't mind some air-to-air, which is why I asked.

Mission Requests / Re: Voyage of the Damned
« on: May 02, 2017, 02:33:02 AM »
They could trickle on at the various ports if they have more discrete members that aren't on law enforcement's radar. The ones who board earlier could have been scouts, making contact with the crew and generally making sure that extra security isn't in play or there are any changes in plans. What they do after the hijacking is up in the air, either they joined the chaos or they're playing hostage as a "Plan B" in case the ship gets boarded.

After Action Reports / Re: Operation Volunteer-Falklands
« on: May 02, 2017, 02:24:30 AM »
Characters Participating:LT Jack "Hawk" Pierce, USN - No. 1 Sqn, RAAF

I'll wait to see what's the plan for SEALs before I decide on if my SEAL will be there or not.

Personnel Files / Pierce, John Benjamin
« on: May 01, 2017, 11:42:24 AM »
Played By: Cipherhornet18



    Full Name : John "Jack" Benjamin Pierce

    Age/ Birthday: 31 - 04/12/1986

   Nationality :  American

    Rank, Title or Position :  Lieutenant, United States Navy - On loan to Royal Australian Air Force, No. 1 Squadron

    Height: 5' 11"

   Build: Fit, not overly lean or muscular

    Related Skills: Rated in F/A-18C/D Hornet, F/A-18E/F Super Hornet & T-45A Goshawk, Small Arms proficent, Leadership Training, Familiarity with Japanese (Read/Speak)

   Unrelated Skills: Automotive Mechanic, Barbacuing, Amatuer SCUBA Diver

   Credentials: BA Aeronautical Science, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (Daytona Beach, FL Campus)


Jack stands at average height and build, with his black hair kept just shy of being out of regulation. His brown eyes seem to be quite keen, and Jack is just as ready with a grin as he is a frown.

Despite being a fighter pilot, Jack does not display the usual cocksure attitude found in most pilots, rather favoring a more laid back demeanor. He tends to say what is on his mind as soon as it hits him, which can get him into trouble, but when in the presence of superiors, he does try to filter himself. In the air, Jack tries to be a consumate professional, but his priority is ensuring everyone in his flight makes it back in one piece.

Off-duty, Jack spends time with his wife, often times going out hiking or diving with her. Other times, he'll spend his time working on classic cars, his current project being a 1973 Ford XB GT Falcon Hardtop (the same style car used in the Mad Max series), which Jack hopes to import back to the United States at the conclusion of his time in Australia. He also enjoys spending time with his friends, overall enjoying a decent social life.

 Field/Work Experience:   
  • 2004 - Enrolled, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Daytona Beach, FL (NROTC Scholarship)
  • 2008 - Graduated, ERAU. Comissioned as an Ensign, US Navy. Begins USN Flight Training
  • 2010 - Graduated USN Flight Training. Assigned, Strike Fighter Squadron 122 (VFA-122, fleet replenishment squadron, NAS Lemoore, CA)
  • 2011 - Reassigned to Strike Fighter Squadron 94 (VFA-94, MCAS Iwakuni, Japan)
  • 2015 - Transferred to Strike Fighter Squadron 137 (VFA-137, NAS Lemoore, CA)
  • 2016 - Accepted for Officer Exchange Program, RAAF. Assigned, No. 1 Squadron (RAAF Base Amberley)
  • 2017 - Present.
 Personal History:
 Jack Pierce was born on base at Naval Air Station Cecil Field, in Jacksonville Florida. His father was a Naval Aviator, and his mother was a defense lawyer with the Navy Judge Advocate General. After his younger sister was born, Jack's father and mother retired from the Navy, with the family resettling in St. Louis, Missouri. Hoping to follow his father's footsteps, Jack pursued every opportunity to become a Naval Aviator himself, securing a Navy ROTC scholarship to Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. While attending school at Daytona Beach, Jack met his wife-to-be, a Marine cadet by the name of Adrianna Brach. Though the two of them had a rivalry, it was all friendly and they remained close friends until being separated by the military.

During advanced training, Jack earned his callsign "Hawk" due to a birdstrike during a cross-country flight. He managed to safely land his T-45A trainer, and learned later that he had hit, to the chagrin of environmentalists, a hawk. Despite this incident, Jack passed his flight training and was assigned to a Pacific Fleet replenishment squadron, before finally being deployed to his first operational squadron. It was at Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni that Jack and Adrianna were reunited. They were married in 2013, though their respective duties kept them somewhat apart after returning to the United States, as Jack was assigned to Naval Air Station Lemoore, and Adrianna was assigned to a squadron at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar. With that, they took to a plan and both applied to an officer exchange program with the Royal Australian Air Force, and due to clerical oversight, were both granted a slot within No. 1 Squadron in 2016. Despite their superiors finding out afterwards, it was decided it was more work than it was worth to separate them.

CMDR Andrew Pierce (ret.) - Father - Close Relationship
LT Cassandra Pierce (ret.) - Mother - Close Relationship
2LT Haley Pierce, USAF - Younger Sister - Close Relationship
CAPT Adrianna "AJ" Pierce, USMC - Wife
FLGOFF David Lawton, RAAF - Radar Intercept Officer - Good Working Relationship
FLTLT Craig Miles, RAAF - Wingman, Friend - Good Relationship

Personnel Files / Hanley, Michelle Victoria
« on: May 01, 2017, 06:33:20 AM »
Played By: Cipherhornet18



    Full Name : Michelle Hanley Victoria

    Age/ Birthday: 29 - 10/20/1988

   Nationality : American

    Rank, Title or Position : Special Warfare Operator 2nd Class, DEVGRU, United States Navy

    Height: 5' 10"

   Build: Lean w/some muscle tone

    Related Skills: Scout/Sniper, High Threat Protective Security, Advanced Driving Skills, Advanced Demolition, Advanced Close Quarters Combat, Surreptitious Entry, Read/Write Proficient in Spanish & Farsi, Familiarity with Arabic and Greek

   Unrelated Skills: Amateur drag racing (Mud & Tarmac), Military Historian, Cooking, Musician (Guitar)

   Credentials: BUD/S Graduate, SEAL Parachute School Graduate, SQT Graduate, SEAL TRP Graduate, DLI Graduate (Farsi Proficiency), Master-at-Arms "A" School Graduate



Michelle stands at average height with a fit build, normal for someone in her line of work but not excessively thin or built. Her light blonde hair is shoulder length and typically kept in a ponytail. Her blue eyes seem to always be scanning the room, but are not always without emotion. On her right shoulder, typically out of view unless in a sleeveless shirt, and owing to her sense of humor, she has a tattoo of a seal with a goofy empty smile, wearing a sailor cap, and holding an MP5K between it's fins (those who have seen Ranger Up's animated works would identify it as the character "Sealy").


In casual settings, Michelle will first gauge those she's with before deciding to open up or not. She can be very funny, cracking jokes about various situations or reciting humorous lines from various pop culture sources, but she can also be quite serious. She does tend to have the view of trusting most people after some getting to know them, which does make her more approachable but also means that her trust in people has been broken by letting them make that move. She tends to deflect the problems of being a minority in the Special Operations community with humor, but those who cause major issues tend to earn her ire fairly quickly.

She has very strong ties to her immediate family, especially with the loss of her brother. Michelle is very protective of her younger sister, and maintains regular contact with both of her parents and sister. Aside from her brother's death, the only other sore subject with her in terms of family is her ex-husband, whom she caught cheating, and tends to only refer to him as the butt of jokes or disparaging comments.

In the field, Michelle does still keep her sense of humor around, but is also deeply committed to her teammates and the success of the mission. If told to choose between the mission and the team, though, she would put the team first. That said, she isn't above taking chances, leading to the cementing of her nickname "Gambler" (originally coming from her being from Las Vegas). She uses humor as a means of defusing tension and coping with the grueling strains of missions, and when she stops cracking jokes about a situation, that typically indicates that it has affected her on a very personal level.

Hobbies/Interests: Gaming, Amateur Racing (sanctioned, does not do "street" racing), Working on cars/trucks, Hiking and camping, Binge watching science fiction & military thriller movies/TV serieses

 Field/Work Experience:
  • 2007 - Enlisted, United States Navy. Entered Master-at-Arms Training
  • 2008 - Completed Master-at-Arms "A" School, Assigned to NAS Fallon, Fallon, NV
  • 2011 - Assigned to NSA Bahrain, Bahrain
  • 2013 - Assigned to NSA Souda Bay, Crete, Greece, Worked with US Diplomatic Security in Athens and Thessaloniki
  • 2015 - Transfer to SEALs approved, Entered BUD/S
  • 2016 - Graduated SEAL Training, Assigned to SEAL Team 3, Deployed to Iraq to Task Force Trident, Operation Inherent Resolve
  • 2017 - Present

 Personal History:
Born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada, Michelle was the oldest of three children. Her father is an officer in the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, while her mother has held mainly administrative clerical roles in several fields. Growing up, Michelle was very defensive and combative, though she did have a small circle of friends. In high school, her friends put together a rock band, and Michelle's rebellious streak had reached a point she was growing distant and arguing with her family. However, after one of her friends was crippled in a car accident, due to a mutual acquaintance drinking and driving, Michelle realized that she needed to get away from her surroundings.

As a result, Michelle enlisted in the US Navy right out of high school, since her brother was planning to join the Army after he graduated. Without a declared field, Michelle was sent to Master-at-arms "A" School after graduating from basic training, entering into the field of law enforcement. In a twist of fate, her first posting put her six hours away from her home, which did give her the chance to rebuild her family ties. Living in the small rural Nevada town of Fallon did expose Michelle to the world of drag racing, having been inspired to do so by one of the base's civilian contractors.

In 2011, Michelle was rotated to Bahrain, where she met several in her field who had cross trained into the SEALs. Unfortunately, Navy policy barred her from joining, but she committed herself to trying to prove herself worthy of exemption of that policy. Unfortunately, that was not to come to pass for another four years. Until then, she continued to serve to the best of her abilities, including a rare opportunity where she was permitted to work alongside US Diplomatic Security in Greece after being transferred to Souda Bay in 2013.

After the President's order to remove gender restrictions on career fields in the US Military, Michelle applied and was accepted to begin training with the SEALs. Though the 85 weeks were strenuous, she passed and was assigned to Team 3. Given her background in security, she was immediately deployed to Task Force Trident, operating in Northern Iraq.

Father: Gary Hanley - Lieutenant, LVMPD - Close Relationship
Mother: Anne Hanley - Senior Administrative Clerk, Clark County School Distrct - Close Relationship
Younger Sister: 2LT Rene Hanley - AFOSI Recruit - Close Relationship
Younger Brother: LCpl Craig Hanley - II MEF, Killed In Action (05/18/08)
Ex-Husband: Nathan Kirkland - No ties, will not answer any attempts he makes to reach out
Friend: PO2 Trevor Pearce - SEAL
Friend: PO2 Francisco "Frankie" Pena - SEAL
Friend: PO1 David Johnson - Master-at-arms
Friend: PO2 Dick Harrison - Master-at-arms
Friend: PO2 Amanda Carlison - Master-at-arms
Friend: Amber Sharpton - Civilian, Childhood Friend
Friend: Emily Vasquez - Civilian, Childhood Friend

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