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Historical Missions / Re: Port Stanley-Falkland Islands
« on: May 03, 2017, 01:20:20 AM »
Spoiler: show
<Officer's Canteen, RAF Mt. Pleasant>

Jack had broken off from his squadronmates, in dire need of the bathroom, before heading to the Canteen. He reached into one of the pockets of his flight suit and pulled out his cell phone, starting it back up and connecting into the communal wi-fi network. Sure enough, Adrianna was waiting for him on Messenger, so he went to voice chat.

"Hey." Jack said.

"Hey, yourself. You just get in?" Adrianna asked.

"Yeah. After being bounced to just every airfield possible. I was sure we'd end up at Lemoore and Miramar at the rate we were going." Jack replied, walking down the halls.

"Sheesh. How's the weather?" Adrianna said, some clinking and clanging in the background.

"Awful. Under 50 with rain. What're you making?" Jack asked, passing a group of British junior officers.

"I'm not feeling too ambitious, so spaghetti. Oh! Your parts arrived, but the box looks a little worse for wear. You want me to take pictures and send them?" Adrianna asked. Jack frowned, he was not thrilled with the prospect of a set of headers that he had sent off to be machined coming back worse than they left. And they were already late as it was.

"No, because if they're trashed, I'll try to load up for a bombing run. Just leave them in the garage, I'll deal with it when I get back." Jack replied after a sigh.

"Roge. Alright, I better let you go, I invited over Kathy and she just got in. Stay safe out there, yeah?" Adrianna said, some concern in her voice. They both knew what the score was, but that didn't mean they didn't worry about each other.

"I will. I doubt we're going to go up in this weather. I love you." Jack said.

"I love you too. Talk to you later." Adrianna replied. Jack ended the call and turned off his cell phone as he entered the Canteen, right behind Robyn.

"Are you planning to just stand there and try to will the food to you, or you going to get in and get some?" Jack asked with an easy grin, "I don't think you're than strong in the Force for the first way, but that's just my observation."

<Officer's Canteen, RAF Mt. Pleasant>

 "What? Oh, shit yes um....Jesus Jack you always get me when I don't have a witty reply doncha?" Bobbie wasn't smiling, she wasn't frowning either, simply wearing that neutral expression that fell on her face 90% of the time. Hence the reason most people couldn't read her for life or money. So with wobbly 'beenintheairforever' footsteps she picked up a tray and some utensils before her drool session on the glass covers of the servery. For even though she was as small tiny women, as observed by many in her squadron and of course noted by their CO, Bobbie was one of those type who 'could eat the horse and chase the rider' kind of eaters. Nothing touched her, at least not in this life. She could go seven rounds on an all you can eat buffet, still weighing the same at the end of the week.

 Choosing now the Fish and Chips she hadn't smelled earlier in favor of the roast beef, she casually spoke of things that were important to the flight; home. Yes it had only been three days, but three days for these people could be the most precious days of your life. "How is she?" Bobbie had big ears, besides Adriana was a friend and typically like a mother hen (a very young one) she was concerned for the both of them. Her eyes then fell on the rice pudding, she hadn't had that forever; trust the Brits to keep up traditions. "That I will have as well please." She asked the steward who on looking at her huge mound of chips with the fish, then looking at the dainty woman in front of him, raised an eyebrow as if to say 'are your sure ma'am?'. Bobbie got in first. "I haven't eaten in a month."

Personnel Files / Re: Robyn Marie Hatfield
« on: May 02, 2017, 08:37:14 PM »

 I couldn't leave her out now could I?  :sam2 :sam3

Mission Requests / Re: Joint-op training
« on: May 02, 2017, 08:33:27 PM »
 Joint ops are typically carried out during multi national exercises such as Talisman Saber in Australia. Generally that will involve Australian, US, New Zealand and others from South East Asia such as Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia. In the past, Britain, France and even the Netherlands have been there, so to has Spain. So it wouldn't be out of order really for any allied nation to be invited. I might point out that Aust and the US have done exercises involving Russia as well.

Historical Missions / Re: Port Stanley-Falkland Islands
« on: May 02, 2017, 07:29:08 AM »

<UK CO's Office RAF Mt Pleasant>

 For Sam that was all she needed to know. There was a ton of 'virtual' paperwork to be done before she could take a break, but her people were more important in the first instance. She looked at all three of them, they were a great dedicated team and she knew with their resolve not only would Cate be found, but this ugly war would be brought to a swift closure. The very last thing the world needed right now was an entire nation under control of a drug Cartel and their very suspicious backers. Rumor had it that ISIS had a finger in it somewhere through the drugs network and possibly North Korea as well, it would be in both of those interests to have something like this cause massive destabilization across the globe. "Very well then dismissed. Go rest, take a break for now, you'll all know when you're needed. Robert, as soon as something can be organized for you, you'll get a call. Now go on, get out of here I've got work to do."

 Trish, then Kyle snapped to attention. They loved Sam both, but neither wanted to get in her bad books; she was a doll, but she did have her levels of discipline.

 "Officers Canteen?" Trish said after snapping a quick salute then spinning around.

 Kyle whispered to her. "Kid we're indoors, no need to...never mind. Canteen will be great, I need a very large coffee and something decent to eat." He raised his voice slightly as he to turned about. "Coming with Bob?" He asked.

<Officer's Canteen, RAF Mt Pleasant>

 Two days ago the elements of the RAAF were over the pacific, a eleven hour flight with tankering in between. Then without barely a break after landing at Edwards, it was on to the Falklands via Colorado Springs, Peurto Rico and more tankering. Finally after almost 36 hours of being in the air they had arrived: F/A18's of both types drawn from One and Seventy Seven Squadron, two CJ-27's and two Globemasters with all their necessities and ground crews. Bobbie had temporary command of the F18 flight, which sat on her small shoulders like a mountain, but she was assured that their assigned CO would be joining them within the day.

 Not long after they landed, taxying their craft to the now growing line of fighters, Bobbie gave a quick debrief under the wing of her bird, then a quick round of 'What will we do now', was ended with one word. 'Food'. One of the little oddities about Bobbie that some of the receiving ground crews noticed was that she wore two side arms, both identically matched SIG .357 P226's which she bought and paid for herself. She has consistently shot 590's + during inter service competitions; hence the small symbol under her cockpit of twin pistols with %99 painted beside them.

 Ten minutes after landing they found themselves in an almost empty canteen. "Wow, its big isn't it" She said to her teammates, seemingly a little awed. The smell of English roast beef made her stomach growl.

After Action Reports / Re: Operation Volunteer-Falklands
« on: May 02, 2017, 04:41:15 AM »
We can say its a done deal  :sam2 :CH

Personnel Files / Robyn Marie Hatfield
« on: May 02, 2017, 04:27:33 AM »

Played By: Mim



    Full Name: Robyn Marie Hatfield (Bobbie)

    Age/ Birthday: 30- January 2nd 1987

   Nationality: Australian

    Rank, Title or Position Flight Lieutenant RAAF 1 Sqn.

    Height: 5í3Ē- 1.6m

   Build: Slim, athletic

    Related Skills: Graduate ADFA Officers College. Pilatus PC-9, BAE Hawk II, F/A18c, F111, F15E, F22A.  Leadership course, Junior officers staff course. Graduate Jungle Warfare training center Qld. Joint officers Cyber space college graduate.   

   Unrelated Skills: Martial arts proficiency in Muay Thai; bush craft, map reading (land)

   Credentials: BA Aeronautical Engineering. Currently studying for Masters.


 Appearance:Bobbie weighs in at about 105lbs (47kg), she has green eyes and wears her raven black hair cut short in a bob. Her skin is fair, extremely so in as much she avoids getting sunburned like many avoid snakes. She has full natural red lips which will be found smiling only when she has something to smile about.
 Personality: Bobbie can be somewhat intriguing with her personality. At times she will be easy going, easy to please and then in total contradiction she will be aggressive and assertive. She knows what she wants and wonít hesitate to achieve that, sometimes at the cost of alienating her friends and of those she has few. She can be abrasive one moment, then a total charmer the next. Her sense of humour is typically Australian, then again so is her personality so for an Aussie woman.

[ b]Hobbies/Interests:[/b] Camping, the outdoors. Cats and dogs, 50ís and 60ís rock and roll. Dancing (see music). Bobbie was three times with her brother state rock and roll dance champion.

 Field/Work Experience: Robynís training for her life as an Air Force pilot and officer followed the usual course, two years training and doing her degree in military law at the Australian Defence Force Academy Canberra. She passed as an average student, but at least gained acceptance for pilot training. Her next twelve months was going through the intense regime of learning, not only to be a flyer, but to be a better officer, given some of her rather dubious behaviour whilst she was at the academy. Nothing too serious of course, but still it marked as someone to be watched in the future; having a few rowdy nights on the town with some of her classmates and the follow up high jinks that often took place within the grounds of the college.

Her advanced jet training and successful graduation in that, put Bobbie on the top of the list for fighter school and she more than made up for her previous record as a reliable and dedicated officer. Bobbie spent 10 months at RAAF Williamstown as lead flight instructor 2011-12

Bobbie has served with both 76 and 77 Squadrons on FA/18ís as well as a brief stint with 1 Squadron as co-pilot and navigator on F111ís. She did an exchange posting with the USAF flying both the F15e Eagle and the F22a Raptor. On her return to Australia, she spent 8 months with 26 Squadron at Avalon air base Victoria as a lead test pilot, before reuniting with 77 Squadron.

 Personal History: Hatfield, their last name (Heinschfelt) they anglicised when they arrived in Australia in the early eighties from Germany. Johannes felt at the time there was still a little anti German resentment in their new home stemming from the Second World War. He was wrong of course and it only came about from the neighbourhood they had settled in. A working class, public housing community in Elisabeth South Australia; it was here Bobbie was born and grew up.

Being essentially a labourer with poor English, her father went to work at a local car assembly factory, while mother Clara took care of the family and when Robyn was born, rather unexpectedly, there was an almost twenty year gap between her and her oldest sibling. Even her closest brother was ten years older than her. It was with this large family, that Bobbie got the support and opportunities her brothers and sisters did not; they helped Johannes with expenses for the baby of the familyís education and it was especially her oldest brother John Juniorís efforts as an interstate truck driver that helped her the most.

Despite all this, Bobbie didnít have an easy time in her young life. The school she went to had a rather bad reputation, many of the boys in gangs and many of the girls just as bad. But she managed to survive and came through high school reasonably well, although she did fail to get into her dream job with the Police: South Australiaís regulations still had a minimum height requirement. A conversation with a visiting Air Force recruitment officer at the local mall soon changed her mind and in the following new year, Bobbie was attending the Australian Defence Force college in Canberra.

Bobbie graduated with her year in 2008, she was accepted for pilot training and soon found herself at Williamtown Air base just outside of Newcastle, after basic flight school at Pearce RAAF base Western Australia. A year later she was doing fast jet training with the FA/18 training  Squadron and after a successful portfolio of duties and assignments, in 2010 she found herself at the Red Flag multi nation exercises in Nevada with her number 77 squadron.


 Squadron Leader Catherine MacGregor (former CO)
 Lieutenant John ĎJackí Pierce USN- RAAF Amberly joint training
 Captain Adrianna "AJ" Pierce, USMC- RAAF Amberly joint training
 Flying Officer David Lawton RAAF- Former student RAAF     Williamstown.
 Flight Lieutenant Craig Miles, RAAF- Former classmate RAAF   Williamstown

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