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E.J.'s Most Wanted
« on: May 17, 2017, 10:56:40 PM »
Role(s) requested: I currently play team leaders of a CAG (1st SFOD-DELTA) element and a DevGru (SEAL Team 6) element. I also play a CIA SAD/SOG Paramilitary Operations Officer (super spook, lol) that need their teams filled by players. Below you can find a listing, in no particular order.

I've also included a brief overview of the leaders of each team, so you can understand who your character would be working with.

CAG: "C" Squadron - "A" Troop (Assault),  AFO Team "Crusader" is led by James "Redneck" Hendricks (played by Tom Hardy) - aka Sully (after his middle name of Sullivan). Quiet while he gets to know you, he is a boisterous (but not obnoxious) in social situations. He has a quick wit and an even quicker temper. His anger can cloud his judgement, but has never seriously impeded him while in a dire situation. He enjoys a good joke and likes to blow off steam, so is known to be a practical joker. If you get on his good side he's an intensely loyal friend, but it's best not to get on his bad side. He keeps his friends close, and his enemies within shooting distance.

Ryan "Vegas" Brown

Vegas is the team's JTAC (joint tactical air controller) and radio / comms specialist. He's an FNG, and is still fitting in with the team overall. A former US Army soldier with the 101st Airborne, Vegas often gets shit for only being Ranger tabbed, not having served in an official Ranger element (all in good fun, of course). He's the team's comic relief, and is a highly superstitious man.

Elias "Mother" Caruso
Elias serves as the medical specialist/field medic for the team. A former Special Forces shooter, Elias has been with the team as long as James has. He's a smart man, and his extensive medical and trauma expertise is an invaluable asset to the team. As the medic, he's often found making sure the rest of the team are taking care of themselves - thus his nickname of Mother.

Robert "Castle" Lincoln
Castle is the team's special operations engineer. He specializes in both field demolitions as well as field construction. His father was a builder by trade, so Castle learned how to construct from an early age. Robert is a relatively simple character as far as plots go, but he's a major part of the team in terms of what he brings to the table.

CIA SAD: The SAD field team is led by Henry Thompson (played by Josh Brolin) - Hank is quiet, often found in the corner of the room observing and analyzing. When he speaks, he has a point and he gets to it. He is intelligent, but not overly so. He has a dry sense of humor, and often times jokes with sarcasm. He's not afraid to get his hands dirty, or do bad things for a good cause.

Kathleen "Kate" LeDoux
Kate is from New Orleans, her family having lived in that area for generations. She spent most of her childhood, though, in the French countryside with her grandmother. A former FBI field agent specializing in forensics, she acts as Hank's right hand in the field and provides him with valuable insights based upon her previous experience. I currently need her for a plot involving illegal arms deals and human trafficking.

DevGru: Red Squadron, Fireteam Bravo / AFO "Barracuda" is led by Jack "Dingo" Stephens (played by Chris Pratt) - A bit of a joker with a heart of gold. He's a practical joker, heart breaker, and intense friend. Jack tends to play it casual when he's getting to know someone, cautiously assessing if they meet his criteria for friendship. Under pressure, he tends to be laser focused and can sometimes become obsessive over details. A planner and a thinker, he can often be found jotting things down in a notebook for future reference.

Buckley "Buck" Jamison

Buck is part of the assault team and the team's breaching expert. He's from the south (I will leave the exact location up to you, I had played him as a Texan) and a bit of a hot head. He's fiercely loyal, but tends to be a bit of an outsider with the current team. Big plot points here for anyone looking to play a good ol' boy who loves to shoot shit. heh.

William "Bull" McKenzie

Bull is also on the assault team and is the team's medical expert. He's quiet, almost zen, and only speaks when he has a point to say. He's the team's conscience, voice of wisdom, and often times counselor. He and Jack sometimes conflict due to Jack's nature of being a bit less pragmatic.

Daniel "Deuce" Foster
Deuce and Jack came through BUD/S together, but have just recently been assigned to the same DevGru element. Deuce is a driven man, and often times can be found pushing his team to excel. He's the team's heavy gunner, and is fond of his role using the M60E4, lovingly referred to as 'the pig'. Personality wise, he's got problems with authority outside of his respected circle. 

Charles "Viper" Denehy
Charles is easily the most important role on this list for DevGru, as he acts as Jack's assistant team leader. An older man than Jack, Viper has been in the SEALs for most of his career. A legacy hold over from earlier times, he's highly experienced and a Senior Special Operations Chief. He's sort of the team's battlefield mentor, and Jack relies on Viper heavily for advice and guidance.