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Urgent Mercy A coalition force of special operations comes into contact with the cartel and corrupt Argentine Special Forces while trying to rescue a downed friendly pilot.

Author Topic: Major Ben MacGregor  (Read 127 times)

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Major Ben MacGregor
« on: May 19, 2017, 06:45:12 AM »
 looking for someone to take on Cate's brother. I've never written a bio for him, even on LW. But he'd be pretty easy.

Face Claim is Sam Worthington.

Age: 32, five minutes younger than Cate

Brown Hair, blue eyes he is 5'10" and solid. He was a year behind Cate in going to the Academy (ADFA) because he was a bit of a tool when he was a teenager. He made up for it though. He's army, now with SAS1 and a Major. Divorced with two girls aged 13 and 10 ( shot gun wedding). He is a calm guy, rarely angers and his history other than his service history is much similar to Cate's. He has served in Afghanistan, Iraq, the Solomons and East Timor. he's been wounded twice and has received the DSM with a bar.

I can help with anything more
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