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Operations Sign-up: Iron Serpent (South Africa)
« on: May 20, 2017, 04:36:03 PM »
May 2017

South Africa has put together a generous aid package, with help from the Commonwealth of Nations and United Nations, to help the failing Zimbabwe, with the hope that if it comes from South Africa, the powers that be in Hare will accept it. But the South African Parliament has tied a request; they want Zimbabwe to start taking steps to improving their human rights situation. They are not specifying how or when, just that something needs to go forward.

And the spark for the power keg is provided. Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe's dictator, has decried the terms as an effort by South Africa to impose the will of "imperialist powers" onto the people of Zimbabwe. As a good faith measure, South Africa authorized work on a railway line on the border to start improving the rails, footing the bill entirely. However, the work stopped within a few weeks, after armed personnel harassed work crews. There were disputes if they were armed militia or Zimbabwe military, but to be on the safe side, the South African Army was mobilized.

The 44th Parachute Regiment was moved to Musina, in the Musina Nature Reserve, but this only served to inflame issues. When work was resumed, the work crews were fired upon, with several civilians killed. 3rd Parachute Battalion scrambled troops to respond, and a skirmish broke out on the bridge spanning the Limpopo River. Unfortunately, this only served to muddle issues with the situation, with the Zimbabwean delegates going to the UN with reports of the South Africans starting the shooting.

However, while the media was tangled up with the blame game, especially with the issues facing President Jacob Zuma, a new angle appeared. A truck was stopped in a routine border check in Zambia, where it was found full of munitions bound for Zimbabwe. The driver committed suicide while in custody, but the weapons were seized regardless.

With this, President Zuma appealed to the Commonwealth of Nations for support to contain the situation. Military support has been considered, but conflicts in South America brewing, as well as several members being unwilling to resort to invasion. The South African delegation agreed to that much, but did accept that something had to be done, especially with growing concerns that the Zimbabwean government is not doing this on their own. Special Operations and Intelligence operations have been approved, and American involvement is being considered.

Current Areas of Operation / Sub-Operations

South Africa

Iron Serpent
     -Joint operation between a multinational task force to prevent further destabilization of the region and prevent all out war.
Attached Personnel: show

Team Name: USMC Marine Raider AFO "Grizzly"
Character List:
Team Leader: Major Edward Connolly (PC)
Team Member: Captain Carlos Gutierrez Jr. (NPC)
Team Member: Gunnery Sergeant Anthony O'Connell (NPC)
Team Member: Sergeant James Marshall (NPC)
Team Member: Sergeant Daniel Cho (NPC)

Additional Characters:
Colonel William Bishop (PC) - Command Staff, SOCAFRICA

Team Name Air Troop, "A" Squadron, 22 SAS Regiment
Character List:
Troop Commander - Captain John Gallagher
Troop Sergeant - Sergeant Henry "Henno" Hayes (NPC)
1 Patrol IC - Corporal Alexander "Dotsy" Doheny (NPC)
2 Patrol IC - Corporal Mike Richards (NPC)
3 Patrol IC - Corporal Danny Black (NPC)

Team Name: US Army 28th EOD Company (EOD)(ABN) - EOD Response Team 28-13
Character List:

OIC: 2nd Lieutenant L. Andrew Cannon (PC)
NCOIC/Primary Tech: Sergeant First Class Alex Reynolds (NPC)
Team Member/Medic: Staff Sergeant Cameron Lenz (NPC)
Team Member/DM: Sergeant John Scarbro (NPC)
Team Member/Secondary Tech: Specialist Graham Terrell (NPC)

Team Name: 1 Commando, 5th Special Forces Regiment- South African National Defence Force
Character List:
 Corporal Wihan Meinertzhagen- Detached for Ops (PC)
 NAME CLASSIFIED- Detached for Ops (NPC)
 NAME CLASSIFIED- Detached for Ops (NPC)
 NAME CLASSIFIED- Detached for Ops (NPC)

Team Name 1 Troop, 4 Squadron (SASR/ASIS)
Character List:
Team Leader: Major Sebastian Barnett(PC)
Team Member: Staff Sergeant Harry Eyres (NPC)
Team Member: Sergeant Wilkins Smith(NPC)
Team Member: Sergeant Percy Walker (NPC)
Team Member: Corporal James Kent (NPC)

To participate in an Operation, simply reply to this thread with the following:

Code: [Select]
[b]Operation Name:[/b]
[b]Team Name[/b]
[b]Character List[/b]
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Re: Operations Sign-up: Iron Serpent (South Africa)
« Reply #1 on: June 14, 2017, 04:46:13 PM »
I'd like to know more or less how many troops are being brought in by both the SAS and SASR units, because that's a little unclear and it does affect my story planning. The same goes for anyone else who wants in if you're not just bringing in a small AFO like Grizzly. Please and thank you.

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Re: Operations Sign-up: Iron Serpent (South Africa)
« Reply #2 on: June 14, 2017, 08:34:55 PM »
The SAS has a standard troop size of 15, split into 3 patrols of 4 plus Troop Commander, Troop Sergeant and a bloke I don't know....

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Re: Operations Sign-up: Iron Serpent (South Africa)
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Your stated team is in South America at this time, this op is concurrent to Urgent Mercy. So unless someone allowed a reshuffle, I cant sign off on it. I understand why, but unless a staff member is ok with it, I feel that itd be irresponsible of me to just let it go on authority I dont have.
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Re: Operations Sign-up: Iron Serpent (South Africa)
« Reply #4 on: July 10, 2017, 03:47:53 PM »
Deployment list updated.