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James Sullivan Hendricks
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Played By: E.J.


    Full Name: Hendricks, James Sullivan

    Age/ Birthday: 39 / 11 January, 1977

   Nationality:  American

    Rank, Title or Position: E-8, Team Sergeant, US Army Combat Applications Group (1st SFOD-D)

    Height: 5'9"

    Build: Muscular

    Related Skills:
      ►Airborne Tab
      ►Ranger Tab
      ►Combat Diver
      ►Combat Life Saver
      ►Weapons Qualifications: Rifle (Sharpshooter), Carbine (Sharpshooter), Auto-Rifle (Sharpshooter), Pistol (Marksman), Machine Gun (Marksman)
      ►SERE School Graduate
      ►Combat and Evasive Driving Qualified
      ►Languages (Spoken): English (fluent), German (fluent), Russian (Proficient), Pashto (limited), Arabic (limited)
      ►Languages (Written): English (fluent), German (fluent), Russian (Proficient), Pashto (limited), Arabic (limited)
   Unrelated Skills:
      ►Musician (Guitar)
      ►Homebrew (Moonshine)

      ►SERE Instructor
      ►CAG Selection Cadre Instructior
      ►MOS: 18B
      ►Secret Level Security Clearance


 James is soldily built and while he is shorter than some, it's barely noticable. His frame is finely toned, but not needlessly so. He values function over form, and therefore is proportionately built. He usually keeps his hair medium length and slicked back, but is known to vary it with a buzz cut or longer length from time to time. His skin is weathered, tanned, and belies the amount of time he spends outdoors. His face is covered in an ample beard that he keeps well groomed.   

 Quiet while he gets to know you, he is a boisterous (but not obnoxious) in social situations. He has a quick wit and an even quicker temper. His anger can cloud his judgement, but has never seriously impeded him while in a dire situation. He enjoys a good joke and likes to blow off steam, so is known to be a practical joker. If you get on his good side he's an intensely loyal friend, but it's best not to get on his bad side. He keeps his friends close, and his enemies within shooting distance.     

 Enjoys woodworking, especially furinture making. Plays guitar in a local thrash bluegrass band called the Pale Riders. When he's got down time, he enjoys spending time on his father's land near Hazard, Kentucky where he's building a cabin. Enjoys homebrewing moonshine and other liquors.

 Field Experience:
◄1995► Graduates high school and enlists in the US Army, assigned to 82nd Airborne.
◄1997► Participates in non-combat jump as part of CENTRAZBAT '97, Kazakhstan/Uzbekistan.
◄1999► Participates in combat jump into Kosovo in support of Operation Rapid Guardian.
◄2000► Requests entry to Ranger Indoctrination Program, accepted.
◄2001► Transferred to 75th Ranger Regiment.
◄2002-2003► First deployment to Afghanistan as part of Task Force Sword (Taskforce 11). Participates as QRF in support of Operation Anaconda in Takur Ghar. Later participates in Operation Mountain Sweep.
◄2003► Returns home. Requests entry into Special Forces Qualification Course, accepted. Passes Assesment and Selection.
◄2004► Finishes SFQC, assigned to 1st Battalion, 3rd Special Forces Group.
◄2004-2005► Deploys with 3rd SFG, assigned as ODA 056. Participates in hunt for Taliban leaders and personnel in region.
◄2006► Requests entry into CAG Selection Cadre. Accepted. Does not pass selection. Returns to 3rd SFG.
◄2006-2007► Assigned to SERE Cadre.
◄2008► Given second attempt at CAG Selection. Passes selection. Assigned to C Squadron.
◄2009► Deployed to Somalia in joint DEVGRU/KSK/SAS task force targeting piracy and kidnappings in country.
◄2010-2011► Deployed to Chechnya in partnership with Spetznaz GRU forces hunting Al Qaeda recruiting camps.
◄2012► Works in Libya in support of operations there, part of a secondary response team sent in the days following Benghazi attack to exfiltrate personnel.
◄2013-2015► Assigned to CAG Selection Cadre and assault training course.
◄2016► Deploys to Syria in support of US-backed forces there.
◄2017► Current year.
 Personal History:
 James (who often goes by the nickname "Sully") was born and raised in the coal country of Hazard, Kentucky. His father, a Vietnam veteran, was strict but fair. His mother, a nurse, was killed when James was 5 in a drunk driving accident.

At an early age he was fascinated with the outdoors and often spent more time there than in school. In his early teens, James took up playing football, but didn't find it to be anything he'd ever excel at, but it did give him his first interaction with a team environment. Never a scholar, James often struggled with school work, but was able to graduate high school.

 Before he left for basic James, stereotypically, married his high school sweetheart Elizabeth. His marriage was often impacted by his long deployments and desire to make the Army his career.  In 2013, he and Elizabeth divorced. They have no children together, which simplified the situation, but didn't remove the sting entirely.

 The following are publicly known relationships.

 ♂Michael Andrew Hendricks, father, living - close relationship
 ♀Elena Anne Hendricks, mother, deceased - no relationship
 ♀Elizabeth Marie Hendricks (nee Carter), ex-wife, living - strained but friendly relationship
 ♂Elias "Doc" Caruso, fellow CAG operator, living - friend
 ♂Hector "Speedy" Rodriquez, fellow CAG operator, living - friend
 ♂Paul "Voodoo" Harris, fellow CAG operator, living - friend
 ♂Jack "Dingo" Stephens, DevGru operator, living - friend
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