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Connolly, Ed Wallace
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        Full Name: Edward Wallace Connolly

        Age/ Birthday: 36, 03/15/1981

       Nationality: American

        Rank, Title or Position: Major, Team Leader, Marine Raider AFO "Grizzly"

        Height: 6' 2"

       Build: Athletic build with some muscles

        Related Skills: Amphibious Warfare, Deep Battlespace Recon, Firearms Proficency, Free-Fall Parachute Training (HALO), Language Familiarity with Arabic, Fluent in Pashto

       Unrelated Skills: Some barbecuing skills, off-road driving

       Credentials: SOI Graduate, Force Recon School Graduate, Marine Raider Instructor Rated


    Ed Connolly has black hair that he often keeps at the very edge of being within regulation, and often will grow out facial hair as soon as he's able to, though he is fine with being clean shaven when he's supposed to. When off duty, he prefers to dress nicely, though sometimes with a "Western" flair due to his origins, but favors button up shirts, nice pants or jeans, and other items, being rarely seen in just a t-shirt and shorts or pants.   

    Ed works hard and plays hard. He doesn't like being idle if he doesn't have to be, and it can come off as mildly as being always restless or as severe as finding menial tasks for himself and others just to pass the time. But beyond that, he is fairly relaxed with those he works with, having little use for protocol in the field so he has a farily casual relationship with his immediate subordinates. Ed also has a dark sense of humor at times, something that some people have called cynical.   

    Ed enjoys taking camping trips with his family, and when not doing that, they tend to go on road trips around the immediate area that they live in at that time. At home, he has taken to keeping busy by working on modifying off-road vehicles, currently working on tuning what started life as a 1987 Chevrolet K1500 "square body" pickup, but has long since departed any semblence of that. He and his wife are also quite sociable, often inviting friends over for dinner or to watch football games, with both of them avid Denver Broncos fans.

     Field/Work Experience:   
    • 2003 - Graduated, University of Colorado (BS, Naval Sciences). Approved for Force Recon School after graduation
    • 2004 - Graduated, Force Recon School. Assigned, 2nd Force Recon Company, II MEF
    • 2005 - Deployed, Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF 04-06)
    • 2006 - Reassigned, 1st Marine Special Operations Battalion, Marine Raider Regiment
    • 2007 - 2012 - Combat Deployments to Afghanistan
    • 2012 - Training Instructor Role, Marine Special Operations School
    • 2014 - Assigned, 2nd Marine Special Operations Battalion, Marine Raider Regiment
    • 2014 - 2016 - Combat Deployments to Afghanistan
    • 2017 - Present
     Personal History:
    Born and raised in Denver, Colorado, Ed had a relatively stable childhood, spending numerous weekends hiking, camping, hunting and fishing in the Colorado and Wyoming wilderness with his father and younger sister. His father and mother pushed both of their children to do well in school so as to do better in life, and Ed decided he wanted to see more of the world, and with his work in school, he earned a Navy ROTC scholarship to the University of Colorado. His desire to push himself to his furthest led to him applying for Force Recon, and in 2004, he was assigned to 2nd Force Recon Company and deployed the following year to Iraq.

    With the restructuring of Marine Special Operations, Ed was reshuffled into the newly formed 1st Marine Special Operations Battalion of the Marine Raider Regiment. From there, he would deploy regularly to Afghanistan on combat deployments, though after suffering injuries from a helicopter crash in 2012, he was relegated to training duties while he recooperated. After two years, and despite numerous protests to not push himself so hard or he risked further injury and discharge, Ed recovered enough to be cleared by a medical inquiry board and reassigned to 2nd Marine Special Operations Battalion, continuing to deploy to Afghanistan.

    Rene Connolly - Wife - High School English Teacher - Great Relationship
    Sam Connolly - Son - Elementry School Student - Great Relationship
    Monica Connolly - Daughter - Elementry School Student - Great Relationship
    Gander - Black Newfoundland Dog - Family Pet
    Boomer - Chocolate Labrador Dog - Family Pet[/list]
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    Re: Connolly, Ed Wallace
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    Related Skills:

       Unrelated Skills:


    I think fill those in and you're good to go :)

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    Re: Connolly, Ed Wallace
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    Re: Connolly, Ed Wallace
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     Approved :)