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Barnett, Sebastian
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    Full Name: Sebastian Logan Barnett

    Age/ Birthday: 48 | 03. 11. 1969

   Nationality: Australian

    Rank, Title or Position: Major, 1 Troop, 4 Squadron (SASR/ASIS)

    Height: 6'1"

   Build: Muscular

    Related Skills:

  • Airborne qualified; HALO/HAHO
  • HUMINT gathering
  • SERE
  • Martial arts: MMA, BJJ
  • Languages spoken: English (fluent), French (fluent), Spanish (Proficient), Arabic (Proficient)
  • Weapon handling
  • CQB

   Unrelated Skills:

  • Cooking
  • Karoke singer
  • BJJ competitor


  • Commando Initial Employment Training
  • Top-level security clearance



Sebastian keeps himself in peak condition, or as close as he can being 47. He stands at 6'1", with a muscular frame. He wears his hair short, though grows his beard out slightly for when the mission requires it.
Dress-wise, Sebastian prides himself on keeping himself well-groomed (occasionally clean-shaven) and functionality of it; whether he can move and fight on moments notice in his articles of clothing; whether it be his fatigues, or his dress uniform or even in civilian clothing.


As a son, Sebastian cares deeply about his parents and has a strong bond with his father and slowly growing to care for his step-mother. They don't often exchange many bad words, but it is difficult for him to see his father with someone new.

As a military man, he is intense. He moves his care into the professional world - making sure to learn names and take interest in their well-being - however, this often is hidden through his gruffer nature of getting the task at hand done. He's down for a joke for every once in a while, but Sebastian knows when to focus. He has an inner drive that continues to propel him through his military career and has a sense of ingrained humor that often appears during times of stress.   

As a friend, Sebastian enjoys his personal space - no touching him until you and he get better acquainted. He's loyal to a fault, though at times, he can be seen as a bull in a china shop when angered but on the other hand, compassionate and a good listener; often suggesting solutions to a drama rather than emotional support.


  • Playing with his dog
  • Backpacking

 Field/Work Experience:   

  • 1987 - Joined Royal Australian Regiment
  • 1988 - Assigned to 2nd Battalion (2 RAR)
  • 1992 - Attempts selection for SASR training
  • (Late) 1992/3 - Completes training, starts reinforcement training
  • 1994 - Assigned to 1 Squadron
  • 1997 - Deployed to Malaysia
  • 1999-2000 - Deployed to East Timor
  • 2002 to 2005 - Afghanistan/ Iraq
  • 2006 - Deployed to Timor Leste
  • 2012 - Reassigned to 4 Squadron, begins working for ASIS - begins to regularly get deployed to Africa
  • 2013 - Stationed in S. Africa
  • 2017 - Present
 Personal History:
Sebastian's father and mother had brought him up on a cattle farm, often making him work early mornings alongside his old man. They were not exactly a poor family, nor were they a rich one. David Barnett had been ridiculed as a young man, before slowly being pushed away from the main family whom resided in Sydney as he moved out into the rural areas. He was always surrounded by a pet (or two), often collies of sorts.

At the age of 14, his mother had left his father after a long and arduous arguement of his education. But, upon turning 15, it seemed his father had already found another love interest - who eventually would become his step-mother at the age of 17. Sebastian couldn't get over the fact that his parents had divorced and only a year later had his father settled with someone else, hardly considering his son's well-being.

To escape this, Sebastian did the only thing he could have thought of and joined up to the Royal Australian Regiment as an Infantryman - putting all his energy into making something of himself and never looked back.


  • Father - David Barnett
  • Step-mother - Olivia Holmes
  • Aunt - Catherine Barnett
  • Uncle - Matthew Barenett
  • Australian Shepard - Bolo (3 years old)
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