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Walker, Katarina Irene
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    Full Name: Katarina Irene Walker [nicknames include Kat, Katie, Katya (Russian nickname) Rina, Rin.... she really doesn't care about her nicknames given to her by friends, colleagues]

    Age/ Birthday: 26/03-04-1991

   Nationality: United States

    Rank, Title or Position: LT, United States Navy

    Height: 5'1

   Build: Slim and petite

    Related Skills: Speaks ten languages with varying degrees from fluent to able to get by, has an almost native perfect accent, SERE Course

   Unrelated Skills: Can ride a horse, swim, light weapons training, baking, cooking

   Credentials: Naval Academy; SERE Course, ship handling, navigation, BA in cryptography, BA in languages, CTI, High Security Clearance


 Appearance: At 5'1, Katarina looks more like a high school freshman or sophomore than a Naval linguist.  Most of what some people assume is fat on the 100 lb woman is actually muscle. She has long dark brown, almost black hair, and brown eyes. Her skin tone is an natural tan complexion, though in the winter she looks washed out and pale compared to what she looks like in the summer, when her arms and shoulders are so tan her legs look like she's albino. Kat has no torso, but is all leg. She's got a bigger chest than most women her height; a 32 C, but she has no butt.  It's what allowed her to get by in high school wearing leggings....which were practically forbidden at her school even with "proper covering". Even though most people gained the whole freshman 15 thing, Kat wasn't one of them. Instead, at the end of her four years at the Naval Academy, she looked basically the same as when she went in....minus the baggy eyes that definitely weren't there in the beginning.

Katarina generally can be found in jeans and whatever top fits the weather predicted that day. Normally, she either goes with boot cut or skinny jeans, but sometimes, she'll thrown on a pair of leggings and a baggy sweater with boots. If she does dress up, and not wear a navy uniform, she tries not to wear heels; she doesn't fancy having a broken neck from tripping in them. Now, however, those days only happen when she's not doing her job. For the most part, she'll be found in NWUS, with the occasional service dress whites or service dress blues.  Kat wears her hair in two ways; down, or in a bun at the nape of her neck. If she's going some place fancy, she'll put it in a french twist.

 Personality: Kat is definitely one who stays quiet, and keeps her opinion to herself.  She doesn't tend to talk much except to her peers, family, and friends.  Katie isn't necessarily soft-spoken, having been around horses since she was a young girl. Of course, that also means that she can have the vocabulary of a sailor as well, though only if the situation calls for it. Then, of course, there's the fact that she's in the navy which means that she can and will swear a lot more than she did when she was in high school. She doesn't mind going out with her friends and getting a drink or two, though her small stature means that she has to watch what she has to drink and how many. Despite her height, she certainly acts like an adult, giving some people the impression that she's just a mature teenager. Katarina tends to get very annoyed at people if they think that she's younger than she really is. Despite that, she doesn't wear makeup very often at all because in her opinion, there's really no use for it unless she's going out or something. She also doesn't take kindly to people assuming that she shouldn't be in the Navy, and isn't afraid to correct people about that. Katarina hates being viewed as weak, like just because she's a woman she's more fragile and must be protected.... No, that's a good way for someone to get laid flat on their ass if they voice that thought. Kat is very determined, never afraid to do whatever it takes to get something done, but she can also be a procrastinator if something doesn't interest her. The procrastination thing stopped after high school though, since she really didn't have any time for procrastination nor did she want to procrastinate in the Naval Academy.

 Hobbies/Interests: Horse-back riding, languages, reading, watching tv, learning about other cultures, baking, cooking

 Field/Work Experience:   
•Three years with Special Forces (2014-2017)
•Two years with Naval Intel (2012-2014)
•One year at DFLILC/ Regional Center for Excellence (2011-2012)

 Personal History:
Katarina Irene Walker was born to Jane and Erik Walker, the only child the couple ever had that lived due to a premature birth. Later on, her parents would tell her one of the things that they kept from her: she had been a triplet...her brother, John and sister, Natalie both died within a day.  Kat never knew until she was 12. Her mother was a university teacher, and her father was an engineer. They lived in Maryland; Annapolis, to be exact. Kat grew up in a row house, just a few minutes away from the heart of Annapolis.

Kat always did well in school, except when it came to math. She got B-s in it while she mostly got As in every other subject. Kat particularly excelled when it came to English, and Latin. The private school taught Latin to elementary students, and Greek was an option for high school students. Her elementary teachers would say that she never knew when to sit down and stop talking, while her middle school and high school teacher would say that she was a quiet girl who tried her hardest, was determined, but never really made any friends, only having one best friend and a group of people who she hung out with, because her friend did. High school was one of Kat's worst memories; it was hell to go to school every day, the boys were jerks and her best friend and people she talked to deserted her halfway through sophomore year. Her parents pulled her out the end of her sophomore year, and sent her to a public school her junior year. That school only lasted a year, when her father got moved to Michigan for his job. They packed their things up, and flew north. It was during her senior year that her parents started pushing for an answer for her career path. She had thought about becoming a linguist, and as such, her parents thought she should go into the military. She waved them off, figuring she'd never go into the military, having an idea of what it'd be like due to living in Annapolis most of her life.

Her senior year, Kat applied to Michigan State University, as well as several Maryland universities. However, neither of those universities gave her very good offers despite her having a cumulative 3.5 GPA.  Thankfully, she had applied to the universities very early on and so, talked it over with her parents. They recommended trying one of the military academies, since she still wanted to be a linguist.  Katie applied to the Naval Academy, and was accepted.  She went back to Annapolis, her home town.  After four years at the Naval Academy, she was 22 and an Ensign in the Navy. By the time she was 26 years old, Katarina was a Lieutenant.

•Jane Walker-mother
•Erik Walker-father
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