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Francis Alison McCarthy
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Full Name : Francis Alison McCarthy (Fran)
Nee: Jamieson

Age/ Birthday: 43 – August 2nd 1974

:  American

Rank, Title or Position :  Commander USN: Chaplain (Anglican)

Height: 5' 7"

Build: slim

Related Skills: Chaplains College USN, Naval Staff Course, Joint Warfare Staff course. Language skills: French, Spanish, Italian, Turkish and Arabic. Aircraft ratings:
T-6a Texan II
T-45a Goshawk
TH-57 Sea Ranger
MH/SH-60 Seahawk
Grumman C-2 Greyhound
Small Arms proficent
Leadership Training
US armed forces basic self defence

Unrelated Skills: Black Belt 5th dan, rock climbing, floral arranging, fishing and lure making.

Credentials: PhD Theology UTSA, BA Computer Sciences University of Dallas, BA Languages UoD.

Fran is slim, especially so for her age as she hasn’t let gravity take over as yet, making sure she stays in tip top condition. Her hair is black to dark brown, she has an olive complexion which will reveal her native ancestry in summer. She has warm dark brown eyes that crease at the corners when she smiles. She considers herself ordinary in looks. When not in uniform, Fran will wear quite modest to simple clothing. You’ll rarely see her frown.


Straight shooter, she doesn’t hide the truth and will often offend people by her honesty and bluntness. Yet a kinder more caring soul you would travel a long way to find. Fran is a listener, she doesn’t judge people nor does she condemn those who she sees doing wrong, merely she will offer advice and tray to guide you.

Gardening (especially roses), floral arranging, fishing (fly fishing). Quite strangely Fran has a passion for trail bikes that goes right back to childhood, having three older brothers and living on a farm owning a bike was essential if you didn’t ride a horse (which she did but not to any expert degree). That somewhat tomboyish passion has stayed with her and one she shared with her late husband Ted, the two of them owning matching KTM 500’s.

Field/Work Experience:   
•   1995- Graduated University of Dallas BA IT computer sciences and BA Languages
•   1996-1999- BA Military Law UoD
•   1999-2001 Graduated USN direct entry graduate College Annapolois
•   2001-2004 USN Chaplains College, Fort Jackson South Carolina
•   2004-2006 Lieutenant Chaplain USNS Mercy
•   2007-2010 USN flight school NAS Corpus Christie
•   2010-2011 NAS Kingsville Texas (Advanced)
•   2011-2014 Lieutenant Commander Chaplain, USS George H.W. Bush (CVN-77)
•   2014 – NAS Corpus Christie- conversion to C2 Greyhound
•   2015- XO USN Chaplain’s school
•   2015-present Commander Chaplain 4th Fleet, USS George H.W. Bush

Personal History:

Fran was born in San Antonio Texas, to a small farming family. Her Mother a native American, her father a seventh generation American who can trace his family back to the early 1800s. One of her great grandfathers was something of a hero during the US Civil War, albeit for the Confederates. She is the youngest of four, being the only girl.

She went to College after graduating well, from high school and studied IT, Languages and Law. During her last year she was approached by a Navy recruiting officer and offered her a civilian contract position as a Intelligence officer. It was during her time in those early years she met her husband, then Lieutenant Chaplain, Edward McCarthy. The couple were childless, due to an injury Ted suffered as a teen but it did not effect their deep love for one another. Sadly, Ted lost his life during the actions of the the US involvement in the Kosovo Wars in 1999, it was a terrible accident during night carrier operations, Ted having as many had over time, become disorientated on the flight deck walking straight off the side of the ship. By the time it was realized he was missing it was of course too late with another NATO ship finding his body a week later.

  This loss was a blow to Fran and as a consequence, she took up his mantle as a Chaplain after completing two years theological studies; she then entered directly into the Navy, graduating from the ‘direct entry’ officers academy at Annapolis in 2001 just after the 9/11 attacks. Fran also pursued a second career in the Navy as do many military chaplains; she took up flying, not with any intention of course in being a fighter pilot, he path took her through fixed wing transports and eventually helicopters. She is one of seven US Navy chaplains who wear the golden navy wings. 



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