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Hunter, Jason Tyler
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    Full Name: Jason Tyler Hunter

    Age/ Birthday: 45, 07/07/1971

   Nationality: American

    Rank, Title or Position: Supervisory Special Agent, Counterterrorism Division, Federal Bureau of Investigation - On assignment to Phoenix Field Office

    Height: 6' 1"

   Build: Fit but aging

    Related Skills: Extremely proficent in firearms use, advanced close quarters combat, extensive criminal investigation skills, advanced aggressive driving skills

   Unrelated Skills: Drinking, golfing, fishing, womanizing

   Credentials: SEAL certified, NCIS certified, DEA training graduate (RET Capable), FBI training graduate (HRT/SWAT Capable)


Jason has greying brown hair, and tends to keep clean shaven. When not on the job, he has a penchant for wearing clothes better suited for Hawaii or Miami Beach, favoring loose fitting button up shirts in light colors and slacks.

Having been there, done that, and bought the t-shirt, Jason does have a high degree of arrogance and little patience for those who want to show him up. However, he is willing to offer his experience and expertice to those willing to listen to him (and put up with his more eccentric behaviors), and can be the best friend that anyone can have. He knows he's getting to old for this line of work, and is expecting that either he retires into a grave, or he gets to retire to Miami Beach, spending his days drinking and womanizing. And Jason isn't sure which he wants.   

Some days, all Jason wants is a good drink and beautiful company on a beach (or at least a bar on the beach). Other days, he would rather be golfing. The pattern that develops here is that after a lifetime of clandestine warfare, Jason prefers his off-duty time spent doing leisurely activities. But at the same time, he has said that he finds those activities "boring as all hell", and wants some excitement. Maybe one day, he figures, he'll just buy a boat to spice things up.

 Field/Work Experience:   
  • 1989 - Enlisted, United States Navy. Accepted into BUD/S after graduating basic training
  • 1990 - Graduated SEAL Training, Assigned to Team Five. Deployed as part of Operation Desert Shield
  • 1991 - Combat operations as part of Operation Desert Storm
  • 1992 - Deployed as part of Operation Restore Hope, Task Unit Tripoli
  • 1995 - Assigned as a BUD/S Instructor
  • 1996 - Returned to Team Five.
  • 1998 - Begins training for NCIS.
  • 1999 - Completes all training, certified as a Special Agent with NCIS. Assigned to NAS Oceania.
  • 2001 - Enrolled, University of Virginia Law.
  • 2005 - Graduated, University of Virginia Law, BS Criminal Law. Retired, US Navy.
  • 2006 - Accepted into the Drug Enforcement Agency, Assigned to Miami Division.
  • 2007 - Reassigned to Miami Division Regional Enforcement Team, DEA.
  • 2009 - Accepted transfer to FBI, completes basic training as well as HRT qualification course. Assigned to Dallas-Fort Worth Field Office.
  • 2011 - Reassigned to Phoenix Field Office. Placed on administrative leave later in the year.
  • 2012 - Returned to duty, assigned to HRT Training duties
  • 2015 - Transferred to Miami Field Office
  • 2017 - Present Day
 Personal History:
 Jason Hunter was born in Minnesota, his father was a car salesman and his mother stayed at home to raise him and his two brothers and two sisters. Growing up, Jason was a problem child and often was in trouble for causing all manner of chaos at school, and it put him at odds with his parents. Tired of them trying to tell him he was going to live a dead end life after his grades hit a point where it was clear college wasn't an option, Jason joined the Navy. He didn't take well to the regimented lifestyle at basic training, but a "blanket party" finally reinforced to him that his actions affected more than just himself.

He found he loved challenges, and was soon taking on the greatest challenge of his life, becoming a SEAL. After completing basic training, he went into BUD/S, which he succesfully completed and joined Team Five. As a SEAL, he served in Desert Storm and then in Somalia before his career started to slow down. He did a brief stint as an instructor at BUD/S and then decided to request a career change to the Naval Criminal Investigative Service. After completing his training, he was assigned to NAS Oceania and took the time to get his degree in criminal law. He began a relationship with a JAG lawyer and the two were married not long afterwards. However, Jason felt his time in the Navy was not going anywhere else, and his cocky attitude had ensured that he was not going to be slotted for Officer Candidate School. After graduating, Jason retired and joined the DEA.

For a time, Jason and his family were happy, he had a quiet but mentally stimulating job behind a desk at the DEA in Miami, Florida, but after his background as a SEAL came up, the DEA wanted him with their Regional Enforcement Team. Jason took the job, figuring it just meant a bump in pay and occasionally shouting at bad guys. However, 2008 was a red letter year for Jason Hunter, as his wife grew weary of his lazy attitude when off duty, so she divorced him and took their two kids to live in Virginia, and he lost a good friend of his during a raid that went badly. A friend of Jason's from his NCIS days helped him switch over to the FBI, but then Jason found himself in Dallas, Texas, up against the Mexican drug cartels.

After doing well for two years, Jason was moved to the Phoenix field office and in line to becoming a ranking agent there. However, that disappeared after Jason accidentally busted a ring of gun smugglers that the ATF had been monitoring, which only got worse as it was related to Operation Fast and Furious and Jason struck the senior ATF agent on the scene for ordering the release of the suspects and weapons. Jason was put on administrative leave for the rest of the year, and so he returned to Miami. In 2012, he was returned to duty, but only permitted to act as an instructor at the FBI's hostage rescue training facility for three years before the DEA requested that the FBI let him help them in Miami. 

LT Alison Jenson (ret.) - Ex-Wife - Distant but Work-in-Progress Relationship
Jeff Jenson - Son - Distant Relationship
Nicole Jenson - Daughter - Distant Relationship[/list]

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