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Freese, Jason
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    Full Name :Freese, Jason

    Age/ Birthday: 1991/08/06

   Nationality : US Citizen

  Rank, Title or Position : E-5 Sergeant

    Height: 5'10

   Build: Lean build, toned

    Related Skills: Long range interdiction, reconnaissance, SERE capability, LRRP sustainability, TC3 (casualty care proficient) Airborne/Freefall qualified

   Unrelated Skills: Cooking

   Credentials: Infantry School, Airborne School, RASP-1, BLS, Sniper School, SERE, RSLC, Freefall School



Despite his apperance and attitude, Jason isn't as ruggid as many would believe. His features while masculine are still quite soft in some respects. He stands at five foot eleven, toned lean build, tuned to his role as a warfighter. His hat his short shorn, with the occasional growth at the top. His skin is a tapastry of Maori art and personal flare. His left arm is home to a fa'avetellu Sun warrior sleeve, while his right arm is a mixture of skulls, traditional tribal markings, a warriors cross, names, and more intimately a "Mors Ab Alto tattoo. While his apperance can be intimidating, it should be noted that he's Harper on for being a bit of a pretty boy. Often being called "Recon's poster boy" a running gag from his initial entry to RRC.

   Jason isn't known for his ability to easily connect with Civilians. An obvious disconnect can be observed when he’s out in public, aware from loved ones or brothers and sisters in arms. He feels as though he’s being appraised and has nothing in common with those around him.

 It can be noted that Jason can come off as "Salty" and rough around the edges. He has a twisted sense of humor and a sour yet quick tongue, which has lead to both good and bad experiences as a result. Once his trust is earned one has it for life.

[ b]Hobbies/Interests:[/b] Shooting sports, gym-rat, working on cars, extreme sports on occasion. BJJ competitions, unhealthy amount of video games. Traveling for food, cooking.

 Field/Work Experience:   
1x deployment to Afghanistan
1x deployment to Iraq
1x deployment to Yemen
1x deployment to Africa
Multiple training rotations
 Personal History:

Jason was born into a comfortable life in California. His father actually being a government official for the US government. He was more of an aid more or less, and had run for government office a few times himself. But after losing so many times he figured he could help change things from the inside, swallowing his pride and taking back seat. His mother is a retired scientist, working largely on agricultural studies. She’s currently a professor at UCLA teaching Biology.

To say he spent his life in luxury was a bit of an overstatement. His parents worked for what they had, and so did he. However being a fresh faced ten year old when the tragic 9/11 event occurred did something to Jason. Unlike most other children his age he wasn't concerned with the norm, and grew up with a sense of knowing. Understanding sadness from an early age, learning that he had lost family members that day in New York city.

His father fought tooth and nail to keep him out of trouble, but it was difficult. Jason had been a bit of a problem child growing up. While he was generally calm and well behaved around his mother, Jason felt some form of animosity toward his old man for seemingly no reason. But it was later discovered that Jason was aware of his father’s drinking habits and simply abhorred it. Even confronting his old man on the issue at the age of fifteen. Despite the discussion and what many outsiders would feel was a hostile situation Jason’s father listened, understanding that his son did care about him and was worried, however he was also an angry and fairly emotional young man. That said he didn't know how to properly express himself which lead to him acting out.

These family problems worked out they all grew closer. With Jason eventually shaping up. While he never truly slouched in school. In fact he took courses at a College near the city of Brea while still attending High School. Though despite his bright future it seemed Jason had another calling. The Army recruiters seemed to really hook him. And when he graduated at the age of seventeen. He begged his parents to let him enlist.

His mother was obviously against the idea. She was never one to support war. And had often spoken out against it. However his father respected the idea. It was Jason’s first choice as a man. The first “real” choice he would make that would affect him for the rest of his life. So Jerrid told Jason to think about what it was he was planning to do. To really research it and make sure he wanted to go through with it.

A week later Jason had made his decision, sticking with his choice. His father agreed, and grudgingly his mother gave him her blessing as well. So his father drove him to the nearest recruiting station and he processed in under an Option 40. taking the physical and passing, and shipping out for OSUT some two months later. While in training he racked up points on the range, and in CQC courses and exercises. Having the talents of a Marksmen combined with great reflexes and hand to eye coordination pointed to a bright military future of Jason. Many said so to get him pumped up, but that usually resulted in a smoke session for him as a result. So much to the point where he started to dread standing out at times. Though he didn't slack as a result.

Upon completion of Basic, Jason was elevated to AIT. Spending a lot of time out in the constructed field where the instructors broke the would be soldiers repeatedly. Getting them used to certain environments while having them practically camp out and live off the land for almost a week. Jason would admit he had fun, though the ambushes weren't exactly fun. And an incident that resulted in a fight lead to Jason losing his position as platoon leader and he was forced to spend several days in “the hole”. But he felt that it was all worth it to feel that guy's jaw snap under the pressure of his knuckles.

Upon his release he rejoined his unit, finishing training and graduating with the Rank of Private First Class. Less than four months after completing airborne school and RASP-1, Jason was shipped out with 3rd BN 75th Ranger Regiment. to the middle east. While stationed at Firebase Bravo Jason would occasionally accompany the usual relief convoy or just do combat patrols, at this time he was assigned to a weapons squad as a Mk48 Gunner. There was a local little valley that they always had to pass through which almost always got them ambushed. Though the skirmishes were never really serious.

One mission saw Jason's Platoon escorting supplies along a route that took them through the coastal city of Basra. However he was unable to really enjoy the view. The hood of the lead HMMWV was blown clean off by an RPG, luckily the crew was unharmed and the vehicle was luckily still intact. At which point the convoy started to speed down the streets, however repeated fire coming from the city left the soldiers in a tough spot, it was difficult to get a clean shot. And with people running all over the place the convoy was forced to slow. Resulting in another rocket hitting one of the trucks housing some supplies, a mix of ammunition and other tools bound for fire base Bravo.

It created quite a fire show, the Strykers in the convoy were finally cleared along with the rest of the troopers. They sprang into action, returning fire and setting up a perimeter while the soldiers were recovered from the flaming vehicle. One suffering burns while the driver was IA. Medics moved quickly, securing the injured Joe while Jason moved behind the open door of their HMMWV and provided cover, using his ACOG scope to select his targets carefully, observing the overhead windows and placing his controlled bursts. Downing two shooters. One on a third floor complex, the second in the next building over on the second floor. His last kill was an insurgent with an RPG on the roof, who's AK armed partner broke out into a hasty retrea.

Getting his Corporal's attention the squad put high volumes of fire toward the duo. Putting them down quickly and getting back into their vehicles. After mounting up and salvaging what they could... especially the dead trooper. They secured him in another vehicle and sped off. Returning to Firebase Bravo with a little over half of their supplies. Surprisingly not coming under fire through the valley.

Upon his return Jason felt a little jaded and cold. It was his first real experience with death. The fact that he was so close to it was a wake up call, he couldn't treat war like a game. As time passed he found it weighed heavy when someone died. He wasn't entirely sure how to take it and held mixed reservations on that note. The rest of his tour was a mixed slushy of action, some engagements just being potshots, while otherwise were fully dug in. fire and maneuver. It was odd having to switch back and forth, but he learned how to adapt in urban and open areas between Macca, Kandahar and the Yemini sands to name a few locations. Fighting so many different kinds of enemies only further instilled the Ranger doctrine of being highly adaptable, and hard as nails.

Once he rotated back to the states, Jason was promoted to a Specialists. He was able to spend a month with his family and was selected for the Ranger’s sniper course at Fort Benning, a slight spin on the already daunting sniper school of the same station. He learned how to virtually become a Ghost on the field, gaining the abilities to greatly adapt to his surroundings, observe and report was only half of it however. The second part was shooting which he had alway been fairly good at, regardless of the weapon system

His skills as a marksmen were in the low 90's on the range. Graduating a little over a month later and being returned to his unit. He was tasked as an optional fire team leader, also doubling as one of the squad's designated marksman when he wasn't on mission as a sniper. He was equipped with the M14EBR-RI, an SPR Mk12, or an M110 which quickly became his signature weapons on the range and during FTX. After sniper School he went on to Freefall school, which was a hell of a lot more eventful than Airborne School, definitely more exciting, that was for damn sure.

Later on, following a slightly slower and less eventful deployment Jason took his skill set and applied it to the Regimental Reconnaissance Company, after completing their rather challenging pipeline. His previous skill set made his joining this group sensible. Following his next rotation Jason was scouted and put up for selection within the Airborne’s Special Forces drafting. Having the choice to leave the Ranger’s and try for an SMU. Always being one of the fast movers and enjoyed working with tight small groups. Not to say he couldn't handle being in a large scale maneuver, but he liked his autonomy, and variability of being a fast mover.

He humped through the Preparation, Assessment and Selection, then finally Q-Course, only to end up being qualified but being Non-Select which was a total pain in the ass all things considered. Still Jason swallowed that and rejoined the regiment, only this time looking for a new spin on things. He took to an Advanced Sniper Leader’s course. Operating with larger sniper teams, and learning each role in said team on an SF level. It solidified what he knew, and taught him so much more about sniping as a skill set.

Jason, now a Sergeant would later deploy to Africa with RRC Team 3, and a J-SOC component making up TF-Lucky. Which later on would prove to be a running gag for said members. While there they did everything from the usual hearts and minds to recon, to raids and hostage rescue. All of course under the radar since their involvement in the country wasn't supposed to be so well known. That said Jason was witness to some fairly gruesome and horrific crimes. It did something to Jason, added a new level of stress, made him…more susceptible to making rash decisions.

This of course eventually got Jason into trouble. So much so that he damn near got Court Martialed, but someone decided the court time wasn't worth it and just got an Art15 on his head and record. Instead of hitting E-6 like he would've Jason was notched down to a Corporal instead. Despite this he remained in the Army, having the option to do so. However the Army was starting to downsize, its new "three strikes and you’re out" policy weighed heavy on him. Frankly Jason knew nothing else…not anymore, a soldier was simply who he was. It was all he wanted to be. So he looked for a change in scenery, and many of his friends in the Special Operations community had his back, getting his name out there for a billet to be absorbed as an instructor. He spent about a year as an RI before being allowed to deploy again, getting his stripes back in the process.

He still has ambitions of trying out for CAG again at some point, but Regiment has a tight hold on him, he loves the community.

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Re: Freese, Jason
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 Okays, we're getting the troops in. Good start, just a couple of smallish admin points

1/ don't need the claim the in bio/app


2/ bump his age up to 30 for S/Sergeant :) and keep going. You could possibly trim down some of his history and move it into Field/Work Exp
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Re: Freese, Jason
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Yeah I tried to fast track him. GB gives out automatic E5 upon completion of A course then a fast track to E6 a few years later. He went regiment to JSOC so I tried to get away with it ^^;

Honestly I was just goog to put field work and experiences in like bullet points.

As for the claim, I just did that so I wouldn't forget how to spell the dudes name honestly. Kind of a halfassed placeholder for my own brain

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Re: Freese, Jason
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Re: Freese, Jason
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All good and he came out fabulously to  :sam2
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