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Kitsure, Damion J.
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    Full Name: Damion Jack Kitsure MB, CD, MSM, BA, MA

    Age/ Birthday: 34, July 1st 1983

   Nationality: Canadian

    Rank, Title or Position: Captain, Canadian Armed Forces (Army, 2 PPCLI), Joint Task Force 2; JTF2 Troop Commander

    Height: 6’1”

   Build: Athletic

    Related Skills:
  • Languages Spoken and Read: English (fluent), Parisian French (fluent), Latin (proficient), Chinese-Mandarin (proficient), Arabic; Pashto Dialect (Proficient)
  • Combat and Evasive Driving Trained
  • Survival Expert (Desert, Arctic, Woodlands, and Jungle)
  • Range Officer; Small Arms Expert
  • Expert in Hand to Hand Combat
  • Language Specialist
  • Civilian and Military Diver     
  • Expert Marksman
  • American and Canadian Jump Qualified
  • US Ranger Qualified (For Completing Ranger School)
Unrelated Skills: Amature Archeologist, military historian.

  • BMOQ (Basic Military Officer Qualification),
  • CFLC (Canadian Language Course),
  • CIOC (Canadian Infantry Officer Course),
  • CBPC/CFPC (Canadian basic parachutist course/Canadian Freefall Parachutist Course),
  • CARC (Canadian Arctic Ranger Course),
  • CSOFQ (Canadian Special Operations Forces Qualification),
  • CPPC (Canadian Patrol Pathfinder Course),
  • US Ranger School Course and Qualification,
  • SCUBA Certification, Advanced (Received in Saskatachewan),
  • BACMRS (Bachelors of Arts – Classical Medieval & Renaissance Studies
  • MA (Masters of Arts - Military History)

Damion stands 6’1” tall, weighing well over 162lbs all forming an incredibly toned upper and lower body. He has a rather handsome masculine features that are framed perfectly by the short military cut black hair atop his head; sometimes, however, he’ll grow a beard if on a long mission/tour, which he will then trim up to be a mustache before the tour’s completion, though as of right now he sports a bit of stubble. His fair skin has a number of freckles (most of which are located on his arms, legs, back, and chest), moles (Four on his back, two small ones on his left side upper body, and one on his leg), and a number of scars; the scars being little tokens of his training and combat experience. His face does show evidence of aging brought on by high levels of stress and fatigue; more so given all he’s done, seen, and still, does. His light blue eyes seem to show both his wit and good nature as well. In terms of tattoos and the like… he doesn’t actually have many save the Canadian Armed Forces Emblem on his right shoulder, with a small poppy overtop it as a memorial to all those who lost their lives in the service to Canada, or have sacrificed something in service to the nation; he believes having it shows that he does honour all veterans.
Clothing wise, he tends to wear whatever suits him best. Often times he tends to wear darker colours due to how they seem to match with his overall look and style. Though the one piece he’s usually always seen outside of base wearing, is none other than his lucky black leather coat; a coat he received from his ex-wife whom he’s still friends with. Military wise… he’ll wear all he’s supposed to wear as per military code, although when it comes to his dress uniform he tends not to really want to wear it since he feels fairly uncomfortable wearing decorative and stuffy things… more so the mess-kit dress reds of the army.

In terms of small personal items, he'll usually have only a few pieces he wears with both his civilian and military sets. The first being his dog tags... as, well, this is more just common sense. The next would be his Fallout(game) wallet which stores all his cards and ID's. The next piece he usually wears or has on his person is his rather expensive tactical and waterproof watch, which he's carried with him since 2011. Finally, the smallest piece... his wedding rings... Despite being divorced, he still does keep them on his person for sentimental value.
A highly active and energetic man, Damion is known as a man known for his comedic wit and charm; though some would say he’s an annoyance. Sarcastic, true to his nature and someone who listens, Damion is very much the type of individual who thrives in the military as it’s always been an environment in which he can truly be himself. Often times, one trait of his that usually marks him out from a crowd is the wide grin or smile he’ll always seem to have –due to his sarcastic and energetic nature he’s always thinking of something funny- which he likes to believe helps give off a relaxed vibe… or approachable. Another little personality quirk of his is his annoying habit of talking non-stop, so much so that he tends to speak too fast, or goes on long tangents/story about something, which only seems to annoy and or anger some (mainly his SNCO’s). Though despite his carefree and annoying nature, he’s still very much a serious individual when it comes to his job, which is more or less made evident by how often he tends to get involved with anything the military offers and puts forth his absolute best effort to achieve the best results.

In terms of actual soldiering, and leadership, he’s someone who is very much the average promotion and paygrade type of Officer. Despite his excellence in performance and commitment, he does still have a fair bit of flaws. As previously stated, he talks… a lot, and is also the type of person to voice his opinions to whoever. Due to this, he has come to butt heads with many in Command whenever they would fuck over his men. In a manner of speaking, he cares too much for those under his command, and is the type of officer who befriends those under his command, which is his main fault overall, as he will sometimes hesitate to give a certain order or act with determination when the lives of his men are on the line.

As the appearance went to describe, Damion is not the type of man who enjoys wearing the dress or ceremonial uniforms of the military… rather… he hates them. He finds them too stuffy, and hot, which seems to give him the feeling of discomfort when on parade. Plus as a commissioned officer in the Canadian Armed Forces, he has to wear a number of other items which seem to add more weight. Though, as expected of a disciplined and professional soldier, he hides this well… and honestly, this is the one thing he tends to keep to himself since many seem to enjoy the ceremonial stuff.
When it comes to how he views or works with other foreign militaries, he tends to have a rather open mind. He's served with almost all NATO nations from the US to even Japan in some cases, so its safe to say he has a healthy respect and admiration for his fellow brothers and sisters in the Armed Forces. Though, he has a deeper bond with the American Rangers due to having gone to Ranger school as per Foreign exchange and training programs between the US and Canadian Forces; plus it was another thing to keep him active. If he had to pick a group he feels most at home with and or the ones he'd want to serve alongside the most, chances are he'd say the 75th RR.


Running- He loves running, so much so it’s more or less the main reason for him being able to pass many of the courses he has under his belt. In truth, running is very much the one thing that seems to help him calm his thoughts, and act as a form of meditation since it’s usually just him, his thoughts, and his music when he runs.

Archeology- He adores history and is the type of individual who enjoys working with any field that helps expand his knowledge in it, one such field being archeology. Although he only has a few courses from his time as an Undergrad, he still does enjoy going to dig sites when given the chance, as he tends to feel like a kid in a candy shop when he’s at them… though admittantly thought, he’s found it hard to actually go to any dig sites since joining the JTF2.

Learning new things- He didn’t get so many qualifications, courses, and degrees because he was forced into them. He’s always been the type of person who enjoys learning new things, and does all he can to try and understand and or know as much as possible; also helps drive him to put in his very best effort in everything he does.

Travelling- Although not the main reason he joined the military it still is very much so one of the perks that came with the job. Whenever the chance arose for him to go somewhere, or do something, he did all he could to see the world, which also helped him expand his knowledge.

Field/Work Experience:
  • 2x Tours in Afghanistan (Kandahar, NATO mission),
  • 1x Tour in Africa (Congo, UN Peacekeeping mission),
  • –x Training Postings around Canada, US, and Europe,
  • 1x JTF2 Classified Operation (Classified Operation),
  • 1x CANSOFCOM Artic Patrol Mission (CAF Standard Training and patrol mission),
Personal History:

Spoiler: show
               Born to an active military family during the height of the Cold War, one would think Damion would’ve been taught or raised to believe everyone behind the Iron curtain would be a villain… but that was not the case, rather he was raised to believe that both sides had their villains and heroes and that the ones left picking up the pieces were the common folk. So, he grew up with the mindset of, ‘gotta earn my place in the world’ which did actually end up helping him to become a much more energetic and active young boy. He wasn’t a genius, by no means was he anything close to that, rather too many of the teachers… he was more a problem case due to his constant desire to run around and play; they eventually came to the conclusion he was mentally unsound. The school didn’t hesitate to tell his family either, and all because he wouldn’t sit down and learn… needless to say, his parents weren’t happy, and with some help of the government (shrinks and child doctors) they quickly proved the school wrong, Damion was just a super hyper child who enjoyed playing was all, nothing about him was abnormal in any way. Either way, he did eventually calm down as the years went by, though he was still a terrible student, pulling in 50’s and 60’s well up until he reached his senior years in high school.

Like any high school, the CAF would often set up small information centers to try and gather interest and answer any questions to potential recruits, in hopes of getting some future soldiers; though really it was more or less to fill up the recruitment quotas. Spotting the little information booth, Damion, with his mind still unsure of his future, decided to approach and learn all he could about the forces. What he learned that day got something clicking in his head, almost as if he found the one thing he wanted to do, more so after he heard all they were offering for a minimum of two years’ service. Damion, being the type of person he was, wanted to join as soon as he was able, and able he was, more so when they offered to take him into their “Co-op” program which saw to Grade 11 students (16-17-year-olds) joining the Reserve Forces, receiving full Infantry training, while also being able to continue their studies. Given his family’s history, they were a little unsure if he’d actually enjoy the military, but none the less, they gave their permission to join, and within a week, he was off to take the tests. Sure enough, he passed the tests, though with some trouble given how out of shape he was at the time, but none the less he had still succeeded and within a few months he was officially sworn in and sent to St. John to begin his Basic.

Fast forward a year after graduating, Damion, being a young Private in the reserves, was given two choices. One, go full-time and continue his training as an enlisted, or two, get paid to go to University and get a commission. Needless to say, he chose the latter of the two, choosing to go the easy way; after being enlisted for a year as an enlisted… it was not something he’d enjoy remaining in. So, after a few formalities, he was sent off to the University of Toronto -He really didn’t like the idea of getting his commission through RMC- which saw to him having a unique time. Having gotten the chance to take part in a relatively new university history program which encompassed most of the Humanities. Continuing his service as a ‘weekend warrior’, completing his officer's courses and the remainder of his infantry courses all while somehow or another managing to keep afloat with his heavy workload. Though he did manage to complete both, and so, within four years, he earned his commission to the rank of 2nd Lieutenant and was also transferred into the ‘reg-forces’ after having completed the last of his battle school courses, and leadership courses. A year later he was shipped over with his unit to Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton to begin desert combat training and tactics in preparation for a tour in Afghanistan. After six months of training, he had completed the training and had managed to prove he wasn’t a fuck up, and so, he was shipped overseas to Afghanistan; His first tour of duty.

His time in Afghanistan was anything but calm sadly… Having come during the height of the war, he had come to face many hardships while over there, more so since he was made Platoon leader, and given a small outpost to run and conduct patrols from deep in enemy territory. He didn’t lose a soldier under his command, but he they did come under heavy fire the entire time they were there, which he had thought odd, given how all the others were telling him how boring it was over at their posts; kinda pissed him off too since it was almost like the baddies were all out for him and his guys. But none the less, the experience proved to help speed along his time there, as there seemed to always be something to do with him and his troop. Thankfully though all went smoothly, and despite the fucked up shit he saw, he was still fairly sound of mind… more so since he was the type not to think or dwell too much on what he saw. But once he returned back home, he wondered what he would do next, more so since he REALLY didn’t want to go back to Kandahar for a bit. It was then that he saw some advertisements in Wainwright for a chance to earn their jump wings. Damion basically shrugged, saying, ‘fuck it’, and threw himself into the airborne. So, a year later he completed his jump course, and received his jump wings, and became an official ‘lawn dart’ as they were so lovingly named by the rest of their compatriots. Though, it was then that he felt that, ‘clicking’, he loved taking the extra course, so much so, he started to take other courses, even taking part in gun camps, which saw to him getting his range officer instructor course, and also getting to take part in a shooting competition, which he scored 2nd in, but none the less got him that weird medal with the bar displaying the year 2008 on it.

Shortly after that though, he was slated to go back for a second tour in Afghanistan, given, though this time, he was going as a 1st Lieutenant. His second tour proved to be boring as hell and not at all as exciting and productive as his first; which he was kinda happy about. After returning home though, he now had all the courses required to take one of the hardest courses in the entire CAF, the Patrol Pathfinder course. It had one of the highest failure rates, but if you passed the course… you received the coveted Pathfinder torch. So, quickly taking advantage of his seniority, he threw himself into the course, and months later, he was one of the 10 to pass the class and get the torch. Given the extreme difficulty of the course, and all the shit he had to do when in it… all other courses seemed like cake walks in comparison… and to him, they were. Throwing himself fully into other courses, such as the Artic Ranger Course, which only added to his growing achievements, though the completion of the CARC course saw to him getting the Red Cap and sweeter of the rangers, along with the badge and patch.

A year later, he also met his future wife and mother to their future son. They had a private wedding -didn’t stop his former platoon from joining- and they spent the next month traveling Europe, going to history sites; having met during his master’s program, they both were history nuts. Was a fun trip, and was also counted as the happiest time of his life. A few months later they found out they were going to have a child. They had their first son in 2010, and it was a rather chaotic time for them both, with him being in the field all the time, he was rarely around to help raise and or look after their newborn. But, they still remained happily married. Plus, Damion did his best to spend EVERY free moment he had with them.

Eventually in 2013 rolled around, and he had taken a few more courses and had also taken part in an exchange program which saw to him getting to go to Ranger School in the US. It was one of the coolest experiences for him, and he saw it as an honour to get to work with his American counterparts. Eventually, he completed his course and earned his ranger tab, which… he couldn’t wear with his Dress unless it was full ceremonial. Either way, he just thought it was a cool experience to have, and he made a lot of new friends during his time there as well. Shortly thereafter though, he was awarded the Meritorious Service Medal for his continued service as well as willingness to work with foreign militaries for personal betterment as well as the betterment of his fellow Armed Forces members; he thought it was kinda cool to get since he got to have an MSM behind his name just like his MA and BA. Though things didn’t calm down for him as he began training for another tour, this time a Peace Keeping mission in the Congo; continuing with UN commitments. He was gone for 8 months, and when he returned he finally started to take a break, feeling he wanted to spend more time with his family.

New changes came though and soon he was once more forced to look into other courses as a means to help provide for his family… more so as house payments, school fees for their son, living expenses, etc. began to really hit their finances hard. He had been offered to join the JTF2 once before, but he had turned it down initially, seeing it as too much for a guy his age, but… given how much of a pay raise it was compared to what he was making now as a Senior Captain, he decided to pull the trigger and try out. And somehow he passed selection and became a troop leader for one of the teams. A few months later he was off training again, this time for some classified mission somewhere to deal with… things. Being a Tier-1 element did not help his married life though, despite the pay increase, rather it really ruined them… more so when he returned home after his second Op, with the Medal of Bravery hanging around his neck; something he received for doing something incredibly stupid that saved the lives of his teams and a few VIP’s. It was there that his wife, not wanting to hear how her husband wasn’t coming home, filed for divorce. She still very much did love Damion, but she just couldn’t deal with the new stresses, and he understood her reasoning. A few months later they were divorced, although she remained at their home. Initially, they were going to move away from each other, but for the sake of their young son, they chose to live in the same house until he was done school.

Finally, after some more time had passed, he was being deployed to join the 75th Army Rangers in helping to halt Cartel trafficking operations in South America. But… as the situation began to get worse around the world, and in SA, he silently cursed his luck for being the only Canadian Tier-1 in the region… as the rest of his team had been tasked out to help in Haiti, while he remained with the Rangers to oversee training… but training quickly turned to SF Operations in Venezuela, as per his new orders; though he didn’t like the idea of going in alone, but none the less he was still trained and the most qualified for Lone Wolf tactics and recon operations… so no chance to refuse.



  • Emily Clarke (Formally Kitsure) – Ex-wife
  • Adam Kitsure – Son,
  • Warrant Officer Dylan “Bull” Smith – JTF2 "9D" Ninner Delta-Two, Team member, SNCO – Bestfriend
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