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Lansbury, Alastair
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Played By: Thaddeus



    Full Name : Alastair Gordon Lansbury

    Age/ Birthday: 36 / 13. 7. 1981

   Nationality : British (Scottish)

    Rank, Title or Position : Sergeant - SBS - UKSF

    Height: 6'0"

   Build: Muscular

    Related Skills:

  • Languages spoken: English (fluent), Spanish (proficient), French (proficient), Chinese; both Mandarin and Cantonese (limited), Arabic (limited)
  • Martial arts: Judo, Krav Maga, MMA
  • Weapons handling
  • Swimmer Canoeist
  • Combat diver
  • Submarine Infiltration
  • SERE
  • Airborne qualified
  • Reconnaisance: Underwater and beach

   Unrelated Skills:

   Credentials: Sniper school, Swimmer canoeist (SC3) training course, ACSIC (Army Combat Survival Instructor Course), SF Parachute Course (RAF Brize Norton)



Standing at 6'0", Alastair is of average height and keeps himself in reasonable shape - for which hitting the gym on a regular basis had become the norm. He is muscular, but not overly so. He holds himself at a high standard, in which also holds pride, as looking sharp and dressing correctly was quickly forced into their brains when he had joined the Marines.

He does not bare any tattoos, nor any such evidence of piercings.

Alastair keeps his hair short and neatly trimmed, shaves regularly unless the mission requires a beard to be grown.
Alastair is a quiet individual, not quiet as in shy, but he is very much the observant kind. He tends to hold people that he has yet to make an acquaintance with at arms length before breaking the ice and introducing himself.

For most parts, he has a dry sense of humor and an abundance of sarcasm picked up over the years. Al embodies the Royal Marine Corps values, which had been instilled in him through the 32 week long course - and certainly has plenty of cheerfulness in the face of adversity, no stranger to cracking a joke when the situation allows. He hardly steps out of line and in his adult years, finds himself less and less able to be angered and keeps a cool head under pressure.


  • Guitar player
  • Woodwork - mostly just whittling
  • Sports: Kayaking, rugby, swimming, hockey and football
  • Fishing
  • Reading in general
  • Musical interests: Bon Jovi, Linkin Park, Bee Gees, Coldplay, The Clash, Rolling Stones

 Field/Work Experience:

  • Afghanistan
  • Iraq
  • Brunei
  • Libya
  • Training missions: Brunei, Norway, Joint-training exercises, Canada, Belize, Kenya

 Personal History:

Born to Elizabeth and Robert Lansbury, Alastair "Al" Gordon Lansbury was the middle child of three; his eldest sister, Sophia and youngest brother, Daniel. They were born in Edinburgh, Scotland but they had moved house shortly after Alastair had been born due to Robert getting a new job offer down in London. Both of his parents had little to no connection to the military, for his mother was a teacher at a local primary school - the school in which Alastair had been a part of until he moved into secondary school and his father was a professor of History.

For most teachers, they would have presumed from coming from a middle class background, Alastair would be one of the more well-behaved students of the class. Though he was quiet and got on with the task at hand, there were periods in which the young boy would get riled up. Fights were regular and his best friend was the principle, it was during his secondary years where things began to get a little rocky between his parents and when he turned thirteen, his parents had divorced.

The eldest of the trio had already moved out to live by herself with her own boyfriend, and the youngest had gone with their father. Alastair spent his time split between the two parents as they could not agree to terms on which had parental custody over him. It made for a rocky start to his teenage years, and the anger still remained. it was not until the school had taken them onto a careers fair down in the Docklands that it had opened his eyes to the military. He knew of the military, having watched films and TV series but it had never seemingly crossed his mind as a career choice - having been pegged as an academic.

He was not a land person, having been swimming from an early age - so the Royal Navy had already appealed to him. It was through research and help from those at the fair to show him that the Royal Marines were indeed something that connected with him. At 16 and once he had finished his 11 GCSEs, he opted for the Commandos rather than continue his education, which some of his family had told him it was a waste of his academic life.

His father nor his mother could comprehend what was happening, causing them to join once more as close friends to discuss their son's career choice. They knew he was not going to be deployed until the age of 18, but it was news to them. Alastair seemed set on his path and there was no words nor arguments that could change his mind.

18 rolled around quicker than anyone could have expected, Alastair had been trained and shaped into a Commando. The changes were drastic; from the young boy who started fights to the cool and level headed decision maker. He stood taller, his shoulders no longer slumped as self-confidence began to rise. The following week after his passing out, Alastair had been sent on his first deployment to Afghanistan.

The first of many.

At 22, Alastair had been on several deployments and training exercises. It was here where the world of UKSF had been opened up to him by his CO and it was a chance he had taken - his new goal to become a badged member of the SBS.

Six months in hell waited for him and 200 plus other candidates.

200 volunteers had been quickly cut to half by the time they had been 1/4 into the course, 10 remaining by 3/4 and only 3 had been the lucky survivors of selection.

Alastair had been among the three. But he knew not to celebrate too prematurely, for more work needed to be done once his beige beret had been earned - Boat and Dive training awaited him, one step closer to becoming a fully-fledged swimmer canoeist.

He had become part of the special forces community in 2004 and never looked back since.


Elizabeth Lansbury [Mother]
Robert Lansbury [Father]
Sophia Lansbury [Sister, eldest]
Daniel Lansbury [Brother, youngest]
Franklin "Frankie" Harris [Team]
Johnathan "Mac" MacDonald [Team]
Daniel "Danny" Hobbes [Team]
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