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Urgent Mercy (Operation Whirlwind Phase I)
« on: April 27, 2017, 11:33:06 PM »

Operational Assets: show

United Kingdom SBS
Alastair Lansbury

United States Joint Special Operations Command
James Henrdicks, US Army CAG/DELTA
Jason Freese, US Army 75th Ranger Recce Element

Canadian JTF2

USAF 187th US Air National Guard Wing
Cate MacGregor

Area of Operations: Argentina, forested/hilly terrain. Jungle.
Current Weather: 23.0° C (73.4° F), Rain
Rules of Engagement: Armed cartel and Argentine military considered hostile.
Operational Goal Rescue of RAAF Squadron leader Cate MacGregor. Destroy any intel.
Operational Limits No entry into Brazil.

The following is part of Operation Whirlwind, the invasion of Argentina.
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Re: Urgent Mercy (Operation Whirlwind Phase I)
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APRIL 2017, Operation Day minus 1 / Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport, Puerto Rico, / 2230 LOCAL

 Four heavily loaded F16/D's from the Alabama ANG sat on the hardstand under the blazing lights in the sectioned of area of the Puerto Rico Air National Guard their engines slowly idling as ground crew made the final adjustments to the aircraft's ordnance loads.

 As they worked the four pilots stood beneath what in the day time would have been a protective shelter from the sun just fifty feet away from the 'birds, their Wing CO Colonel Samantha Carter going through the last minute details making sure the flight leader, an Aussie on exchange, Squadron Leader (Major to the US forces) Cate MacGregor, knew exactly with the greatest of detail what they were doing.

{Col Sam Cater USAF} NPC
{Captain USAF  Kyle Lacosse} NPC
{1st Lieutenant USANG Patricia 'Trish' Ramirez } NPC

 "Make sure you understand Cate our primary objective are the four SAM sites, secondary targets will be as requested. We have a C130 supply flight of four at zero five hundred, one of those is carrying essential medical supplies for the locals, its imperative they get through unharmed, I will be leading the escort mission in myself and know how I'd hate to be shot down." The look on the blonde Colonel's face was priceless, Cate loved working with her, they were much the same in the humor department.

 Before she could reply, the young 'baby' of the Flight Trisha spoke up, her dark face even darker in the semi light of the covered shelter. "Colonel ma'am, do we have any other assets in the region?"

 Well at least Catherine knew that much, Sam nodded to her, so she could make the response. "We have an AWACS coordinating for us Lieutenant, plus we have a KC10 refueling us in and out. Our return base will be the RAF base in the Falklands." She looked at her team, especially Bob Henschel, they had been talking about the future for them both right up until an hour ago. Right here and now though they were teammates, nothing more and protocol dictated it remained so. Her eyes then fell back to Sam. "No, that'd be the last thing we'd want Colonel, besides you owe me fifty bucks."

 They all laughed at that until Sam grinned back at her new found Aussie friend. "Right then, you leave in ten minutes, good luck and god speed." She saluted them all, with all of them smartly returning to her. Sam turned away slowly, then went straight to her car before driving off.

 With one hand on her hip, the other holding her helmet, Cate waited a moment. "Right kids, we have a long flight, if you need to pee you had better do it now."

  <Six hours into the flight, 0430 local time>

 "Bombs gone!" Cate reported through her headset, as flight leader she was the last to drop her load, making sure that each member of the flight had hit their targets with the laser guided ordnance being the most accurate there was, even in the darkness with their infra red cameras and sensors. The hits were recorded, there was no opposition at all, the rebels had no idea what hit them. "Turning for home." Not exactly, there was an over sea flight to the Falklands and one more refuel. Besides her arse was killing her and she was hungry enough to empty the first MacDonalds they came across.

 As the F16's banked away from the target zone, all ears were listening for any requests of secondary targets, they had their guns if necessary, but that meant getting down low and dirty. At 10,000 feet they felt safe.

 "Keep it tight guys." Kyle encouraged them as they headed east. His eyes though were drawn to Cate's rear end, of her bird of course. He could see clearly the glow of her exhaust fluttering. "Cate check your fuel." He said worryingly.

"Got it." Cate replied, checking every gauge on her panel, she had more than enough to make the rendezvous with the tanker. Then everything went dark. Her engine stopped dead, the instrument panel shut down and the nose of the F16 dipped as the HOTAS went rigid in her hand. "Shit!" She said, but even her radio was dead, a complete power failure. That meant she'd have to bail, there was no choice.

 "Cate!" Trisha yelled as suddenly their leaders aircraft disappeared, she still had it on radar but it was falling away quickly.
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Re: Urgent Mercy (Operation Whirlwind Phase I)
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Robert or Bob has most called him, despite the fact his mother would have their heads, stood quietly by.  She always said that if she wanted him to be called Bob she would have named him Bob.  Rob was the closest she would stand for.  He smirked to himself as he thought about that before turning his attention back to the group.  This was a dangerous mission they were getting themselves into and there was no way to know if they would all return or not.  He shared a brief glance with Cate, knowing their conversation from just a few minutes ago would have to wait until this was all over.  He just prayed they would have a chance to speak more.

<Six hours into the flight, 0430 local time>

Robert glanced out his window before looking back at his screen.  It seemed the bomb had hit right where he had been aiming.  So far there hadn't been any real issues which he was grateful for.  He glanced back to catch sight of Cate's craft, knowing once she dropped her bomb they were set to hightail it out of there as quickly and quietly as possible.  No casualties would be a blessing.

Robert was just about to call them all home free when he caught Kyle's warning and saw the exhaust fumes. "Dang it, Cate!" he cried through the radio.  'What the heck is going on?"  He was worried sick about her and wanted to be there to help, but there was nothing he could do while in his own bird.

His blue eyes widened in alarm as Cate's bird took a sudden nose dive. "No!  Cate!"  Dear God this couldn't be happening.  Robert dialed up his radio.  "Mayday, mayday.  Pilot down.  I repeat pilot down!"  He quickly rattled off their last known coordinates, his heart in his throat.  He couldn't lose her now.  Not when they were just starting to get to know each other.  He gripped his controls, wanting to head down after her.  He couldn't just sit here and do nothing.

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Re: Urgent Mercy (Operation Whirlwind Phase I)
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Coordinates came blasting across the silence that was their make-shift FOB - a small hut in relative distance to the border, having since been left abandoned. Alastair had reached for his radio as he listened in, finger tracing the coordinates on the small map pinned to the wall. Once he had gathered the necessary information, it was time to fill his team in.

"Alright lads, we've got intel on a crashed friendly by the Argentina/ Brazil border, RAAF. ROE, anyone armed belonging to the cartel or the Argentine Military are now hostile. We are going to be accompanied by our friends from across the pond," Alastair relayed, hand planted on one side of the table in which the map had been spread open as the other pointed to the position. His team listened intently, their own eyes reviewing the map. "Questions? No. Alright, let's rock lads."

Alastair had grabbed his rifle, pistol and his vest, which had been leaned against the nearby wall and threw the sling across his chest as he checked his pistol's ammo before looking up to see the lads getting ready, game faces on. It was high priority and having been in-country for a period of time had exposed them to the dangers that they faced. Heading out to the border was not going to be easy, it was one of the many trade routes for the drug cartels.

But, this was why they had trained in the jungle for days on end, to make sure they were comfortable for situations that happen to be in the jungle - an environment that was unforgiving to those that fought against it.

Each of his team knew their positions, their arcs of fire and had trained day upon day for missions. They were not too far off their designated location, however, a couple of Klicks stood between them and their target with everyone wanting their heads upon a silver platter.

They had made entry to the dense undergrowth, thin layers of sweat already forming on their foreheads. As usual, Franklin had taken point, and Johnathan was their 'tail-charlie.'

"Sergeant, aren't you growin' a beard?" Franklin asked over his shoulder.

"Don't think I'm pretty enough, Frankie?" Alastair replied, chuckling. "You've got a ferret on your face, I don't think I could pull that shit off with a razor."

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Re: Urgent Mercy (Operation Whirlwind Phase I)
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Flashback/Backstory: show
Korengal, Afghanistan - 2004

The sound of distant gunfire reverberated across the valley. A loud pop followed shortly by the crack as the round came nearby the pair of soldiers. The two men, assigned to the 3rd Special Forces Group, hunkered down behind the berm, trying to make themselves even smaller targets.

Somewhere, up on the mountainside, a sniper had engaged them during their patrol.

"Fuck!" The larger man yelled, his thick beard covered in dust from pressing against the dirt. "Last time I volunteer for a mercy run." He said, his words coming in a rush as he moved just slightly to peek up over the dirt mound.


That round had been much, much closer. Only when he heard the hiss of the next round did he know that the sniper had the pair zeroed. This was supposed to be a hearts and minds, moto mission. Taking medicine and bandages to a local family whose daughter had been hurt during fighting between US forces and the Taliban. The Taliban had been on the run from the area, so the jaunt down from their FOB should’ve been a nice, light hike. Key phrasing being should have.

"Sully, I think we've got incoming." The smaller man said, his brown eyes pressed against a pair of binoculars and looking to their east, towards the mountain road that lead down from the sniper's roost. "I'm counting three, make that four victors. Look to be full of heavily armed assholes."

"Copy that." The shorter man, Staff Sergeant James Hendricks replied. "TOA our pos?" He asked, using the slang and shorthand to save time. He pulled out his laminated map, making notes of grids with a grease marker.

"They're cooking. So I'd say they're probably five, ten minutes out at the most."

"Shit." James replied, rubbing his beard.

"Alright pass me the comms." He said.

"Gotcha." His comrade, Stafford, replied.

James keyed the handset. "Raider actual, this is Raider 1-1, how copy, over?"

Static. He twisted the knob.

"I say again, Raider actual this is Raider 1-1, how copy, over?"

" Raider actual, solid copy, send traffic, over."

"Raider we are in contact. One sniper. Four victors inbound our pos, ten mikes out. Request immediate air support, over."

"Understand all, Raider 1-1. Passing you to USAF JTAC on station, call sign Almighty. Send traffic."

"Almighty, Almighty. This is Raider 1-1, troops in contact, request immediate combat air support, over."

"Reading you five by on all Raider 1-1, send your grid, over."

“Grid cords follow: Bravo 34 Sierra 40, keypad 8, request run from west to east if possible, Almighty, over.”

“Grids marked and valid. Passing to Archangel to prosecute, will advise of west to east approach, Almighty out.”

A few seconds later, the sounds of jet turbine engines could be heard. Screaming overhead, a pair of A-10 Thunderbolt IIs, commonly referred to as Warthogs, tipped their wings in unison as they moved into the sun drenched valley. The trucks exploded into flames, and seconds later the actual sounds of the main cannons of the Warthogs could be heard. A loud buzzing sound like a million angry hornets.

“Good effect on targets, Almighty. Raider out.”

"Raider, Raider 1-1, BDA to follow: Four vehicles destroyed, twenty EKIA. We’ve got no movement on the ridge. Good effect on target. Raider 1-1 out."

CAG Ops Center, Ft. Bragg, North Carolina - 3 Days Ago

“James. Sully.” the owner of the voice kicked the chair the bulky, bearded man was sitting in. “Hendricks!” The voice said, shaking James out of his musings, who shook his head and looked up.

“Jesus fuck. What?” James said, a little louder than he’d meant to, causing some heads to turn.

“The briefing is over. You’re sitting here like a fucking ass.” The other man said.

“Christ, Jax. You could’ve just nudged me.”

“I tried.” Came the reply from Christopher ‘Jax’ Jackson. James’s long time friend and fellow team leader within the US Army’s 1st Special Operational Detachment - Delta, now officially called the Combat Applications Group. “So how much did you hear before you zoned out?”

“I heard it all. Just because I was balls deep in thought doesn’t mean I was fucking dead.” He said, pushing himself up from his chair. “Reassigned, political bullshit, national security directive, CIA spooks, yadda yadda.” It had been 16 days since a narcoterrorist had blown up the US embassy in Argentina an attempt to force the government to comply with their demands.

“Yeah. Let’s go see how bad it is.” Jax shrugged.

The pair made their way to the list, as other operators filtered out and around them. Their fellow CAG shooters moving about their day. James put his hands on his hips while he checked it over.

“Well fuck me.” Jax said, shaking his head, his curly brown hair shaking slightly. “They’ve put me in god damn liaison support in Langley.”

James stifled a groan. “What wisdom. Let’s move one of our best field operators and put them behind a desk.”

“Fuck you complaining about?” Jax asked. “You get to go in country and drop some freedom.”

“What?” He read the sheet. His team, Charlie Alpha 2 had been tasked with a low light entry via a presecured airfield followed by direct action against any elements and direction of friendly air assets while further tasks were prepared.

James rubbed his chin. “Whelp that’s that.” He said finally. “Until further notice.” He said, quoting the sheet’s assignment for Jax. “Well man, have fun being in the rear with the gear.” Typically he’d have been excited and ready to be on the frontlines of an engagement.

But this was different, this situation in country was dicey. Everyone could tell that. US involvement in Latin America was necessary, but the US government was hesitant to commit fully, leaving gaps of coverage for other countries to pick up. He pushed that shit away - he had a job to do.

“You still owe me a fiver from our day at the range. Don’t forget that.” Jax said, pushing against James’s shoulder with a closed fist.

“Yeah, yeah I know.” James said chuckling. “See you around.” He responded before he turned and headed towards the elevator. The doors parted, and he stepped in. Riding up in the box was quiet. No elevator music. Almost like a tomb. That silence was broken as the doors opened. The hustle and bustle of the TOC belied the serious nature of the current threat. To the right stood a ready room, he needed to get his gear and get to the tarmac before the next flight left.

He headed into the locker room and grabbed his go bag. Once he slung it over his shoulder, he moved out of the room and back towards the elevator, using it to move back up to ground level and the parking lot. He found the rest of his five man team waiting on him. They’d split his normal team of ten into two separate groups for this run.

“Hey Top.” Said the man up front of the group. Paul “Voodoo” Harris. Former Ranger, and James’ assistant team lead. James gave him a nod before speaking.

“‘Sup Voodoo, you ready to reap the whirlwind?” He asked.

Paul gave a laugh and a firm nod. “Let’s go kick some teeth.”

The group stepped out further into the parking lot, jumping into Paul’s truck for the short ride out of the CAG compound to the airfield. As they pulled up to the gate, they got a wry smile from the old gent sitting in the guard hut.

“Good huntin’.” The man said, his wrinkled face pulling into a smirk. “Have a good ‘un.” He added.

“Have a good one.” Paul replied as they pulled out of the compound and onto the road to Pope field. James, who was sitting shotgun, switched on the radio for some noise during the ride. “In Argentina, the President has formally filed a complaint with the UN Security Council, protesting what he says is imperialism in his country” The truck turned onto Reilly Road, driving slowly to avoid the convoys littering the roadway.

“Latest intel says the president is likely under house arrest or armed guard, and is acting under duress.” A voice from behind James said. It belonged to the most recent addition to the team, Ryan Brown, the team’s radioman and a trained JTAC. Nickname ‘Vegas’. He spoke again. “Wanna bet they ask us to go rescue the poor bastard?”

“Come on Vegas, even for you that’s a gimme.” James replied. He turned his attention back to the radio. “The news from Argentina is grim.” The voice on the radio was saying. “The military has instituted martial law in many provinces.”

Their intel had already confirmed that the military was on the cartel’s payroll. That did complicate things, the cartels were well armed but they didn’t have access to the military hardware that they had now gotten as part of the coup. If he was reading this right, the world was about to turn some pipe hitters loose on Argentina, and then follow it up with a few metric tons of ass kicking.

After a short jaunt, they were at the airfield, James could see a M-28 Skytruck, a STOL fixed wing plane with it’s back stairs down and ready to go. Paul brought the truck to a stop, and the team exited. He tossed the keys to a man standing nearby. “Take her back to the parking garage? Cover is in the toolbox.” The other man nodded and got in, pulling away as the team moved up the stairs and into the M-28.

Puerto Rico - 12 Hours Ago

The flight to Puerto Rico was just long enough for the team to catch some shut eye. When the plane touched down at the airfield, James could already see the full extent of the operation. HMMWVs surrounded the runway, with large walls of sandbags and barbed wire blocking the approach to the landing strip. Army and Marine personnel were on patrol around the cordoned off area.

Looks like the CIA, or whoever was running this show, had clearly begun calling in some assets. He could see a few guys he recognized from DevGru, Marine Raiders, Rangers, and even what looked to be USAF JTACs.  James stood and moved down the ramp as the aircraft powered down for a refuel. His team followed. He slid his sunglasses over his eyes, and then began scanning the scene. He noticed nearby they were loading a pair of GMV 1.1s  into the back of a C130. That was their next ride. When he noticed two men unloading equipment crates and replace them with crates of rice, he cursed silently.

He hustled over. “Ma’am!” He called to a young woman wearing glasses nearby the ramp. The kid couldn’t have been more than late 20s. She offered a hurried word to the two plain clothes men in front of her before turning to face him.

“Can I help you?” She asked sternly. He eyes scanned him, sizing him up silently.

James pulled out his ID. “Master Sergeant James Hendricks. My team and I need to catch that bird.”

“Which unit are you with?” The woman asked, uncertain, checking her tablet.

“I’m afraid that’s classified. I can tell you were are with the US Army.” James responded, his eyes locking with those of the agent. Operational security was paramount, one couldn’t assume this woman had clearance to know their movements. “Your orders for this operation should be filed under national security directive 34.”

“Ah. You’re the CAG team  we pulled to link up with the rebels.” The woman said, turning towards the plane, where the men had stalled their loading of the rice. ”We need more room. Take out one of those GMVs.” She turned back. “Melanie Preston.” she said, introducing herself.. “You’re late and I need to catch that convoy.”

James stifled a grumble as his team did the same. “Apologies ma’am. We’ll get on the bird just as soon as you repack it. We need both of those Flyers and the two crates there that you’ve unloaded back on the plane.”

The CIA agent shook her head. “No can do. Those bags of rice are for the rebels. They must be delivered when you make contact. I’ve left you one GMV and your own personal weapons crates. The AARS and RQ-11 will be air dropped in a later run.

James eyed the plane again and then begrudgingly gave a nod. “Roger that.”  He turned to his team. “We’re down one GMV and our Raven will be off station.” He got nods from his team. They all moved up the ramp. As they arrived, a short man, bald with a goatee wearing a hawaiian shirt and khaki shorts with flipflops ambled down the ramp of the plane. He turned, giving a wave to Hendricks. “You with me?” He said, his accent thick, Midwestern with just a hint of German. Hendricks gave a nod. “Toss your gear in the back. We’re all full so it might be a bit tight.”

Once James and the rest of his team were up the ramp, he caught sight of what the spook meant. Crates of rice were packed floor to ceiling. Their own equipment cases were packed tightly with the GMV. James made room for his team, eyeing the open food crate next to the empty space. Not all rice. The CIA were likely smuggling something that rice, weapons for the resistance. James finished storing his gear and found a seat in the one of the few remaining chairs. The Hawaiian shirt spook came back aboard, and the ramp began to slide closed.

Somewhere over the Argentine/Bolivian border, 0455 LOCAL
“You’ve got to be shitting me.” Paul said, shaking his head as he leaned back. The C130 was somewhere over Bolivia, heading towards the Argentine border. “They sent birds in without checking to ensure the cartel had gotten more SAMs active?”

James did not look amused. “Our intelligence held that the cartel had found the location of the MANPADS in the arsenal, but that they had not yet gotten the capability to utilize them.” He replied. “I haven’t gotten to the best part. It wasn’t even a SAM that brought her down.”

Vegas chuckled. “I’m gonna go with intelligence error?” He asked.

“Initial reports are saying mechanical..” James replied. “So gents, our original op is scrubbed. We’ve got a priority one tasker straight from JSOC.” He pulled out a map. “Due to the concern of radar tracking we’re gonna LALO approximately ten klicks away the crash site at this clearing. From there, we’re to perform recon in force and prep a DZ for a Ranger element that will be acting as our QRF when we go in and attempt a rescue.”

Elias Caruso, nickname Mother and the team’s medic spoke up. “Is the pilot wounded?”

“Unknown at this time. We will assume that she is non-ambulatory.” James replied. “We’re to prep for a hot exfil, which looks to be Ospreys from a Navy boat off the coast.”

“ROE?” Asked Paul.

“We’re to visually identify before engaging, but any armed personnel in the area are considered hostile.” James replied. “Be advised that there is at least one friendly SOF element in play, a SBS group who was also retasked.” That got nods from all.

“Gear?” Speedy, the team's weapons sergeant and heavy gunner asked as he continued giving his Mk 48, a heavily modified and updated variant M249 able to camber 7.62.

“What we can carry. No prepared DZ is nearby, so the GMVs and heavier gear will stay on the bird and be dropped to our sister elements further in country. Support elements will be a Ranger recce team, callsign Assassin, who will act as a QRF once we’ve secured the DZ.” He continued, before taking a breath. “We also have air support in the form a B-2.” He turned to Vegas. “Callsign Warhammer-1.” He got a nod from the operator.

The team nodded and without a word began prepping. James made sure he was ready to go, checking his kit. His Vickers M1911 was secure in its holster as he checked to ensure his rifle was ready to go. A LaRue tactical OBR chambered in 7.62. What it lacked in cyclic rate it made up for in stopping power. He’d fitted it with a 4x ACOG site with side canted BUIS. Strapped to his back was a updated version of the M79 40mm launcher, or Thumper.

The rest of the team carried their own particular favored kit for the situation. As mentioned, Speedy was on the pig. Paul carried the classic HK416 variant used by many CAG operators, and as the team’s breacher also had a shorty 12g slung in his assault pack. Mother preferred a shorter barrel for easier transition when performing combat first aid, so he’d opted for a DD M4V4. Vegas ran with an HK416 as well with a 40mm grenade launcher underslung. Rounding out the team, Castle, a former sniper with the Rangers before he became a Special Forces engineer, carried an SR25 fitted with a 6/8/10x scope and cantilevered red dot sight.

Speedy and Paul both also carried M72 LAW antitank rockets. That would hopefully be enough for this mission, but they would sorely miss the additional gear stored in the crates getting dropped to their associated elements further into Argentina.

Near San Pedro, Argentina, 0430 LOCAL

“One minute!” James yelled over the sound of rushing air as the ramp lowered. The early dawn light was enough for him to see the tree tops. He suddenly remembered his days back in the 82nd and his instructor screaming Get off my plane!.

The light went green and the team jumped out of the back of the bird, immediately deploying their parachutes. Thankfully all chutes opened and the clearing was large enough for a slight margin of error. As the last of the team came off the ramp, the plane banked hard to climb up before turning away and back onto its original course.

Each man came to the ground, tucking into a roll and immediately began packing their chutes away. As they got to the edge of the jungle, they stowed the packs under some brush and proceeded on. The clearing would make a good DZ for the Ranger element, but first, they had to ensure the area was secured. It appeared to be a former sugarcane plantation.

“Palace, this is Crusader Actual, how copy, over?” He said after keying his PTT button.

His headset crackled to life a moment later. “Solid copy, reading 5x5 Crusader, send traffic, over.”

“Palace, be advised Crusader is checkpoint alpha, say again, Crusader is checkpoint alpha. proceeding to search and secure for Assassin elements, over.”

“Roger checkpoint alpha, Crusader. Interrogative, any further remarks, over.”

“No further remarks at this time. Crusader out.”

 He turned to his team. “Vegas, Mother, you’re with me. We’re going to go up to that hill and scout the area. Voodoo - you, Speedy, and Castle stay here and secure this LZ. We need those buildings cleared.” He said, pointing to the plantation ruins. “Castle, do what you can to get ready for that QRF.”

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Re: Urgent Mercy (Operation Whirlwind Phase I)
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<12,000 feet Argentine/Brazilian border 0500>

{Captain USAF  Kyle Lacosse} NPC
{1st Lieutenant USANG Patricia 'Trish' Ramirez } NPC

 For thirty minutes the remainder of Cobra flight loitered in the area, each pilot frantically checking their radars and other sensor suites. There was no sign of a bail, the energy shock from Cate's ejection would have registered on their infra red radar, nor was there any radio from her, it was as if she simply fell out of the sky. Finally with great sadness Kyle had to make that call no pilot ever wanted to. "That's it, we've done what we could. We have enough juice to make the tanker then the Falklands. Break, break break."

 Trisha wanted to bury her head, she was the newb on the team. Her hands were shaking as she replied choking back tears. "Understood Cobra two. Bob, we'll find her I promise you that." A hollow promise perhaps yet one that gave hope.

 The three F16's headed for the Atlantic and their rendezvous with 'Mother Goose'. Before Sam's flight escorting the Hercs were within an hour of their drop she knew about it. There was no way they could continue now so the supply drop was cancelled for the time being, they to altered course for the Falklands knowing the enemies awareness would be trebled as of 0500.


 At somewhere around 5,000 feet Cate realized today was the day she was going to die. It was as simple as that. No prayers, no words could speak of the mountain of regret she was feeling right now. Her bird was in free fall, the controls frozen and not even the ejector mechanism was working, although she had screamed at the sky Gods a moment ago "Who the f*ck built this piece of shit!"

 But as fortune would have it, all was not a total loss even as she said above her head "It was a sweet year Robert, maybe we'll catch up in that big rodeo in the heavens sometime." The entire she was dropping Cate hadn't let up in trying to restart, so much so her finger was hurting from the constant jabbing of the button. When she had resigned herself to whatever fate was about to dish out, the EPU suddenly burst into life. It wouldn't restart the main engine naturally as there appeared there the main fault lie, but she had minimal power for however long and she used it wisely. Again she tried to eject with the only result the canopy being popped off, there was no power to the ejection cartridge. Next best recourse, drop the gear and lower her flaps for at worst if she lost power again she could still manage to wrestle the stick.

"Cobra one, dead stick. No power.." Then it went off again. Two minutes later with the F16 cruising in at around 170 knots, the wings were torn off as she swept through tall trees. The remaining fuselage came to a sliding skidding halt in the early morning darkness after doing two 360 degree stomach churning turns to stop in a downward pointing attitude. At least she was alive. "Welcome to South America." Cate said sarcastically as she undid her harness.

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Re: Urgent Mercy (Operation Whirlwind Phase I)
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<12,000 feet Argentine/Brazilian border 0500>

Robert frantically kept looking for any signs of life.  He couldn’t lose her.  Not when he had finally met someone who might actually be his other half.  He wanted to go down there himself and start looking.   He refused to believe Cate washe gone.  Ms he couldn’t be.  "No!  Don't you dare do this to me, Cate!  You hear me!  You're the first and only one who understands me!" He shouted to the wind, not caring if his team heard him.

Robert's heart nearly stopped at Kyle's words.  They couldn't just leave.  If she was still alive no she was still alive then she was now in hostile territory.  He couldn’t leave her.  Checking his gauges though showed he didn’t have much of a choice.  He didn't have enough fuel to stay here any longer.  "I will be back, Cate.  Don't you dare die on me, cowgirl.  I will find you."

Robert turned to follow the others, his heart breaking.  Somehow he would find a way to get back here.  He would not leave Cate.

The two hour flight back to the Falklands was torture.  They had to take time for one quick fuel up before reaching their destination .  Robert was chomping at the bit.  He just wanted to land and get get back out again but there was still protocol to follow.

"Stanley Tower this is Cobra 2 requesting permission  to land," Kyle said.

"Permission granted, Cobra 2.  Proceed."

The three birds landed a few seconds later.  Robert was out of the little craft in a split second and heading toward the British ready room.  Trish and Kyle had to jog to catch up with the cowboy's long stride.

"Bob," Trish said.  "Come on slow down. "

"You know I didn't have any choice, man.  It killed me to leave her behind, " Kyle tried.

Robert shook his head.  "I've got to get back out there.  She's still alive.  I just know it."  Robert just wasn't sure how he was going to get permission to go back out if he was honest.
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Re: Urgent Mercy (Operation Whirlwind Phase I)
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- Concon, Chile 0400 Local

Top gave a heavy sigh as he looked around the table to the faces of the Rangers and their Canadian attache who had gathered. "Going to have to cut out piece of the training exercises out. 3rd bat can handle this on their own I think."

"Whats the play boss?"

Giving a nod to CJ the senior sergeant continued. We had a firebird over Argentina. Needless to say that plass has been a hot bed for the past couple of months. Someone up there in their infinate wisdom cleared air assets for strikes."

"So the bird was shot down or...?" Ghost smirked as he sat on one of their crates."

"Actually no, word is this thug is all tech going bad. Flameout was last night 2230. The flight remained on station until fuel simply wouldn't allow it anymore. The pilot is on loan from the RAAF, so the America's need to take care of its guests."

Blue rubbed his shoulder before chiming in. "CSAR isn't are thing, we're not PJ's."

"True but we're just a hop away, besides we have an SMU in country already... Which brings me to our role."

"Here we go."

"Top's fingers lightly drummed at the map. Listen up we're going to get the ping. CAG is rolling out the red carpet and were going to tac-on to increase our footprint. Our job is to guide strike packages, and heavy slots from the ground. This is out AOR. DZ, route along here...CJ, Ghost."



"We have a bit of a walk ahead of us after the jump. We'll set up a hasty LP-LP, make our calls move out build our hide. Then it's time to do our recon thing. Roll soft, ID targets, find out pilot." Too passed around a file containing a trimmed down profile of the Major.

"She's hot."

"Down Blue, besides she's probably married and way too smart for you."

"Damn boss, way to sting."

"Shut up," he chuckled. "Anyway, once our hide is up and we start our recon we'll ID out target and control as many of the main AOP's as possible, providing overwatch for the assault teams. We'll also coordinate the evac of firebird...or at least her body or some semblance thereof."

The three men nodded.

"I'll load the bundle."

"I do love a tailgate party."

"So let's talk kit." Ghost scratched the back of his head, half of his face hidden by a styalized halfmask showing the visage of a lower skull over his face. "We need to be able to cross load, and we'll have a lot of background."


"Yeah, 5.56... I'll pack an SPR, hey CJ, store the one-oh seven with the javelin's bundle."

"Rog, I'm on it...Damn almost thought I had to jump it."

"Yeah stop your bitching and gear up. Let's go." Blue pushed his imposing frame up from his seat and walked further back into the team's ready room.

-Near San Pedro, Argentina, 0600 LOCAL

From sixteen thousand feet most of the Major retain features could be seen. Blueforce had their ping and the Reece team had their DZ thanks to the SMU on the ground playing Pathfinders.

"Five minutes."

The crew chief called. The four operators responded by passing the hand signal back.

"Wind speed." He held up one finger followed by four and blew into the palm of his hand...fourteen knots.

Top stood up. "First pass personnel on the bounce. Prep bundle."

CJ and Blue hooked the bundle up, attaching two chems and a strobe and insuring its line was good to go for the drop.

"Check equipment."

Following the call the four Rangers checked themselves and each other, until Ghost held out his hand in front of Top. "All okay beast master."

"Fuckig-A right." He slapped the man's hand before guiding him forward as the ramp lowered. Standby!"

He gave the hand signal as he and Ghost got ready to push the bundle.

"Greenlight. Go!" Top and Ghost gave a grunt of varying strain as the slip loops erruptes from the bundle and the dragchute deployed. They used the leverage to force the mass of equipment out thebdpor and followed it out the aircraft.

CJ, Blue, and finally Brock followed. Their formation tight as Top and Ghost kept hands on the bundle.

At fifteen hundred they team disperesed midair, popping the chute on the bundle first before creating more relastate and deploying their own main MC7 parachutes.

The five Rangers descended, landing on respective PLF's and releasing their canopies.

Top got his M4A1 in working order, adjusting the specter DR as he took a knee and waited while establishing the Alpha Alpha. "Assasin 3 to any station this net, requesting radio check. Over." Top was hoping to catch their allies in the AO on the radio before th movement started.

The four Rangers collapsed on top, pulling a security halt , weapons fanning into a 360. Brick was on his radio making a call to their CaC. "Assassin main Assassin main, this is Assassin 3. Break. Be advised five eagles on the ground, break.  Attempting to establish contact, break. Proceeding on mission."

"Assassin main to 3 element. Copy all, I read you lima charlie."

"Roger, Assassin-3 out."

Top signaled, pushing Ghost and Blue out to the bundle and leaving the rest to pull security.

Ghost leveled his Mk12, scanning his sector as he moved with blue. As they came up to the bundle he pulled security, allowing the ATL to destribute and load his empty packnwoth gear to take back to their LP-LP.

"You think she's dead don't you?"

"I don't think anything least not until it's confirmed."

"Smart man. You're loaded, let's head back."

"Rog, on you."

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Re: Urgent Mercy (Operation Whirlwind Phase I)
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Near San Pedro, Argentina, 0615 LOCAL

"Tango Four-Two, this is Bravo Zero. Be advised that friendly US SOFs are in play..."

Command crackled over the Bowman radio headset as they began to list out the callsigns for their friendlies from over the pond who had recently made the drop in-country.

"This is Tango 4-2 Actual, solid copy. Out."  Alastair replied, nodding as the comms went silent.

He had made the relay to the rest of his team as they proceeded to entrench themselves in the dense jungle, Franklin had cut a path through. Little words had been exchanged, for they had opted to go with silence and hand gestures. It was reminiscent to countless days of training in the heat of Belize, countless days walking upon feet blistered in a test of endurance.

A faint sound had snapped him back into reality, his senses alert and eyes around the jungle. Sounds could have been from anything; from birds to whatever wild life inhabited Brazil's jungles. Franklin held up a fist, signalling for all four to take a knee. Silence engulfed the patrol, as the faint sound began to become clearer. Alastair took hold of his sniper rifle, nodding to Franklin as he took over point.

It was soon clear that they were shortly going to run into a small cartel patrol. Calling Franklin up to his side, he was going to establish a net check, they needed to update their friendlies for possible contact.

"Tango 4 to Assassin 3, Crusader Actual, we may have possible enemy contact, over." Franklin said, his voice low so they did not attract attention at this early stage.

Johnathan "Mac" MacDonald had been moved up front, ready to provide covering fire and Doc being moved back behind cover.

"Got one truck heading our way, and two sets of four foot mobiles," Alastair rested his cheek against the stock of his rifle, closing one eye as he focused in on the driver's side of the oncoming truck. ""

He applied second pressure. The bullet whistled through the air, and soon, the driver's side became painted red. The whole patrol had come to a standstill, a frantic movement of limbs as they all attempted to locate where the bullet had originated from. Alastair had fired off another three shots before the cartel had honed in - bullets spraying wildly around them as his own team returned fire.

"Shit!" Alastair cursed, a bullet inches away from his scalp as it slammed into the tree behind. He moved position, signalling for Mac and Doc to flank around the enemy. They needed to make it look as if it was not just a one to four ratio.
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Re: Urgent Mercy (Operation Whirlwind Phase I)
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Vegas got the net traffic first, he made sure to reply. "Assassin 3, this is Crusader. We read you five by. Be advised, delta zulu is clear. You have three friendlies at your pos, over." He nudged James. "Boss, we got Rangers inbound."

"Alright. We got a good lay of the land. Let's rally back, eh?" He got nods from the other two men. He keyed his PTT. "Voodoo, Redneck.  You got Rangers on you. Try not to scare 'em too bad, brother."

"Rog." Paul replied, giving a signal to rally up. He led Speedy and Castle down the stairs of the manor house where he'd set up a makeshift TOC. The early morning sun was up over the hills now and he could see the shapes moving through the low grass. When they were close, he made sure to identify. "Friendlies!" He called out. By that point, James, Mother, and Vegas were rolling up as well.

"Hate to cut the welcome wagon short, but we got friendlies in contact. Got a UK element under fire." He reported. Vegas was busy running the radio.

"Tango 4, Crusader. Roger troops in contact. Interrogative - you boys need assistance, over."
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Re: Urgent Mercy (Operation Whirlwind Phase I)
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Assassin 3 Actual copies your last. Out." Top shifted inward towards his men. Friendlies coming in, DZ is clear."

CJ and Brick simply shifted their sectors of fire accordingly as the CAG guys came in.

Ghost and Blue came up from behind Vegas, dropping the medium rucks and started distributing gear. CJ took the Javelin and strapped it to his back. Blue, grabbed the Barrett, locking it into the rifle bag and slinging it over his own shoulders. The man then went about plassing a PAS-13 into Ghost's ruck next to the SOFLAM.

Ghost hedged the weight a bit. adjusting the straps until he felt comfortable before returning his hands to his weapon. The five Rangers remained in their position, pushing out into a wider perimeter for the time being. Top remained near Vegas and James to see what the call was. "Assassin 3-Actual to main, be advised NATO-SOF is TIC at this time. Out." He spoke calmly into the mic of his peltors before his eyes slowly shifted over the landscape.

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Re: Urgent Mercy (Operation Whirlwind Phase I)
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Intelligence update follows.

Updated Troop and Enemy Locations: Expand

Troops in contact: Tango 4 with enemy technical column, platoon sized element.
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Re: Urgent Mercy (Operation Whirlwind Phase I)
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“Hmm… should’ve gone with a double-double than decaf…” Damion frowned slightly as he piled into the small briefing room.

Leaning against the wall in the back of the room, Damion, joined by his fellow operator and friend Master Corporal Christian Maclntyre, just stood silently as they listened to the briefing, which had them all going from a training mission to rescue Op. Both men couldn’t really do anything about it, nor could they voice their concerns all too much since they were both ordered to follow ‘Assassin 3’ no matter what operational changes might happen for the unit they were attached to. Though Damion did feel a fair bit uncomfortable without Bull and Mike around to watch their back.

“Hmm… Seems fucked, Odd.” Christian whispered, his green eyes still locked on Top giving the briefing.

Damion nodded slowly as he took a sip of his coffee. “Mhm, but nothing we can do about it… Plus, we’re trained to deal with these situations, so… meh.”

Christian grinned, “Meh? Very professional, sir.”

Shrugging, Damion took another sip, “First thing that came to mind buddy.”

“Not your buddy guy.” Christian joked silently.

Damion rolled his eyes, before motioning for him to pay attention to the briefing.

Then, just as they both went silent, the picture of their VIP came up. An Aussie, and a Major at that… her capture -or god forbid her body- would not look good in the news. Knowing what Overlord would say, they’d be going in to provide assistance whether they were attached to another unit or not. Either way, Damion did his best to keep some hope of the pilot’s survival; saving a live pilot was always better than a dead one. So, when the American’s finished talking Kit, both Canadians pushed themselves away from the wall and moved in.

“Sounds good, we’ll make sure our kit uses the same.” Damion replied quickly before he down the lack of his coffee, only to deeply regret it as he grimaced at the taste. “Ugh...I really hate decaf…”


After having gotten their kit and gear ready the two Canadian’s sat silently in the front of the plane just beside the Rangers who were closer to the door. Damion sat with his head in the clouds wondering whether or not his other guys were okay and Christian… just doing some final checks of his gear before they jumped in like a bunch of lawn darts raining from the sky. But as they were sitting around idle until they arrived at the DZ, they suddenly heard the voice of the Jumpmaster come ringing through their ears. Snapping his head to see the signals, letting the rest know they were 5 minutes out, followed closely by wind speed. It was then that both operators quickly went into game mode.

Damion could feel the butterflies in the pit of his stomach, letting him know he nervous as fuck, yet ready. It wasn’t due to the jump, no, but rather it was the thought of combat that had him feeling a bit nervous; though it was a good kind of nervous, the kind that would keep him on his toes. Thankfully he didn’t have time to dwell on it much as the signal for them all to stand was given, and he and Christian began to check each other’s kit once more along with everyone else, making sure all was hooked up and strapped up tight before the jump. With the checks done, they came to the DZ, and the green light came up.

“Time to jump.”


The two Canadian’s followed closely behind their North American brothers, landing a little further away from them. Both men went in light, with Damion carrying the C14 Timberwolf along with his C8-SOFW. Christian was carrying the same light kit, only without the C14, rather he carried their communications equipment. As they both fanned out, the two quickly began their own 360 scans of the area.

“Clear left and back.”

“Clear right, and front.”

Both men quickly began to check their gear once more, before nodding in approval. “All here?”

“All there. We’re good, Odd.” Christian reported quickly.
“Sounds good buddy, let the others know,” Damion said lowly before he began to provide security for his MCPL.

“Right.” Quickly Christian keyed his comms, “Assassin main Assassin main, this is Assassin 4. Break. Be advised, Ninner-Delta’s on the ground, break.  Attempting to establish contact, break. Proceeding on mission.”

With NVG’s up and on, both men scanned the area once more before spotting their Five Eagles. Damion just pointed to their friendlies before the two slowly made their way up to the left of Assassin 3.

“Assassin 4 - 4 to all Assassin 3 elements, coming up on your left, thirty-meters. Over.” Christian quickly followed up as the two made their way up to the rest of their fellows.

As they came up to the side of the Rangers, they continued to keep the proper spacing between the two groups as they walked up to join up with the Crusader Element. Their American equivalent. Damion gave Crusader Actual a small nod in greeting, his lower face covered by a black balaclava, his blue eyes covered by his NVG’s for a moment, before pushing them up as the sun began to creep up over the hills, bathing the area in a beautiful orange colour.

Unslinging his C14, Damion readied up, looking over towards the presumed position of the British element, A small frown forming behind his mask.

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Re: Urgent Mercy (Operation Whirlwind Phase I)
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<April 25th Argentine-Brazilian Border-0635>

 Getting out of her bird wasn't the easiest thing in the world to do, for as soon as Cate even moved a groaning sliding sound came from beneath the fuselage. At this hour and at this latitude it was still quite dark on the ground, the sun though had just peeked his nose up on the eastern horizon, so at least there was some light for her to see her predicament and a predicament it was. Peering over the side without moving too much, Cate saw that the nose of the F16 was pointed downward towards a ravine and a fast flowing river perhaps two or three hundred feet below her; on either side of her were trees, millions of them. She knew instinctively what would happen if she simply climbed out, the change in weight and angle would send her careening over the edge.

 For a long five minutes she had no idea what to do, the only thing in her mind was she wasn't about to end up some lifeless skeleton to be found in thirty years time buried in the jungles of South America as nature gobbled her up. Gently she removed her helmet, then unscrewed the visor from it so that turning it around she had a mirror of sorts. Cate held it up so she could see behind either side, that was when she was uplifted looking on the port side. All it took was a shift of about ten degrees and the tail would be wedged firmly between a giant Beech tree and a huge felled trunk. How to do that was the question. Then it hit her.

 Unfastening anything and everything that would impede her exit should the F16 let loose, Cate leaned hard back in her seat, then with a sudden movement of her body she shoved all her weight into the left. Nothing happened, a long silence then suddenly the sound of groaning metal. Cate was ready to leap, where she had no idea. The F16 moved half a meter then stopped as if some giant had grabbed the tail. Leaning out again she looked back. Bingo! That giant was the Beech tree.

 Not wanting to risk fate, Cate then got out as quickly as possible. She slid over the side landing in a very soft slightly muddy ground. The first thing she had to do was retrieve her pack from the plane's locker which was located behind a drop down panel on the lower fuselage. A specially shaped key unlocked it, which she had in her utility pocket. Dropping the panel she pulled out her pack then unsecured her M4 from its locker in back; from there she stripped off her chute, G suit and helmet, dumping all of that in the cockpit.

 Now dressed simply in her Aussie 'forest' camo pants, a buff colored Tee shirt, her boots, side arm and the pack on her back, she set off around the rear of the F16 to find some kind of animal trail. She soon found one leading downwards, though she stopped before getting completely out of site of her ship. "Thanks for watching over me Grandads, both of you. I just realized its Anazac day, how bloody appropriate. Lest We Forget." She saluted to the west, then trudged on.
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Re: Urgent Mercy (Operation Whirlwind Phase I)
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For what it was worth, the team had been stuck into hairier situations than the one that they had been locked into with the cartel. Though most of them were good shots, the element of surprise had been on their side.

"Tango 4, Crusader. Roger troops in contact. Interrogative - you boys need assistance, over."

"This is Tango 4. Assistance may be needed. Over."

Al looked at Franklin, signalling for them to push up closer to the truck. Bullets whizzed past them, some hitting the ground just inches short of them.

"Got a fuckin' runner! Left flank!" Doc shouted, turning to face the younger boy running, AK clasped in his hand. Probably their messenger if shit hit the fan. Alastair was quick on the trigger, but the fire coming in from in front of them meant that Doc would have to take him by himself.

He keyed his radio, "Crusader, Tango 4-2 Actual. Be advised, hostile heading your way. Break. May be the cartel's messenger. Break. He's running the wrong way. Over." Alastair allowed himself to smirk slightly at the fact, but pissed that the boy managed to get away. Though in the heat of the battle, there had been certain calls that needed to be made.

"Bollocks," He muttered. Glancing around, they did a check to make sure that their enemies were all accounted for. Alastair kneeled down next to one, definitely cartel. "Mac, Frankie, check the truck. If there's anything useful, grab it."