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Urgent Mercy A coalition force of special operations comes into contact with the cartel and corrupt Argentine Special Forces while trying to rescue a downed friendly pilot.

Author Topic: Urgent Mercy (Operation Whirlwind Phase I)  (Read 2208 times)

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Re: Urgent Mercy (Operation Whirlwind Phase I)
« Reply #15 on: May 01, 2017, 03:47:23 PM »
"This is Tango 4. Assistance may be needed. Over."

Sully rubbed his beard as he listened. British troops in contact. Vegas looked at him and he gave a firm nod for a go head. Vegas replied, his voice smooth over the heat of battle. "Solid copy on last Tango 4, our element will push your pos - break - ETA 20 mikes, I say again, 20 mikes, over." They were just over 3km from the firefight.

Sully turned to the Assassin element. "I need your RTO to link with Vegas, get us all on the same freqs." He said. Vegas shifted to adjust his radio in order to better enter channels and moved over to facilitate. The CAG element was reporting directly through Palace, the JSOC commander for the area. He figured the Ranger element was rolling up through their company or battalion at that point.

"Boys, we're going to give those Brits some help." He said. "Both our elements will push that pos. Rangers, I want you to form a noose. My team will recon by force, and lay the hate. Any questions?" He brass checked his OBR while he waited. One of his boys was the first to speak up.

Castle was the voice. "Boss, I'd like to hang back with the Rangers, I'll set up in overwatch at our entry point with their observer team." He offered.

Sully gave a nod. "Sergeant, that plan work with your team?" He asked of the SFC that was leading the Ranger element. While Sully was the SNCO in charge here, he also didn't know the particular strengths of this Ranger team. It would've been folly to assume.

They were interrupted briefly "Boss, they got a runner from the fight. Likely cartel messenger. He's hauling ass in our direction." Vegas reported.

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Re: Urgent Mercy (Operation Whirlwind Phase I)
« Reply #16 on: May 01, 2017, 04:27:40 PM »
Luckily Assassin main had set up shop AT the local JOC in theater. Top gave a subtle grunt toward the developing situation. RRC or not, they had all started out in the regiments assault teams. The boys loved a firefight. "Yeah, Rog...Brick on me."

On a matter of seconds the Sergeant passed by Top as the man signalled towards Vegas. Brick took a knee near the other RTO and whipped his radio around. "You ready for input? Assassin main is as follows...021.03, emergency JOC, 30.25. Link to tasking 25.02."

Top brought his hand up to his PTT, speaking into the I tegrated Mic of his headset. "Ghost,'s it look?"

Ghost chimed in first. "I got our route."

"We're going to roll out."

"Towards the gunfire...rog."

"Traveling overwatch. CAG will recon by fire."

"Fuck me right?"

"Yeah. Once we pass your opengate go ahead and collapse. Be advised, one leaker, possible technical, unknown just that he's moving."

"Rog, standing by...Also, I'll smokecheck this asshole if I see him."

Top returned his attention to Sully. We've got an exit pushing us in that direction. "My SO's can spring board us out and collapse on the formation once we start moving."

Blue gave their Canadian counterparts a nudge and motioned to Collapse on Top as they prepped to move. The Recon team fell into a tight wedge on Top and waited for the go order.

Top gave a nod in regards to Castle. "Yeah that's fine. Our firepower is well distributed. My SO's are well armed as well and good in a fight. Hopefully you don't get rolled on."

Top gave his chin a slight rub. Glancing back at his multicam clad Rangers before going back on comms. "Assassin main, Assassin 3-Actual. Be advised moving to assist TIC at this time over."

A long silence had Top raising a brow as he waited for confirmation. No doubt things were being mauled over and someone big was in the JOC. Soon the reply came back. "Good copy on all. Advise if mission integrity is compromised. Over."

"Wilco, out." Top gave Sully a nod, He knocked his fiat against his helmet twice, rotating his index finger in the air. And pointed to an outcropping which quickly came up on. Thick brush to mark CP 1, as well as showing everyone where their exit route started. His shooters were holding there as well.
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Re: Urgent Mercy (Operation Whirlwind Phase I)
« Reply #17 on: May 01, 2017, 10:07:05 PM »
<April 25th Argentine-Brazilian Border-0655>

 For twenty minutes Cate slugged it out through the thick terrain, yet since it was all down hill in many parts it was slide, walk, slide. Finally she reached the river bank at a small sandy beach where there was a pool isolated under some low hanging trees; she found it strange that there were few sounds of nature, as if the wildlife had fled. As that thought passed through her head she realized the reason why. Far off in the distance somewhere to the west she thought, she could faintly hear the sound of a firefight which meant that hopefully allied forces were sticking it up to the Cartel and that is the direction she knew she had to head for.

 Following the river bank Cate was tempted several times where shallow waters could be found to cross over, yet knowing the 'other' side was Brazil and that standing orders forbid her from doing so, she moved on. Another ten minutes further on, closer to the sounds of gunfire she was alerted to a quick moving sound slightly above her, to her left. Her weapon came around quickly, the safety off as she tried to peer into the gloom of the trees; she could see nothing. But the next sound chilled her to the bone.

 "Deja caer tu arma, señora. Cualquier movimiento repentino y te dispararemos. ¡Apóyate en el suelo con las manos extendidas! ¡Ahora!"

Spoiler: show
Drop your weapon lady. Any sudden movements and we will shoot you. Lay flat on the ground with your hands outstretched! Now!

"I don't speak Spanish!" She lied trying to buy some time. All that achieved was a bullet fired at her hitting the sand not two feet from her. That was enough, Cate knew when to call it quits and when to survive so that she could figure her way out of this; she was a smart cookie, knowing these people were nowhere near as bad as the North Koreans. After all she had escaped from them hadn't she?

 Complying with the order, Cate went to ground with her arms out wide, the sand smelled of mud and 'other' things. Her M4 she flung out of reach and within less than a minute rough hands were picking her up, stuffing a stinking gag in her mouth. Not content with that, whoever her captors were had another trick up their sleeve when a sharp needle went into her neck and that oppressive odor of some kind of anesthetic filled her senses. The world went black after that.
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Re: Urgent Mercy (Operation Whirlwind Phase I)
« Reply #18 on: May 02, 2017, 12:26:55 AM »
Damion relaxed his shoulders some as he remained scanning both the hilly terrain and the jungle close by. He couldn’t really do a whole lot at the moment since a great deal of the situation seemed to be handled by the American’s who were all frantically trying to get in contact with the Brits who had previously reported contact.

“Wonder how hot it’s going to get…” Damion sighed lightly as he remained crouched in his spot.

Christian shrugged, “It's South America, so… hope you packed your sunblock?”

“Pfft, man you know I don’t burn like your pasty ass does Fishy boy.”

“Hey! We gingers are very sensitive to the fact we look like their president after an hour in the sun.” Christian joked as silently as he could while he motioned towards their American counterparts.

“Heh… Best keep that political shit stowed Corporal, those guys are the ones watching yours and my ass if and when we get into a fight.” Despite chastising his comms expert, he couldn’t help but grin at the joke. “Anyways, seems like shit’s going sour over there. Look.”

Motioning his left thumb over towards the American’s who were quickly reporting the Brits were engaging the convoy. Christian’s smile soon faded as he began to adjust their frequency to match with there’s until finally, he caught the signal.

“Seems unlikely they’d need our support over there... Hell, who’s to say the fight won’t be done by the time we get down there. Those Brits are armed with both Anti-personnel and armoured gear… unlikely they’d have trouble.” Christian said voicing his thoughts to his CO.

“Don’t be too sure, remember those French guys?”

Christian cast his view down towards the area of the firefight, “Fuck… true enough.”

“Either way, best not dwell on this shit for long bud.”

Damion paused for a moment in thought soon after as he began looking over toward the general area the gunfire. “Hmm...” When he heard their current distance from their location, he wondered if it was a safe bet to detail the entire group there. Give how at full sprint, it’d take them well over 14 minutes, if not 17 at the most to get there if they were moving at a quick yet steady pace, while also making sure to scan their sectors.

“Not sure if we’re wasting time… Plus…” Peering over towards the flock of birds rushing out from the jungle, a new question arose. “That… that worries me.”

Though just as the SFC nudged them to join with the others, Damion stood up, bringing his hand up. “Hold a second. You guys see the flock over there?” He said pointing towards the wildlife flying away.

“If the Brits are there, then who’s that firing that far away?” Damion asked. “My guess… either our missing pilot’s under attack, or a sniper’s firing down towards our friends over there, which means~… increased risk for us. I suggest tasking some people over there just in case, if not have your overwatch scan that location once they’re at a good location.” As he made the suggestion to the CAG SNCO, he began to walk towards the other Rangers.

“If you can’t do that, at least task a drone over there or something. Don’t need to get shot in the ass, while I’m saving someone else’s. But, your op, your call Sergeant.” Damion replied as he and Christian both joined up with the Rangers. 

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Re: Urgent Mercy (Operation Whirlwind Phase I)
« Reply #19 on: May 02, 2017, 03:45:03 PM »
"Seems like the site's all clear, Sergeant. Got all bar one, and he's running towards our brothers across the pond," Mac joined the group, his face showing the achievement, having found a radio in hand. "Cartel's got to communicate some how. They decided to stash it under their seats, cheeks gits."

"Everyone's all good, no wounds?" Alastair said, prioritizing the situation whilst they had a moment of peace. "Frank, tell them that the site's secure. We're going to rendezous here before moving--"

In the distance, the birds took flight. Alastair's eyes went to a clearing in the canopy, his brow narrowing. It had become second instinct to trust the animals that inhabited the jungle, they were tell-tale signs that something had gone wrong. It was a gunshot. All eyes were back on him as he paused for a moment - his mind turning to the worst, but he needed to override it and presume that Cate was still alive.

"This is Tango 4-2 Actual. Gunshot in the distance. Break. What is your ETA, over."

Franklin exchanged glances with every other member on the patrol, their minds having come to the came conclusion. "Al?"

His jaw tightened. They would have moved out now, but they needed to hold position and wait for back up. The firefight could have attracted attention of people who had the means of holding their ground against four men. "Stow it. We're continuing this mission, there are other possibilities, so don't just focus on one. We're holding position, so, make sure your weapons are functioning."

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Re: Urgent Mercy (Operation Whirlwind Phase I)
« Reply #20 on: May 02, 2017, 09:31:14 PM »

Intelligence Update Follows

CIA has intercepted sat images that show offloading of Chinese-made J-7 type fast movers. Current count is at 25. Port of call for freighter Habib is Libya. Langley has assets in country tracking down source. Unclear at this time as to how fighters were smuggled out of China or by who.

Intelligence intercepts report that Russian Spetznaz forces may be operating in and around Venezuela at this time to curtail the sale of Russian made modern armaments, purchased by the Venezuelan government, from being used against NATO forces


Updates to BluFor: US Navy Carrier Strike Group 2, led by the USS George H.W. Bush has arrived in the waters near South America. It will provide destroyer guided missile support, CAS, and other assets to the newly formed Joint Operations Task Force - Argentina.


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Re: Urgent Mercy (Operation Whirlwind Phase I)
« Reply #21 on: May 04, 2017, 03:00:13 AM »
<April 25th Argentine-Brazilian Border-0815>

 By the time Cate finally opened her eyes she found herself bound hand and foot to a chair, a steel one at that which was apparently bolted somehow to the cold concrete floor beneath her now bare feet. She blearily looked around, happy at least she was still clothed in her T and pants, but her belt was gone, she felt her ear studs were missing as well as the tips of her lobes were sore. Eighteen carat gold, a gift from Rob and she would kill someone to get those back.

 She was cold as well, cold and damp. Instinctively she knew she was underground, possibly deep underground as she was well aware of the bunker systems the cartels had built in this area over the last few decades from her former occupation; at least when it was fulltime. Voices hushed made her look up to see a man and a woman dressed in black BDU's apparently exchanging a few choice words, in English. The woman left in huff leaving the man who turned to Cate. Her face drained of all blood when she saw his face.

 "Hello Catherine, my what a strange place we meet again don't you think? Forgive the circumstances but you do have a habit of being in places you're not welcome don't you?" A perfectly cultured Oxford English accent, coming from a man she thought she had helped put away several years ago. Khalid Bin Salim, a former London plastic surgeon who moonlighted for Al-Queda in his spare time, organising and carrying out total identity exchanges on hunted terrorists, then becoming one of them when he murdered two right wing activists in Paris. Cate and another agent from the French DGSI. Last she knew he had been sentenced to life.

 "Khalid, you have a habit of being a pain in my arse."
She said which brought a swift back hand. She spat blood. "I imagine the ransom demand is going to be quite hefty?"

 The big plumpish man smiled almost kindly. "First of all its Raul Estivez, secondly darling you have that estimation correct. We shall be setting up our first video for your, your audition shall we say very shortly."
'Duty is heavy as a mountain, death is light as a feather.'

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Re: Urgent Mercy (Operation Whirlwind Phase I)
« Reply #22 on: May 06, 2017, 01:12:36 AM »
The gunshot pulled him out of his thoughts. There was a possibility that it was a straggler from the firefight but he doubted it. This didn't change what they needed to do. He turned to the Ranger element to adjust. "Fan out, let's try and catch this runner before her gets too far."

He swapped his channel to communicate directly with the SBS element. "Tango 4-2 actual this is Crusader actual, interrogative do you have eyes on where that shit came from, over?"

As they walked they could hear the sounds of limbs and brush being trampled. Sully held up a closed fist to halt the formation. Voodoo passed it down the line. The CAG shooters raised their rifles almost in unison.

A breath later and the young man, more like a boy really, came crashing out of the underbrush. For a split second he looked like a deer in the headlights. In one hand he held an Ak47. His other clutched a messenger bag.

"¡Detener! ¡Baja tu arma!" <Halt! Put down your rifle!> Speedy said loudly. The kid hesitated for a second.

Don't fucking do it kid. Sully thought to himself. He felt himself exhale slightly as the kid tossed his AK into the bushes, holding his hands up above his head, Speedy ordered the kid to toss down the bag. Sully took a step forward, eyes on the kid as he did so. It was then that he noticed the bag drop away from the kid's  hand. Grasped tightly in his palm was a old RKG grenade. "Grenade!" Sully yelled as the kid pulled the pin.
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Re: Urgent Mercy (Operation Whirlwind Phase I)
« Reply #23 on: May 06, 2017, 05:55:31 AM »
CJ glanced over his shoulder, noticing the CAG guys were approaching the apex and ready to step out. "Moving...finally." He returned to watching his sector. He offered a quick glance, noticing that Ghost didn't seem to give it the slightest thought, he was dialed in as usual

Top motioned for Assassin 4 to take the right flank of Assassin's wedge formation,  while Blue and Brick took the left. The fell in and followed the CAG guys out of the apex being held by his two shooters. Her glanced over at rhe kneeling GGhost, giving his shoulder a pat on passing as he was the last man.

Ghost and CJ picked up quickly, falling in behind the formation. Once the halt was given Assassin element picked up sectors, with the CAG guys in contact. Ghost however shifted his position, getting just off to the left of Top's shoulder.

MK 12SPR came up quickly, snapped firmly into place before two coughs escaped the suppressed muzzle in quick succession. The 5.56 rounds ripping into the boy, the first round struck center mass right in the sternum, while the second rose several inches to catch him in the throat.

The grenade was left to roll idly just a few inches from the boy before exploding, sending his body flailing in different directions.

Blue grit his teeth from the concussive force being closer than he liked for the sake of comfort level. They were outside of grenade range so nothing to really sorry about but that was a close call. The CAG guys appeared to be just shy of the thirty was a risky move for Ghost to play.

Top glanced over at his sniper briefly, eyes glazed over somewhat before he changed his focus. "Sir." Top looked over to the Canadians. "I'm calling an audible, and sending Ghost to investigate that disturbance from earlier. You're welcome to tag along with them or keep rolling with us. That call is yours."

He turned away, motioning to Ghost. CJ and  Brick tightened up the formation to make-up for the shift in man power.

"Yeah dont bother, I move faster on my own...that includes getting out of crappy spots. But if you're so inclined then keep up." Ghost fell out, taking a moment to check his remaining ammo. "Top, I'm green all," he gave his own LACE in passing as he stepped off. "RP3?"

"Rog, don't  take too long." The Recce team leader looked towards the Delta guys, before taking in the expression of his team. The hints were subtle and easy for the untrained eye to miss, but they were indeed there. "We can't afford to stay here any longer, the clock is ticking against us here, and were moving at a snail's pace."
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Re: Urgent Mercy (Operation Whirlwind Phase I)
« Reply #24 on: May 06, 2017, 10:46:21 PM »
"Tango 4-2 actual this is Crusader actual, interrogative do you have eyes on where that shit came from, over?"

"This is Tango 4-2 actual, we do not have eyes on. Break. Guessing the shot came from or nearby to the downed bird. Over." Alastair replied, his eyes darting between his teammates.

He was getting itchy, the feeling of dread having needed to be quelled by the mind. Alastair did not want to be sitting ducks for who ever was going to roll along the road in front of them, and from the looks his team was giving him, neither did they.

"How copy on the runner?" Alastair keyed into his radio, having heard light gun fire and an explosion from the opposite direction of the downed bird. "Heard an explosion, over."

"Fucking hell, Al, what are we doing digging dirt whilst the pilot could have been taken or killed by now?" Mac replied, his jaw tight and frustration apparent.

"Probably should rain check that, Mac," Franklin commented, stepping forward towards Mac and lightly gripping the collar of his shirt, locking eyes. "Al doesn't like being inactive as much as you do, hell, none of our team do with such a critical mission - but keep your head in the game, my friend."

Alastair watched from a distance, he knew that Mac respected Franklin - the fact Frankie had been put as second in command was no mistake. He got onto the top of the truck, checking out their surroundings as Mac muttered something below him as they returned to their positions. Franklin glanced up at Alastair and gave him a curt nod. "See anything up there, Al?"

"Fuck all, Frankie." Al replied, lowering the sniper away from his eye. His radio cackled, it was their CO.

"Tango 4-2 actual, be advised. M Squadron, Alpha Troop, have landed in the Falklands. Break. They are going to be sent your way. Break. Will update when information arrives. Over."

"Roger, out." Alastair said. "Listen up fellas, looks like we're not going to be the only UK element - M Squadron's been deployed in support. Seems like they wanted a piece of the action too."

"What bloody action?" Doc mused jokingly.
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Re: Urgent Mercy (Operation Whirlwind Phase I)
« Reply #25 on: May 07, 2017, 02:05:25 PM »
Damion stood silently, waiting for the Delta to make his reply, but instead, all he got in return for his suggestion was silence, at least that was until the runner from the hostile convoy came running through the jungle and right into their sights. Both Damion and Christian could see the boy was scared shitless by how he was shaking, his small hands gripping the grip of his poorly maintained AK tightly. Training and experience had taught both the Operators one thing when it came to such situations… keep calm and if able, try to defuse the situation in a way that saw to the kid not having to lose his life; or theirs for that matter. But… sadly, their American counterparts the Delta’s did the exact opposite as they quickly began barking and shouting only serving to make things worse. Thankfully their Ranger buddies were a fair bit calmer, but sadly, when the young boy pulled a grenade from his coat… they knew shit was going to go sour fast.

“Fuck…” Damion cursed as his eyes quickly went cold the moment he sighted the kids head.

Suddenly, the boy’s chest blew up in two puffs of blood and gore as two rounds ripped through his unprotected chest. The young kid just stood silently in shock, his eyes wide with shock and fear of death as blood began to spurt from his mouth before suddenly another round tore through his forehead sending blood and brain matter spraying the greenery behind him. The lifeless corpse fell to its knees before the frag went off ripping the body asunder, sending bloody debris around, staining the area in both blood and dirt.

Damion clicked his tongue as a tinge of guilt washed over him, but only for a moment as he quickly shoved the thought aside. Relaxing his stance a little bit, the officer rolled his shoulders some, letting the weight of his combats adjust a little more before he turned in time to hear the Ranger SNCO let him know he had heard his suggestion.

“Sounds good buddy, thanks for the confirmation. We’ll break off and head to the site along with your runner Ghost there.” Damion replied with a warm smile, trying to wash the more grim sight and moment from their minds.

Though the moment the young Ranger went to say he moved faster by himself it saw to Christian bursting out in laughter. “Oh? Really now? It’s good bro, we got fucking John Wayne here boys, and he says he’s got this one!” He retorted sarcastically. “Stow that shit bro, we don’t need chest thumpers here, only professionals.” He followed up quickly with a scowl before he adjusted the strap of his C8 and began to walk into the jungle.

Damion didn’t say anything though, rather he just watched. He couldn’t say anything, nor did he want to anyways, Christian pretty much voiced his own thoughts on the matter. He figured the fellow with the moniker of Ghost, was thinking everyone was judging him for his actions in killing the kid… despite the fact, they would’ve done the same if he hadn’t.

Patting Top on the shoulder as he looked over at him, “Sorry about Sergeant… But yeah, we’ll run with your man there, and let you know if we find anything that needs reporting. Good luck buddy.” Damion reassured the SNCO before breaking off along with Christian and Ghost, joining the two in what was a brisk run for the two Tier 1 operators.

Needless to say, neither of the Operators had a hard time keeping up with the Ranger, rather they weren’t even winded when they came to the location of gunshot, and as they did they saw what appeared to be the debris of their missing jet, lettered all across the jungle floor; most of which was only visible due to the dull grey and bright colours some pieces had.

“Hmm… well… looks like we found our missing jet, just up ahead there.” Damion noted aloud as he crouched down to pick a piece of the jet up before throwing it away and into a nearby mud puddle.

Standing up he adjusted his weapon and continued to the jet. Once there, Damion and began to examine the teetering jet that seemed ready to fall off the edge of the large Cliffside.

Turning back to the others, he shook his head, “Got good news and bad.” Walking up to regroup with the Ranger and Christian, “Good news is our pilots alive and well given the condition of the cockpit, and the flight gear littered around the crash.”

Christian raised a brow, “And the bad?”

“Obvious answer.” He pointed towards the broken foliage and footprints in the mud.

“Ah… she went into the jungle… fuck…”

Nodding, “Yup, chances are that gun shot was fired towards our lady. Ghost, Ginner fan out and start looking for any other signs of life or contact near our pilot's last known location.” Damion ordered as he slowly walked towards the footsteps left in the mud. “Chances are, we’ll be able to follow her path. She left us a little trail … though, if she was captured, we can only hope she was taken by the same untrained asshats as the guys who attacked the Brits.”

Quickly Christian nodded, as his own tracking and survival training quickly kicked in, his eyes scanning the area for any signs of their missing pilot. Damion soon joined the two operators, his pathfinder training quickly giving him a bit of an advantage as he kept his eyes open for anything that seemed out of the ordinary. And as time passed on, he eventually found what looked like a bullet hole in a nearby tree. Frowning slightly, the officer keyed his mic.

“Assassin 4 Actual to all Assassin, Crusader, and Tango 4 elements… we found the downed jet, and evidence of a struggle. All evidence points to possible capture, I say again, the possible capture of our pilot. Over.” Damion reported grimly as he looked over the disturbed surroundings.

Christian walked up his own eyes spotting the snapped branches, and what appeared to the outline of boots close to the stream. Damion crouched down low spotting the small glint of brass as the sun shined through the jungle canopy.

“Fuck~ This shit just got a fair bit harder…” Damion cursed softly.

Another fact that bothered him as well was how there was no hostile pressence as well, leaving the three men to ponder just who the fuck took their VIP. The only thing they could do now was try to see if they left any tracks to follow, which, given the fact they were carrying the weight of another human on their shoulders, chances were, they could find some tracks... so long as they didn't take the stream.

Shaking his head lightly. "Look for tracks, or anything that looks unnatural. Hopefully we're dealing with a bunch of amatures here and they left some sort of bread trail for us to follow. Ghost, you're on point, Ginger, I want you monitoring our comms while we move. Can't waste any time waiting for the others. We'll have to move fast once we find a trail... god knows what will happen to our VIP if we don't get to her ASAP."

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Re: Urgent Mercy (Operation Whirlwind Phase I)
« Reply #26 on: May 09, 2017, 04:00:53 AM »
<Deep underground high in the mountains 0900>

 The young woman was dressed in orange coveralls, the expression she wore said it all at a glance, she was set to kill someone. With a defiance that would suit an innocent soul heading to the gallows she reluctantly let her captors sit her in a chair behind a non descript plain table, a camera was on the other side opposite her. There were two figures behind her to either side dressed entirely in black with their faces typically covered, dark glasses obscuring the eyes; one of them was female quite obviously. A third figure dressed identically stood at her side, all three carried older M16 assault rifles except the third wore two side arms as if trying to portray some kind of rank.

With a non to delicate tug of her hair, the man beside Cate pulled her head up to face the front. “We shall begin.” He nodded to someone who may have been operating the camera.

“We are the United Argentine Front Resistance. We are declaring our sovereignty against the oppressors of true freedom. I am addressing the leaders of the Imperialist invaders, you know this woman..” His hand casually hovered over Cate’s head. “If you wish to see her returned to you unharmed, safe and well you will accede to our wishes. You have twenty four hours to remove all of your fascists’ troops and soldiers from our land, end the blockade of our nation and free the one hundred and five political prisoners from Guantanamo Bay. Failure to comply and this woman will be tried and shot as a spy at the expiration of that time. “

 Cate’s head whipped around toward him, her expression changed from defiance to anger, she looked back at the camera unspoken words said as much. “I’m not worth it. Don’t listen to him.”

The recording was finished then posted on Youtube and other websites within minutes.

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Re: Urgent Mercy (Operation Whirlwind Phase I)
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<The Jungles Near the Border of Argentina/Brazil, 0915

"Christ almighty." Sully exhaled as he dusted himself off and looked around. The concussive force had knocked the wind out of him but he did a quick check and didn't notice any damage. They were outside the danger zone, but the way that body came apart he was more concerned with biological shrapnel at that point.

"Sound off!" He said quickly.

"I'm up boss." Voodoo said from his left.

"I'm good to go, jeffe." Speedy said from somewhere behind him.

"Solid here." Vegas said.

Mother called out from directly to his right. "I'm five by five. You good?"

"I'm up. That was fucked up, but I'm up." Castle said finally.

"All good then." Sully said with a sigh. He turned back to the Ranger element and gave a thumbs up. "Nice work, quick thinking. We owe ya one." He said, and then set about listening to the plan. He nodded as the Rangers explained.

"Good idea. We're gonna push to those fucking Brits and get the fuck over to that bird. By now she's likely either in E&E mode or captured." Sully said.

"Or worse." Paul added wryly.

Finally able to get to his PTT, Sully called into Tango 4-2.

"Tango four-two actual, Crusader actual. Solid copy on all break." He answered. "Be advised, runner is EKIA - break - we have split an element off to get eyes on that shot. Likely came from crash site. Request that you rally with us at grid 142847."

Once that was done he turned to the group. He knew that by the time they made the crash site the main group would likely be set up on the road. "This is turning into a shit show. Like you heard, we're going to keep hauling ass and try and keep any assholes off the path."

In the distance, he could see the smoke rising from the burnt wreckage. Their secondary task was complete, but their primary was now in the wind.


They were about ten minutes away from the site when the radio call came in.

“Assassin 4 Actual to all Assassin, Crusader, and Tango 4 elements… we found the downed jet, and evidence of a struggle. All evidence points to possible capture, I say again, the possible capture of our pilot. Over.”

Vegas took comms for the group. "Roger that Assassin 4. Heads up, we're ten mikes, I say again, ten mikes from your current pos. Request you continue on that path. We will flank your route with Tango four two, how copy over?"

Sully's radio crackled.

"Crusader actual, this is Palace six, copy?"

Sully pressed his PTT. "Solid on last Palace, send traffic."

"Be advised, we have a Stingray launched from the carrier strike group pushing your pos, break, will be on station in fifteen mikes, say again, one five mikes for recon bird, over."

"Rog Palace, will convey to the team, any further traffic, over."

There was a pause. "Be advised we have intel coming in now that the pilot may be in the hands of the resistance front, break, we are waiting on further confirmation, you guys need to get on station. Palace out."

Sully turned to the ranger element. "Alright, here's the deal. We've got an MQ-25A coming on station, we're gonna keep on this route and link up with the Brits, then follow the path and try and get eyes on our fallen angel." He took a breath. "And it appears our pilot has gone and gotten captured. So our mission continues as planned. Input?"

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Re: Urgent Mercy (Operation Whirlwind Phase I)
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<The Jungles Near the Border of Argentina/Brazil, Crash Site>

Ghost glanced back towards his Canadian counterparts. Their ability to keep up was less than impressive, it wasn't his reason for saying what he did. Given his level of experience he could only be responsible for squaring himself out and choosing his own engagements as well as set up his own playing field. He wasn't as experienced as he wanted to let other people stick their hands in his cookie jar. But cool, they wanted to compare dicks he was okay with that.

Ghost pulled security as Damien went to check on the craft. A slight cut to his gaze when he returned to them. Before they started moving, he fished a thermite  from the webbing of his plate carrier's molle, removed the safties and lobbed the grenade into the cockpit which quickly caught flame and started to burn out.

As the Canadian made the call Ghost pushed out into the woods, tracking locked in as he noticed the tell-tell signs. Footprints, the obvious staccato of two people moving, one against her will. It hasn't been all that long, unless the enemy had a vehicle. That would also suggest that their pilot wasn't taken far if she  was moved on foot. Highlands, along the border... It was the obvious possibility.

Despite this though Assassin 3's mission remained until stated otherwise. Here they had a poasible reroute, and the more time they wasted the higher the chance of mission failure rose.

Ghost pulled the charging handle of his SPR  back slightly, just enough to see brass before slowly placing it back against the upper. He closed the dust cover and moved out into the brush. "I'm moving out towards the first rally point."

His hand moved up to the PTT. "Top,  Ghost I'm pushing R-P-3. Signs indicate the path pushes to the highlands."


<The Jungles Near the Border of Argentina/Brazil>

Blue glanced over to Top as the Delta guys went about their thing. "We pushing to R-P-3 or no?"

"Wait one." Top pinched the bridge of his nose. "My element still has targets to hit, we cant afford to lose the initiative. Speed is security and we're red-lined as it is. Gotta move now or get reinforced."

Top gave a subtle shrug as his words hung in the air. "My chain of command hasn't said a damn so I continue on mission for the time being. Securing backdoors and footholds for what's to come ultimately is more important."

"Roving patrols doesn't take a hell of a lot to ground our evac or close off QRF optins...clocks ticking." CJ added, while adjusting his M4A1. "We're not even on objective yet."

"That settles it then." Brick chimed in as he motioned out to their North. A different angle from the crash site,  heading away from it. "RP3 boss."

"Yeah, rog." Top shifted his attention to the voice coming through his Peltors. "Read you Lima Charlie, break. Assassin-3 is en-route at this time. Out.
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Re: Urgent Mercy (Operation Whirlwind Phase I)
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<The Jungles Near the Border of Argentina/Brazil, Crash Site>

"Be advised, runner is EKIA - break - we have split an element off to get eyes on that shot. Likely came from crash site. Request that you rally with us at grid 142847."

Frank was the one to reply, "Roger that. Break. Will rally with you at given coordinates." He nodded at Alastair, relaying what had been said as their leader dug out the map, pin-pointing exactly where they needed to head. "Looks like we're going to be hauling our arses over here, Al."

"Aye, let's do it, lads." Alastair gave the go ahead so they started to move out, he pocketed the radio that they had obtained and he turned it down low. At some point, he would have to tell the others that they had managed to acquire a cartel frequency radio.


“Assassin 4 Actual to all Assassin, Crusader, and Tango 4 elements… we found the downed jet, and evidence of a struggle. All evidence points to possible capture, I say again, the possible capture of our pilot. Over.”

"This is Tango four, roger that." Frankie replied.

They continued to move, their pace quickened by the mere fact that they were dealing with a hostage situation. They all had their share of SERE training, but this was something being applied to the real-life scenario that they had been thrown in.

Eventually, they had managed to get to the designated coordinates. Alastair checked that their immediate surroundings were clear before waiting on the Delta element.


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