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Schoenert, Lukas
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    Full Name : Lukas Sebastian Schoenert

    Age/ Birthday: 35 / 4 October 1982

   Nationality: German

    Rank, Title or Position: Oberbootsmann (Equivalent to US Chief Petty Officer)

    Height: 5'9"

   Build: Athletic

    Related Skills:

  • Breach training
  • Combat swimmer
  • Medical knowledge
  • Weapons handling
  • Parachute training
  • Close quarter battle (CQB)
  • Hand-to-hand combat training
  • Counter-terrorism training
  • Knowledge in explosives
  • Telecommunications training
  • Multiple terrain training: Mountains, jungle, amphibious
  • Languages spoken: German (fluent), English (Proficient), French (Proficient), Arabic (Poor)

   Unrelated Skills:

  • Cooking
  • Fishing
  • Climbing


  • Parachute training
  • Command Sergeant programme
  • German mountaineer course
  • Rettungssanitäter course (paramedic)
  • Tauchereinsatzleiterschulung (Dive Operations Leadership course)
  • Sprengleiterausbildung (Demolitions leadership course)



Lukas is a shorter man, though still maintains an athletic physique, than most of his peers, though, it does not seem to take away any sort of respect within his unit. He stands at 5'9" with short blond hair and green eyes with a wide jaw, giving a more square-ish look to his features.

On his jaw, there is a small trailing scar that starts in line with his mouth and down to his chin. Though he may joke about the nature of the scar and how it came about - the truth is more anti-climatic, an accident between him and his twin brother as they messed about in the playground. This tends to be covered by a thin layer of stubble that is neatly trimmed.

He has one tattoo, a dog paw print on the small of his back. A memory to their family dog.


Lukas is a curious individual with a hunger for knowledge. He can be a quiet individual but is more of a social man, with a preference for being around like-minded people. He is a man who takes life on the chin, and often learn from it. He has a good sense of humor towards those that he has become familiar and comfortable around - namely family and close friends.

(It has been burdened with the death of his twin brother during an operation in which has cast a slightly more weary light on life itself, in which he has been in sessions with the psychologist in order to make sure he is still fit for active duty.)

He is loyal to a fault, though his close friends will note his often truthful to the point of blunt comments regarding serious or important events and situations. In situations of danger, Lukas often will disregard his need for safety for a comrade and go outside the book.


  • Hiking
  • Writing poetry
  • Any sort of team sports
  • Swimming (including ice swimming)
  • Learning about new and exciting things; especially places in the world that eventually he'd like to travel to

 Field/Work Experience:   

  • 3 x Afghanistan
  • 1 x N. Kosovo
  • -- x Training exercises

 Personal History:

Born to Marie and Gerhard Schoenert, Lukas was a twin brother to Robert, born only minutes after him. Four years later, Jürgen had been brought into the family and Ada had been the last addition and the only female child in the immediate Schoenert family two years later. Military and law enforcement ran in the family; his father had been part of the army and Marie had been part of the police for a number of years before becoming an instructor due to a leg accident.

It was always in Lukas's sights, in which he and his brother had joined up together at the age of 17 to the German Navy, deploying to North Kosovo at 19 years old, before they had both been hand-picked for the KSM, having gone to the naval base, Wihelmshaven and eventually undergoing a strenuous day long medical examination. It was then the test for compatibility with the equipment in the hyperbaric chamber - an oxygen tolerance test (they use a higher oxygen:nitrogen ratio.)

With the physical examinations over and complete, Lukas and his brother moved into the mental stage, an interview with a psychologist.

Once they had moved beyond that point, successful candidates, he then became transferred to the training centre at Neustadt to begin the diving course, again testing for his compatibility and his stress tolerance. But, even when he had completed the diving course, there was another fitness test en route - the Kampfschwimmer Entrance Test before a nervous wait before he had been told he had selected for the SF basic training.

Three years of training awaited him, split into two phases. It was tough work, with plenty of knowledge for him to soak up.

Lukas, in his personal life, had met a woman Lea Fischer at the age of 21, just fresh from having completed his training. At twenty-six, they had eventually tied the knot and at twenty-eight, had a daughter - Ella.

However, upon the twin turning thirty one, it was a fateful night. Lukas and Robert had both been on an operation in which had claimed his brother's life after engaging in enemy contact. The connection between the two had always been strong, even going as far as being each other's 'battle-buddies.' Lukas was left empty during the first couple of months, though he had decided to see the psychologist to confirm to the rest of his team and to command that he was still sound of mind to continue his role as an operator.



Marie Schoenert [Mother]
Gerhard Schoenert [Father]
Robert Schoenert [Twin brother - deceased]
Jürgen Schoenert [Brother]
Ada Schoenert [Sister]
Lea Fischer-Schoenert [Wife]
Ella Fischer-Schoenert [Daughter]


Nikolaus Heutz [Team Leader]
Kai Auert [Comms]
Josef Bruecker [Medic]
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