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Stone, Broderick
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Played By: Thaddeus



    Full Name : Broderick "Brody" Warwick Stone

    Age/ Birthday: 37 / 21 July 1980

   Nationality: British (Lancashire)

    Rank, Title or Position: Captain, SBS

    Height: 6'2"

   Build: Athletic, toned

    Related Skills:

  • Martial arts: Krav Maga
  • Weapons handling
  • Swimmer Canoeist
  • Combat diver
  • Submarine Infiltration
  • SERE
  • Airborne qualified
  • Reconnaisance
  • Spoken languages: French (proficient), Arabic (proficient)

   Unrelated Skills:

  • Sleeping, in every position - whether comfortable or not, almost on command.
  • 'Dog Whispering'

   Credentials: Swimmer canoeist (SC3) training course, ACSIC (Army Combat Survival Instructor Course), SF Parachute Course (RAF Brize Norton), Recce Troop Selection Course,  Royal Marines Boarding Course > Level 3 Boarding Operators Course



Standing at 6'2", Broderick seems like an imposing figure with broad shoulders and an athletic physique with plenty of muscle to go. He keeps his hair short, and his beard trimmed.

He has no tattoos, but plenty of scars around his leg from when he had gone diving and encountered a jellyfish (lest to say the doctor on the dive team had opted for a natural remedy) which wrapped its tentacles around his left leg.

Broderick dresses modestly - a simple shirt and a pair of old jeans suit him fine outside of his uniform. He takes immense care of his uniform, more so out of habitual routine during his days within the Royal Marines and feels more at ease with his MTPs than his blues.


A man who takes his role seriously and can be a little too on the serious side. He likes to be reminded to take it easy on life and laugh a bit. Broderick enjoys time with his team, a close knit set of friends formed by the same hardship. He does not come easily to good, true friends outside on civvie street.

Definitely an introvert, Broderick tends to do most of his thinking within his own head and funnily enough, does not like conflict. Conflict, being an argument or an upset, he'll walk away from and avoid flaring the situation further. During times of difficulty, he really begins to feel his emotions and though capable of locking it down for the mission, will end up letting rip at some point. He feels strongly about his family and will not back down from that.


  • Passionate kayaker
  • Dog walking
  • Basketball
  • Sleeping

 Field/Work Experience:   

  • 1998 - Signed up to RMC
  • 2000 - Deployed to Sierra Leone
  • April-July 2002 - Deployed to Afghanistan as part of Operation Jacana with 45 Cdo
  • May 2002 - Operation Snipe, SE Afghanistan. Reinforced SASR in Op. Condor
  • October 2006-Early Jan 2007 - Multiple deployments out to Helmand Province acting as rapid reaction force and to establish Operational Mentoring and Liaison Team (OMLT) with the ANA.
  • Late 2007 - Involved in Op Telic.
  • 2009 - Candidate for the UKSF after recommendation from CO, passed and entered into SBS, X Squadron
  • 2011 - Transferred to M Squadron, as troop captain.
  • 2017 - Present day
 Personal History:

He was born to Julien and Holly Stone as their only child, though his time with them were short. Julien was a drunk and his mother was locked into their relationship through verbal and physical abuse. The only thing she could do was hand them over to the uncle and aunt who were more than willing to take him off their hands.

Broderick, or more affectionately named 'Brody', was brought up by his uncle Douglas and Harriet with his three cousins - in which two of the three he had a strained relationship with; constantly at each other's throats as they bickered over the smallest of things. School life had been pretty standard, with him going through life as the teacher's pet (one of the few things he had control over in his life) and making a couple of school friends. He had come out of GCSEs with 11 subjects and went on to continue with 4 A-levels.

Many would have said that he was a smart kid, that he worked hard. But, Brody was not certain of his future - with many of his PPEs looking shoddy, he was thinking of other venues. His life at sixth form was proving to be a hardship, more so the exams than the actual topics, so he dropped out. The following months caused a heavier strain, with his family especially as they struggled to find a suitable alternative that Brody was going to be happy with.

Gangs began to circle him, dragging him in and nearly getting a hold of him before a pathway lit up for him.
With his passion for the sea, and the affinity to pick up water sports (like a duck to water, really...), it was only time before he had signed himself onto the Royal Marine Commandos and entered at 18. Brody had been fit going in, but it was through the strenuous hours and high-intensity days did he fully fill out. The change had been impressive. He had never been one to be able to put on muscle as easily as some of the other blokes, but they managed to.

Brody had met on and off a woman, and they dated through several months, she was a mother of one from a previous divorce. It was hard on both parties, with him gone off for six to nine months at a time with his unit. Eventually during a time of calm, Brody and Chantel managed to come together to marriage and to have an unexpected child of their own, a child that came during his time out in Helmand.

Upon his return, emotions ran high. Chantel moved out for a short while, to think over things before his eventual recommendation to take the UKSF selection by his CO. Broderick had been hesitant over leaving his mates in 45 Cdo but eventually gave it his best shot. It had been a close shave, but soon, he found himself badged and a part of X Squadron for a short while. Due to M squadron needing a replacement after an op gone bad, Broderick had been transferred.

During this period, Chantel had divorced him, leaving with both of his children.


Julien Stone [Father - Presumed alive, unknown whereabouts]
Holly Stone [Mother - Presumed alive, unknown whereabouts]
Doug Stone [Uncle - Alive]
Harriet Stone [Aunt - Alive]
George Stone [Cousin - Alive, strained relationship]
Orla Stone [Cousin - Alive, Strained relationship]
Olivia Stone [Cousin - Alive]
Chantel Rogers [Ex-wife - Alive, strained and rocky relationship]
Harrison Rogers-Stone [Son - Alive, only child between them]
Lydia Rogers [Daughter - Alive]
Kale [Belgian Malinois, rescue, pet]

Ethan Goode [Former RMC team - Alive]
Tim Goode [Former RMC team - Deceased]
Ivan Wall [SBS SFSG, boat operator - Alive]
Alice Walsh [Family friend]
Sasha Karls [Friend, journalist]

Squadron M, Troop Alpha

IC: Broderick Stone
Troop 2IC: Aiden Fullerton

Patrol 1

SSgt Riley Wilson [2ic]
Sgt George Turner [Demolitions]
Cpl Julien Saunders [Medical]
Trp Leo Anderson [Comms]

Patrol 2

Sgt Carter Barrack [2ic]
Cpl Henry Woolfe [Demolitions]
LCpl Sam Garner [Medical]
Trp Peter Locke [Comms]

Patrol 3

SSgt Henley Williams [2ic]
Cpl Toby Woolfe [Sniper]
LCpl Juan Torres [Medical]
Sgt Nolan Dinkler[Comms]
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Oh can he meet Bobbie.....pweeeze!!!!!  :sam3
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Of course!  :cam1