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Henry Thompson
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Played By: E.J.



    Full Name : Patrick Henry Thompson

    Age/ Birthday:  49 / 24 December, 1968

   Nationality : American

    Rank, Title or Position : Paramilitary Operations Offcer, CIA Special Activities Division

    Height: 5'10"

   Build: Stocky/Athletic

    Related Skills:
      ♦Former ISA
      ♦Former CIA field intelligence operative
      ♦Undercover / Deep Cover Specialist
      ♦Skilled in Enhanced interrogation techniques
      ♦Connections within FBI Counter-terror, DoD, and other agencies
      ♦Languages: Pashto (Proficient), Russian (Fluent), Spanish (Fluent)

   Unrelated Skills:
      ♦Master chef
      ♦Duke debate club champion
      ♦Top Secret level clearance
      ♦Bachelor's Degree - Political Science
      ♦Master's Degree - World History


    Henry, or Hank, is an unassuming looking person. Dark hair is pushed back and kept medium length. His face usually supports a healthy growth of stubble. Solidly built, and of average height he keeps himself in good shape.

   Hank is quiet, often found in the corner of the room observing and analyzing. When he speaks, he has a point and he gets to it. He is intelligent, but not overly so. He has a dry sense of humor, and often times jokes with sarcasm.

 ►Cooking, particularly French cuisine
 ►Running, hiking

 Field/Work Experience:   
 ◄1986► Graduates high school, enrolls at Duke University. Joins school's ROTC program.
 ◄1991► Finishes course work for Bachelor's in political sciences, w/ master's in world history.
 ◄1991-1994► Works at The Barnes Foundation, a D.C. area defense think tank.
 ◄1995► Approached by recruiters from the Army's ISA, enters ISA as civilian contractor.
 ◄1996► Successfully intercepts and aides in preventing armed hijacking of flight 103 to LA.
 ◄1998► Sent to basic combat training at Fort Meade in preparation for work abroad.
 ◄1999► Deploys to Kosovo in support of counter-insurgency there.
 ◄2001-2002► Deployed to Afghanistan. Participates in Tora Bora campaign to capture UBL.
 ◄2003► Approached by CIA recruitment team, transferred to CIA indefinitely.
 ◄2004► Completes CIA field agent training, transferred to Mexican Embassy.
 ◄2004-2006► Works in deep cover missions infiltrating Mexican cartels.
 ◄2007► Aids in capture of Jesus "El Gato" Guzman, cousin to Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman.
 ◄2008-2009► Deep cover operations in Bolivia, posing as an arms dealer.
 ◄2010► Promoted to station chief, Central America.
 ◄2010-2012► Oversees counter-arms trafficking in the region.
 ◄2013► Transferred to Moscow, works as chief intel officer for operations in Eastern Europe.
 ◄2015► Requisitions transfer to Paramilitary Operations. Assigned to SAD. Returns to Langley.
 ◄2016-current► Works as Paramilitary Operations Officer, focusing human & arms trafficking.

 Personal History:
    Born in 1968 in Denver, Colorado, Hank is the son of a police officer and a secretary turned homemaker. Growing up, Hank's life was idyllic. The oldest of three children, Hank's parents lavished on their children as much as possible. Hank was never overtly athletic, but instead, as a gifted student. He graduated as valedictorian of his class, and was accepted to Duke on an academic scholarship.

Hank's passion had always been politics, serving as his class president. His original goal was to become a senator or congressman. In that pursuit, he focused his studies on political sciences. Although he did not become a senator, he was headhunted by a think tank in the D.C. area. He never dreamed of a job in the intelligence community, but it quickly became a career in which he excelled. 

♂Keith Thompson, living, father - distant relationship
♀Mary Thompson, living, mother - distant relationship
♀Cathy Thompson, living, sister - distant relationship
♂Roger Thompson, living, brother - distant relationship
♀Jennifer Davis, living, intelligence analyst/friend - close relationship

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