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Shepherd, Aria
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Full Name : Shepherd, Aria Elizabeth

Age/ Birthday: 27 / 12 September 1989

Nationality : American

Rank, Title or Position : Sergeant, FET Leader

Height:  5'4"

Build: Athletic

Related Skills:
  • Army Basic Combat Training
  • AIT - Interpreter
  • Combat Lifesaver
  • Weapons Qualifications: Rifle (Sharpshooter), Pistol (Marksman)
  • Combat and Evasive Driving Qualified
  • Languages (Spoken): English (fluent), Pashto (fluent), Arabic (fluent), Russian (limited), Spanish (fluent)
  • Languages (Written): English (fluent), Pashto (fluent), Arabic (fluent), Russian (limited), Spanish (fluent)
  • Female Engagement Team Training Instructor
  • Bachelors in International Studies -minor in Middle Eastern Studies
  • Cultural Sensitivity & Understanding

Unrelated Skills:
  • Drawing/Sketching
  • History buff

  • Secret Security Clearance
  • MOS: 09L
  • Bachelors in International Studies - minor in Middle Eastern Studies
  • Female Engagement Team Training Instructor


Aria was a tomboy growing up. Having three older brothers made that inevitable. It wasn't until she hit her late teens that she realized being a girly girl wasn't so bad. Even the Army couldn't take that away from her. Standing at only five feet four inches, she isn't particularly intimidating. Yet, she has physical strength hidden under a small amount of feminine softness. She's toned, but not overly so and has a more athletic build than muscular.

Her dirty blonde hair is kept roughly shoulder length for simply the ease of taking care of it in the field. It's usually pinned away from her face and pulled back in a haphazard bun. Bright green eyes punctuate soft but strong features and her skin can range from pale to tanned, depending on the time of year and her location.

Stubborn, strong-willed and quick to spew know her mind, Aria got her quick wit from her father and a fierceness to match from her mother. Add in that she has three older brothers and she is a force to be reckoned with. She knows how to be a girl and loves it, but she can play hard with the boys too. It makes her more than capable of doing her job, on both sides - keep up with guys and share her compassion with the woman and families she comes across.

Her ability to learn multiple languages fluently alone proves her intelligence. She sees more than she lets on and can assess a situation and gauge people far better than most think. Defusing situations and controlling conversations is her forte and she takes to it with gusto.

And yet, underneath the soldier, the diplomat and the professional, Aria is sweet, kind and always willing to lend a helping hand. And don't forget that she's a hopeless romantic too.

With what little free time she has, Aria likes to read and she even draws from time to time. She always carries a small sketchbook with her, even while deployed and sketches things she sees and people she's comes across regularly. It's her way to stay relaxed and release some stress.

She enjoys spending time with friends, whether their Army buddies or the few civilian friends she has kept over the years. Although, nothing compares to her trips back to her hometown where her and her brothers congregate yearly to catch up.

Aria loves to experience different cultures and finds joy in learning their ways, eating their food and experiencing life their way.

Field/Work Experience:   
  • 2011—Graduated from the Chicago State University and went through US Army Basic Combat Training
  • 2012—Graduated AIT
  • 2012—5th Battalion, 20th Infantry Regiment - Fort Lewis, WA
  • 2013-2014—Deployed to Afghanistan as unit Interperter
  • 2014—Selected for new Female Engagement Team
  • 2015—Attached to 5th SFG, Fort Campbell, KY
  • 2016—Made Team Leader
  • 2017—Current year

Personal History:
Aria was born the forth child and only daughter of Henry and Sarah Shepherd. The couple had three boys and decided to try once more for a girl - with success. Aria was adored by her brothers and although her mother loved her unconditionally, she was a bit upset when her only daughter became rough and rowdy like her brothers. The kids spent summers on the family property along Michigan's Lake Superior and life was simple.
Just after her sixteenth birthday, tragedy struck. Henry and Sarah were on their way home from their monthly date night when they hit head on by a drunk driver - both died before help arrived. The kids were sent to live with their grandparents in Chicago. Aria and her brothers grew even closer after the death of their parents and remain that way to this day.

While the sudden loss of her parents hit her hard, Aria proved to be a very resilient girl and became even more focused on her future. When she expressed the desire to go into the military, it was her grandfather, and Army veteran himself, who urged her to at get a degree first. Four years later she graduated from Chicago State University and enlisted into the Army.

She stays in constant contact with her siblings and each year they get together along Lake Michigan. Now, she serves as Team Leader of a Female Engagement Team attached to the 5th Special Forces Group.

  • Henry Thomas Shepherd - father, deceased
  • Sarah Lynn Ross-Shepherd - mother, deceased
  • Henry and Eleanor Shepherd - grandparents, living - close relationship
  • Nathaniel Edward Shepherd - brother, living - close relationship
  • Jacob Ryan Shepherd - brother, living - close relationship
  • Benjamin Lee Shepherd - brother, living - close relationship
  • Claire Masters - fellow FET member, Specialist
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