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Author Topic: Fischer-Schoenert, Lea  (Read 211 times)

Fischer-Schoenert, Lea
« on: May 03, 2017, 01:41:39 PM »
Played By: Niki



    Full Name:  Lea Ulrike Fischer-Schoenert

    Age/ Birthday:  37 / 12 December 1980

   Nationality:  German

    Rank, Title or Position:  Creative Director, Visual Journalism (traveling) for Deutsche Welle

    Height:  5'6"

   Build:  Slender but Athletic

   Education & Employment:
  • International Media Studies, B.A.  |  Universität Freiburg
  • Journalism and Media Within Globalisation, M.A.  |  Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
  • Internship at the Goethe-Institut
  • Various positions at Deutsche Welle
    Related Skills:
  • Extensive published writing, mostly in the form of news articles.
  • Strong social media presence with a significant number of fans/followers.
  • Languages spoken: German (fluent), Arabic (fluent), French (passable), English (passable), Spanish (poor), Korean (poor)

   Unrelated Skills:
  • Athletic - enjoys random physical activities.  Her favorite is rock-climbing.
  • Can handle more alcohol than she looks like she'd be able to (it's a problem)
  • Well-connected - she works hard to network wherever she can, to be able to pull favors if needed.

  • Internship at the Goethe-Institut - published numerous cultural studies.
  • Freelance published writings.  Presented award for investigative journalism for her most famous story on North Korea, which catapulted her career.
  • On-going freelance project - studying aspects of the Israeli-Palistian conflict and its effects on neighboring countries.  Put on hold for personal reasons (had a kid).
  • Strong online-presence, with whom she attempts to remain politically neutral, focusing on the humanitarian effects of the warfare she covers.  Her followers (who tend to be anti-war) view her as more of a peace activist than she prefers to be.


Has a tough demeanor, a slight case of RBF.  If she smiles it's usually a small smirk with little crinkles around her eyes.  She holds herself stiffly and makes subtle gestures.  She has a small frame but an lean, athletic build and is decently strong for a girl her size.  She never quite figured out how to keep up with current fashion trends, so she tends to dress eclectically.

  • Intelligent & ruthless entrepreneurial type
  • Selfish & short-sighted - avoids talking about the future
  • Tough on herself & she prioritizes her career above everything else in her life
  • Not very trusting of people
  • Restless free-spirit & impulsive, which tends to cause wanderlust
  • Adrenaline-junkie
  • Extreme sports - rock climbing, scuba diving, through-hiking, caving, kayaking
  • Traveling
  • Drinking
  • Spending time with her daughter
  • People-watching
 Personal History:
Lea was born in Magdeburg, Germany, 150km west of Berlin, in 1980 to Adelinda and Martin Fischer.  Father was a high ranking officer in the NVA (Nationale Volksarmee/National People’s Army) during the DDR’s (Communist-East Germany) final years.  Lea’s father was a hardcore Marxist-Leninist and was extremely politically active.  He was killed during a riot a few years before the wall fell.

After the reunification of East Germany, Lea and her mother moved to Köln, where her mother met and married a man named Faris Ouadah, a Gastarbeiter (migrant-worker) from Algeria.  Faris meshed perfectly into their family and he would later legally adopt Lea.  Once Lea’s new step-father had gained German citizenship, she and her family would travel to Algeria to visit extended family during most holidays.  There Lea learned Arabic and developed a great sense of respect for north African culture and her muslim family (extended only, her father did not actively practice his faith).  From 1991 - 2002, Algeria was engaged in a bloody civil war, but despite this, her parents refused to shy away from traveling there during the conflict.  Lea later greatly attributes her thirst for action to this fact.

Lea grew up during a time of growing militarization of East Germany’s society.  Other than the death of her father and the inculcated fear of the West, her memories of her childhood are like any other happy child's.  She had no basis to compare her life under the oppressive communist regime to any other.  Lea was young when they moved yet she remembers the daily shocks of assimilating to West Germany as she slowly realized the level of propaganda she had been raised under.

In her travels, Lea has seen war take on different shapes and scopes all over the globe.  Always keenly aware of how powerful a tool the press can be in swaying minds of viewers.  Her experiences have made her a strong activist and journalist to the core.  She has a passion for unearthing truth and spreading knowledge.  No one should live in ignorance of the world that’s going on around them.

As she furthered her education between various jobs she met Lukas Schoenert.  A military man, a type she never believed she’d be interested in.  Lukas was deployed overseas for much of their early years, but that worked well, as Lea had her career to focus on and was always traveling herself.  They married when she was 28 and they had a daughter, Ella, two years later [7 Feb 2011].  Much of Lukas and Lea's relationship has been strained by hurdles they cannot seem to overcome.  And after 6 years of marriage, Lea and Lukas separated.  Lea moved back to Köln so that her mother and step-father can help with with Ella (currently age 6), especially since Lea felt increasingly hampered and was itching to travel and take on another large-scale story.  Much to Lukas' chagrin, she is currently working abroad but visits home as frequently as possible. 

  • Martin Fischer | father | deceased
  • Adelinda Fischer-Ouadah | mother | strained relationship
  • Faris Ouadah | step-father | close relationship
  • Lukas Sebastian Schoenert | husband | strained relationship, currently separated
  • Ella Fischer-Schoenert | daughter | close relationship

  • Leonard Feller | boss | close relationship

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Re: Fischer-Schoenert, Lea [WIP]
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