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Powers, Scott M.
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Played By: YogiDaBearJew
John Krasinski
Full Name: Powers, Scott Michael

Age/ Birthday: 27 - April 9th, 1990

Nationality: American

Rank, Title or Position: Captain - Team Leader, ODA 3333, Charlie Company (Crisis Response Force (CRF)), 3rd Battalion, 3rd Special Forces Group (Airborne), USASFC

Height: 6’1”

Build: Muscular/Runner/Climber

Related Skills:
- Terminal Attack Controller
- Free-Fall Advanced Tactical Infiltration
- Advanced Driving, Combat and Evasive Driving
- Close Protection/VIP Protection
- Basic Hostage Negotiation/Deescalation tactics
- SERE, Level C
- Ranger First Responder/Combat Life Saver
- Close Quarters Battle

- Unarmed Combat

- Desert/Arctic/Jungle/Urban Warfare
- Reconnaissance/Surveillance/Counter Intelligence
- Weapons & Explosives [General training for weapons and explosives (US & Foreign)]
- Language (Spoken): English, Spanish, Arabic, Swahili
- Language (Written): English, Spanish, Arabic

Unrelated Skills:
- Experimental cooking/grilling
- International Politics/Civil-Military Relations/Military History
- Avid gamer (console and PC)
- Surfing/Paddle boarding
- Boating
- IDPA national ranked competitive shooter
- Multi-gun national ranked competitive shooter

- Top Secret/Sensitive Compartmented Information (TS/SCI) Security Clearance
- AOC: 18A Special Forces Officer
- FA AOC: 59A Strategist
- Enlisted MOS: 11C2VF7 (Indirect Fire Infantryman, Sergeant, Ranger Parachutist, Pathfinder)
- B.S. Arts Liberal Arts (Military and Global Issues Track), Minors in Arabic, Psychology, Military Science and Advance Leadership
- Expert Infantryman
- Master Parachutist, Qualified
- Parachutist Jumpmaster, Qualified
- Air Assault, Qualified
- Pathfinder, Qualified
- Master Free-Fall Parachutist, Qualified
- Free-Fall Parachutist Jumpmaster, Qualified
- Special Forces, Qualified
- Ranger, Qualified
- Sapper, Qualified
- Special Operations Diving Supervisor, Qualified
Expert Marksmanship Qualification w/Rifle, Pistol, Machine Gun and Mortar
- Legionnaire, Order of Saint Maurice
Spoiler: Awards & Decorations • show
Individual Decorations:
*Silver Star
*Legion of Merit
*2x Bronze Star w/Valor
*2x Purple Heart Medal
*Meritorious Service Medal
*2x Army Commendation Medal w/Valor
*Joint Service Achievement Medal
*5x Army Achievement Medal
*Army Good Conduct Medal
*National Defense Service Medal
*4x Afghanistan Campaign Medal w/Arrowhead
*Operation Inherent Resolve Campaign Medal
*5x GWOT Expeditionary Medal
*GWOT Service Medal
*Army NCO Professional Development Ribbon
*Army Service Ribbon
*Army Overseas Service Ribbon w/No.5
*German Armed Forces Badge for Weapons Proficiency in Gold (not worn)
*German Armed Forces Badge for Military Proficiency in Gold
*United Kingdom Distinguished Service Order

Unit Decorations:
*2x Army Valorous Unit Citation
*3x Army Meritorious Unit Commendation
*Army Superior Unit Citation

Scott is tall, standing slightly above average at six foot one inch, however he does have a tendency to slouch making him look shorter than he actually is - a tactic he uses in hand to hand combat and during interpersonal confrontations, make him seem smaller than he really is. Overall Scott has a very defined figure, despite being only a hop, skip and jump from 30-years old, he has maintained the physique of a much younger man and Ranger, who many vainly pride themselves on their superior physical fitness and appearance. He has also seen his fair share of incidents and accidents along the way, he has a number scars from being an overly active outgoing child, very successful high school athlete and the life of a high operation tempo multiple combat tour soldier. Having practically lived in the field as a Ranger, as well as his short time with the 3rd Group, and his free time spent running Ironman's or climbing mountains, cumulating in months or years of sun exposure Scott skin bears a deep brown tan. Scott has let his hair go, so to speak, from the once short shorn hair of buzz cuts and high and tights out of the Regiment to the look like a caveman mentality for deploying Special Forces soldiers. His hair is short on the sides and back, fading up into longer hair on the top which he keeps combed over in what ROTC Cadet's referred to as 'the flow' or 'officers flow', to compliment his longer albeit still regulation length hair, he supports a decently thick beard which he keeps trimmed relatively short - though he prefers being in garrison where he doesn't have to deal with the time consuming tediousness of care that a true beard requires. Scott has a series of tattoos across his body, starting from his time in the Rangers, his first was of course the Ranger's Creed tattooed on his left side in gothic script, followed by the Shakespeare quote 'he who sheds his blood with me shall be my brother'. Others of note are the large black and white Hammerhead shark that sweeps down from his right shoulder blade, under his right arm onto his chest, which he got after successfully completing Special Forces Divers course; the last is the tattoo of a ram on his right thigh as Scott is an Aries, while he may not believe in the Horoscopes and Astrology, he does believe that the Ram brings him good luck.

*Other tattoos are:
- Right arm, battle worn American flag/battle scene sleeve.
- Left arm, Celtic/Nordic stylized sleeve in black and white.
- Left leg, Star Wars sleeve in color.

Scott has two very clear, and distinct personas: the off-duty Scott Powers and the on-duty Captain Powers.

Off-duty, not that there is much time off-duty for a Special Forces Captain and ODA team leader, however, when it does happen Scott is calm and cool, the name of his game is rest and relax as his next chance may not be anytime soon. Laid back and easy going would be ideal descriptors, he is kind and friendly, almost soft in his manners, speech and actions. Always quick with a sarcastic quip or joke, albeit from a very dark sense of humor, to those who don't know Scott or aren't as familiar with him might think he's either serious or stupid. He is a people person, not a social creature, but he enjoys personal time spent with his friends, family and wife. He values the few true friends he has above most other things in his life, and his bride above all – a true, complete and enveloped love they have for each other, some joke that she tricked him into marriage being a 37A, Psychological Operations Officer and all. Having grown up as the eldest and big brother to four younger siblings he learned long ago how to play mediator and moderator, as well as instigator and antagonist all too well. Whether it be with his friends, his team or family on the rare occasion they’re all together in the same place at the same time. He’s been known to swim oceans for people who wouldn’t even cross a puddle for them, but that’s just who he is – some call it a fault, some a blessing – the jury is still out. On the flip side of that coin, to those he doesn’t like or does not trust, he is cold and calculated, short but still polite. Living by the mantra, “be kind and courteous to everyone you meet, but have a plan to kill everyone in the room” – he doesn’t know how to switch off from being the apex predator amongst predators. Scott can be very intense at times when focused on a task or one of his hobbies, almost to an obsession, particularly his daily multi-mile runs and hours long workouts; it is a well-kept secret that his interest and participation in physical pursuits such as Ironman triathlons, running marathons, besting Toughmudder challenge courses and free climbing perilous heights is his version of an antidepressant, and a very effective one.

On-duty, once that shaped and sculpted Green Beret settles upon his head like a crown, he becomes another man: Captain Scott M. Powers, SF. A few traits carry over, cold and calculated, the sarcasm and dark humor, calm and collected. In the field, Scott displays a tendency towards analytical thinking and an insatiable intellectual curiosity, however he is not a rigid inflexible thinker (he’d never have passed the Q course otherwise) he can and does operate outside of the ‘box’, an apprentice of asymmetrical warfare, an evaluator once described him as a natural when reacting to the ever changing and fluid environment of modern warfare. When interacting with others, even difficult personalities, Scott considers and utilizes a more grounded and non-emotional response – emotions kill, and not those you want to kill. The above is at odds with his tendency to act impulsively in many situations, Scott will go with his gut rather than pause and wait for more information/intelligence, believing in many ways that you don’t have to know your opponents full hand, you play to the river and with what you have. In garrison, he is well known to quickly adjust to take on new and/or unexpected roles, and he maintains a direct and professional manner – this is where his being soft in manners, speech and actions filters over from his off-duty persona. Some debate amongst former peers, evaluators and even his friends as to whether this is the result of years of military training and experience within the command structures of the Army. Or if it was a result of his upbringing, where a solid and respectful approach is simply his way. The question of nature versus nurture. His wife, Cassandra jokes with Scott that he reminds her of Liam Neeson's character from the Taken trilogy, a point that irritates him to a mild degree. But she's not wrong, when Scott's home he doesn't completely switch off and when on duty he's a machine with a very particular set of skills. Scott has no moral qualms to do what he has to do to get his team home and his mission completed, he will however not throw away his own life or that of his team to complete the mission - all Special Forces soldiers are told upon donning their Green Beret's that they are national assets, dying in the field isn't an option, the only way to get home is to think.

- Ironman/Marathon/Toughmudder
- Climbing/Free Climbing
- Photography
- Reading

Field/Work Experience:
Spoiler: Effective Dates of Promotion • show
~PVT/E-2, 09APR07
~PFC/E-3, 02JUN08
~CPL/E-4, 21MAY09
~SGT/E-5, 01JUN10
~2LT/O-1, 12MAY12
~1LT/O-2, 12NOV13
~CPT/O-3, 01JUN15

Spoiler: Deployments • show
*2x Deployment to Afghanistan - Alpha Co./3rd Btn./75th Ranger Reg.   
*2x Deployment to Afghanistan - Charlie Co./2nd Btn./75th Ranger Reg.
*1x Deployment to Iraq/Syria - HHC/2nd Btn./75th Ranger Reg.

Spoiler: Career Chronology • show
-Enlists, United States Army (PVT/E-2), 09APR07
-Infantry OSUT (11C), 28MAY07 - 23OCT07
--Promoted to PFC/E-3, 02JUN08
-Basic Airborne Course, 02JUN08 - 23JUN08
-Air Assault School, 23JUN08 - 02AUG08
-Ranger Indoctrination Program, 04AUG08 - 01SEP08
---Assigned Alpha Company, 3rd Ranger Battalion - Fort Benning, Georgia - 01SEP08
-Ranger School - 03NOV08 - 03JAN09
-United States Army Pathfinder School, 04MAR09 - 25MAR09
--Promoted to CPL/E-4, 21MAY09
*Deployment Afghanistan, 05JUN09 - 29NOV09
-Warrior Leader Course, 01JAN10 - 01FEB10
-Combat Diver Qualification Course, 01MAR10 - 20APR10
*Deployment Afghanistan, 8MAY10 - 12AUG12
--Promoted to SGT/E-5, 01JUN10
-United States Army Jumpmaster School,  14JUN10 - 5JUL10
---Green to Gold Scholarship Awarded - Columbus State University, Columbus, Georgia (Bachelor of Arts Liberal Arts (Military and Global Issues Track)), 16AUG10 - 12MAY12
-USACC Leadership Development and Assessment Course, 13JUN11 - 11JUL11
-Sapper Leader Course, 15JUL11 - 12AUG11
--Commissioned 2nd Lieutenant United States Army, 12MAY12
-Infantry - Basic Officer Leader Course, 21MAY12 - 08SEP12
-Ranger Assessment and Selection Program 2, 10SEP12 - 08OCT12
---Assigned Platoon Leader - 2nd Platoon, Charlie Company, 2nd Ranger Battalion - Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Washington - 08OCT12
-SERE Level-C Course, 01NOV12 - 20NOV12
*Deployment Afghanistan, 18DEC12 - 24JUN13
-Combat Diver Supervisor Course, 8JUL13 - 29JUL13
-Military Free-Fall Parachutist Course, 05AUG13 - 26AUG13
-Military Free-Fall Advanced Tactical Infiltration Course, 28AUG13 - 18SEP13
*Deployment Afghanistan, 04OCT13 - 18APR14
--Promoted to 1LT/O-2, 12NOV13
-United States Army Reconnaissance and Surveillance Leaders Course, 30MAY14 -28JUN14
-Military Free-Fall Jumpmaster Course, 7JUL14 - 28JUL14
-Maneuver Captains Career Course, 4AUG14 - 5JAN15
---Assigned Current Operations Officer (S3) - Headquarters & Headquarters Company, 2nd Ranger Battalion - Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Washington - 15JAN15
*Deployment Iraq/Syria, 10FEB15 - 23MAY15
--Promoted to CPT/O-3, 01JUN15
-Special Forces Qualification Course, 01JULY15 - 30NOV16
---Assigned Team Leader, ODA 3333 CRF, Charlie Company, 3rd Battalion, 3rd SFG(A) - 01DEC16
-Special Operations Terminal Attack Controller Course,  01MAR17 - 29MAR17
-Special Forces Advanced Reconnaissance, Target Analysis, and Exploitation Techniques Course, 09APR17 - 24MAY17
Personal History:
(Short version for now :cam1)

Scott Michael Powers was born in Mesa, Arizona, to David and Cheyenne Powers a middle management type for the City of Mesa and a college professor at ASU respectively. Scott would be the eldest of 5 children in the Powers family. Growing up Scott was a very active and very bright young boy, he participated in Karate, baseball and finally settled on Lacrosse as his sport of choice for both Junior High and High School (eventually playing at the varsity level and being selected as co-captain during his Junior and Senior years) during High School at Red Mountain High School he also participated in the school’s Army JROTC program. Enlisting at 17, Scott would attend OSUT as an 11C, indirect fire infantryman during the summer between his Junior and Senior year. Returning to school late, due to OSUT, Scott would finish out High School, graduating 10th in his class of almost 900 students.

Shortly thereafter Scott would return to the Army full-time on active duty, where he would attend both the Basic Airborne Course and Air Assault School. Successfully completing both, Scott attended the Ranger Indoctrination Program, which he would pass and earn his tan beret as a Ranger assigned to the 3rd Ranger Battalion. Scott spent little time initially with his Ranger unit instead attending the grueling 60 day Ranger School after which he would attend Pathfinder School. Returning to 3rd Battalion as a fully tabbed Ranger, with a growing resume of skills (Airborne, Air Assault, Ranger and Pathfinder).

Scott saw a promotion to Corporal and team leader in his section just before the battalion would deploy during the later half of 2009 to Afghanistan, during which time he would earn his Silver Star and first Purple Heart from a raid on a Taliban HVT’s headquarters. Returning to the states, Scott would attend multiple other special courses (WLC and Special Forces Diver) before again deploying to Afghanistan. His second time in the ‘sandbox’ Scott would walk away with his first Bronze Star, second Purple Heart and a Meritorious Service medal. Returning stateside again, Scott successfully boarded and was promoted to Sergeant and his rotation out of the battalion on an Army Green-to-Gold scholarship, he was off to college and ROTC.

Scott attended Columbus State University where he majored in Liberal Arts (Military and Global Issues Track) with minors in Arabic, Psychology and Military Science. During the ROTC capstone event Scott attended the Sapper Leader Course, successfully earning his Sapper Tab. Graduating from Columbus State University in 2012, Scott commissioned back into active duty service as a Second Lieutenant headed back to the infantry. After completing Infantry Basic Officers Leaders Course and RIP’s successor the Ranger Assessment and Selection Program 2, Scott was back in the 75th Ranger Regiment as a Platoon Leader with the 2nd Ranger Battalion. Two months after joining the Ranger’s for his second time, Scott would again deploy to Afghanistan for his third combat tour and six months after his return Scott deployed for the fourth time where he was promoted to First Lieutenant while in Afghanistan.

Returning home after his fourth deployment Scott would take block leave to return to Mesa to attend his sister Megan’s graduation from ASU and commissioning into the US Air Force as a Second Lieutenant and pilot. While at ASU Scott would meet his future wife (unbeknown to him), a recently commissioned Military Intelligence bound Second Lieutenant Cassandra Lindsey Rice. The pair would hit it off and stay in contact once Scott returned to JBLM and Cassandra headed to Fort Huachuca for BOLC. They would not see each other in person until late in 2014 at Fort Bragg while Scott was attending the Captain’s Career Course and Cassandra newly assigned to 8th Military Information Support Group (Airborne) US Army Special Forces Command -  they would enter into a committed and serious relationship despite Scott returning to JBLM. For the 5th time Scott would see another deployment with the Rangers, and a promotion to Captain upon their return home.

After completing his 5th deployment with the Regiment, Scott put in and was authorized by his CoC to attend the US Army Special Forces Qualification Course. Just before he attended the SFQC, Scott proposed to Cassandra and knowing that there was a chance he would be unable to break away from his training for over a year the pair were married. Now married Scott would attend SFAS, be selected and complete the Special Forces training pipeline. Over a year after he started his entry into the US Army Special Forces, Scott would don his Green Beret and be assigned to the 3rd Special Forces Group as an ODA Team Leader. Assigned to Bragg once more Scott and Cassandra bought a decent two-bedroom, two-bathroom house off post - a place to call home despite the fact that both were now members of the Special Operations community (Scott an 18A and Cassandra a 37A) and would probably, definitely not spend much time there, but it was a place they could call home. At this time Scott has yet to be deployed with his ODA, however RUMINT is that they will see action in the hot bed that Argentina is turning into.
*Military/Occupational Relationships*
- Captain (USAF) Brian Coffin [ODA 3333/58 RQS] - Good Friend/Teammate - Good Relationship
- Chief Warrant Officer Two Hemi Timoti [ODA 3333] - Teammate/Subordinate - Good Relationship
- Master Sergeant Alastar McLean [ODA 3333] - Teammate/Subordinate - Good Relationship
- Sergeant Maric Talburn [ODA 3333] - Teammate/Subordinate - TBD
- Lieutenant Colonel Aaron Huston [2nd Btn/75th RR] - Mentor - Good Relationship
- Major Darren Letourneau [7th SFG(A)] - Mentor - Good Relationship
- Major Chris Haley [ODB 3330, 3rd SFG(A)] - Mentor/Superior - Good Relationship
- Sergeant First Class Matthew Stavro [RRC/75th RR] - Mentor - Good Relationship

*Familial Relationships*
- First Lieutenant Cassandra Lindsey Rice-Powers, 25 [37A/34A, 7th MISB(A)] - Wife - Good Relationship (*Alexia Barlier*)
- (Major Ret, USA) David M. Powers, 65 [City Manager Mesa, Az] - Father - Good Relationship/Infrequent Contact
- E. Cheyenne Powers Ph.D., 62 [Professor ASU Tempe, AZ] - Mother - Good Relationship/Infrequent Contact
- Lieutenant (USN) Erik A. Powers, 26 [JAG, NAVSOC] - Brother, Younger (3) - Good Relationship/Infrequent Contact
- Corporal (USMC) Matthew A. Powers, 21 [CSO, MRR] - Brother, Younger (5) - Good Relationship/Frequent Contact
- First Lieutenant (Dr) (USA) Rebecca M. Powers MD/DO, 24 [Surgeon, 274th FST(A)] - Sister, Younger (4) - Good Relationship/Semi-frequent Contact
- Captain (USAF) Megan D. Powers, 26 [Pilot, 55 RSQ] - Sister, Younger (2) - Good Relationship/Frequent Contact
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Re: Powers, Scott M. [WIP]
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I have no problems. The use of "Split-Op" is something I haven't seen done yet, so that was nice. Ranger Batt pushes privates through ranger school. Once that's completed you get schools like candy on Halloween so good on you there again promotions up to E-5 are also really quick in regiment along with their deployment tempo so good there too.

Awards during deployment, not really an issue. Again, high op-tempo, shit happens. While it doesn't talk about his time in the SF pipeline, I know you're aware of it's workings so "I" personally have no issues. And you offer enough info elsewhere in your bio to fill the gaps.

So yeah, I'm good. Anyone else have input?
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Re: Powers, Scott M. [WIP]
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I have no problems. The use of "Split-Op" is something I haven't seen done yet, so that was nice. Ranger Batt pushes privates through ranger school. Once that's completed you get schools like candy on Halloween so good on you there again promotions up to E-5 are also really quick in regiment along with their deployment tempo so good there too.

Awards dirrong deployment, not really an issue. Again, high op-tempo, shit happens. While it doesn't talk about how SF pipeline, I know you're aware of it's workings so "I" personally have no issues. And you offer enough info elsewhere in your bio to fill the gaps.

So yeah, I'm good. Anyone else have input?

I'm good, everything seems to look in order :) I'd pretty much say he's accepted.

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Re: Powers, Scott M. [WIP]
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