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Masters, Claire
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    Full Name: Claire Masters

    Age/ Birthday: 1989/04/14

   Nationality: US Citizen

    Rank, Title or Position: E-4a Specialist, FET Team member.

    Height: 5'6

   Build: Athletic, higher mass index

    Related Skills:
Weapons Qualed:

   Unrelated Skills:
Eidetic memory
Adrenalin Junkie

Secret Security Clearance
MOS: 31B1P


    Claire standing At 5'6 isn't a large figure, however her toned body and larger index mass do make for an oposing, almost intimidating feature. She isn't bullish by any means however. Her hair is short sword on the bright side of her head whilebthebleft side is shoulder length and styles. Her hair is a natural auburn color, though she will on occasion dye her hair. Her body is a tapestry of art, being covered in tattoos, from her neck to her legs, across her back and arms. She was almost forced out by the big army but due to the ever changing tattoo policy and good leadership, she was able to survive the drawdown and remain in place.

   Many have described Claire as "Bad Ass" or simply "beautiful" though the later tends to result in injury. She's a fairly laid back person with well  known "firecracker" moments. She forms extremely  tight bonds with those she's close to, becoming fiercely loyal to select individuals. Displaying a cruel humor, mixed with an attitude that anyone can feel crossed over. She's known to be a bit reckless when pressed to hard in certain aspects of her life, however she's working on curbing this aspect of her personality


 Field/Work Experience:   

2012—Graduated OSUT
2012---Graduated Airborne
2012—16th MP Brigade, 1-503rd MP Battalion (Airborne) - Fort Bragg, NC
2013-2014—Deployed to Afghanistan
2014—Selected for new Female Engagement Team
2015—Attached to 5th SFG, Fort Campbell, KY
2017—Current year
 Personal History:
Having been born in Illinois Claire's parents were farmers. They worked hard and had generous crops. As such they were able to pay for hee schooling. It is known that she often helped on the farm over the weekends and holidays, as well as the summer. Building up a healthy bodymass as a young girl up into her youth.

Her grades weren't amazing, as such she found it hard to get into a university. Without scholarships the higher ends of education eluded her. Instead she decided to join the US Army, and use their funds to pay for school.

Knowing  that she wanted to look towards possibly getting into law enforcement  later on life, Claire signed into the 31 series MOS as a potential candidate. Knowing full well the risks amd the fact that she could possibly see combat. During OSUT things weren't too difficult. She learned the skills of military amd civil law enforcement, amd later on picked up an Airborne slot shortly before completing the AIT portion of her OSUT.

Upon finishing Airborne School, Claire was assigned to the 16th MP Brigade. The only Airborne NO unit in existence, stationed at Ft. Bragg initially.  She would deploy with them  to Afghanistan  amd found that her gender allowed her the ability to do things that her brothers in arms couldn't. This would eventually lead her to being snatched up by SF on occasion and rolling out with them during her time i n te samd box. Evemtually she would be scouted for the initial Female Engagement Teams amd go through the selection and training pipeline. It was at this time that she met Aria Shepard, whom she'dshe's form a bond with and continuously work with well into the present. Their team being assigned to and embedded with 5th SGT. To this day she's still in the same GET honing current skills and learning new ones almost constantly.


Evan Masters:  Father
Jessica Masters: Mother
Aria Sheppard: Team leader, friend
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Re: Masters, Claire
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 looks good so far, other than the pic  :sam3

 400x400 will be fine. If you need help cropping one to size, holler at me.  :sam2

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Re: Masters, Claire
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Okay, edits made. It's kind of measy. If need be I'll clean it up later tonight.

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Re: Masters, Claire
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*Approved by Mim*  :busy

pic resized for ya to  :o :sam2 :CH :sam3
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