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Koralova, Larissa Fydorvena
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    Full Name: Larissa Fydorvena Koralova

    Age/ Birthday: 29 - 03/03/1988

   Nationality: Russian

    Rank, Title or Position: Captain, Directorate S, Foreign Intelligence Service of the Russian Federation (Sluzhba vneshney razvedki/SVR)

    Height: 5' 9"

   Build: Lean

    Related Skills: Human Intelligence (HUMINT) Gathering and Counter-Intelligence, Recruitment of foreign nationals, Deep-cover tactics, Terror and Sabotage, Urban Warfare, Assassination, SERE, Fluent in English (can adjust accent as needed), Spanish (no accent), Proficent in Arabic, Mandarin Chinese, Aggressive Driving, Systema Martial Arts (form does not have any stated "rank" structure)

   Unrelated Skills: Musician (Violin), Motorcycle Maintenence and Riding

   Credentials: SVR Field Operations Training, BA Psychology - Lomonosov Moscow State University (Education provided by SVR)


Larissa's stature is often mistaken as being weak or mousey, but that is far from the case and is exactly part of how she wants to be seen. Her small and lean build belies her physical endurance and strength, while her brown hair and brown eyes makes her very difficult to pick out of a crowd. A habit of her attire, however, is that she tends to favor a black leather jacket whenever possible.

In the field, Larissa's personality matches the role she needs to undertake, her deep cover training allowing her to act out her part with great accuracy. When not on operation, she keeps people at arm's length, remaining polite but not getting into much detail about herself. This is due in part to that the last time she formed an emotional attachment, it went over badly and she still feels the proverbial burn from it.

In regards to her mentality, she is a patriot, but a realist. She believes in doing what she has to in order to keep Russia safe and strong, but feels that lingering Cold War mentality makes her job that much harder. In all honesty, she harbors no real hatred towards any nationality, though she does distrust the motiviations of other agents, military personnel, and nearly every politician, with only Vladimir Putin the exception to that rule.   

As she has few friends, Larissa tends to pursue more intellectual hobbies and interests. One of her favorite parts about being a foreign agent is that when possible, she will try to take at least a day to find the local art museum and take in their works (despite the fact she admits to having to no artistic talent of her own). She is a fan of classical music, and does play the violin, while also taking the time to visit concert halls across the world. Past that, her other passion is motorcycles, with one of her few possessions in Moscow being a BMW street bike that was siezed.

 Field/Work Experience:   
  • 2006 - Recruited, SVR. Underwent field operations training and enrolled at State University of Moscow
  • 2010 - Graduated, State University of Moscow. Assigned, Directorate S, Latin America. Posted at Russian Embassy, Caracas, Venezeula
  • 2013 - Reassigned, Russian Embassy, Ottawa, Canada
  • 2014 - Reassigned, Russian Embassy, Havana, Cuba
  • 2017 - Present
 Personal History:
 Born in Leningrad (now St. Petersburg), Larissa was abandoned by her parents at only a year old. She was quickly taken in by a new family, her adoptive mother was a theater arts director at the local university and her adoptive father was a mid-level officer in the KGB who was later forced out after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Despite the hardship of growing up in Russia during the transition from the Soviet Union to the Russian Federation, Larissa's adoptive family did all they could for her. But it did create a strange situation where she was learning acting and cultural arts from her mother and picking up her father's still fanatical devotion to the state.

Larissa soon began to seek out something to meet both of those needs, and her father's remaining contacts in the agencies that supersceded the KGB led her to the newly formed SVR. They soon found her to be an ideal candidate for being a field agent, training her and even sending her to the State University of Moscow for a degree in Psychology. After graduation, Larissa was assigned to operations in South America, mainly keeping tabs in Venezuela with recent deals made between Moscow and Caracas.

After the death of Hugo Chavez and the downturn of Venezuela's economy, Larissa was recalled to Russia and reassigned to the Russian embassy in Canada. It was there she began a relationship with one of the press attaches, but broke it off after discovering he was a plant by Canadian intelligence. The feeling of betrayal by one of the few people she's had ties to emotionally has had last effects, and she quickly requested a change of posting, ending up in Cuba, where she's remained until recieving new orders.

Colonel Sergei Yushenko, SVR - Mentor, Section Chief - Good Relationship
Boris Lytanin - Adoptive Father - Good Relationship
Lyudmilla Lytanina - Adoptive Mother - Good Relationship

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