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Author Topic: Admiral William MacGregor  (Read 132 times)

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Admiral William MacGregor
« on: May 11, 2017, 01:53:20 AM »
Yep, you got the name right. Cate's old man.

He will be CO of the 2nd task force on the Flag Ship HMAS Canberra leading a coalition of ships from Australia, Canada, US, Japan and Singapore. The Canberra is a new LPH weighing in at nearly 30,000 tonne. It is not currently configured for fixed wing even though it has the ski ramp (I understand AV8 Harriers can operate from it, but not the F35B) It can carry a maximum of 18 helicopters with 8 on the deck, currently the mix will be MRH-90, CH47's and either Black Hawk or Seahawks.

Complement: 358 personnel; 293 RAN, 62 Australian Army, 3 RAAF
Capacity:  Up to 110 vehicles
Troops:     1,046


Name: William Alexander MacGregor:
Rank: Rear Admiral
Age: 58-
Ht 5'11"- medium build, Lt Brown Hair. Fair complexion.
Position: Fleet Command
Appearance: Pierce Brosnan

 My Dad created him to play on a RP we had on Gateworld forum.  :D

He is not a graduate officer, rather he came up through the ranks, until selected for officer training in his early career. He became a aviator, firstly on A4 Skyhawks and has had much experience in combat, as an exchange officer with US and British air arms, and commanding a fleet of ships for the Royal Australian Navy. He has flown the Av8B Harrier, the F14D Tomcat, F15E Eagle, F18D. He started life in the Navy as a CDT. He is married to Anne, also a Navy Officer, Commodore (Medical). They have a son, Cate's twin brother Ben who is with the Army. He is younger by 5 mins.
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